Tuesday’s Lot List: Filming Locations in Los Angeles, Detroit, Vancouver & more including ‘Fringe’ & ‘Horrible Bosses’

Below is a list of where you can find movies & TV shows filming across the country on 7.20.10.

Filming in New York City Vicinity:

All New York locations are posted here.

Filming in Los Angeles & Vicinity:

Moneyball, starring Brad Pitt & Jonah Hill, is filming at Blair Field in Long Beach through 7.21. (Thanks Lea)

The Lincoln Lawyer, starring Matthew McConaughey and  Ryan Phillippe, is filming at 515 S Flower St in Los Angeles, 4 a.m.- 9 p.m.

Horrible Bosses, starring Colin Farrell and Jennifer Aniston, is filming at 2059 E 7th St, Los Angeles.

Austin Brown is filming a video at 618 S. Spring St, Los Angeles from 7:00 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Travie McCoy is filming a video at 500 Mateo St, Los Angeles, 7:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m.

Criminal Minds is filming at Mason Ave and Lassen St in Chatsworth.

•The Mad Men Season Four Premiere will be held tonight at Harmony Gold Theater, 7655 West Sunset Blvd, Hollywood at 6 p.m.

Water For Elephants has wrapped in Piru, CA but will continue filming around L.A. until the end of the month. They have been  filming in Santa Clarita Studios for the past few days.

Filming in Chicago:

Transformers 3 is filming on Upper Wacker Drive (Michigan to Wabash). Filming will be taking place at Hotel 71 through 7.21.

Filming in Michigan:

Real Steel, starring Hugh Jackman and Evangeline Lilly, is still filming at the Detroit Fire Department Headquarters on the corner of Washington Blvd and Larned St.

Scream 4 is filming in downtown Plymouth, MI. They have built a Woodsboro Police Department set outside of Box Bar.

LOL , starring Miley Cyrus & Demi Moore, started shooting around Detroit last week. On Friday, they were filming in Dearborn,  and yesterday their set was spotted in downtown Detroit.  If anyone has more information or spots them filming (signs say SPOON)  let us know! There is also  more information in the comments in this thread too.

Filming in Pittsburgh:

Abduction, starring Taylor Lautner, is  continuing to film on Osage Rd (off of Cochran) in Mt. Lebanon, PA (night shoots). Update: There is a rumor that Abduction will be filming at Jefferson Hospital this week too. Check out our Abduction Open Thread for more details and updates from local fans.

I Am Number Four continues filming at Franklin High School through August 1.

Update:One For The Money, starring Katherin Heigl, is rumored to be filming around Allegheny General Hospital this week. (Thanks Abby)

Filming in New Orleans:

Green Lantern is filming in studio (Second Line Stages). (Thanks Dean)

Filming in Philadelphia:

Friday Night Lights is rumored to be filming at Temple University. (Thank @annhog)

Filming in Texas:

Friday Night Lights is filming at three locations: 1. their usual location, Field House, 2605 Flow Lane, Del Valle, TX, 2. 1915 E. 12th Street, Austin, TX, & 3. 6301 Monsanto Drive, Austin, TX. All are afternoon/evening shoots.

•The new ABC series, My Generation, is filming in the vicinity of  7603 McKinney Falls, Austin, TX.

•Something is filming in the 600-800 blocks of Munger and surrounding streets in Dallas. Though the name of the project is not known, it is most likely Chase, a new NBC series which recently began filming in the area and fits the description of the project. Update: We confirmed this is Chase.

Filming in Shreveport:

Catch .44, starring Bruce Willis, is filming in studio (Stage West).

The Gates is filming in studio (Stageworks).

Filming in Seattle:

Grassroots continues filming in Capitol Hill, Seattle, WA. The movie, which is being directed by Stephen Gyllenhaal and stars Jason Biggs, also has an awesome website that features daily updates (often including their location).

Filming in Vancouver:

Update:Hellcats is filming at River Rock Casino in Richmond, BC. (Thanks @OLTV & @vanvampires)

Fringe is filming at 2 Chesterfield Place in North Vancouver. (Thanks @Frngewatch)

Filming in Oahu:

Pirates Of The Caribbean is filming at a specially built set near the Turtle Bay Resort on the North Shore of Oahu all week.

If you have any set pics, new, filming locations, or celeb sightings to share, let us know about it olv@onlocationvacations.com!


  1. Michigan:
    -Machine Gun Preacher was filming on Dix Rd in Melvindale, MI yesterday but it didn’t look like they would return, if anyone knows where they are today, please let us know.
    -Harold & Kumar was filming around on Woodward Ave (around Warren Ave) in Detroit yesterday but not sure if they are back.
    -For LOL, if you follow the thread in the link above, there are lots of details about where Miley is staying, and where they were filming Mon, etc.
    -Also looking for Scream pics, have some from Mon but looking to add to our set before posting, you can email them to us at olv@onlocationvacations.com.
    -Anything for The Double or 30 mins or less?
    – more locations in the calendar above too!

    • Thanks for all the info! I am new to this site and am super excited about finding it. I honestly never knew that so much was filmed in Michigan. Wonderful news! I would love to see Gerard Butler as well as catch Ashley Greene and Miley. Headed to a Tiger’s game in Detroit in the next few days, I would love to add some set visits!

    • Got another update: As of yester. the X-mas tree set for Harold & Kumar was still set up on Woodward, its a few blocks down from Warren, easy to spot though. Not sure if they are still there but tipster thought it looked like it would be there for a while. Set signs on street say SANTA.

  2. The police officer at the Machine Gun Preacher set said something about Pontiac when I was talking to him. I think they might be filming in Pontiac next.

        • Machine Gun Preacher: Kris left a comment in another thread that the trailer is still on its side in the trailer park and that the cameras are still there but the signs on Dix Rd (Melvindale) that said ‘set’ are gone. There are also lots of comments in other threads that they are in Plymouth today but, my only thought on that is that Scream is filming in Plymouth today, would they have 2 big productions in town at the same time?

          • I don’t know why people are saying Plymouth when all I’ve been hearing is Pontiac. Hopefully someone in Pontiac or Plymouth will let you know soon.

      • That’s okay, I didn’t even leave the house until later in the day. When I did, I saw someone already told you what was going on yesterday in Melvindale.

          • I wish! 😛 I only knew of the filming locations in Melvindale because of this site. I ask people at the filming locations if they know any other locations and if they do, they tell me and I post it here. 🙂

            • I’m new to this site…are you in the Detroit area? I’m in Northwest Ohio. I wish I was a tad bit closer. An hour drive isn’t too bad, but to be closer would be nice!

              • I live in Melvindale and the trailer park is two blocks away from me. The Crossroads Bar is about 4 streets away, two being main roads. Just make sure you enjoy the sights on the way and know the hour drive will be worth it. 🙂

                • Just googled Melvindale, looks like its about 40 mins from me! Do you know if they will be shooting any more in that area? I am headed to a Tiger’s game sometime this week and would love to stop.

                  • I think they’ll be done in Melvindale by tomorrow. I went to the Crossroads Bar & Grill on the 14th to watch Gerard film and the police officer told me that they were getting all the shots they needed that night, so they could head to Detroit and not have to come back to Melvindale. I found out yesterday that they came back to Melvindale to get more shots at the trailer park. Someone today told Christine that the trailer at the trailer park is still overturned and cameras are still there, but the ‘Crew’ signs were removed. I think they’re packing up and leaving today.

  3. Christine….Not sure about MGP,all other threads point to Pontiac,,and I am thinking the same as you,doubt they would film 2 big movies in one location.
    I am at a loss on this one.Was hoping they would be in Pontiac today,I am not to far,but the city is rather larger,I have no idea where I would even look! If there was some sort of info,I wouldn’t mind driving to check it out,so if anyone has a tip about where at in Pontiac,I would be more then happy to take a look!

    • I’m sure someone told me Plymouth, maybe that was in an email, I am getting so many conflicting stories, its hard to keep it all straight! Lets go with Pontiac then, since that seems to be the general consensus! 🙂

  4. Does anyone know if Horrible Bosses will be coming to NYC? Or if Jennifer Aniston will be coming to NY anytime soon?

  5. Anyone know anything about this?
    Are they filming a sequel of Street Kings in Detroit? There were a couple of transportation vans with signs saying “Street Kings Film Crew” around the Wayne County Building this morning. It looked like they were done filming since they were bringing props out of the building and loading them into trailers.

    • Just got another tip- apparently Ray Liota is in this which now makes sense because I got a tip the other day that someone saw him in the same hotel where Miley was staying but i was totally confused, I knew he wasn’t in LOL! Now it all comes together…

  6. Does anyone have any idea where “LOL” is filming over the next few days? I have the week off and I’d love to see the set!

  7. “I Am Number Four” is done filming at Franklin Regional High School. The production company left on Sunday night. I believe they went to Port Vue to finish up.

  8. Okay, thanks, though someone said that like a week ago, then I got an email they were still there, are you sure they are gone for good? Do you know where in Port Vue? They are filming in a residential neighborhood aren’t they?

  9. Yes Kasey, please see if they will give you the location please. I live kind of close to Pontiac and would like to go if we get a location. Went to Detroit Friday in a failed trip that ended up being a almost six hour trip getting lost in not so good looking areas! Any info would be greatly appreciated!

  10. all I know right now is that they are filming in a church, not sure which one but i know they are still filming right now

    • If that’s where your friend had to report, that’s probably not where they are filming, but just the extras holding location, we always joke about that with the NYC locations, they always hole up extras in the churches for some reason, so they probably had to wait there, then film somewhere else.

  11. Pontiac is Full of old churches! I didn’t want to drive around down there as it’s a fairly large city. If you find out any streets please let us know . Also, does anyone know if they will be in Pontiac all of this week?

    Christine…aren’t all of the actors staying at that Weston hotel? This is just what I have heard.

  12. no gerard is there she has been texting me. They have been there since early this morning and are inside a church. They are still filming there now

  13. Are you talking about the Westin Hotel in Detroit? I heard Gerard Butler was staying there. But I don’t know if it’s true or not

  14. I think gerard is staying at the Townsed Hotel in Birmingaham…bc my friends keeping seeing him there in the mornings having breakfast in some of the resturants so im guessing he is staying there.

    Kasey find out where he is exactly in Pontiac….like the name of the church and location. And ask your friend if they are going to be there Wed too….bc it would be a waste of time driving to pontiac not knowing if they will still be there.

  15. I was thinking he might be at the Townsend…only because he supposedly eats breakfast at Toast every AM,,and that is right around the corner from the Townsend…a lot of bands stay there,so it wouldn’t surprise me.
    Have also heard he was spotted at Rosie O’Grady’s as well,which isn’t but a 10 min. drive from Tonwsend.

    But,yes,Kasey,if your friend is texting you,would you please at least get a street name,,,as I said,there are A LOT of churches in Pontiac…and it is a large city,,,its a far drive,to drive around all day,hoping to see a bright orange sign to lead the way…I would love to go out there,but I am not doing the wild goose chase thing again to find nothing and be lost in a bad area with my son.

    Thanks for the updates all!


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