Filming Locations in NYC for Tuesday, July 20, 2010 including ‘Premium Rush’ & ‘Friends With Benefits’

Here’s a list of movies and TV shows filming in and around NYC on Tuesday, July 20. If you spot something filming, let us know about it at!

Premium Rush, starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt, is filming around Broadway and W 145th St. (Thanks Dana)

Law and Order: SVU is filming around W 15th St between 6th and 7th Ave through Wednesday, 7.21. (Thanks Diesel)

My Idiot Brother, starring Paul Rudd, is filming around Grand Concourse and Mc Clellan Ave in the Bronx.

Friends With Benefits, starring Justin Timberlake, is filming exteriors in and around Central Park, signs along Fifth Ave between 61st and 63rd. (Extras holding will be at The Plaza). (Thanks @NurseKrissyMac, Dan & Matt)

Lights Out, an upcoming FX series, is filming a promo  in Richmond Hills, Queens by the Forest Park at 109 St tonight. (Thanks Billy)

The Big C, the new Showtime series, is filming at W Park Pl and Main St, Stamford, CT.

FYI: Gossip Girl is filming in studio (Silvercup Studio in Long Island City).

Also, Arthur, White Collar, and Curb Your Enthusiasm are all off today.


  1. Does anyone know if SVU will be filming this friday? I am going to take the bus down from upstate if they are…. any info would be much appreciated!!

  2. hey does anyone know where gossip girl is filming thursday and friday?!?!?!?!? thanks so much. its my best friends birthday and i am trying to plan it out so i can surprise her and have everything run perfectly and smoothly. so yeah where is gossip girl filming for the rest of the week? thanks so much i appreciate it 100 percent!

  3. –I updated the calendar above and there are more locations in the next week or so there too!
    –Also- I do have all your pics (lots of GG0 thanks!) and am working on them now, thanks to everyone who sent them in!

  4. i heard gg is filiming all week in the studio? is that true? also that one of these days all the guy cast members will b there..

    • yeah, a couple people have left comments that they will be in studio but I’m not 100% sure. Some people have had luck at the studio, not sure who’s working this week, Chace started another movie too so he might be busy with that too.

      • The GG Studio SUCKS now, they’re used to be NO security guards and it was very chill and relaxed, now they have the same DICK guards that they have on set there that make you wait all the way at the end of the block where you can’t get anything.

  5. Mariska is off this Friday (every other friday) so they usually shoot scenes in the studio that dont involve her, or they dont film at all

    • So then Mariska will be in studio next friday? I am coming from upstate and I want to make sure she will be there. I have a gift for her.

  6. anyone know how long premium rush ft. joseph gordon levitt will be filming in nyc? did it just start filming? i’ll be on vacation there in august 🙂

  7. A couple ?’s:

    For Friends with Benefits: Does anyone know if Justin T is supposed to be on-set?

    For Premium Rush: Does anyone know the difference between the two units? Is the first unit the one that contains the major actors?

    Thanks in advance for any help. 🙂

  8. peter facinelli recently just started filming “loosies” does anyone know any of the filming location it would be extremely helpful ..tomorrow is my sister b-day and i was thinking about surprising her with peter!!!!!

  9. Do you know anything about when/where they will be filming Blue Bloods with Donnie Wahlberg?

    I had heard that they were going to start next monday (7/26), is this correct?

  10. I stopped by the FWB set today- Justin and Mila were both out there and both were gorgeous! There were tons of people crowding around to watch!

  11. Hi all,

    I am really wanted to go see Friends with Benefits film but was at work. Does anybody know what time they will be done filming today? Would it be worth heading there after 6pm?


  12. danielle — justin’s done for the day for sure, though mila may still be there by 6. probably not worth it, though, unless you can find someone to tell you exactly where in the park they are (when I left at 4 they were somewhere between 66 and 69, a little ways into the park).

  13. Something is filming in red hook Bk tonight. I’m eating dinner at a rooftop restaurant on Columbia st and I’ve seen 4 harrads trucks go by so far! Most likely and over night or early morning shoot. I’m going to try to talk my husband in to driving us around until we find it. Anyway if anyone is in red hook keep an eye out!!

  14. I was driving down Gramatan Ave. Mt. Vernon, NY (Westchester) and a side street was blocked off for filming. Anyone know what’s going on?

    • Filming is supposed to be for a low-budget vampire movie. Nobody knows the title, or any of the actors. And filming is continuing in the late evening as of August 1.

  15. Filming is supposed to be for a low-budget vampire movie. Nobody knows the title, or any of the actors. And filming is continuing in the late evening as of August 1.


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