‘Green Lantern’ filming Farmer’s Market Scene in New Orleans this weekend

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Update: Filming has been POSTPONED. Filming that was suppose to take place on 7.24- 8.8 will now begin on Wednesday, 7.28!

If you’re in New Orleans and you’ve been wondering why there’s suddenly a Farmer’s Market set up on the corner of Poydras St and O’Keefe Ave, you’re not alone.

The new market isn’t part of a new community initiative though, it’s actually the next set for Green Lantern, which has been filming in New Orleans for the past few months.

Starting Saturday, 7.24, the movie will be filming at the outdoor market set through 8.7.

You can check a few photos of the set below. If you spot them filming at the “Farmer’s Market” let us know about it at olv@onlocationvacations.com.

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[Thanks to Jeff for the pics, and Jon & Leslie for the info]


  1. If anyone sees that Ryan is onset please let me know. I would like to try to get his autograph. I have been trying but have not been successful yet. thanks

  2. I went to the Green Latern set today. I was able to take a few photos of the farmer’s market which looks almost finished being put together. They were putting up fake store fronts around a real pizza place directly across from the market…got a few photos of them too. They were filming one block down. Hundreds of extras were filmed over and over again running down the street screaming. There was also gun fire and a helicopter used. I tried to take a photo of the screaming people but security told me “no photos”. The pizza store told me that filming started today and might run two weeks….even after Aug 8th. No word on Ryan Reynolds on set today. I am really trying to meet him to get his autograph. I used to collect superhero items till hurricane Katrina washed it all away.

  3. I happened to walk by on my lunch hour today (7.29) and saw them filming. I didn’t recognize any actors for the major parts, but I also saw filming of people running and screaming through the market.

    • Hey Louis if you hear or see Ryan Reynolds on set please let me know as soon as you can. I am trying to get his autograph. Thanks!


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