‘Men In Black 3’ currently in production in L.A., will film on location in NYC this fall

Back in May, we first reported that Men In Black 3 was starting up production in Los Angeles. At that time they were doing camera tests, last minute casting, etc.

Since then, Production Weekly announced that filming will take place in New York City with a tentative start date of September 13. After this announcement, you can imagine how many people emailed complaints about the fact that we reported filming was going to take place in L.A. when, according to PW, it was actually going to be filmed in NYC.

Well, we have news for all the naysayers, they are in fact filming in Los Angeles right now. This week, we got more information about the shoot from a source working on the production who said they were doing work that involved green screens earlier in the week at Sony Studio, Los Angeles. He confirmed they will be filming most of the on location sequences in New York City, but also confirmed production is well underway in Los Angeles right now!

So, it looks like we were all right, they will indeed be filming in NYC but they are also filming in Los Angeles.

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  1. the new york shoot for men in black, Grant Wilfley is doing the background extras I went to the screen actors guild in nyc on their bulletin board grant information on how to apply is posted.


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