Wednesday’s Lot List: Filming Locations in New Orleans, Detroit, & more including ‘Green Lantern’ & ’30 Minutes or Less’

Below is a list of where you can find movies & TV shows filming across the country on 7.21.10.

Filming in Vancouver:

Fringe is filming at Howe & Helmcken in Vancouver. Its an interior bar scene. (Thanks @wanabeyappydog)

Hellcats is filming at River Rock Casino again. (Thanks @Vanvampires)

Filming in New York City Vicinity:

All New York locations are posted here.

Filming in Los Angeles & Vicinity:

Moneyball, starring Brad Pitt & Jonah Hill, is filming at Blair Field in Long Beach . (Thanks Lea)

90210 is filming at the West End Racquet Club in Torrance, CA from 7 a.m.- 2 p.m. (Thanks @itsalittlebit)

Brothers and Sisters is filming on Colorado Bl & Marengo in Pasadena.

Castle is filming at 501 S Spring St, Los Angeles, 9:00 P.M. – 2:00 A.M.

Sons of Anarchy is filming at S. Anderson St., E. 6th St. – Whittier Blvd (6:00 P.M. – 4:00 A.M.) and 2017 E. 7th St, Los Angeles, 1:00 P.M. – 10:00 P.M.

Horrible Bosses, starring Colin Farrell and Jennifer Aniston, is filming at 2059 E 7th St, Los Angeles. FYI: We heard Jennifer Aniston is not on set this week.

NCIS: LA is filming at Roscoe Blvd and Falbrook Ave in Canoga Park, CA.

Chuck is filming on Flagler Ln and 190th in Hermosa Beach.

Update: Criminal Minds is filming at Mason Ave and Lassen St in Chatsworth.

Water For Elephants, starring Robert Pattinson, has wrapped in Piru, CA but will continue filming around L.A. until the end of the month. They have been  filming in Santa Clarita Studios.

Filming in Chicago:

Transformers 3 is filming on Upper Wacker Drive (Michigan to Wabash). Filming will be taking place at Hotel 71 through 7.21.

Cheaters (aka ‘What You Don’t Know’, aka The Untitled Ron Howard Project starring Vince Vaughn) is filming at the United Center. (Thanks @angel_1044)

Filming in Michigan:

30 Minutes or Less, starring Jesse Eisenberg, Danny McBride, and Aziz Ansari is filming on Kinnrow Ave in Walker, MI. (Thanks Jenn) Update: They are also filming a chase scene on Dublin Rd in Walker. *To see the rest of this week’s locations, check out our calendar above!

Real Steel, starring Hugh Jackman and Evangeline Lilly, is still filming at the Detroit Fire Department Headquarters on the corner of Washington Blvd and Larned St.

Update: Real Steel is filming at the Depot Diner in Leslie, MI til 5 pm today.

Update:Scream 4 is filming on Saline Waterworks Rd, just east of Steinbach Rd, between Saline and Manchester, Michigan (low traffic dirt road in rural SE Mich).
(Thanks JJ)

LOL , starring Miley Cyrus & Demi Moore, started shooting around Detroit last week. On Friday, they were filming in Dearborn and will be returning to Dearborn at some point,  they were also spotted filming in Downtown Detroit.  If anyone has more information or spots them filming (signs say SPOON)  let us know! There is also  more information in the comments in this thread too.

Filming in Pittsburgh:

Abduction, starring Taylor Lautner, is  continuing to film on Osage Rd (off of Cochran) in Mt. Lebanon, PA (night shoots). Base camp is at Bower Hill Church on Bower Hill Rd. Check out our Abduction Open Thread for more details and updates from local fans.

I Am Number Four continues filming at Franklin High School through August 1. Update: We received a tip that they actually wrapped at the school over the weekend and would be back in Port Vue this week. The last location they filmed at in Port Vue was a home on Liberty St. If anyone know exactly where they are filming today, let us know!

One For The Money, starring Katherine Heigl, is filming around Allegheny General Hospital this week. (Thanks Abby)

Filming in New Orleans:

Green Lantern is filming around Hampson St & Lowerline St in New Orleans. (Thanks Dean)

FYI: There is also a Farmer’s Market set up on Poydras St and O’Keefe Ave too. It may be for Green Lantern, or, possibly Memphis Beat which is also currently filming in NOLA. (Thanks Jeff)

Filming in Shreveport:

Catch .44, starring Bruce Willis, is filming in studio again (Stage West).

Filming in Austin, TX:

Update: The new ABC series, My Generation, is filming in the vicinity of 5500 Sunshine Drive, Austin, TX (this is holding/base camp).

If you have any set pics, new, filming locations, or celeb sightings to share, let us know about it!

Check back in the morning for more info & be sure to check out the upcoming locations calendar above, just added several upcoming locations all over the country!


  1. Re: Michigan:
    OK, things in MI have kind of turned into a cluster so hopefully we’ll be able to get it all straightened out today, here’s what’s been happening the past few days:
    1) Machine Gun Preacher w/ Gerard Butler seems to be filming in Pontiac, MI, it was def in Pontiac on Tues and as far as we know will still be there on Wed but we don’t have an exact location at this point.
    2)’Street Kings’ started filming in Detroit (stars Ray Liotta). On Tues. it looked like they were filming at the Wayne Co. Building, “Street Kings Film Crew” vans were parked outside but they were actually packing up so it looked like they were leaving, I’m not sure where they are filming today. (Thanks Martin)
    3)Yes, The Double is still filming in Detroit, but I’m not sure where.
    4)Last time Harold & Kumar was spotted (reliably) was on Woodward – any ideas for today? Signs say SANTA.
    5) A new ABC series called Detroit 187 started filming in Detroit this week too (they filmed the pilot in Atlanta ironically) so be on the look out for that one too.
    6) Today might be the last day for ‘Real Steel’ at the Fire House, we heard through the 21st, also heard through the 27th, and last week they were spotted at other locations too, so they may be going back & forth.

  2. anyone know anymore info about moneyball in long beach? specifically the time… ? 🙂

    my mom’s not gonna be happy sticking around there until it finishes filming haha

  3. Do we have any definitive news on locations for WFE this week other than SC Studios? At one time I overheard mention of “off and on”, “here and there” around the post office, etc., in Filmore but no dates mentioned.

    Anyone know if permits pulled for Filmore or the college scenes?

  4. Just read this VIA Twitter,,thought I would share,,,if anyone knows when they will be filming at the gravel pits,please let me know!

    Real Steel is filming at the Leslie Depot Diner in Leslie, MI on Wed at 107 Covert Street

    Upcoming they will be filming in Oxford at the gravel pits in the area of Lapeer Rd and Ray Rd. We don’t have an exact date for this

  5. I saw that Water For Elephants is supposed to film in Chattanooga at the end of the month. Has anyone been able to meet Rob on location? I live 45 minutes away and thought of driving up there to see what I can see.

    • I *think*they will be on location next week, someone told me they will be on location on the 36th for the Cornell scene but I haven;t confirmed a location…hopefully I’ll get more info.

  6. We could not find where Miley Cyrus’s movie was filming today, but we did find their base camp. The base camp is located at Jefferson and Chene St in Detroit. There are a few “Spoon” signs around the location that direct you to a small parking lot with trailers and such. It’s near the riverwalk, Chene Park, Everest Institute, etc. The parking lot was also near a huge collection of abandoned and worn down type warehouses, which was weird. We drove around the area for a good 30 minutes and could not find any sign of where they were filming.

    Scream 4 is done in Plymouth as of Tuesday the 20th. We visited the set today (well yesterday Tuesday) and we had gotten there about 6pm and they were already finished. People working on the set said they were done with this set and the police station facade was going to be demolished soon. They could come back for a night shoot, I’m not sure but the set worker said they were done in Plymouth.

    Street Kings is still filming in Downtown Detroit. Their base camp is set up near the Westin Book Cadillac hotel. Look for signs that say “SK” with a crown symbol.

    I had also seen signed in Detroit for something that said “FTP,” not to sure on what that was. We followed the signs to a dead end.

    Real Steel is still filming there, I presume interior wise. The outside of the fire house is still transformed to look like the gym exterior. There are two different kinds of signs for the film. There are parking signs which points to the crew parking (aka Cobo parking lot). There was also a base camp sign for RS on the corner of Washington and Jefferson. It pointed towards the water but we looks all around and couldn’t find the base camp.

    On Monday they were also filming something at the Detroit City Hall on the side. On Tuesday it seemed like some of the trailers and equipment was still there. I don’t know what it was for (I’m assuming Street Kings or whatever FTP is.)

  7. OK, I have a few updates too: I think I found Scream 4 for today:
    Last night, they started setting up a set w/ crosses, black draping, fake bloody knives, etc, sounds like Scream 4 to me. There was a “Paramount” truck in the vicinity too. Here’s the location:
    Saline Waterworks Rd, just east of Steinbach Rd, between Saline and Manchester, Michigan (low traffic dirt road in rural SE Mich).
    (Thanks JJ)
    FTP is for Detroit 187, and I guess basecamp is on Fort Street today.

  8. It was on the Lansing Local news this morning that Hugh Jackman is filming at a small diner in Leslie Michigan today. Small town America, anyone should be able to get a close enough to meet him.

  9. Anyone know what day Reel Steel will be filming in Oxford at the gravel yard?

    And any news on where is Pontiac MGP is filming? And for how long?

    • I just read another site that MGP is set to film at a community center in Pontiac. It doesn’t say when or where so i don’t know if someone wants to check this out. Let us know plz!!

      • Maybe that’s where they were yesterday. I just found the article in Detroit Press too and it doesn’t give a date, if they are back in Pontiac today, I bet that’s where they are. I’m going to put it out on Twitter, see if anyone can confirm. THanks!

  10. Does anyone know if Private Practice still films on location anymore? I used to see them filming in Santa Monica all the time but I haven’t seen them filming there since last summer.

  11. I will search for community centers in Pontiac, if I can find some I will make the drive and check it out…a street name would be helpful though..there’s a few there I believe.

  12. Hey all, Hugh is for sure at the Depot diner in Leslie. Today only. I was told they head back to Joe Louis tomorrow. Filming is suppose to be done by 5 today.

  13. Pretty sure I found the one he is at,,this place is a community center used for group dances and what not,,,not like a rec. center,,,it is always empty unless they are having an event…Heading down there as soon as my son wakes from his nap…will post the center and address,once I get there,if it is where they are filming…dont want people driving out there if it is nothing!
    Thanks for the site,,,will update shortly with my findings!

  14. Not sure if the person asking about Bones will read this but I follow TJ Thyne on twitter and I think today is the first day back in studio. They film mostly in LA. Which sucks cause I’m a huge fan but I live in NYC. 🙁

  15. I have been at the moneyball location for the past two days and have not spotted anyone. 🙁 going to try again today. It’s two blocks from my house.

  16. Checked out the scream set today….Not like other days where it has been a wide open set. Security is very tight and not letting anyone near the filming. They are filming at a barn off the road so there is no sneaking in either. The scream outfits are up on scarecrow type poles and lots of action in and around the barn. The silo next to the barn appeared to have blood spattered on it???? Maybe the reason for the tight security, secret death scene??? Good luck to anyone going to try it out….

      • Not sure where u are coming from to go there, but it is quite a drive down a long bumpy dirt road all for pretty much nothing…..It is about 8 or 9 miles west of ann arbor street off of saline water works. If it’s not a far drive for you, you can probably get a quick glimpse or maybe a quick photo before getting kicked out of the area, but if it’s a long drive for you, I wouldn’t bother. I’m sure they will have other days of open sets like they have been doing so far…..Hope this helps in your decision.

        • So like a crazy person I went there after work today. It is a looong dirt road and there are Road Closed signs at either end. I drove past one sign and saw the set. A big red barn and a farmhouse. The Ghost faces are on poles everywhere, there’s a big sign up on the barn for some event (?), and there were red lights strung up inside the barn. When I got closer to the set, I asked some of the production crew if I could get through and they said yes, I could now. I guess things were packing up for the day (around 4:30 pm). Base camp was further down the road to the North. I doubt whether anyone looking less innocent than me would get that close. I did get nervous when I recognized several of the security guys I’ve spoken to over the past week… one disadvantage of having chatted them up on the set!

          So, definitely a closed set. There was no one else gawking while I was there!

    • Yep I deliver mail there… security was pretty tight today – base camp is also set up there, just further down the road – they’re closing off all roads that get to the site a ways out, you can’t even see the site from where the road closings are.

  17. I was on the set for a couple hours today and saw Hugh and his stunt double after lunch I had to leave so I have no idea if he did autographs. Joe Louis is a Civic center /Hockey rink that the Detroit Red Wings play in. Right next to Cobo Hall.Very down town, nice enough area.

  18. RE: New Orleans

    The farmer’s market setup on Poydras & O’Keefe is for Green Lantern and they will be filming there 7/24/10 through 8/7/10.

  19. Well…6 stops later and got nothing…no signs in pontiac off 59.perry.or woodward all the way into birmingham…now at the townsend…fyi for anyone..tom petty is just getting here lol…anyways..headed home..justwanted to let you all know…don’t think mgp is in pontiac

  20. We went to all 6 of the community centers in Pontiac….ALL over!
    Past about 50 churches in route,then went down Woodward into Birmingham to the Townsend hotel,where Tom Petty was just arriving.
    Not sure if Gerard is staying there,but Toast,the place where I have seen on many sites,that he supposedly eats breakfast at,every AM since the have been in MI,is less then a block down from the hotel,,so I can only imagine he is staying there,just wish I knew what time they get done filming,so I would know around what time to go to the hotel!

    If anyone has any info on where MGP is shooting the rest of the week,I sure would appreciate it,this is the second goose chase I have been on,and I would really like to find the location so I can take my sister who turns 16 in a few days! She loves him!

    Thanks guys!

  21. Any word on Reel Steel and when they will be filming at the gravel pit yet?
    And does anyone know if it will be like it is in Detroit,went down there,2 hour + drive,and got yelled at,,,my son just wants to see Wolverine !
    I figure Oxford will be a lot like Mason and Leslie,where he will have better access to the fans and vice versa,,,wishful thinking!


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