Taylor Lautner greets more fans on the set of ‘Abuction’

Last night, one of our readers, Ruzella, was lucky enough to meet Taylor Lautner and Lily Collins as they were leaving the set “Abduction” in Mt. Lebanon, PA this morning. She told us she waited at the base camp until 5 AM and added, “Taylor and Lilly came out and signed autographs and took pictures! He was SUPER nice and shook our hands. SO amazing!”

If you have any scoop about where Abduction will be filming in the coming weeks, let us know about it at olv@onlocationvacations,com!

[Thanks Ruzella]


    • Ya you are. My 10 year old daughter and I waited until 5 am before we left. We were the last ones there on our side talking to the police and security people. We must have just missed him or he went out the other side.

  1. how long were you waiting? does he come out at the base thing a lot or did you just get super lucky and did he just wake up at 5 am or was he getting ready to go to sleep?

  2. I was with my friend Ruzella 🙂 We both got pictures and what not. We did not meet him at the set. We met him at base camp which is where their trailers are located. It wasn’t easy and don’t expect to wait for ten minutes and then see him. We waited outside for seven hours. There was only about eight of us so not a lot of people must have known to go to the base camp. I think if there had been a lot of girls, they wouldn’t have come out.

    • Oh and I forgot to say he is rarely at base camp so my best advice would be to go to set. We probably would have seen him sooner that way.

  3. Hey guys! It was AMAZING being able to meet him. He’s SO nice, so is Lilly. But in all seriousness, DO NOT SCREAM. I’m almost positive that’s one reason he came over and took pictures with us, we were CALM- NOT YELLING. Like Krista said, we were at Base Camp, but the set would have been easier to see him. People kept saying how they met him there before. It was a huge CHANCE that we saw him when we did.

    Good luck!

  4. I’m am really not pleased with Taylor. I realize he is doing his job, but I have taken my daughters down to see him 3x and he has not once come down to greet them. Isn’t it the fans that give him his job in the first place? Common curteousy for those that sat for 5-10 hrs in the sun, in the rain and for an adult trying to please her children. It’s not like I hadn’t had anything to do or anything! Really? It’s just plan rude!

  5. Lanie, please! If someone came to see you at work, waited with their kids (honestly, what are you teaching them? Wait for hours in the sun to see some guy who puts his pants on one leg at a time?) would that be your first priority to go see these kids? He’s working – sometimes long, long hours, in the middle of the night, etc. Shooting a movie is grueling at times. Everyone always says how friendly he is, how can you bash him? Tell your daughters to go see Eclipse. They’ll see him bigger than life and looking amazing, and no one will be disappointed.

  6. You obviously don’t have a 14 year old daughter! So, you have learned the same lesson apparently, or you wouldn’t be on this website. Good one! Think before you post, and I’m not the only one that feels let down by him, as many breaks as he gets 15 mins to make some tween girls hearts flutter, wouldn’t be so bad. Like I said before if it weren’t for these girls and you yourself, he would not have a job.

  7. Lanie,

    I know you are frustrated. Seeing your children disappointed is misery for any of us. But you have to understand, that Taylor is there to make a movie. He doesn’t have to come out ever. From what I’ve read he comes out several times a day, to see people. He doesn’t have to do that. I know you guys want to meet Taylor. Who wouldn’t? He seems like the nicest kid in Hollywood. I know you are frustrated. You really can’t blame Taylor for that though. It is true that we buy his movie tickets, but we don’t own Taylor. We don’t get to tell him what to do. Maybe you guys should go out in the evening and try to see him when it is cooler outside and they may have more breaks then with most filming being in the day time.

  8. I mean he has a life too. And he’s prob not always in the mood to be attaked by screaming girls u have to understand and he came out yesterday

  9. Why is everyone being so damn nice to Lanie. She sounds like a snob that trys soiling her daughters by giving them everything they want and when she couldn’t give them Taylor Lautner she comes on the internet and ruins it for true FANS like me. Who is just in smiles from cheek to cheek only reading about other fans great experiences. I haven’t come within 900 miles toTaylor Lautner but if I did. Just the though that he was somewhere in eye shot of me would have made me happy. How old are you anyway. Taylor’s not rude! He just can’t please everyone, everytime and everywhere. Hell, am happy and I’ve only seen him in theaters. love u Taylor!

    • This is her daughter I’m 14 and my mom isn’t a snob. She is just trying to please me. I’m sorry that she doesnt like to see her daughter disappointed. I didn’t see many other moms doing that for their children. I am very grateful for my mother that she would do that for me. Your right Taylor isn’t rude, you are! I know some people that actually traveled farther than 900 miles to see him. For your information I actually did get to meet him because of my wonderful mom driving me there. He is very sweet and way hotter in person. So please bequiet because you don’t know what you are talking about.

  10. Lanie please i realise your fustrated but that dosen’t give you any right to bash my man Taylor and no offence but by the way i see it with the comments you left your the rude on not Taylor. So please stop talking crap about him.


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