More fan photos of Gerard Butler on the set of ‘Machine Gun Preacher’

On Monday, one of our regular readers, James, sent us a few photos of Gerard Butler on the Hearthside Mobile Home Park set of his upcoming movie, Machine Gun Preacher in Melvindale, MI.

James told us at the time that Gerry, “signed autographs for a few people and took a picture with one woman because she told him that she drove 2 hours to see him.” That woman, Carla, recently sent us her photos as well, including the one of her and Gerard that James mentioned!

See more of Carla’s photos after the jump!

You can check out all of Carla’s photos from the set of Machine Gun Preacher below! If you spot Machine Gun Preacher being filmed in Michigan, let us know about it at!

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[Thanks Carla!]


    • I agree with Crissy…these pictures are amazing! But were is he filming now? James was informing us all the time about the locations, but now….where are you James? …Please, do you know anything ? MONDAY?…

  1. These pictures are clear like she said. 🙂 I wonder what kind of camera she used? If I didn’t use a 16x zoom, mine wouldn’t have turned out so crappy. I did edit them on a photo editor so they looked a lot better, but there’s so much “noise” on them because I zoomed in so far.

    Gabrielle, I get all my information from this site. I found all the ‘MGP’ filming locations on here, so I’m sorry if you were under the impression that I find these locations on my own. The only filming location that I did find on my own is the Bridge Cafe on July 26th.

    • Hi James! 🙂 Yeah, I was under that impression…but well it was nice to be able to go on this site and see all the info about Gerard. Now that I am not so busy at work and can take off sometime, I don’t know were to go …About this location on July 26th, were is that? Is the one on South Ford Street, Detroit? Thanks James!

      • Yes, this site really is great if you want information about Gerard Butler and where he’s filming. I found out about the filming at Crossroads and the trailer park on here, so I just go to these locations and take pictures, then come back here and give Christine updates about what I’ve saw and heard. 🙂 And yes, the Bridge Cafe is located on South Fort Street. I’ll show you a map of the location. If you don’t know how to get there, click ‘Get Directions’ and type your street address in the part that says ‘A’ and type ‘Bridge Cafe’ in the ‘B’ part. You can click ‘Street View’ when the location shows up on the map and you can see a picture of the location.

        • Whoops, I forgot to put in Bridge Cafe on the map search. You’ll just have to type in Bridge Cafe and it should show up.

          • You’re great James… like always ! 🙂 Thanks for the location. And yes, I went on mapquest and I noticed that “Bridge Cafe” it’s about 5 min faraway from the trailer park on Crossroads. What about this week James…do you know something? Are they in Detroit or still at Crossroads?

            • Thank you, thank you. 😛 And yeah, it’s not that far from Melvindale. If you live in Melvindale, all you have to do is take Oakwood Blvd down to S. Fort Street and you’re there. I’m surprised they didn’t film there BEFORE they went downtown to film since it’s right there. Anyway, I wish I knew where they were filming before the 26th, but I only know just as much as you do. I’ve been checking this to see if there has been any MGP updates, but I think Christine is still waiting on some as well.

              • Hey James,

                Did you see that someone left a note in another thread that there signs up on Dix Rd again (sounds like near the trailer park) can you check it out tomorrow by any chance?

                • Yes, I just saw the post in the other thread. I will head over to the trailer park tomorrow and check, but I wish Jennifer would have been specific about where she saw the signs.

                • I have a bit of a family emergency, but if everything calms down by tomorrow, I was planning on heading out to Melvindale. If James doesn’t get back to you first, I’ll definitely let you know what I see.

                  I was just wondering how many people have seen him filming, and how many got autographs? One friend of mine said she waited 4 hours and he left without doing autographs. Another went on a different day and he signed autographs. I don’t mind if he doesn’t sign them, but if the odds are good, I may take a day off.

                  • Sorry to hear that, hope is okay and stays that way. If you can’t check it out tomorrow, I’ll let you and Christine know what I see.

                    To answer your question, I’ve seen him film at the trailer park (the first day) and I’ve seen him film at Crossroads (which was the last day of filming in Melvindale, according to a police officer).

                    Before he went to lunch at the trailer park, he came over to the crowd and signed autographs and took a picture with Carla (an OLV reader). At the bar, he came out and took pictures and signed autographs with a bunch of people for quite some time. My mom managed to get really close to him and she got his autograph on her Michigan handbag, haha. He said her handbag was “very cool!”.

                  • thanks guys!

                    Carrie- hope everything works out with your family – he traditionally has a pretty good response with fans but it probably all depends on schedule etc.

  2. I tried to talk my grandson into going to one of the sites. He’s in Van Der Cook Lake. But he said he would if I wanted an autograph, but not for pictures.
    He’s really a brat sometimes. But he knows I won’t let him without permision, and no flash or yelling. He says that’s too many rules. These are great.

  3. I used an Olympus camera, only 4 megapixels. Nothing fancy but I was sure to set it on the highest resolution. Very exciting that these pictures are really circulating all over the place and on other web sites. It is also on his fan club site in the UK.

    • Thank you for letting me know on the camera. I’m going to make sure that I don’t use a 16x zoom at the next filming location; my pictures just might come out nicely like yours if I don’t. 😛 And yeah, I noticed my pictures were on a couple of Gerard-related sites.

  4. This is without a doubt my Favorite “fan standing next to a star” photo!!

    This might sound bad, but I think it is funny, but Gerard Butler looks like he just finished partying all night, after drinking a bit too much, and that Carla is holding him up in order to take the picture! GREAT shot! Love it! 😀 😀

  5. To funny. I agree he was looking a bit rough but he was also working all day on the set and it was very hot that day. I would gladly hold him up any time of the day.

  6. Hey guys I was on the set today and saw Gerard. I managed to take some pictures, but I don’t know how to post them….anyone can help? Unfortunately, Gerry didn’t come over to sign autographs or to take pictures with us…I heard he’ll be filming in Pontiac tomorrow but I don’t know the exact location.

    • Hi Gabrielle, that’s cool that you’ve got some pictures of Gerard. Christina has an email address that you can send them to, but I don’t know what it is. I’m sure Christine will see this and let you know how to send her pictures. 🙂

          • I’m sorry you didn’t get your picture with Gerard. We still have some time…another week !:) Hopefully! And yes, he’ll be in Pontiac tomorrow, but I don’t know exactly where. They were saying something about a church…?!?!?

            • I’m not too bummed about it. I got to watch him film at both filming locations and he was right near me on the 12th, so I got a good shot of him.My camera’s batteries died at the Crossroads location, so I didn’t bother standing in the huge crowd to get a picture or an autograph.

  7. i am very upset especially after seeing all the great photos posted of the autographs and pics he took with fans. me and my sis-in-law live just five houses down from the trailer park and had to take turns sitting with her autistic son, and we were there all day and still missed meeting him or getting an autograph, so we were both heartbroken. her son has also other medical problems so we could not bring him down there at all. he’s a great actor and i really wish i could have met him. congrats to all the one’s who did, although i am verrrry jealous!

  8. Any clue as to where Gerard will be tomorrow? I also have heard Pontiac,which is only about 30 mins from me!
    But if anyone knows,please share,My 16 turns 16 in a few days,and she is a HUGE fan of his,we went down to Detroit at Kercheval Street Friday,but it was a ghost town =( dont want to drive all over and get her hopes up again!

  9. Ugh I want to see him somewhere!! 🙁 I’m in Detroit during the day but school in Royal Oak from 5-10, mon-fri…
    Anyone know where he hangs out at all? I heard he was at some strip clubs in Detroit (as if theres only a handful to choose from :-/ ) … and I also heard Ann Arbor?? Any details??

  10. Any info on what time they’ll be filming at the Bridge Cafe? I almmmostt saw him at the Palladium in Birmingham, but he got away.


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