Extras needed for ‘Touchback’ in Michigan

A new movie, “Touchback”, starring Brian Presley, will be filming at Coopersville High School in Coopersville, MI on August 13, 16, & 17 and they are need of extras to fill the stands.

The movie’s producers hope to have 2,000 extras filling the stadium stands on Friday, August 13th and would like people who can only attend one of the three nights, to attend on Friday. They will need from 1,000 – 1,500 extras on the following Monday and Tuesday nights as well. Approximate hours will be 9pm – 6am with refreshments, entertainment and prize drawings nightly.

Filming coincides with the Del Shannon Auto Shows 20th Anniversary Celebration Friday Night, August 13th with entertainment at 9:30pm and fireworks at 10:00pm. Thousands of attendees are expected for the festivities, which will also be filmed for the movie. The Auto Show audience and participants are invited to stay for the filming of the football scenes for “Touchback” and be part of the movie action.

Those interested in being film extras are invited to email the “Touchback” extras coordinator for more information at: touchbackextras@gmail.com.

[Thanks to Jaime for the press release]


  1. Well, when he comes to Michigan, I sure hope he’s nicer than some of these other actors that have come to Michigan. What asses especially John Cho, Thomas Lennon, and Gerald Butler. Why come to Michigan if you are going to act like people are invisible and refuse to talk to anyone. You wouldn’t be where you are if it wasn’t for the fans. And this is directly to John Cho – you aren’t even a B actor, more like a C actor. Remember that next time a fan wants a picture with you. I know that I personally, after seeing you ignore people and act like they weren’t there, WILL NEVER watch anything you are in. And I will spread the word.

    • Not true about Cho, several friends of mine took photos with him and all of them said he was nothing short of completely gracious and friendly. I’m not sure what your problem is.

    • You’re very wrong about Gerard Butler. As another poster said, Gerard Butler couldn’t have been nicer in Melvindale. On the 12th, he was at the trailer park and he waved to the crowd and decided to come over to us. He talked and laughed with people, gave autographs and took a picture with a woman that posts here. On the 14th, after he finished filming at Crossroads, he came over to the crowd and signed autographs for a very long time. He signed my mother’s Michigan Wolverines handbag and said it was “very cool”, so like I said at the beginning, you’re very wrong about Gerard Butler. 😉

  2. Not true. Gerard Butler was awsome to Melvindale! He came out numerous of times to give out autographs & pictures. I guess you were not lucky enough to be there at the time it happened.

  3. I emailed to be an extra in this. ..I live almost 3hours Away. Do you know if it is a continuous night? Being that it says 9pm to 6am. Thanks!

  4. I was at Rockstartz in Westland on Saturday July 17 and Gerard Butler, Demi Moore and Michelle Monaghan were there. I had a blast he sang Mustang Sally kareoke it was hillarious. He was totally mingling with everyone and was very nice.

  5. I heard that you are making a movie about TOUCHBACK that’s really cool. I have made a few films myself and am hoping to work in Hollywood some day. I would love the opportunity to be in a big production and see how the big boys do it.

  6. My wife and I are interested in being extra’s in any area of need.I (wally) am already involved in the football portion as the equipment manager.
    Thanks ,Wally


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