LOL filming in Dearborn, MI today

20 June 2010 - Toronto, Ontario, Canada - Miley Cyrus. 21st Annual MuchMusic Video Awards held at MuchMusic HQ. Photo Credit: Brent Perniac/AdMedia

Thanks so much to Kris who let us know that Miley Cyrus and Demi Moore are reportedly filming a scene for their upcoming movie, LOL around Greenfield & Rotunda, Dearborn MI.

The movie is about a 15-year-old girlโ€™s coming of age as she is dumped by her boyfriend and begins a new life with her recently divorced mother.

Now that filming is officially underway, if youย  spot LOL filming in Michigan, let us know about it at!

Update: They will return to this location on August 11-12. (approximate dates)


  1. I’m going to have to check that out tomorrow since Plymouth is too far for me. I’d rather watch Scream 4, but I guess I’ll take what I can, haha.

      • If they’re not at that location tomorrow then I really don’t care, lol. I’m not a big Miley or Demi fan – just watching the movie being filmed would be nice. If they’re filming there or around there tomorrow, I’ll make sure to stop and get some pictures and information (this time I’ll make sure not to use a 16x zoom; it causes too much noise on the pictures).

  2. Thank you for this update! I got to meet Miley, Demi, and Ashley Greene this morning so I’m super excited to see them filming!!

  3. OK, don’t shoot the messenger! ๐Ÿ™‚
    I just got a tweet, a comment in another thread & 2 emails (already) from people telling me they didn’t start shooting yet. I didn’t think they started shooting yet either– but that’s the info I got –I’m just passing it on. If someone knows for sure they aren’t filming, let us know.
    Also, its possible this could be a pre-porduction meeting, or rehearsal, anyone know what’s at that intersection, any insight would be appreciated, thanks!

  4. I heard that they start filming July 20th 2010. They might BE here in Michigan, but I don’t think they are “filming” yet. I am going to try to explore this weekend and see what I can find. I also heard they were going to film in Detroit at the University. So I am going to go where you posted, also check out Detroit. I’ll keep you updated, as well as I hope others who are “truthful” to their facts will keep others updated as well!

    • Yes Megan, I also hope only those who are truthful contribute! Thanks for your help in advance. Like I said above, they may be doing something in Dearborn, I would like to give the tipster the benefit of the doubt. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • Thanks! I live minutes from there, and honestly, I can’t think of a place they would “film” and those main roads are really busy. But…. Anything can happen, and if wont kill to take a 10 minute drive to check the place out. I would now, but I can’t really leave. aha Hopefully they are there, if not like I said, I’ll check out Detroit. Or wait till the 20th. ๐Ÿ™‚

        • the 20th start date was announced by Production Weekly (a trade mag) a while ago and those dates are always subject to change so it is possible they started early.
          the way this week is going, its also possible someone is messing with me. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Actually, I was just looking, and where they said they were setting up on Washington BLVD, in Detroit, that is the University, so I think that’s where it’s going to be. I’ve heard it was going to be there, and now hearing about the setting on on Washington BLVD, I’m pretty much convinced. But.. Who knows. Still going to check out both places. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I have someone on set, they are filming now –he said it is a “a plain brown warehouse facility” waiting to hear back with exact location & verify who is there– I think the Washington Blvd was MGP though?
      I’ll let you know as soon as I hear more.

      • A plain brown warehouse facility in where? Do you have an email or can you email me on mine, I don’t know if you can see it, I added it where it says email. So we can chat through there?

        But, Washington BLVD is in Detroit, the University. What do you mean by MGP?

        Please do let me know, Email me if that’s possible, Thanks!

  6. The plain brown warehouse is on Greenfield & Rotunda in Dearborn. There are locations signs for “SPOON” and one of the gas station attendants next door said that they were there all day today. There were a couple of trailers set up but I couldn’t see much.

    • My contact was able to get down where they were filming last night (off of Greenfield and Rotunda) and he said that they were wrapped for the night but it looked as if they were leaving the set in place for more filming. One of the crew guys told them they would not be at that location today though.

  7. Just for confirmation – Demi and Miley were indeed in Dearborn/Rotunda area. Set construction was being done all week. All the trailers showed up Friday am, and by 10:00, Miley and Demi were on location and in the building filming their scene (s). This was confirmed by the Location manager. Thank you for the benefit of the doubt – I would not have posted otherwise. On an interesting note – security found it slightly odd that there were no photographers or media there…..(as there were yellow crew signs posted). This was to be a 1 day shoot from what I understand. They are planning on returning for 1-2 days in August.

    • does that mean they’re done shooting till august? i really wanted to go meet miley, this probably would’ve been my only chance. do you know what time they would be on set or any details? this place is like 3 minutes away from me and it would be awesome to meet her!

      • do you have an idea of what hotel it is? it would be really awesome to meet her, i really love her. i know it’s kinda rude to wait outside their hotel but hey, it’s miley cyrus!

        • The whole cast of “LOL” is staying at the Book Cadillac Westin Hotel. Thanks for all the other infos! If anybody will meet the cast at the hotel or somewhere, comment here! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  8. Additionally – because the “set” is indoors, the filming is not out in the open – which would explain why it’s not visible from the road. They may tentatively be back August 11 and/or 12th.

  9. No they are not done shooting in Michigan – just some of the interior scenes…….. one of my coworkers managed to catch a look at Miley, however that was all…….

    • would they be filming this week or anything? and if i went and waited outside would the security kick me out? cus i’ve been hearing stories about that.

  10. I believe filming is complete until August at this location. Since it’s an office parking lot, I don’t think there’s anything there right now…when the security sets up though you really can’t get to close…..they’re very polite but firm…… no meeting of the crew/stars…..

    • thank you Kris for all of the additional information, it is much appreciated! If you hear of any additional locations, please let us know. I did not mean to doubt your information but got beat up pretty bad via email etc, from fans who refused to believe she was filming already. I did also have someone check out the set last night and their equipt was still their but they gone, and a crew member did tell him that they were returning to that location as well. Thanks again!

  11. I took a ride over to the intersection of Greenfield and Rotunda (3 miles from my house) I drove east and west on Rotunda for about a mile and north and south on Greenfield. But, at around noon when I was there, I didn’t see any signs of anything happening yet. I also read other places that the actual shooting was supposed to start on July 20th.

    • Will please see my comment above- the 20th was a tentative start date, these things are always subject to change, they were in def. filming, I had someone on the set last night talking to security. Check out the address Kris provided above, that might help you find the location, though I’m pretty sure they are not there today.

      • Thanks Christine for posting this page. And thanks too Kris for your updates. I think it would be like totally awesome to ever meet Miley in real life. But even though that is not likely, it would be so cool to see them filming a scene from the movie. I can’t wait for her new movie to come out. Anyway, I will keep watching your page. have a great day.

    • Okay, good luck Kate ๐Ÿ™‚ It does sound as though they have moved on for now. I hope you get the chance to see something. Let us know what you find. I am a member of MileyWorld and Miley has a blog on there. She doesn’t write all the time. But she does sometimes when she is actively working on something. So, I was kind of surprised that there was nothing there about Friday’s filming. If she does post any scheduling info, I will bring it here.

  12. Does anyone know if she’s still in detroit? I’m thinking about going down there to meet her tomorrow morning around 10. am.

  13. Wish I could go but I got to work. It would be awesome just to have a chance to meet Miley. It’s just cool thinking she is only a couple miles away. Anyway, Good luck to you Har and Kayla (and anyone else that goes).

    • thank you! and i hope you get the chance too!
      i just read that miley’s next role for “wake” is being considered to film in michigan as well! the movie business is so good for michigan these days!

  14. Hey guys i was at the hotel today and i got a great glimpse of billy ray and tisha also theyre Big dog! They got in a white car and drove awa but Miley is there all the way at the top enjoying life! I also saw clifton and some blackeyed peas were there… Im def going back tomorrow morning! So kayla and har I will see you bright and early!

  15. The big, white dog’s name is Mate just fyi ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I’ll probably head down Tuesday or Wednesday depending on my schedule. I really want to meet Miley!

  16. Hello. I’m sorry, but I would just like to get this straight. Thats wonderful that Michigan has the oppertunity to have filming like this! Anyways, is there anyway you can meet lets say, Miley or Ashley? Let me know. Thank you so much.

  17. Yes Ashley I know what the dogs name is I just called it that! And har and Kayla what do you look like so I don’t feel awk! I’m gonna be wearing a dress I think and I’m black and tall and I’m 15! trust me you can’t miss me

  18. i have black an red checkered shirt on, with black leggings or pants, im short and white! im 17. lol ๐Ÿ™‚

    idk what time i am getting there though

      • you guyss, i forgot i had an appointment at 11 for the dentist tomorrow. i dont think i can make it anymore, im really bummed. maybe i’ll just skip the dentist, i can always go another day, but i cant meet miley cyrus everyday!

        • aww =/ or you could always go to the dentist and come after
          ill prolly be there from 10 to whenever she prolly comes out

  19. hopefully she’ll see us outside and come down:) i cant miss a oppurtunity like this. so i’ll probably be seeing yall tomorrow. i also hope there aren’t tons of people there cus maybe she’ll stay and talk to us for a couple of minutes.

  20. I’m at the hotel now and they left to I film I want to go to the location but I don’t know where it’s located write back with any findouts!

  21. Do you guys have the list of actors ? (Besides Miley, Demi & Ashley).
    The french movie was great. Hope this one will be as good ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. Hey guys, I didn’t go yet. My parents made me go to the dentist instead but if anyone has any idea when they get back to the hotel today pe soemthingg, please tell us.

  23. omg, i want to meet miley so badly. if i go to the hotel and wait there for her, are there like a lot of people there waiting for her and will i get kicked out?

  24. Marie I think you would get kicked out if you go to the set. I think they’re filming today so in going to try to go around 7. But where should we stand? She probably enters the back door or something.

  25. Yeah mileys like the only one that doesn’t really come out bc she doesn’t like huge crowds and I’d say go to the set

  26. You just stand outside the hotel you’ll see the barricades and yes the set is right down to Jefferson then make a left

  27. I’m going to try going around 7 today cus my dad just came back from DOWNTOWN detroit!! I could’ve went with him he never told me lmfaoo. But he came back from downtown detroit and he takes a nap so hopefully, I’ll be there around 7:30-ish cus I might go buy miley’s cd so she can sign it if we meet her. She seems really nice but I hope she sees us and comes down instead of ignoring us.

    • ill be there at 7 so hopefully i will see you
      i have leggings on that are black and a green, blue and white striped tank with a white tee under that. i have my sister with me

      i hope she comes out, that’d be cool!

  28. Can someone plz tell me exactly where the set and the hotel are located because i think i missed that part somewhere in the thread!

  29. If you guys dont meet her today, will you guys go tomorrow? My dad’s apparently too tired to wait outside today for ‘some celebrity’ lmfao.

    • Please,. Please help me!
      I want to meet Miley SOOOOOOOOO badly. Or At least SEE her.
      I can’t find out where or what hotel or where she is shooting, please help me :'(

  30. so i live right by where they filmed on friday and rode my bike there and i saw things that may have been left by the crew that they did not finishing taking yet, but im not 100% sure because i dont know the exact building they filmed at cuz there are alot in the area they supposedly filmed in.

    • They are filming in the back part of 15301 Century Drive – half of the building is an open empty warehouse…..which is where they built part of the set and where they were filming some interior scenes. The photos in the link I posted earlier were shot at the front of 15301 Century Drive – there’s a Flagstar bank on the corner and a Tim Hortons across the street…. If you didn’t know it was there it would be easy to miss it – it is one of the sprawling office complexes in the Dearborn area…..

      • I know for a fact that is the building as we listened all week to them making the sets and spoke with the location manager who came and introduced himself. Late Friday, some of the office workers got to go in and look at the set….(figures – my day ended no pun intended….

        • lol yeah i live around there i mean, not like right next to it or anything but close enough to ride my bike there…..but thanks for the info.

      • yeah i dont remember what the address was on the one i looked at but i will go back and look lol. yeah but i looked behind and around like the wendys/timmys thats there.

  31. For anyone thinking of coming down who hasn’t been here yet, I am down at the hotel right now. So far I haven’t seen anyone but they do have a area set up in front for fans to wait.

  32. Ooh, I really wanted to go today. If Anyones there right now, are there a lot of people waiting? I might come if there aren’t many.

  33. so i want to help u guys out..a girl who met miley and ashley told me that she waited outside the hotel early in the morning and then followed miley’s car and met them on set…it is very stalkerish but if u want to try it go ahead

  34. Thanks Miley but I really wouldn’t want to do that because I don’t want Miley to think of me as an annoying stalker fan.

    • lol yea it is.i wouldn’t do it either…but she is the one who got to meet her today the rest of people at the hotel got to meet billy and tish and mate but not miley herself…but some guy met miley outside the hotel early in the morning too

    • I left around 9:00 last night. Didn’t meet her yet. I don’t think I would want to do the stalker fan thing either. It just doesn’t seem very polite even if it worked for the one person. But I hope I can have my chance to meet her. It was cool yesterday. There was a 5 year old fan down there with his mom. He kept everyone entertained by singing all Miley’s songs. He was certainly a real fan. I hope he gets to meet her too. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Will thanks for the cute post. I doubt he will. We went down there this morning and the hotel head if security came out and told us that they are bringing everyone else in my other means

  35. ANYONE KNOW ABOUT SET INFO FOR TODAY??? My daughters love Miley and I’m a huge Twilight fan. I would love to see Ashely. Please post if anyone spots Ash!:)

    • It is given above many times but the hotel is at the Weston Book Cadillac Hotel at 1114 Washington Blvd.(Corner of Michigan Ave and Washington in Detroit) Don’t know where they are shooting tofay. Good luck.

  36. does anyone know where the set is today? is it anywhere near where they were yesterday. im going to the hotel later hopefully.

  37. got to see billy ray and tish with their dog mate last night around 10
    my mom took pics with billy ray
    but im going back super early in the morning in a few days to see what i can do to meet miley.
    billy and tish are sweethearts!

  38. I’m going to the hotel later for sure. Around 8 maybe. I’m just really nervous about all the people that are going to be there because oceanup posted the hotel on their website and god knows how much people will be there today. Hopefully she doesn’t change hotels cus I have a feeling she is, now that everyone knows where she is.

    • yeah oceanup is a douche, excuse me for the language, but it’s true.
      you don’t need to post the hotel.
      i heard she was going to switch hotels oto, but that was a lie

      thats why i want to get their as early as i can
      i got there at like 6 last night and there was only 4 people, then around an hour or 2 later there about 20
      so i want to get their early
      i don’t think people who read oceanup around the country will get plane down to the hotel, if they do that’s crazy!

  39. yeah people won’t do that but I live in Dearborn, where all the Arabs are(not being racist, I’m one too) but once they find out a celeb is near, they’ll ruin the whole thing. When scream 4 was shooting at my old middle school, someone wrote it on fb, it got around and when they started shooting, the streets were filled abd police had to come and all that good stuff and everyone got kicked out. So a lot of people from my school read oceanup so I’m afraid it’ll get around and yeah… But when did they come out? Was it today?

  40. Thanks Will for the post. I doubt that he will meet Miley. We went down this morning and the head of security came out and told us that they are getting everyone in my other means.

    • Hopefully he will. He is such a sweet boy (Not! He is my brother!)I hope we will get to see her tonight if she comes out or if we do another crazy chace!!! YAY!!

  41. OMG!! I chased her last night… well i hope it was her!! We were walking and someone thought they sceen miley so we ran screaming her name and she back into the hotel!! ๐Ÿ™ But does anyone know where the set is bc me my mom and bro maybe dad will go up there at 9-ish!! someone said go to jefferson then make a left… ? is tht right tell me pplzz thxx byeee!!!

  42. Waited outside the hotel all day. No one came outside. One of the workers said she met Miley and said she wasn’t very nice and said she won’t come out of the hotel because she wasn’t interested in meeting fans and was her strictly for work.

    • yeah i heard that she comes out and signs things and takes pics with people in the morning. never heard she was a bitch, i heard she is sweet, but doesnt come out much because of too many people!

  43. I met her the night she came in town (last week). She signed about 10 autohgraphs for fans but didn’t say a word. Just rushed her way into the side door of the hotel. They have started taking both her and Demi out the back door of the hotel.

  44. alot of fans met her at a restaurant today and she took pics hugged them and signed autographs for them they all said she was very nice…

  45. So do you guys think I should wait early in the morning? This is probably the only chance That I’d get to meet her. But yeah I’ve been hearing she doesn’t want to come outside and meet the fans. I really hope I could meet her before she leaves.

  46. Your best bet is to just get there in the morning! Your not gonna meet her later in the day people just got lucky about the restaraunt thing

  47. I Waited outside all days with those girls who met her today, and left before they met her. The only reason they did was because they went to where she eats and bothered her during dinner, obviously she’s eating, when it’s fan time, it’s fan time. Let the girl eat though, that upset me. The hotel is super nice though! And we found the set this morning yay going back Thursday

    • Would rather not wait at a hotel all day, will be coming in from out of town. Just interested in meeting Ashley…will you share where the set location is?

    • I agree with you about letting Miley enjoy her meal. Let her have eat in peace. It does seem like she take time in the mornings to meet fans. I might go back down on the weekend in the morning. Are they still shooting off Jefferson? I would like to see the set. I’ve never seen live filming.

    • We went downtown to try and find her at the hotel…ended up eating at the restaurant and hanging around the hotel….if you know the shooting location, please share. I have three girls who were so disappointed. We are so close yet so far. Please help if you can.

    • Hey ๐Ÿ™‚ do you know where they are filming thursday? please let me know, my sister LOVES miley and it would be amazing if she could see her!

  48. Anyone see or meet Ashley Greene?? Looking for info on her, not Miley. What about set location? Anyone find out where they are shooting for today or Thursday?

  49. Hey if anyone knows filming locations for tomorrow i really wanna come in the morning around 6 and stay until about 9 because i have practice! does anyone know what time she leaves for the set?

      • To confirm what someone posted below they are moving to condo’s anytime now. Unfortunatley when people post where they are staying on the web it simply ruins it for people since 500 people come out of the wood work and then nobody gets to see them. ๐Ÿ™

  50. MIley and alot of other members are moving into Condo’s shortly. They should be ready by Thursday or Friday. I guess the hotel is having alot of issues with large members of people outside and with the animals of the stars.

  51. Ashley is currently in L.A. just saw pictures of her taken outside of a gym today. So she is not there, I found this to be strange but I guess they are not filming any of her scenes now.

  52. can someone please answer these questions?
    -when are they done filming for the movie?
    -where exactly is the set?
    -where is their hotel?
    -what times should we go to their hotel?
    -is it a closed set, or can you like watch them film?

  53. when was their first day of filming? they said the official starting date was july 20, but on here it said they were filming july 16.

    • I think the “official” date was the 20th, But they got an early start at the dearborn site on near Greenfield and Rotunda on the 16th. It really kicked off on the 20th at full speed. that is how I understand it anyway. I would still like to get one more autograph (Ashley’s ). Then i would like to just watch them do some filming. That would just be interesting.

      • i just confirmed that they just started july 20. i was looking at demi moores twitter and she said she was looking forward to kicking off the start of filming LOL on the 20th!

  54. no matter where they go, people will hunt them down
    it doesnt matter if they are going to condos, it’s called following them!

  55. It’s called gated communities and polic and jail. People are out of control. If nayone goes to there codos I hope they are arrested, I don’t care how old they are that is STALKING.

  56. so idk if anyone knew this but miley changed her hotel today
    it’s the marriot in detroit now
    until she gets a condo
    im going there in the morning.
    you should come too!

  57. do you think if i just walked onto the set, i’d get kicked out
    i keep hearing stories of people meeting miley at the set

  58. My daughter is a huge fan of Miley. She is very ill (she has a rare cancer) and I was hoping that I would be able to make her dream come true of meeting Miley, since she is about 20 minutes from us. Are there any other ways of meeting her besides going to her hotel?

  59. I am not sure if this was mentioned before or not but I just found some info. I was at one of our customers talking about the filming of LOL.

    He said his friend is a doctor who owns 3 rental homes. Apร€rently, he rented one to Demi Moore for a couple months. So, she seems to have her own place around town. (Not sure exactly where though)

  60. No – there is no filming at the Dearborn location…….last I heard from one of the set truck drivers was that they were filming on Jefferson…..but he wasn’t sure where…..

  61. Where is the filming today? I’m at Greenfield and Rotunda and we have been up and down every street and haven’t seen anything resembeling a film set of any sorts. If anyone has any valid information please email my blackberry at as soon as you have any info!

    Thank you

    • if your daughter is ill, they will probably make an exception for you if you contact the production company, I have helped a couple other people do this.

      According to IMDb the production company is PeachCraft Studios (I think they did the original movie too) here is their contact info:

      It might not hurt to do something like Tweet Demi Moore or anyone associated with the movie, if you get the word about your situation, someone might take notice and help you make arrangements.

      Good Luck!

      • Thank you very much. It is greatly appreciated it. I just really want to make my daughter happy and I know meeting Miley would be a dream come true for her.

        Good luck to all of you as well! I hope you all have the chance to meet the cast.

    • Just a reminder – read the whole thread – all the information you’re asking for is there.

      There is NO FILMING at the Dearborn area, they are building sets. It is not out in the open….

  62. been looking for her all day. nothing. went to the hotel, gone. i need to know what are the locations for the set! this is my one and only dream! please help! i plan on going again tomorrow!

    • i hear it’s downtown somewhere close to the canadian bridge, but don’t know where.

      also heard it’s impossible to meet her on set, but you can see her filming it!

    • This is Christine- the site admin- They were def. filming on Jefferson Ave in downtown Detroit today (had someone check it today) which is near the bridge. (not positive it was near bridge, tipster not sire of cross st) They might be back tomorrow but I’m not positive on that either, if someone can check it out tomorrow and report back it would be much appreciated! You can email me too at

  63. Omg, of she’s really staying at Marriott, I got connections! My god father works there and that would be so cool to meet her.

  64. Are they still at the same hotel, does anyone know how long they will be there and is it just Miley? Is the rest of the cast at a different hotel does anyone know?

    • to answer all questions
      -yes ambassador bridge area
      -no the westin, not marriott
      -and the cast is at the same hotel, except demi moore rented a house. miley will be getting a condo soon because of the “crowds” at the hotel =/

    • your email address is probably being picked up as spam for some reason, it also sometimes spams things if they are all in caps, or something, this comment got through, did you do something differently?

  65. i have been to the westin everyday since shes gotten here and the set and STILL have not even seen miley. its literally impossible. i met tish and billy ray but not miley. i was talking to people who work there and they said shes here for work and not fans. when she leaves the hotel she goes through the garage so no one can see her. this makes me so upset. i need to meet her ASAP.

    • Honestly, hearing stuff like this makes me sick. My kids and I have been watching her on the Disney Channel since day 1. The fans have made her what she is today. I understand needing privacy and all, but you gotta give a little back. Making some youngs kids dreams come true simply by giving them a autograph or a picture isn’t going to kill you. Just my opinion;)

      • it would be impossible for her to sign for every fan that comes out. i’ve seen plenty of pictures of her with fans so far in michigan, idk. i’d be pretty irritated at 17-18 being followed and harassed. and when she was shooting in tybee last year, she had a stalker so i can’t blame her for wanting privacy and being careful.

  66. I’m heading to Jefferson near the Amb. Bridge now. I’ll scout around Detroit to see what I can find. Christine, are you sure they are there and not in Dearborn today?

  67. christine, the site said they are returning to this location on august 11-12. does that mean the dearborn area? and are you sure?

  68. I agree with Megan. I know she’s here for work but it wouldn’t take kill you to give an autograph and pic for some people. It’ll probably make someone’s life. She can still focus on her work.

    • yeah she needs a break sometimes, i understand that, but if she sees people and knows why they are there, the least she can do is sign something!

  69. yeah but we truly dont know what she goes through everyday. in LA she cant even walk down the street without taking a million pictures. im sure she just needs a break for a bit. im guessing in the next few weeks she will start greeting fans and such, she just needs time off.

  70. Yeah your right. I just met Miranda Cosgrove the other day, and you know it made me feel fucking AMAZING. I’m one of Miley’s biggest fans Four Years Strong. I buy everything of hers, I renew my MileyWorld membership EVERY year, if her face is on it I buy it. I love this girl she is amazing. And I know she is busy and is here for work, but michigan is so boring, we never see stars and now that we have the chance we can’t meet her? I just want an autograph and a picture or for her to speak to me!! That would make my dreams come trueee! that’s all I ever wanted was to meet her, but I guess that’s to much to ask, since I can’t find out where she is, or where to go, looks like I’m never meeting Miley :'(
    Sucks Huh?

    • Steph, you aren’t missing out. She’s a total diva and treats everyone as though she is better than them. I’ve had the displeasure of meeting her. She is completely ungrateful for her fans. I’ve been doing some scouting work for this site in the Detroit area. Each time I’ve gone by the hotel she is staying at I’ve counted no more than 10 fans. That would maybe take her 5 minutes to sign autographs or take pictures with you. The fact of the matter is she doesn’t care because she knows there are fans like you who will buy whatever she puts out on the market because of a television image of her being nice.

      She is a rude, self-absorbed, teenage, bratty diva. Steph, there are other celebrities that are more worthy of your loyalty than she is. She was the rudest beetch I’ve ever had an encounter with, and I’ve met a lot of celebrities. I’m also 26, so I’m not a screaming fan like many teenagers. I happen to run into her and she coped the biggest attitude and couldn’t have acted more annoyed. I didn’t want a picture or autograph. I was just telling her that for me being almost 30 I found her music quite catchy and enjoyed it. She wouldn’t even acknowledge my existence and I was the only one there!

      You guys are wasting your time with Miley.

    • I’d also like to state that I am NOT affiliated with this site. I volunteered to check out and confirm locations for the site since I have the ability to drive around for them since they are not local. I just wanted to stress that I’m just another Hollywood buff here in Detroit and not affiliated with the site.

    • It sucks worse to live in Washington and have nobody famous near you, and having dreams of being a singer but there being no trustworthy agents in the whole entire state. Not even in Seattle.

  71. as far as we know right now they will be back at the location in the post above in August, tentative dates 11-12.

    Heard they were back in downtown Detroit today, but can’t confirm 100%.

  72. Part of the problem with Miley not signing is the fact that people are posting this info all over the web and the crowds are huge. In order to have a chance of having anytime with a major celeb which I guess she is “I cannot stand her” you need small crowds of 15 and under that are calm. If not the security gets very very nervous. People act like idiots around celebs I see it all the time. Miley is not very fan friendly in recent years. Good luck to those who go but it is a waste of time. Just consider yourself lucky to have met Billy Ray.

    • I think you are right Heather. When I met her, there were only about 8 or 10 of us there. I have only been to the hotel or set a hand full of times. One time at the hotel was even for another reason.(on location broadcast of a radio show I listen to) Anyway everytime it seemed like the crowd was like 20 (25) or less. Have there been bigger crowds? I was actually kind of surprised. I figured there would be at least 100’s if not thousands.

      • yeah whenever i went it was under 20 people. thursday at the hotel there was less than 10. nothing though. i’m just wasting my time. i wish she’d come out, but there isn’t a way

        • Is there anyway you could tell me what hotel? I’ll be down there tomorrow for Warped Tour anyways and my friend reallllly loves her. I could care less really. but she wants so. ahah

  73. Yeah, I’m glad I didn’t go and waste my time standing outside. I would go wait outside ib the morning but apparently she’s going out the backdoor now. Hopefuly I could meet her oneday. This just seemed like the easiest way to meet her since meet and greets are hard to get into and it’s hard to win contests. Not to mention that she’s a little over 10 mins away so I thought this would be tue best way. Guess I was wrong.

  74. I went downtown today. Went in the Westin to check things out, I believe I saw two of the co-stars but Im not 100% sure because they are fairly new actors and everything so I didn’t recognize their face. There were NO groups of fans or anything whatsoever. I was disappointed that I was the only one there. I couldn’t still till the evening, so I guess I’ll try again when more info is released or when shes up in Dearborn.

  75. Wow, I normally wouldn’t believe the type of stories Detroit scouted wrote but I kinda believe hera because it’s true, it wouldn’t take more than 5 mins to sign autographs and take pics with fans and then head inside but she’s makin it seen like it takes up her whole day. I mean I get it if there are like 25 or something but it hasn’t gotten up that far and people are starting to give upp. Hopefully I’ll meet her oneday and it’ll maybe change my mind about her being self absorbed.

  76. I understand that some of you are upset that you haven’t been able to meet her but you have to look at it from her point of view too. She’s very tiny and she’s here without bodyguards so to have even 6 or 7 people rushing at her can probably be a little intimidating. I went a few nights ago and some of the guys there told me that Ashley Greene got bombarded with people when she came out so I can imagine that it would be worse for Miley since she’s a much bigger star. Yes, it sucks that not everyone is going to get to meet her, but it’s not fair to call her names because of it. She can’t meet everyone just because they’re a fan.

    • I agree with Ashley. To me she seemed really nice. So don’t give up up on her if your a fan. About Ashley Greene, I thought she went back to LA. Was that informatiion wrong? Or if she did, is she here in town again? I would like to get her autograph too.

  77. Ran into Miley Cyrus and her friend today at Neimen Marcus at Somerset Mall… totally surprising moment as I was walking through the store with a Red Bull… Miley: “dude thats a huge red bull, your gunna get a heart attack” … me: “uhhh miley?” miley: “yeah lets not announce it to the world” … grabbed a pic with her and made small talk

  78. This is such crap! We give so much to her, the least we can have is an autograph or picture. Damn! I’m thirteen years old always dreaming of meeting her, but what, people are only important if they are celebrities? I have her plastered on my wall, she was plastered on my locker for two years, I always wear her clothes, I get my haircut like hers, I read every Hannah Montana book and miles to go, I renew my mileyworld membership yearly, it’s just frustrating!!!! All Ive ever wanted was for her to talk to me /take a picture but I guess she’s just too busy for someone like me.
    Fmll .

  79. Give up? Why not! I have no idea where to go, i probably won’t find nothing, she isn’t fan friendly, why don’t I just give up!!!

    • they are not at the Dearborn site – just building sets………go to the beginning of the thread for the info you’re asking for…..

  80. Stephanie it’s the westin hotel in Dearborn I forgot the exact adress but it’s on Washington blvd. Believe me, you won’t want to wait out tree for long because she wont come down no matter what. When she leaves the hotel she goes out the back door. Some people just got really lucky when they met her at the restaurant.

    • Are they still here in Michigan? I saw an article online a couple days ago that had a photo of Miley and Demi Moore suposedly filming scenes for their movie in New York. So, I figured they left us.

  81. I’m pretty sure that she’s moved out of the hotel and into a condo by now. No one knows where it is but she is still in Michigan. There have been fan photos of her around town.

  82. Thanks everyone fro your responses. I figured Miles was still in Michigan. I thought she said she was filming the whole movie here. But then I saw that picture with the wrong caption. So, it confused me.

  83. she is definately still in michigan shes moved out of the hotel i think though! she was at somerset monday soo it really comes with luck!

  84. According to Channel 7 Action News (WXYZ) – “One of the biggest Hollywood productions of the year (LOL: Laughing Out Loud) is moving to Birmingham, Michigan next week.”

  85. She was at Vain nightclub downtown Detroit last night, dancing like a hoe and her bodyguards were a-holes. They wouldn’t let any cell phones near her and were illegally taking people’s cell phones and deleting their pictures. Her bodyguards have no right to do that. She completely ignored everyone. She is 17! No way should she be in a nightclub.

    • WOW. she is definitely not acting like a 17 year old should. I’m from detroit and I have seen miley at the hotel because I work at a parking lot close by and got a picture with her. She seemed nice but probably because she was all by herself. We small talked for a few minutes but to hear that she was at a 21+ year old nightclub disgusts me. She is trying to grow up way to fast and if she continues to do what she is, she’s going to wind up like britney or lohan. Tween celebrities want to “mature” quickly but to actually mature, you must do it mentally first with wisdom and knowledge, not “acting” grown up.

  86. does anyone know which day miley will be changing to birmingham?
    i am going tomorrow morning and i hope she is still in detroit!

  87. my mission has been accomplished everyone, i met miley today. however she seemed really quiet and shy when i did but was really nice when i asked her for a picture. greatest day of my life. and she was just with her mom, no security.

    • congrats!!! that is my LIFE GOAL
      i come on this site every single hour to see if new info is posted!
      where did you see her at?!

      • somerset, i was coming down the escalator and there she was. it was crazy. i couldnt believe it. you just have to like run into her somewhere. just hangout in the cities they are filming in thats what i did. like a couple weeks ago i did and there were so many people meeting her, i never did but today i did.

  88. Whaddupp!!! I just met her too it rocked but I didn’t get a picture she’s nice but she said she was really tired I met her mom also it rocked

  89. Those of you that met her at Somerset today. I posted on my Twitter that she was there when I found out. Did any of you head to the mall and meet her after I posted it on my Twitter? I’m interested to see how many people on my Twitter saw it and then got to the mall in time to meet her.

  90. Im not sure if you ever found out where Miley was staying but a couple weeks ago i know she was staying at the Westin Book Cadillac Hotel Downtown Detroit. There were fans waiting outside and I did meet her dad Billy who was really nice and took pictures with us. But anyways I notice on here that there last day of filming is Aug 12 in Dearborn, does anyone know or if you find out please let me know, if they are going to be here longer in MI, I will be out of town but am hoping they will be here still on the 14th when I get back. I know Demi Moore is in the film as well and her and Ashton were at the Tigers game on Tuesday night ( I work there, unfortuantly didnt get to meet them) So i know they are here in MI as well. I would rather see them then Miley. Any information let me know. Thanks!

  91. Police had 3 blks closed, even Jefferson. No one could get in. So interesting to see how movie is shot. Watched from window til 1:00 a.m. had to sleep. Looks like most stuff gone now.

  92. Signs were spotted in Dearborn again today but not sure where, tipster couldn’t actually find set, maybe they are around the Greenfield & Rotunda location again, anyone around who can verify?

  93. There is nothing on Century Drive (Greenfield & Rotunda) where they were before and where the set building is…… maybe the signs are on Rotunda……….as far as I know, they’ll be back on the 11th/12th…..

  94. I just found the โ€œSPOONโ€ locations sign on the north-west corner of Ford Road and Mercury Drive (Dearborn) in front of Borderโ€™s Books. The sign points in the west direction down Ford Road. So, it appears that the set will be located somewhere west of Mercury Drive.

    • I have been here thinking about the โ€œSPOONโ€ locations sign. Does anybody have any idea what exactly that means? Is it like some sort of acronym for something? What does it have to do with a movie titled, LOL, Laughing Out Loud?

      • I dont know but, i followed them yesterday and they took me into downtown detroit, right around the block from the westin to their base camp which was indeed for LOL. However, has anyone seen any photos of Miley from yesterday? She was supposedly at Cedar Point with Liam and friends, but I would have thought there would be tons of photos up by now and I have yet to see one.

  95. Where are they now? Where was Miley spotted just hanging around? Does anyone know what hotel they’re staying in? Also, where abouts wil they be the 11th and 12th?

    • Last night around 10 PM, I was going down past the Westin Book Cadilac and saw them taking down the SPOON base camp signs.So today I followed the SPOON signs again.

      1st on Ford Road pointing douth on Greenfield. 2nd on Greenfield pointing east on Century Drive. Finally on Century Drive pointing to the right (south) into a warehoise parking lot.

      So it seems like they are back at the Dearborn location. I turned into the parking lot but I was turned around.The address is 15301 Century Drive. I think that is where they were building the sets at the beginning.

  96. Filming is at the Dearborn location today.l…you can’t miss it…..trailers are already set up., and security is onsite….they may only be here for 1 day…and if they follow last times pattern will be finished by 6pm……. They will be filming inside, so you really won’t be able to see anything, other than if the stars take their dogs for a walk…….. would be nice if Demi and Ashton were onsite!

    • Yea, it would be cool to meet Ashley and Demi. I don’t have their autographs yet. Are the security people wearing red shirts? When I was there yesterday there were two guys standing outside wearing red shirts. I figured they were security.

  97. I was there at Tim Horton’s for about an hour and did not see to much action, just a few staff members coming outside to smoke and what not. A few cars pulled out of there and came to Tim Horton’s but they must have been extras or part of the staff.

  98. does anyone know where miley will be filming tomorrow august 10th? and where she is staying lately? any information would be very helpful

  99. Theres lots going on this morning….alll the trailers are here looks like they’re planning on shooting today…..quite a few more security around as well……parking lot is full of workers…….

  100. thanks kris, how long do you think miley will b filming at the dearborn location today? and i saw miley was spotted in birmingham last night with liam. any sightings of liam today? where is miley staying?

    • Originally on the 16th last month, they were at the Westin Book Cadillac in Detroit.But they were planning to rent condos for a couple months while they were here. I know for sure Demi has rented a place I think Miley has too.

    • 15301 Century Drive. That is just north of Rotunda off of Greenfield. It is right across from Flagstar Bank and Wendy’s/Tim Hortons.

  101. I just left the site. I parked in the bank parking lot for a few minutes. But from that angle I couldn’t see too much. So, I tried a few other locations but I didn’t see anyone else there and I could not find a good place to wait that was out of the way. While I was there however, a trailer pulled out of the lot. I am not sure who’s it was. If anyone is htere, did you see Demi at all?

  102. Miley and family have been in a house in grosse pointe farms. She has been all over the village at night and walking around after dark. Billy has been playing guitar dor neighbors at night. She told fans to lay off and that she was sick of all the spoiled brats. Pretty rude if u ask me.
    At south tomorrow.

    • Just looking at quite a few comments from the various fans and it seems to me that Ms. Cyrus seems to be a little full of herself. If indeed the fans are over excited and “stalking” her ok – lay off, but otherwise, it would really be to her advantage to just schedule a small signing moment or a few pictures . Otherwise, perhaps she should find out what it is like to be ignored. When a person signs on to “stardom” it comes with all of “this”. If you want a life of annonimity, get a job elsewhere. Fans are what propel you to stardom, they buy the CD’s , see the movies, buy the clothes etc. Alienate your fan base, and you’ll soon be flipping hamburgers at Mickey D’s (ok, for her not really), but to be a class act (she’s been raised in this environment and knows what its about), she needs to actually start acting like a star….not a spoiled teenager….. (sorry for the long post – I’ll behave now!) LOL (no pun intended).

      • I get really confused every time I read one of these negative reports from fans. When I met Miley, she seemd really nice. But then it was not a big crowd or anything like that. I just can’t get my mind around it though. It’s like there are two Mileys. But I agree with you Kris. You can’t be a star if you don’t have any fans.

        • yeah, same here, when i met her she was super nice, even smiled in my picture…….but i also think that people are just exaggerating the extent of the rudeness. personally i dont think miley is mean or rude at all and just a really nice and great person. i have never thought of miley as “full of herself” and the “real” fans know she’s not and the “real” fans would never say that she was.

  103. Here is the latest info I have for the shoot in GP:

    โ€ขLOL, starring Miley Cyrus, is filming at Grosse Pointe South High School in Grosse Point Michigan through 8.18, 6 A.M.- 8 P.M. (Thanks Ashley & Eric)

  104. Interesting, that Liam is seen in Michigan with Miley, yet even on googling his name, no mention of him being there ever gets into the public domain except through this web-site. Either the reports are false, he has a very bad publicist (especially since he’s trying to jump start his own acting career), the Cyrus clan have shut him up from publicizing his presence and using her daughters fame for his own notoriety, or and this one will hurt, Liam; Nobody but pre-pubecent girls give a darn (you know what word I want to use here). Either way, it sounds like a repeat of Justin Gaston. Liam, if you have any intelligence and are career minded, spoon off your brother’s fame; you’ll probably go farther than following the Cyrus fame wagon.

    • I have thought that was kind of strange too. Miley went to Cedar Point last week and I saw a picture of her on a roller coaster. I would have thought that Liam would be right next to her but he wasn’t. Maybe he was only in town for a couple days. I does seem strange if he has been here all along, that there hasn’t been more press about it.

      • Liam wasn’t here until a few days ago and he didn’t go to Cedar Point like alot of people were saying, people didn’t really start seeing him until Monday I think. But he is definitely here as of right now.

  105. I am up at Grosse Point HS South. Miley just arrived in a white SUV.There is a large crowd here and everyone went wild. They are filming right now. Miley and another actor just ran across the lot and up the steps into the school.with the cameras rolling.

  106. Just got back home from Grosse Pointe HS South. I saw her dad,mom and Noah. A few people saw the back of her head and her feet, but her whole body wasn’t visible. Does anyone know if she’ll be down there tonight?

  107. I was down there today(just drove by) but think I may have seen what looked like the back of Miley’s head. Not completely sure but whoever it was looked like they were going to be getting into a car.

  108. A group of us were waiting outside Mileyโ€™s trailer at around 7:45 PM. My friend saw her mom and Noah enter the trailer. Then someone else went in. I think it was Miley because she was wearing the same kind of boots Miley was wearing yesterday when she was filming outside. All I saw was her feet from under the trailer when she approached the steps from behind. At around 8 PM the security guard came up and said Miley had already left. Most of the people took off. But a few of us stayed. We had been watching the trailer and nobody came out. So we figured she must still be there. Then one of the LOL shuttles came up behind the trailer and people came out to enter the truck and left. We couldnโ€™t see who it was but we knew it was most likely Miley. The shuttle drove past us but the windows were tinted and you could not see who was inside.

    I did talk to one of the security guards and he confirmed they were going to be filming till the 18th at the High School. Oh yea, one more thing. Yesterday they had a sign up on the front of the school. They changed the name for the movie which is actually set in Chicago. It is going to be called Wrigley High School.

  109. Any more on if Ashley Greene is gonna be back filming at the school too? it would make sense since she’s probably playing a classmate of Miley’s.

  110. Oh, just checked Ashley’s twitter & this is what it says…

    Target!? Olive garden? Barnes and Noble?? I’m starting to like Detroit a lot more!! ๐Ÿ™‚ it’s the little things my friends.

    • Thanks Grace. Yesterday at the set I kept thinking the same thing. Ashley should be filming at this set because she is playing one of Lola’s (Miley) friends from school. Then I later saw her tweet. They were filming inside yesterday so I don’t know but she might have been there. I hope they will be filming outside today or tomorrow when I go.

      • yeah, I went today & i saw her driving back and forth in a van from the trailers to the entrance of the school. she waved at fans when driving by and i guess she came by fans around 1ish or something like that, but that was the only time she did that. i didn’t get there till about 4:30 so i didn’t get to meet her :(.

    • I think she is renting a house on Lewiston Rd. It’s on the first block coming from Maumee Ave. It has a brick gate around the house and a circular driveway. It’s on the left side of the street.

  111. where will miley be tomorrow august 14th 2010?? and victor are you positive that is where miley is renting a house? and does the cast, especially miley, film on weekends?

    • Katy…. You sould either like stalker or a Paparazzi… either way maybe leaving her private house alone and try and catch her filming might be a better way of seeing her

  112. They are filming tomorrow for sure.. the crew set up waist-high metal fence-like bars along the sidewalk as a little barricade because they think a lot of people are going to show up since it’s the weekend.

    • I thought they were going to do something like that. When I was there yesterday around 5 PM or so, I saw a truck go down the street with a bunch of those barracade fences on it. Maybe that also means they will be filming outside too. On Wednesday when they were filming in that courtyard, they were having trouble keeping fans out of the background of the cameras. The barracades would make it easier if they were shooting outside.

  113. Hi all, so does Miley film on sundays? and does anyone know where the next location might be? – C’mon Will… you seem to be in the know! ‘LOL’

  114. Hi Seb, well I don’t know how much “in the know” I am ๐Ÿ™‚ but I was at the set all day today. I saw Miley and Ashley today when they drove in and out of the sets. Both of them waved to us as they drove by. I talked to lots of other fans and also a few of the crew. It seems like everyone has so many ideas about what is happening that you never know for sure what is accurate. But my general understanding at this point is that they are shooting for half a day tomorrow (Sunday). They were in the courtyard inside the school today and hopefully will be filming outside tomorrow if the weather cooperates. They are right now behind schedule a bit and Wednesday, the 18th is the last day at the school. The next location is supposed to be in Pontiac. I talked to a police officer there and he said he heard that Demi was finished with her scenes at the school set. But as I said, who really knows for sure what is accurate.

  115. Will, are you positive that they will be shooting for a half a day? And do you mean the 1st half of the day or the 2nd half of the day?

  116. No I am not positive about anything, but the crew member I talked to said they were filming for a half day. Everyone was talking about going there in the morning. So I hope they meant the first half.

  117. thank you for all the information you guys. i am dying to meet miley cyrus. its my goal for the summer! anyone kno wwhere miley is staying? is she for sure renting a house in grosse pointe? im not going to find it and stalk her LOL i just want to know. i like being “in the know” like will ๐Ÿ™‚

  118. I am at the school now. The cast is not here. There are security people but no fans. I am the only fan here at the momenrt. I just asked the security guy if they are filming today. He just said “later on.” I asked what time but he didn’t know. So, I am guessing that yesterday they meant the second half of the day today. Anyway, I am going to find something to do for a couple hours and try back later.

  119. Sitting here on the set. Ashley walked out about 20 minutes ago and stopped on her way to the trailers to sigb autographs and take pictures with a few fans.

  120. I talked to her driver, and other people from set. They are still “staying” At the Westin in Detroit, but they are hardly there. They will be here for about a month. I don’t know any other locations as to where shes staying when shes filming in GP, but they are still booked at the westin.

  121. I over heaard a call that came over teh walkie talkie of a sercurity guard. I didn’t hear who, but they said they needed a driver to run down to pick up someone at the Westin. So, I figured that some of them are still there.

    Does anybody have any information about where in Pontiac they will be filming next week?

    Today, at the set I heard from another fan that they will be going to Chicago when they are finished here in Michigan next month. I also heard Demi is finished with her filming in Michigan. She will be back on the set in Chicago.

  122. Does anyone know if or when Miley is shooting her music video? I heard she wasshooting it soon in Michigan. Can anyone clear that up????

    • Supposedly, it’s being filmed somewhere in Detroit tommorow. According to @SmittenWith on Twitter, “I supposed to be an extra in the Miley Cyrus video tomorrow. Group scene type thing…”

      I woner if she will be on the LOL set tomorrow if she is filming her video?

  123. I SAW MILEY TODAY :)! It was at 8:30 though. She waved and did the peace sign to her fans, she was in some type of black SUV. And does anyone know for sure where Miley will be filming her new music video 2mrw?


  125. OMG best 2 days ever!!! I met Miley yesterday she smiled and waved and came over ti the curb and waved its like u standing at the end of ur driveway and she pulled up in a black GMC Yukon and stopped right there it was SO cool. and Today I got to meet Ashley Greene she sighned autographs around lunch time and took a few pics so cool and had so much fun hope i get mileys autograph soon ๐Ÿ™‚

  126. hey does anyone know where miley can be located tomorrow? and how long exactly shes staying in michigan? and where exactly can someone meet her? like the most possible place to meet her would be? please help me outttt

  127. Anyone know if they are filming at the school in Grosse Pointe today again? Aparently Miley is shooting her music video somewhere…. Would that mean she isn’t on set?
    Anyone know anything..???? Will – you must know something!?:-)

    • Hi Seb, I hope you found answers to your questions. I don’t know for sure if they will be filming, but I think they will be. Miley might not be there if she is filming her music video all day, but they could still do scenes that she is not in. I am not going to be at the set today. But maybe I will go tomorrow. After talking with other fans, security and some crew members, it seems they are supposed to wrap up at the school tomorrow and then go to Pontiac. But I could not find anyone who knew where in Pontiac.

  128. I went to the set earlier and got there at 9:30 and 2 of the security guards told me they weren’t filming today. I asked if they’d be back tomorrow and they said they thought so. I stuck around in my car till 12 anyway just to make sure and no one was there during that time as far as I know.

  129. Thanks for the information Grace. I guess I definitely won’t go up there today. Even though I wasn’t originally planning to, I have been having second thoughts about maybe going. I was thinking it was strange that they shut the whole production down just because Miley wasn’t going to be there. But then I realized maybe it was a planned break and that is why Miley picked today to do her music video. ๐Ÿ™‚

  130. Hi, i went to the set today and everyone was right. She was out filming her music video but I have no idea where that was at. Some bigger lady with curly longer hair came out of the side building and asked my friends and I if we were waiting for Miley, we said yes, and then she said sorry but she isn’t filming today. Hopefully we have better luck tomorrow! does anyone know when the stars usually come out of the buildings so we could see them? thanks

    • We live a block away in Grosse Pointe Farms where they are shooting at GP South. They usually come out from filming at the end of the day around 8:00. But we have been there like 4 days in a row and we have not seen her yet. Actually one day she purposely hid between a bunch of her extras (her age) in this white van so her fans could not see her……RUDE!

  131. I have seen Miley every day when she comes out from the set. (Except today of course) Usually she will come out in one of the white LOL shuttles. A few times she has come out in a black SUV. She normally stops and waves to her fans as she comes out. She even flashed us the peace sign a couple days ago.

    However, as far as I can tell it is not on a regular schedule. Normally it has been around 12 to 2 PM when I have seen her come out for lunch. But occasionally, I have also seen her come out for a wardrobe change or something. Then she only has a short time so she will just come out and go to her trailer to change and then come back. She doesn’t wave all the time on those trips because she is in a hurry.

  132. MC is totally avoiding fan contact as much as possible. From having the SUV pick her up at the back of the school courtyard to dropping her off at the steps of her trailer. They even blocked a sight line between the trailers with another truck.
    Makes my job much harder to do.

  133. I met Justin Gaston today in the coffee shop in Grosse Point. Said he was just passing thru. He had no idea that Miley was filming there, but he wished her well. He was with this cute young woman. I guess he has moved on.

  134. OH

    miley requested me on myspace before I even found her page. It was the proudest moment of my life <3

    if only now she would bless my life and give me a hug & a pat on the romp ๐Ÿ˜‰


  135. are they still filming today in grosse point because i would really like to go check it out if they are…..does anyone know?

    • They are filming right now in a second floor room off the courtyard. I can’t see inside the windows but I can hear the director. (Or whoever keeps shouting “rolling” when they start) I think today is the last day at the school. Rumor has it they are going to Pontiac next but I don’t know where. I am not sure who all is here filming right now. Miley? Ashley?

  136. does anyone know when miley cyrus will start filming in pontiac? also, where in pontiac where they be filming? pleasseee help me ouuut!

  137. does anyone know where miley is today? my birthday is tomorrow and i wanna meet her like now i only got a two second chat with her now i want to introduce myself!

  138. I was at the school (Grosse Pointe South) on the 18th. There were a few fans maybe about 8 of us and a paparazzi. I was there from 5 til 8. We asked the security guy if Miley was there and he told us she left at noon. It was still cool seeing the set and all. She’s trying very hard to keep a low profile and she’s doing a great job. I did heard they’re in Pontiac now. No word where in Pontiac. Your best bet would be to just hang out at Somerset as much as you can, she’s always there.

  139. So apparently they announced on the news what theater in downtown Pontiac she will be filming at tomorrow? Anyone know the name? I missed it

  140. Went to the set for about 4 hours yesterday. Didn’t see anyone except Miley at this set. She did her usual, got into her white SUV which was parked in the back with her security guards, drove out and ignored everyone. I have to be honest, just listening to what everyone has been saying at all the set locations for this movie, she is pissing a lot of fans off.

  141. They are filming in downtown detroit RIGHT NOW!! get down there, they are at the american coney island on fort street, near the westin.

  142. The signs there say there is no parking on that street until 11pm tonight as well so im asuming they will be there pretty late.

  143. word of advice when going to the set, the guys working to keep people away are very rude, and i could have a few other words for them too, so you just have to be as pushy as they are other wise you will get no where.

  144. will miley be filming at american coney island again tomorrow the 26th? and will she be there late at night like around 7 or 8 or so?

    • really? when i met her she had heals on and i had on converse, im 5’6.5, 5’7ish and i was taller. i always thought she was taller than me, her legs are just really long which makes her look super tall.

      • I think I once read that Miley is actually 5′ 4.5″ tall barefoot. But when I ran into her at Somerset, she seemed to be about the same height as me. (I am 5′ 5.5 ” tall) I didn’t notice that I had to look up to see her or down. But Marie makes a good point. She could have been wearing heals which boosted her height by an inch or 2.

  145. When I saw her I noticed she looked taller but she was wearing a short dress that showed off her skinny legs so it made her look really tall, and yeah websites say she’s 5’4 but i mean, i’m 5’3 and when I literally rannn into her she like towered over me. She was wearing those flat black ankle boots that she’s obsessed with so no heels.

  146. After I initially left a comment I seem to have
    clicked the -Notify me when new comments are added- checkbox and from now on each time a comment is added I recieve 4 emails with the exact same comment.
    Is there a way you can remove me from that service?
    Appreciate it!

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