Robert Pattinson headed to Chattanooga, TN to film scenes for ‘Water For Elephants’

An anonymous source sent us this casting call for extras that was recently posted in Chattanooga, TN:

Feature Film
Casting Director: Sande Alessi Casting-Kristan Berona
Shoot/Start Date: July 30th through August 2nd, 2010
Location: Chattanooga, TN
age 25-50. In good shape, willing to get a haircut (short on the sides). MUST either live in or close to Chattanooga.
Caucasian girls, age 9-11 years old. Caucasian boys age 7-15 years old. Must be willing to get a haircut. MUST either live in or close to Chattanooga.

We had heard rumors that Water For Elephants, which stars Robert Pattinson and Reese Witherspoon and has been filming in Ventura County, CA, would be filming scenes in Chattanooga too, but now we have the proof, and filming dates!

If you’re interested in applying to be an extra, you can contact the casting company here.

If you spot Water For Elephants filming in Tennessee, let us know about it in a comment below or via email at!

[Thanks to Angie for the photo of Rob in between takes at the WFE studio in L.A.]

*Just to clarify, though it seems likely Rob will be in TN for the shoot, we have not had any confirmation of which cast members will be there.


    “A major feature film is looking for experienced carpenters/scenics/greensmen only. The film will be shooting in the Chattanooga, TN region at the end of July 2010.
    The production has asked that all resumes be submitted to the Tennessee Film, Entertainment & Music Commission by e-mail at or fax at 615-741-5554. The TFEMC does not have production office info to distribute at this time.”

  2. I live in Chattanooga, and I am a big fan of Robert Pattinson. I would love to get his autograph and meet him in person. Is there any chance I can do that or is there any info where in Chattanooga will they be filming, and would I be allowed to do that?

  3. Good god, Really? Maybe I’ll get a chance too meet him. What’s funny is.. Yesterday I asked if someone would bring me Robert Pattinson for my birthday & now look(: My birthday is comin up and maybe just maybe I might get too meet him.. Maybee! Gonna keep my hopes up.

  4. Im near Chattanooga and would also love the opportunity to meet Robert Pattinson in person for an autograph? Is that possible?

  5. I’m hoping we get some location info as filming starts, we’ll keep you all posted and if any of you hear of a location, please let us know, thanks!!

    • Christine, have you found out anything else about the filming location and if its possible to get an autograph in between takes?? Please keep us posted. Thanks.

  6. ahhh!! haha I went to the set in Piru, CA when i was out there earlier this month, but no Rob luck. Maybe this is my chance! An hour is definitely not too far to drive 🙂 looking forward for more info 🙂

  7. Hey guys! I happen to know exactly where they’re filming. My aunt lives like, right next to the house their filming at. i just cant remember the name of it. I can find out from her & fill you all in tomorrow(: but for now. . . it’s late. Logging off.

  8. So can anyone 100% confirm that WFE is actually filming in Chatt and where? It shows that Reese Witherspoon is already done filming their scenes so what would they be filming w/only Rob? I don’t want to drive 6 hours for nothing. Thanks.

  9. I’m in Missouri, so I guess I’ll miss it. I’m jealous of any of you who will get to see this gorgeous man. Happy for you too. Good luck and I hope you get to see him and get his autograph.

  10. The film will actually not be in Chattanooga. It’s actually about 20-30 miles away in a place called Maclemores Cove. I know this because I live about a Mile away from the filming site

  11. Nothing here yet. the crews are preparing the house they are going to film at…They will be filming here July 30- Aug 2

    • Where is McLemores Cove? If we were to try to drive to find it, which city would we be headed towards? Any information you have would be so so helpful!

  12. It’s in Walker County Georgia! On West Cove Road. from Chattanooga I would say go thorugh Rossville and get into Fort Oglethorpe. Then Get on Highway 2A and drive til you get to the bottom of a hill and see a mapco mart. there turn left onto highway 193 and stay on it. you pass a dollar general and a few miles down the road turn right onto West Cove Road. A few miles down you see a fire hall and its about 2-3 miles past that

  13. The only West Cove Rd I was able to locate is in Chickamauga, Ga!! Can anyone confirm this?? This means we have gone from Chattanooga Tn to Walker County Ga and now to Chickamauga Ga. So which should it be??

    • I agree…..can anyone confirm an exact location because there’s a 30min drive between Chattanoogna, TN to Chickamauga, GA.

  14. If this is Jacob’s family home they’re filming at, why are they casting for young children, especially actors that might play his children after Jacob marries Marlena? Does this mean they will film in more places besides McLemore Cove?

    • I was referring to the scenes at the beginning of the book before Jacob (Rob) runs off with the Circus. The exterior of his childhood home as the bank is foreclosing and taking all of his parents belongings (?)… Just speculating…

    • OMG!! Where are they doing auditions for the child actors??? My daughter looks like a female version of Rob (same eyes, face structure, tall lanky) she would make him an excelent daughter!!

  15. Yeah… definitely going to subscribe to this comment thread so I can try to see him. Haha. Chattanooga, finally making some news!

    • I subscribed earlier today. I did some research on Mclemore Cove and it is in Chickamauga, GA, which is in Walker County. I even typed in West Cove Rd on google and have directions to the road at least! It would be nice to have an exact address, though! I live in NE Al, so this isn’t too far for a wild goose *cough* I mean “Rob” chase!

      • Awesome! I’m from Chattanooga and I’ll be (unfortunately) headed out of town that day with a friend, but fortunately she’s a twilight fan so we’re going to be doing some “detours” that day to possibly catch a glimpse!

        Way to go with the research–that helps a lot! I hope we find out more soon!

  16. Oh wow Walker County is even closer to me! I live in Gordon. I’m so going up there Friday to see if I can see any thing.

  17. So i’m wondering if anyone has heard anything else about locations hell i might drive down from PA lol for the chance to possibly meet Rob lol

  18. ha chattanooga is ten minutes from chickamauga ive lived here my whole life. and walker county is chickamauga. just saying. i highly doubt he’ll be out and about in chattanooga so simmer down everyone not that crucial damn.

  19. K so, I know where its goin on at. Right down the road from my dads house, and yes it is on west cove rd which is NOT in chattanooga. Its chickamauga, at the end of chickamauga in kensington going towards lafayette and trion. I actually met the person who was scoping out the location when i was doing census work, didnt know it at the time tho lol. The cove is really nice, but the location of the filming is in the middle of no where, good luck finding it. and GPS wont be much help out there, those addresses are mostly old, outdated. I’ll be there, maybe i will see rob!!!!

  20. I live in LAFAYETTE which is like 10 minutes from the cove, is that really where he will be shooting!!?? OMG freakin awesome, i gotta go on a Rob hunt!! LOL

  21. Yeah it’s really in the cove..which is freakin awesome considering thats where i live. And yes Good luck to anyone who isn’t from the area and trying to find it. The cove brings new meaning to “the middle of nowhere” It is a beautiful place though. =) It’s gonna be crazy with everyone trying to find it down here. I’ve seen the location with my own eyes…AMAZING!

  22. Yeaaaaa, I’m goin’ to the battlefield to find me a Rob-it 🙂 Rose any luck on getting the hubby to turn lose of ya for Saturday? I’m so gonna be there babe!!

    • chrissy, where exactly at up in the cove??? i’ve heard at someones farm but not sure how correct that is! hehehehehe, how glorious is that to live 10 minutes away from the cove!! soooo awesome!! hoping to drive over that way this weekend and catch a glimpse if robert pattinson is actually going to be there!

  23. Chrissy, it’s good to hear back from you. I have a few questions: is the house close to the Old Antioc Cemetary on West Cove Rd? What time do you plan on showing up this weekend? From what you’ve observed what time does the crew show up?

    Crystal, yes I told the hubby we were going to the movie shot Saturday! Woo-Hoo, I’m excited, even if we don’t see Rob, it’ll be an experience to talk about!

  24. Its a few miles past the road the Antioch church is on..You keep driving and see a fire hall and community center and its 2-4 miles down the road from that on the right. I’m not sure what time I myself will be showing up because I have to work and from my observation the crews arrive earlier that 11 am

  25. Chrissy, it’s good to hear from you again! I have a few questions: is the house close to the Old Antioc Cemetary on W. Cove Rd. or further away from 193? What time should people be there for filming, and what time of the day have you noticed the crew showing up to work on the house?

    Crystal, yes the hubby knows I’m going to the movie shoot this weekend! Woo-hoo, I’m excited, even if we don’t see Rob, it’ll be an interesting experience!

  26. It is further away from 193. It’s a good 10-15 miles down west cove road. Im not exactly sure what time they will show up for filming, but the crews have been showing up at aroung 9-10 am

  27. I am coming from Knoxville. Does anyone know the best way to get there from here? Any info would be greatly appreciated! An address for the GPS, ANYTHING!


  28. I am also coming from Knoxville and would love to meet up with some people to have a great day of trying to find Rob!

  29. Hey Julie & Andrea–I’m coming in from Knoxville too. You guys staying down there or driving back & forth? From the sets I’ve been on before, Rob sometimes comes out to say hi, sign autographs and take photos with fans at the end of the night after the youngsters and paparazzi leave. And I mean LATE! My friends have met him on set at 2-4am.

  30. Hey, I have looked on the map per the wonderful directions you gals have given (thanks so much) and the closest business I see on the map to this location is something called Butterflies from Fragrant? Am I on the right track? I assume it is somewhat past this spot, but if I key this into my GPS I should be close, right? If one of you locals can let me know if I am on the right track here, that would be great! We plan on coming for the Friday and Saturday shoots.

    • just put west cove rd in ur gps… and drive till u see a bunch of ppl (all of us) lol. if u make it to west cove u will be fine. drive until u see the fire station on the left, then a few minutes later theres a yellow house on the right, theres big moving trucks, a few trailers in the back yard. You cannot miss it. (((gps will not do u much good out there i promise)))

  31. Guys, I am SO excited!!
    Chrissy, thank you SOOO much for sharing all the info with us on here.
    It’s greatly appreciated. 😀

  32. Shannell B:
    I had not thought about staying the night. My plan was just to drive home. I hope he comes out at some point to take pictures with fans. It will make my year! My husband is coming along so I am hoping he is patient and is willing to wait as long as possible :/
    What time are you thinking about being there? Do you have accurate directions?

  33. Legit directions would be amazing! it’d be fun to all meet up on Friday or Saturday! anyone up for it? I think it’d make the time go more quickly as we wait to see Rob, and we can all bond over his amazingness! haha

  34. My friend and I are planning to go on Saturday for the day. I bet we’ll see a bunch of other people (like all you guys) driving around looking for the same thing haha! Maybe groups can band together that way and make it more efficient of a search hehe. I wish we knew for sure if Rob was going to be there tho!

  35. Yeah, it appears to be on a little country road, if the reports are correct, so if a hundred cars show up and try to park, that’s going to create a big problem. All of us like-minded fans who just want a glimpse of Rob should maybe try to carpool to the location. ??? I’m coming in on Friday from Nashville.

  36. all you people going friday need to keep the rest of us posted! Let us know if Rob is really there or not. or who is there. That would be greatly appreciated! 🙂

  37. hey chrissy—So I’m in LaFayette right, i live in town but my dad was raised up out there and i rode down to west cove road today and i found the little house on the right, it’s so obvious, there is a sign with an arrow on it right in front of it and lots of people working and trucks and campers there, so i figure its got to be it, is that correct??

  38. Hey Guys,
    I live in the Chattanooga area and if it is like most movie sets that my kids have worked on… You can forget about getting on the set location unless you are working on the film as an extra etc. They will have security and it would be a mad house they let everyone see the shooting. They have to stop shooting when planes go by and such as that, especially if they didn’t exist in the era they are shooting. Silence is another reason. No noise whatsoever. Hope this helps.

  39. I’d be up for carpooling but I am not cool sharing any info (email, cell #s) in this public forum. Any suggestions???

    • Rhonda, I’m with you. I just created a generic Gmail acct to use for this discussion, if you want to e-mail me there. That address is:

      I think us fans are going to have to band together is we’re going to have a shot at, at the very least, getting a standing spot at the front gate so we can see Rob come & go. I’d be happy with that!

    • Per Twitter: RT @SandeAlessiCast PLEASE do not call the office or email us for #WFE, there is NOT an open call for the TN shoot. It is booked, thanks.

      So, looks like casting is over. I have no idea if West Cove Rd. is only film location, but they are supposed to wrap Aug. 2.

      • Casting calls were held back in April for this movie. They did them in Walker county and it was a one day show up and audition type thing. My daughter missed it but I heard they did it very quickly.

  40. If anyone finds out if Rob will be there or not, please let us know! If the people going on Friday could let us all know if he’s there, please let the rest of us know so we don’t go on a wild Rob chase for nothing haha. Thanks!

  41. This may be a silly question..but for those of us traveling from outside the area…would Chattanooga be the best place to stay overnight? I would assume even some of the filming crew from out of town would be staying at the nearest hotel, and I think Chattanooga would be the place based on what I can find online and what you guys are saying about the area. (I figure if we have to stay somewhere, better make it somewhere that there is a slight chance of seeing someone (Rob) maybe at the hotel???). Anyway, you can tell I’m a newbie at this stuff, so just wondered what would be the best way to maximize changes of getting an autograph somewhere!!:)

    • My family is from East Ridge TN/Rossville GA and when I visit I usually stay on the GA side hotels 🙂 It is really not far from TN at all. Are we positive this is active set for this film?

  42. They are here in chattanooga now for the filming. I seen the reserved parking in front of the hotel where they are staying in downtown chattanooga.

  43. Hey gals! I just left the filming location and was able to get some info from the security guard. He said road will be closed off coming from either side, and that Rob Pattz will not be at that location to film at all. Instead we can catch him downtown at the Chattanooga Choo Choo Sat. thru Mon.

    • Welllll the security guard wouldnt come out and say “oh yes he will be here at this time” bc they dont want anyone to know. Rob will have to have at least one scene there since he does go to his house after his parents die (for the ones saying he doesnt go home) i personally am hoping he will be on west cove, he may not, or he may have already did that scene. Either way im not taking the word from a “security guard” im gona investigate myself lol

  44. What if the security guard was just saying Rob wouldn’t be there so that it would discourage a bunch of fans from showing up? I have no idea…

  45. hey ladies! My mom and I are headed up Thurs or Fri. from Tampa. Would love to meet up and carpool or something! Let’s find Rob! lol! Any confirmed meet up locations? Thanks! 🙂

  46. Well they are filming his childhood home scene, so he wouldn’t be at the farm house because in the movie he is only a kid there. The Choo Choo is a historical train station that has old steam engines and box cars from the colonial days…its what Chattanooga became famous for.

      • Crjohnson, I’m confused. In the book the only time he went home was when his parents died when he was 23. If they’re filming the house scene, he would be there because that is where he goes after the morgue and then finds out it isn’t his after all.
        I can also see why they would use the Choo Choo and thought that was the place to be until I started reading comments here. Maybe he’ll be at both places?

        • Let me clarify. Jacob goes to the house after seeing his parents at the morgue and then to the lawyer’s office where he is told the house is mortgaged to pay for his college and not his after all.
          This means Rob will be there acting out that scene, if that is what they’re actually doing at Mclemore Cove.

  47. today i drove down west cove and i found the location! chrissy is exactly right about the location and yes it is in the country, the house is pretty close to the road, and yes the police have been out there. Me and my sis in law pulled into the driveway and drove up and talked to the guys setting up, of course we didnt tell them we were trying to stalk r pattz lol but we know the man who runs the farms out there and asked for him, he wasnt there (ugh) anyways my point to this is, all you non locals making ur way out to the cove, be careful. Most of the ppl that live in the cove DO HAVE GUNS. and arent fond of trespassers. I’m not being rude, but i grew up ON WEST COVE RD. And also, since the house is close to the rd,everyone there can clearly see you drive up SO i wouldnt recommend driving right up to it. Its the country, plenty of places to ditch ur car and walk. We dont need to draw attention by blocking the road and pissing off the locals. Not to mention if too many ppl are parking there, it will cause more police, and less opportunity to possibly see rob. Also, it has been rumored that reece is in chattanooga right now. So theres my advice lol.

    • I know you were giving some good advice, but I CRACKED up at the gun reference! I live in NE Alabama, so I know exactly what you are talking about!! Is there a good place to pull over and walk?

      • lol yeah its funny to people who are country folk, bc they know its 4real lol! theres a few places real close to the location. just have to look and hope u get there b4 everybody else lol. Im going to park at my brothers house, which is like a 15 minute walk from the house. But there are plenty of places. happy hunting 🙂

        • LOL! Yes they do have guns and they are not afraid to use them. I’ve been back in there several times to see the deer and to go walking. Yea, I’m a red neck 😉 about what time is everyone going out? I need to get ahead of the crowd. hehehe 🙂 I’m so excited!!

  48. My daughter is so excited to drive around chatt and look for Rob. Any info on where they might be would be great. Thanks

  49. So would the best bet be to go to West Cove Rd to see Rob or the Chattanooga Choo Choo place that some people were saying Rob would be at? It was said a security guard on West Cove said Rob wouldn’t be filming there so I’m just not sure where the best place would be to go in order to see Rob. Any advice on that?

    • Jessica, a security guard wouldnt say “rob will be here at this time and yes bring all ur friends” ya know? Ima check both places myself. But its really up to you which location u go to.

      • Yeah, I suppose he wouldn’t say that lol I was just wondering if maybe he was telling the truth. I just wanted to know because my friend and I can only go for the day and we really don’t wanna get lost going from location to location. Hopefully we get more confirmation the sooner it gets and once it starts filming *fingers crossed!*

        • lol yeah. but to be honest, id check out both if i was u. chattanooga isnt too far from the cove, 30-45 minutes maybe an hour. If u got an early start wouldnt be an issue to go to both. My fingers are crossed as well! good luck everybody maybe we can successfully stalk rob LOL

          • I was checking on map quest and it seems west cove road is around an hour away from where i live in Ooltewah. So i’m guessing it’s closer from downtown chattanooga. This is the west cove rd. in Chikamagua right?

  50. Someone mentioned they saw a hotel blocked off downtown, which one? i am planning on checking things out tomorrow and seeing what i can find. does anyone know what day rob is suppose to be here…thinking maybe i can get flight info if i can get a date?

    • im thinking the newer hotel in down town chatt. I’d like to know which one too. if u find out tomorrow let us know lol, i’ll be at the west cove site wed. ill write if i find anything out.

  51. I am so excited that something like this is happening in Chattanooga! I’m off tomorrow from work so i hope to drive west cove and check out whats gong on. Hopefully we all get to glimpse Rob at some point this weekend!

  52. ok, so about the chattanooga choo choo thing…i’m assuming the security guard saying rob would be filming at that location instead? otherwise, that would seem like he was just messing with people…

    i found a blog a person has been writing about water for elephant’s filming, and I don’t know how accurate they are, but they said that rob should be in tn filming because tn will also be standing in (in addition to his childhood home) for ithaca, ny for rob’s character’s veterinary education at cornell. Here’s the blog:

    i’m hoping we get some more info on this. i only live a couple of hours away and was toying with the idea of investigating this weekend. 😉

  53. I heard which hotel he is staying at tonight. I live in Chatt and went to a meeting, and they were talking about it.

  54. Wow, this is really specific info about where they may be and what time. Anyone have a scoop yet if R Pattinson will be there and what days? It’s at least an hour drive for me-would be bummed to make the trip and he’s not there.

  55. A better way for everyone to communicate in the following days while we’re on the move is to use twitter. I’m RoseBES, if you want to follow me.

  56. I am also on twitter and would appreciate any info! I’m planning on coming over to Chattanooga/northern GA as well on Saturday. Also, email address is thanks guys! I hope we can make this the best fan group to officially meet Rob Ever 🙂

  57. Good call on the Twitter communication. Mine is bledsoephoto. Planning to be there all weekend and if I can get hotel info, I’ll grab a suite. Come along for the fun, girls!!!

    • hey Shanell if you get a suite can i come…LOL…no seriousely….i am so excited …are you going to see if you can see him at west cove rd?

  58. Hey Megan! I don’t mind. Just pitch in! I’ll try any location, but I bet the Choo Choo is where he will be filming most. I seriously doubt they would be staying there though. My bet is on the nicer hotels in the area: Either the Read House, Hilton Garden or maybe even the DoubleTree. I’d be happy if someone who lives down there could do some hotel spying so I don’t book the wrong one. =0)

    Let’s unite ladies!

      • I got a room at the Chattanoogan. All the suites are booked for the entire weekend (which makes me think a few important people with lots o’ cash to waste are staying there). I got room with double beds. It’s the largest I could get. I’ll keep calling to see if a suite opens up.

        I have some interested peeps, but no one has said for sure if they are rooming with me. I figure even if they are shooting at the Choo Choo, it’s really close and I seriously doubt they would stay at the Choo Choo.

  59. Thanks for all the info, guys. I’m coming in from Nashville with some friends for the weeknd. I’m on Twitter, too. @killerwardsmuse Should we maybe create a hash tag so then people can just follow that hashtag? Something like #WFEChatt or something? That’d be easier than tracking everyone’s individual Twitter accounts.

  60. I use FB more than twitter so I don’t how to follow a hash tag. How do I follow #WFEChatt on twitter? I tried to find this info on twitter so I wouldn’t have to show my ignorance, but couldn’t find any info!

    • To find the hashtag thread on twitter, just type in #WFEChatt in the search box on the right side of the page. That should bring up the convo. To include your tweet in the chatt, just add #WFEChatt Hope that helps !

  61. k i got sum new info today, my sis in law works at a store out towards west cove, shes been meeting the people setting up out there, and sum of them say rob will be there, sum say he wont, but we also found out that they will be filming a GUY walking down the road. im thinkin, it has to be him. the scene in the book when he leaves the school and walks and ends up at the train station maybe??? anyway, right now the specific road is speculation. when i know more ill post. im on twitter as well, nonamesoha

    • So perhaps they’ll film him walking down the West Cove Rd to get to the train station and then move filming to the Chattanooga Choo Choo for when he ends up at the station? I’ve never read the book so I’m not really sure about what happens where, that just seems to be my guess since both locations are rumored to be filming places

      • the rumor is he wont be walking down west cove, its a different road but pretty close to the west cove location. if and when i find out if the road i was told is the right road i will post 🙂 i dont wana give out wrong info. and ur pretty much right about him walking to the train. in the book he walks and walks, and eventually sees the train coming. so yes that makes perfect sense. every one please follow me on twitter, my email is I will post any new news there starting tomorrow. i will be out and about on west cove all day tomorrow 🙂 **newest info is, rob isnt in chat yet. and reece shouldnt be there, the director tweeted that reece has wrapped. *** so for all the hotel rumors most likely they are false for right now, unless he gets in chatt today or later.

        • interesting…maybe West Cove is just for the kids they were casting for and not for Rob. thanks for all the new info! will you be posting your updates on here, twitter or email?

          • twitter is where most of my newest info will be starting today, tomorrow i will be out and about so it will def be on twitter. find me on twitter with my email or my name on there which is nonamesoha. And to clarify, i think rob will be on west cove for at least a short amount of time. and on a diff road out there as well.

  62. I live in Chattanooga and I am totally IN for locating Rob on the set of WFE!!! I don’t wanna stalk him at his hotel or anything…just a possible glimpse and dare I say a pic of him would be nice!!! (Even from 100 yards away)!!!! Anyone interested in meeting up Friday/Saturday to check out Chickamauga Ga (West Cove Rd) and the Chattanooga Choo-Choo? Email me at : Yay…i’m so excited!!!!

    • Hey I was planning on doin some similar….shall I say…following around to see where they would be. I haven’t heard a word from anyone about where specifically they’ll be. But I too live right in Chattanooga

      • For those of you who live in Chattanooga, it sure would be great if you could do a little detective work around the Chattanooga Choo Choo, the other rumored film location, to see if those rumors are true. I have talked with two different people who work at the Choo Choo Hotel by phone and neither knew anything other than rumors of filming in northern GA. The West Cove Rd. film location seems like a sure bet, but will they also be filming in downtown Chattanooga this weekend? That’s crucial, since I think it would be much more likely that fans will have a place to watch at the Choo Choo vs. the West Cove Rd., which will likely be closed off because much of the scene involves Jacob (Rob) walking to/from the house on the road.

        • their filming the house at the west cove rd location, hes supposed to be filmed walking down the rd on a different st, which i cannot disclose on here bc im not 100% im going to investigate the west cove site again tomorrow, I have been there, and i have pulled into the drive way. I know the owner of the house on west cove and have got pretty much all my info from him, hes also the one who said a “guy” will be filmed walking down the road. i hope to find out more. happy hunting 🙂 lol

  63. Hi! I plan on coming from Alabama on Friday. Any recommendations on where to stay? I’d love to meet up with others? I went to Vancouver for Eclipse but never saw Rob. I’m hoping for better luck this time. My email is

  64. A couple of you ladies requested to follow me on Twitter. I keep my twits private and because of this Twitter would not allow me to accept you (Twitter is working on this known issue) as a follower. I made my Twitter public for right now…so if you requested to follow me earlier today please redo it again. I am under chilbunch.

  65. My sister and I went down West Cove Road today and found the little yellow house with the red arrow pointing to it, very obvious. Some men were there working on it. Will follow #WFEChatt for more info. Can’t wait for the weekend.

      • Type this in the search field: #WFEChatt
        Then save the search. Everytime you tweet something about the Water For Elephants, Chattanooga thing, copy #WFEChatt into your tweet. That’s how everyone is staying informed on that specific topic.

  66. Hey girls! I live in Chattanooga, and haven’t seen it for myself yet, but heard that the house location is soooo blocked off that theres no chance of getting close. I have heard that the choo choo is a definite, and is already partially blocked off. All rooms are booked at the chattanoogan and the choo choo, so who knows! I was going to camp out at the airport tomorrrow, but word is hes already here!!!! Lets find him!!!!!!

  67. I live about 10 miles from the set in Chickamauga, Ga.

    SOOOO excited to go down there on Friday and check things out…I hate to see this but definite stalker potential! hahaha….If you want to know any info you can e-mail me! I have plenty of inside sources on the matter….he will be filming there friday the 30th.

  68. hi all! Im working on answering everyones emails right now. I just wanted to remind everyone, that if ur going to west cove, please find a place to park and walk to the site. there are rumors of closing off the road if traffic gets bad so lets not ruin our chances 🙂 Also, where they are filming on west cove, is someones home, so it is private property so be careful, the cops will be there and around on the road, we dont need to get arrested, theres not rob pattinson in walker county jail! lol

  69. And also some good advoce watch where you park Caz i live down here and we don’t want your cars on our propety…remember that…

    • Which is why i warned the non locals about ppl in the cove owning guns and not being fond of trespassers. And of course, nobody should attempt to park at someones house. There are places to park you just have to look, and watch for no trespassing signs. Everyone needs to be careful and stay safe. and respect the fact that rob is working. its his job. And if anybody has seen the recent video of him being hounded by paps hes not fond of it. Lets not piss him or anybody working out there, or anybody that lives out there off. My brother lives close to the site as well and hes already said cars in his drive way will be towed.

  70. My friend and I are trying to find out info too! We have heard different things from different sources as well. Follow us on Twitter, we’ll follow you back, and hopefully we can all find out when/where he is!

    Meagan – meaganishaxo
    Molly – falling_starX

  71. I just drove out to West Cove Rd. Definitely something happening. Out in the middle of nowhere and I mean No Where!! Just so you know.

  72. wow, i wanna meet him! please comment the exact location where he will be filming! does any1 have some advice, like what time 2 get there?

    • Probably will close it. I am sure there is not much through traffic usually. It is very far from anything. It was very freaky in the dark. There were people out there working.

      • Im thinking they wont block the road, but block the set instead. Theres too many that live out that way coming from both directions, if they blocked it, there would be a lot of stop n go. I talked to the man who runs a lot of those farms out there,((since most of them are walker county owned)) he said it depends on traffic and such if they block it or not. But of course just about everything we are all hearing is speculation. Only one way to find out… and thats to investigate. 🙂 which i plan on doing..thoroughly.

        • Ok, a friend of mine that works in Hollywood said a location manager would have to file permits with police or fire chief in the area of filming. Usually the manager puts up yellow signs with black writing informing the crews of locations. So any locals who might know the fire or police chief ask. 🙂

  73. lol has anyone called the Read house and asked for Mr.Pattinson’s room? Maybe they would say something to verify he is there like “sorry that room has asked no to be disturbed.” or something. lol.. i know i know.. wishful thinking. But hey it might be worth a try, there are plenty of people in this world who dont think before they speak and might give it away lol.

  74. the number for the hotel hes rumored to be at? i found the number. and the hotels site. Very nice hotel and its also booked from friday to sunday ((could be a good sign)) and someone said a hotel worker they know says they think rob is at the Read House which is The Sheraton Read House Hotel Chattanooga.

    • PURE SPECULATION… im going by what i have seen on here and on twitter sooo nobody be mad at me if hes not there lol.

      • i personally do not think hes in chatt yet. i was thinkin thursday night friday morning. but *sigh* as i said, wishful thinking.

  75. OMG! I so want to see Rob. I heard about this last week from a friend, and have been excited ever since. I think a bunch of people should car pool and go to the That way, not alot of cars going in and out.

  76. of course he would check in under a different name. heres what he said in an interview about fake names in hotels ::: According to him, “I was Clive H*ndjob in Paris. Everyone in the hotel called me ‘Monsieur H*ndjob’. That was good, cheap fun.” …. Isnt he just adorable? LOL. so i guess we need to get creative if we start callin hotels! LOL

  77. Officials are being tight-lipped about production details, but fans on the site have identified a house in Kensington, Ga., and the Chattanooga Choo Choo as possible locations and they are talking about driving in from Nashville, Tampa, Alabama and elsewhere to try for a glimpse of Pattinsion.
    **we have been BUSTED** LOL

  78. From all the previous comments I think we all agree 2 try & keep this a pleasant experience 4 Rob coming 2 the south!! I agree with others-we need 2 get 2gether& carpool & respect the locals 4 those going 2 West Cove Road. Many thanks 2 west cove raised23 for all your help. C-ya in a few days!!

  79. I am staying at The Choo Choo Friday night, I am in Chattanooga on business. My company was no able to get a regular room so they booked me in one of the Car Suites whatever that means. Keep you posted!

    • Oh wow Stacy…you may be closer to the action than any of us…and actually allowed to be since you have a car suite! If you are going to be in town Fri/Sat you should email some of us ladies who are going to go down there and check it out! If you wanna meet up w/ us you are more than welcome! My email is:

      • Will do! I also have a friend staying at The Chattanoogan. That is were I was going to stay but there were no rooms. I don’t think there is anyway he is there already because they were shooting yesterday in California. It would make since for him to stay at The Sheraton because that is normally where he stays in Vancouver but who knows? I still don’t understand why they are filimg in Chattanooga? A dirt road? I think they have those in California. Why did they pick Chattanooga? I do wonder if they will be at The Choo Choo just simply because of the “Train Scenes” The other part I don’t get is the casting?? Why would they need adult males and kids to watch him walk down a road?

        • Wow, Stacey you’re lucky!! You defintely should meet up with some of us. I’m pretty sure they picked Chattanooga because we’re private? If that makes since. Paps aren’t gonna follow him all the way to Chatt and he has a bit of privacy.
          Not really sure about the casting.
          If you or any other people would like to.. I made a yahoo group and it’s private so no one can see our posts. (The newspaper found us out and posted it on the website the locations)
          I figure if there are any sightings, it would be safest for us to share it on there/twitter/phone/email. 😀

          –Molly // twitter: falling_starX

          group is

          • Molly,
            Just signed in to join your group. Can you accept it? I am trying to figure out if I should stay Thursday and Friday. I am in Chattanooga on business Friday but I could stay over one more day. My girlfriend is already there, she is staying at The Chattanoogan and she said that she hasn’t seen anyone but there is something going on because they ask for your reservation going in to let you in the door. She also said that they had dinner at The Choo Choo tonight and something is for sure going on there because there people all over the place and a lots going on.

      • Liz, my friend and I would love to meet up with you on Friday. Is that okay? I think it would be really fun. Are you on twitter?
        If you have a yahoo email, I made a private group. We can share all the info on there, away from all those nosy reporters for the paper. Haha.

        My twitter is: falling_starX
        And the group is:
        I have to approve you so please post your name.

    • I’m also in Chattanooga this weekend in a train car… Choo choo! Signed up for the group, from one Molly to another. 🙂

    • I am so excited for all of you!! I have been keeping up on the posts and wish I was closer. Hopefully he will come around me some day;) Please keep us updated! I hope some of you get the chance to meet Rob!!

  80. I have driven down the road to see the house! I’m really excited! I work nights at one of the hospitals in Chattanooga Wednesday-Friday, but I’m willing to give up sleeping during the day if it means seeing him! Please update!. I’m trying to get off work to see the set on Friday, so if anyone shows up Friday morning with any info, please update so I can get out there! I live about 30 minutes away! Thanks!

  81. For all the people serious about going to either location add the group at THIS PAGE HAS BEEN PUT IN THE CHATTANOOGA TIMES FREE PRESS. Dont post any info on here, the stupid paper has probably already made the crew nervous since the article specifically named kensington and the choo choo. That group is private, you have to be accepted. There you can arrange meet ups and such. lol our position has been compromised abort abort! NO MORE info from me will be posted here. hope to see u ladies soon 🙂

    • Hey can you add me? A friend and I are trying to come down either Saturday or Sunday….trying to figure out when our best chance will be! Thanks!!

  82. As soon as I can get to a computer I will join the new site(my phone won’t let me join) I am still on twitter..will be in town fri night and sat and want to get together!

  83. As stated before, please do NOT post any more information here. This site has been reported and we want to keep things as *hush hush* as possible. 🙂

  84. hey guys, this is my site, sorry you don’t want to post here, I feel bad! 🙁

    Is there some reason, something I can? I can set up a page for you guys on our forum if you want too.

    Is it just because you don’t want others to know where they are filming?
    I hate to say it but I’m guessing word will get out anyway via Twitter or FB, etc. These things are rarely kept quiet for long and its not just because of us! 🙂

    Let me know if you want me to set up a forum where you can DM, etc.

    • Another thing I thought of is that you should watch out for your new members in your new group- I have several competitors who will most likely be joining under fake names and trolling for info to post on their own sites…or even journalists from your local paper…

      • I love this forum Christine! I’m still visiting it and checking out eveything…I think because the ChattanoogaTimesFreePress called out this exact site, people are wary of posting “too much information”. But I agree w/ you, it’ll get found out. The yahoo group is a little more private in regards to sharing cell phone numbers, etc…but WE THANK YOU for this forum! I’m def still on it!

        • Thanks LizL!
          That’s why I suggested the forum where people can DM- so they can privately exchange #s, etc. We just set up a new forum, so you guys would be the guinea pigs, but if anyone wants to join we did add a WFE thread. here’s a link if interested, everyone will still have to register:

          Just wish people had come to me first so we could have made arrangements….instead of making it sound like OLV is the black plaque! 🙂

          • Hi christine, no reason to feel bad. Its because of ur site that we all found each other :)… we just didnt want to post info on here bc of the chattanooga times free press naming this site for their information. I doubt you will get rid of us that easy tho, were still here, just being more weary. And yes ur right, nothing stays secret especially online. But thank you for having this site, we all appreciate it 🙂

  85. I live in Chattanooga and am a huge RP fan! I have been following everyone’s posts for the last wk or longer. This is so crazy, could he really be just down the street?!! Lupi’s Pizza FOR REAL?!! Does anyone have any info on specific times yet?

  86. I live riqht outside downtown. Hopefully I can qet my mom to take me around to try and scope him out ! Too bad I can’t drive. 😛 Any info , I’d love to know ! Thanks !! (:

  87. Omg, my friend just saw rob at the aquarium standing in the stingray exhibit, petting the stingrays and then he blew her a kiss!

  88. please let me jopin the yahoo gropu. i live in chatt and want to see rob soooo bad… i can’t wait to get off of work : ))

  89. i just got confirmation on where exactly he is confirmed to be filming as well as what hotel he is staying at downtown!!!!! yay i am super excited 🙂 🙂

  90. Has anybody ever been to a film location? Just wondering if its organized and how close you can actually get? Where would you park your car if its going to be on someone’s private property?

  91. i have, and i met the stars but there was no fans waiting outside just me! but this is rb so their will be lots of fans.

  92. Someone on this thread is fibbing, and it’s most likely everyone. So today, he filmed in GA, ate lunch at Lupi’s, bummed a smoke and went to the aquarium. And the director of the film is still in LA. Hmmmm?

  93. hes not coming in until this weekend, and will be in chickamauga. i know the cross house and will be there for sure, so the rest of you liars ….get real

  94. I just went to google map to see exactly where West Cove Rd is and I used the street view on 193. When you get to West Cove Rd there is a unmarked police car sitting there at the junction. I thought those screens were months old. Just thought it was funny to see a cop car there.

  95. OMG YA I PROB GONNA SEE HIM i live rite in chatt. omg its gown be sweet my mom said i could bring my book so mabey he can sighn it i have some info on were it is and stuff so anyone is free to ask for questins

  96. He won’t be here till this weekend , liars. Stop tryinq to make people run all over town on a wild qoose chase to find someone who ISN’T REALLY HERE YET !

    • just got back from west cove like 5 minutes ago. the HEAVY security your replying to is ONE security guard.

      • @ west cove raised23-I live close to Cove Rd (HWY 341) and Bethel Rd. I went out looking about 8 pm and saw no one. I drove for a looooooong time, past 193 intersection and saw absolutely nothing. I did see a news Ch 9 car out looking too, they were just as confused as I was. Lead me in the right direction please

  97. to clear up and clarify for those believing any of this nonsense about rob. 1st, not ONE siting has been CONFIRMED. 2nd. there were not helicopters near west cove today. I WAS THERE THANKS 🙂 And for those planning to check out the west cove site, good luck. i got from a VERY good source that the road will be blocked AT LEAST 1/4 a mile from both sides. so unless you know a local and their letting u chill with them, its going to be hard. sorry to give the bad news, but i live 10 minutes away and i was on west cove all day today, I also have spoke with the crew and some of the farm owners in that area.

  98. Hey!!! 😀 I’m 13 but I look 11 and im caucasian!!! 😀 How could I be an extra??? I LOOVE acting so I’d REALLY LOOOVE to be in a movie with ROBERT PATTINSON!!! I’m short for my age and I can look really young! 🙂 Please let me know how I could possibly be an extra!! 😀

  99. It also says they will be filming at the Tennessee Valley Museum. Is that close by that West Cove Rd? Not sure if it’s the Chattanooga or Etowah location. I’m guessing Chatt is closer. If anyone can let me know I need to google directions. Thanks.

  100. This is my first time commenting, but have been following for a week or so now. A friend and myself are coming down from Knoxville. Anyone got any info on whats going to be filming when…..we can’t come until Saturday afternoon or Sunday, so we are hoping to optimize our potential Rob sighting time well. Please let me know if you have any details! It would be greatly appreciated!!!!

    You can email me at

  101. i will be at the shot on fri. Even the producer will not say if Rob will be there. I do know that we are staying at the Chattanooga Choo-Choo, with other crew. And we did not even find out until last nite that Rob was on of the “stars” they are very hush hush. I am bringing my 2 girls just in case!

  102. I work at the TN Railroad Museum, we do have some places blocked off, but they’re not telling staff ANYTHING. There was alot of equiptment brought in today, locked up. I will post on here as soon as I find out something!!

  103. I live in Chattanooga and i cant believe that Robert Pattinson is going to be in my home town just minutes away from me doing a new film please let me know of any sightings he will be at my niece would die to be seen or to see him. Any locations he will be at pleaseeeeeeee do tell i will drive to where ever just to see him or to have his poicture taken with me and her. Thanks Michelle Hamlin

  104. They are going to film at TN Railroad Museum, Choo Choo, and some house in N. GA. 🙂

    Best Of Luck to all of you!!

  105. Does anybody know the name of the road in Chickamauga where the old house is that they are using for the film? I live about 40 minutes away and I am so excited to have a chance to see reese and/or robert. Also, where are they gonna be on Saturday? The Choo Choo or TN Railroad Museum…? I’m not one of those retarded fans I just want a picture and an autograph and I’ll go home and be out of everybodys way! Thank you!!!!

  106. The road is west cove rd, its posted on here like 50 times, so go through post for more details. I think the only locations that are confirmed is the house and the museum. Still trying to confirm The Choo Choo, we know the crew is staying there, but no confirmations on actual filming yet.

  107. hey there everyone…does anyone know what day and possible when they will be filming at the house and the tn valley museum?….i have gotten a confirmation that they will be filming at the chattanooga choo choo for sat

  108. OH MY GOSH. i love Rob, and i’d die if he came here without me seeing him at least from a distance! i REALLY can’t believe he’s actually coming to my hometown!! i almost died when i heard about this. haha! keep me updated! i want news of official sightings!

  109. I heard it was a place called “The Cove” off of Andrews Lane where they will be filming at this weekend. Not 100% on that, it’s just something else I read!

  110. I have a queston for everyone who is not lucky enough to have connections… Is anyone else feeling discouraged and how this is now going close to impossible since so many people know? I would love to meet him but it just seems impossible now 🙁

  111. @Andrea , I totally aqree. I’m not some physco path crazed RPattz fan but I think he’s qorqeous and I’d love to meet him and maybe qet an autoqraph , but this does seem a bit out of reach. :/ I’m prayinq that maybe I’ll just happen upon him this weekend. Not sure thouqh. :/

    Any more info from anyone would be qreat !! Thanks ! (:

  112. All I know is he may or may not be near the TN Railroad Museum and/or the Chattanooga Choo-Choo. They won’t say, of course. They don’t want psychotic fans or the rabid paparazzi to hound them, which is PERFECTLY understandable. So they’re gonna be keeping the location hush-hush, ya know. IF the info which IN posess I will NOT harass him. If he lets he meet him that is awesome, but I am not planning on hounding him, and hopefully, neith are any RPattz fans who spot him. Remember the incident w the taxi last year? It could be much worst this year!

  113. Just to let everyone who may not know know, it is said that the stars will be in Kensington Ga Friday morning to start filming, HOWEVER, you will NOT be able to reach the house. The roads are going to be blocked and the security is going to be very high. That is the rumor anyways. I can see that being the case as not only to protect the actors but as to protect the filming as well. It has also been said that Pattinson has already been spotted in Chattanooga.

    I can neither give 100% certainty that this information is accurate, but it is what I have heard.

  114. Let me just say that as long as everyone acts respectable and professional than that should heighten the chance for everyone to at least see him in person. I’ve been fortunate enough to work on a few movies and I can say that you must act responsible/respectable the entire time you are there or they’ll toss you off the set. I know everyone is as excited as I am and I’ve driving almost 7 hours to hopefully get my glimpse and I’d hate to have the fans on Fri/Sat ruin it by acting like a bunch of “monkeys”. Don’t scream and yell or carry on like a fool. Take your pics and stay on the quiet side. Who would want to walk up to a ragging bunch of people when they don’t have to. I know so many won’t take this advice and I hope that they are the ones that don’t ruin it for the rest of us mature, responsible, respectable adults. Even if you are 12 you can act mature! Please take this into consideration and if you are there w/a bunch of crazies try to calm them down and explain to them right off the bat that kind of behavior isn’t going to get them anywhere. I hope to see ya’ll there this weekend.

    • There are a few of us out here and we r being quiet and repectful.we r just hopeful for a pic with him. Or just to get to see him would be great.

  115. I deffinitly LOVE Robert Pattinson, I just want an autograph and a picture or two with him. Does anyone know if he’s gonna be in chattanooga for sure saturday? If so, email me at . I really need the information before saturday, so please I hope someone knows more info..So please helpp(: Thankss.

  116. Bellhop just confirmed that both of them are staying at my hotel. He did say they were staying here and The Choo Choo. Seen the head of security downstairs, he told the general manager that all was cleared and he would be back at 2. I guess that’s when their leaving, they do have a 4 am call time.

  117. I doubt they would actually walk out the front door….my bet is they will take the service elevator to a dock area out of site and leave from there…if I had to guess!

  118. A girl seriously just called my room and asked me if this was Robert Pattinson room…when I told her no she said, “ok, just checking” I asked her if she was calling every room until she found him…she said, well yes! Ummm…if anyone on here is doing that, leave him alone, the poor guy has to wake up in like 3 or 4 hours to work…would you want to be waken up in the middle of the night like that?

  119. Oh my gosh. I can’t believe you all are actually posting the hotel information where he’s staying on a public forum. This is Tennessee, y’all… Not Los Angeles and not New York. Have a little respect for the guy. They’re trying to work here. I know it’s exciting, but let them do their jobs.

    And please, please, PLEASE don’t post information on Twitter. Share it amongst your friends via text or something, but not for the world to see. I would have for a bunch of crazies to ruin his perception of the South.

  120. I am so excited but would be disappointed if I came all the way there and he is gone. I have to give it to the city, they are boosting the economy just by adding all this hype.
    The Choo Choo, Sheraton, and several other hotels are sold out.

    He won’t be here on Saturday. I will be very sad.

  121. Hey guys…they are filming in Kensington, GA this morning. My boss lives there and she says the roads were blocked and they have armed guards at every post so I wouldn’t even attempt that place. They will be shooting at the TN railroad museum and the choo choo Saturday. Please everybody remember Rob and Reese are our guests and we DO want them to come back so please treat them with respect and don’t act like crazy people. I would just like a photo or an autograph or heck I would just like to see a glimpse of them. But I’m not gonna go crazy like most fans. Once I get my pic or autograph I will leave and get out of the cast and crews way! I hope everybody else does the same. Good Luck to all!!

  122. OMG!!! I am soo going to chickamauga today. Hopefully I will get to see Rob. It is sooo awesome that he is filming there. Does anyone know excatly where the house is? I have seen it all over the news. The people that own that house are soooo lucky. 🙂

    • Hey Ashley, me and my husband went there today and there is a detour sign on West Cove Rd. but you can go right around and it to where they are filming, they do have security there and they will only let you get so far! But there were quite a few people out there with chairs and umbrellas hanging out and talking to the security guys!

  123. If anyone has a twitter account use hashtag #WFEchatt to keep up to date with sightings and locations. He had dinner at St. Johns last night and is staying at the read house. Security is pretty tight. Your not going to meet him, but might catch a glimpse!

  124. I was there last night and no you will not be get near him.Rob wont even look up when u call his name,i got pic of vehical he was getting out of.

  125. does anyone kno if rob will b there sat at the museum& whatever the choochoo is to film and if it wd b poss to get a glimpse of him, or are ya’ll blocking off the city?

  126. Lucky you guys !!! that Robert is visiting your town & get an autograph from him , I’m expecting he’ll come to Ft lauderdale, FL for a film, can get one for me & just see him , he looks like the cuttest & sexiest guy in the world !! love him

    • The real Room 311 is now a closet-they’ve actually put the room # 311 on a different room so they would quit getting so much publicity about it. I went on a guided ghost tour downtown Chattanooga this past fall & found out a lot about the Reed House & Chattanooga-there’s even an underground Chattanooga we got to go see. The Ghost tours are held all yr. around. If you’re local u should do it…it starts at the Walnut St. Bridge.

  127. Filming started early this morning in Chickamauga, Georgia;this is where the house is located. The address is 7323 W. Cove Rd. by my understandings. He will also film again starting at dusk this evening, but the road is blocked off with security (is what I’ve also heard). If one has Facebook you can add channel 3 news to your site or go to, they have been doing excellent coverage!

      • According to US101, yes, they are going to start filming again at dusk. Us101 & News Channel 3 have been trying to keep us viewers informed. I would love to go out there myself, but I’m not sure if it would be worth it…as far as the blockage of the road. I have a 12 yr. old daughter who loves the Twilight Series. I’ve heard Reese has wrapped up, but US101 said, Reese if you are here please come by and see us. So, we probably won’t know anything until NEXT If us fans would work together and communicate then maybe we can get a glimpse…so, if I hear anything I’ll let ya know.

        • Thank you so much!
          I’m thinking about going to the Railroad Museum today to see if they are actually filming like people are saying.

          I got within feet of him last night because I was told by a friend that he was in a bar and I’m a minor so I can’t go in.

  128. Has anyone heard when he’ll be done filming. The news is reporting he’ll only be working tonight/possibly tomorrow. I can see where it’s possible if they only need to film exterior scenes at the train station. So if anyone knows for sure please post. I’d hate to make a long drive for nothing.

    • Yes, I’ve heard that he is only shooting this morning, at dusk & tomorrow. This house is his “childhood” house in the movie, so he’s only filming for a very brief moment. As far as the railroad carts I’m not completely sure. All I know is the film crew is in the area until the 2nd of August, but there again it’s only been from the news coverage where I’ve heard this.I would like to have a pic of the house, movie trailers & location to put up for history purpose. The movie will be released April 15, 2011.

      • Thanks Donna. If anyone hears anything else either confirming the same or if he will still be in town Sun/Mon please post. I wasn’t going to be able to make it there until Sunday and with a 7 hour drive I’d had to waste my time/money.

  129. Drove out to the house on West Cove Road today and saw Rob Pattinson get out of his trailer and into a black SUV. Got a picture of him through the glass but it’s hard to see. Some girls got really good pictures of his face. I’m sorry if you weren’t there. The “security” wasn’t tight at all. You could totally get a close view of his trailer, and some of the filming in front of the house. Nobody was screaming or acting all crazy. When they called for “all quiet on the set” we were. Can’t wait to try to catch another glimpse of him tomorrow. Does anybody know what TIME they will be filming at the Train Museum tomorrow? A security guard confirmed they will be there tomorrow.

  130. does anyone know where in Chickamauga they will be filming at tomorrow??? i would really like to go again tomorrow!!!! i went today and it was so hot but fun, i went by the hotel trying to see him get out of a car but there was sooo many people hovering around…. thats a bit too much for me

  131. Janie, which road block were you at? The one by the house or the catering tents? I was at the one by the house and couldn’t see alot.

  132. EVERYONE: Rob finished up at the house on West Cove in GA. I was there from about 130am Fri. morning till 1130pm Fri. night. There will be no more filming there, and as for the Railroad, it is supposed to be closed off. So I wouldn’t recommend driving far at all to try to get a glimpse. I was out today for 15 hours and just got a few glimpses of him filming. I live about 30 min from the railroad, so I may drive out there to see what’s happening, but not sure yet.

  133. I went to the railroad museum yesterday. They are open for business as usual today and tomorrow. Closed Mon-Wed for filming.

  134. Hey guys, got this tip via email:
    The ‘Movie Movers’ are all parked at the Chattanooga ChooChoo hotel parking lot. Not sure if they are filming today as we have been driving through the city looking for Rob! He stayed at the Sharaton (4th floor) last night after the Chickamauga shoot, but no signs of him today.

  135. I have been following this thread religously over the past few days:) I love hearing that some of you have been able to catch glimpses of Rob, and that it seems to be pretty calm in the area. That is so nice to hear! I hope some of you eventually get a chance to meet him, maybe get a pic. Sounds like he may be out and about at night in local bars??? I’d say that would be the best chance, because if he did any of the sort while on set I’m sure he would get bombarded. Keep the stories coming!!! Thanks to all that have shared!
    Ps: Hoping he heads to the Detroit area someday!!!!

  136. Anybody here of Robs whereabouts today? What’s the likelihood of him flying home and returning for shoot on Monday? I heard he’s flying home today.

  137. I get off work at six today and plan on looking around chatt. If anyone hears anything new plz txt me at 4233685369. I need to at least catch a glimpse!

    • Lauryn, My friend & I are scouting out Chattanooga tonight also…I’ll take ur number, just incase we get lucky..;) If u have Facebook will u add me & I’ll give u my number as well incase u see him. Donna Peters on FB. If us fans work together we can capture a photo of him…lol.

  138. I personally think it is a little crappy that he did not say hey, wave or make an appearance to the fans that were there all day. He seems a little unappreciative to me.

  139. I do think it was pretty shabby of him to not at least come out and say hello. I was at the filming location yesterday at the house and I stood outside for over 14 hours in the heat with no chairs or anything. And I think I’m even more disappointed in the guards who came and told us he was coming out to meet everyone then forced us to leave and if we didn’t, threatened to tow our cars..and this was after Rob had “left”. If you ask me, I know he was still there..cause why else would they threaten everyone like that and one of the guards said he’d be there til 4am? Yeah..nice try bud. However, I’ll be on the lookout in Chattanooga tomorrow.

    • I don’t know if you realize that he’s working. You didn’t have to stand outside like a fool without a chair for 14 hours. No reward for you. They don’t want to create a mob scene.

  140. Anyone know what bar he was supposedly seen in last night? I thought about just driving around and walking around down town tonight just to see if I got a glimpse of him, but who knows where to even start really, provided he’s not flying home as stated above. Anyone have any new tips? Oh and does anyone know if he has been in a limo at all while here? I was driving the night he was to come in and didn’t know about it yet, and passed this white suv looking limo… just curious if by chance I passed him without even knowing it. lol. I doubt it but that would be a bit comical.

  141. Wow, that’s pretty clever if you do not want to be found. Those are a dime a dozen around here. lol. I bet anyone driving one right now is sick of everyone looking in at them as they drive by. lol. Anyone have any tips on where a good starting point is if one wanted to search Chatt.? I don’t think I would even approach him, but a pic for my little girl would be aces. She is almost 7 and a huge fan. Not that I’m not, I just don’t want to be a bother to the poor guy. You know he gets rushed everywhere he goes.

    • I would just check downtown near the filming locations..keep checking for teenies with Edward shirts standing around with cameras and good chances are he’s nearby. I’ll be out tomorrow looking. Haha. I waited for over 14 hours yesterday and got fried..all for nothing. I’d just like a simply smile and a wave is all.

  142. I may just go out and about all around the area in general to see what I can see. Nothing better to do anyways. lol. Only so many places he could go really… Not like its a HUGE city… not small but definitely not huge. If I dont see him oh well, it will have been a fun night out and about, and if I do great. Would be cool to have seen Reese as well….. has she already left Chatt or is that known?

  143. Heather, I was thinking the same thing today about not hearing about him waving at the fans that was on West Cove Rd. I’ve been keeping up with the threads, Chatt channel 3, and the newspaper and no mention of this. Just curious…this is one of the reasons I’m a big fan of Rob because he seems so humble in interviews and thoughtful to the fans. I’m a big fan of the book and a Twimom that came to Chatt in hopes to get a glimpse of Rob, but happy to get pics of the movie set. I went to the Tn RR Museum yesterday evening (Fri) and found the two train cars with Benzini Bros Circus banner on them and got some pics and then this morning I went back and there was cables connected to the Benzini trains and 3 new crates on the track that had props in it. I took off towards West Cove Rd in hopes to get a pic of Robs trailer before it was relocated, but when I got there most of all the props was gone except a security guard sitting in the drive-way blocking the entrance. What looked like two moving trucks was still there parked behind the trees. Then on the way back I decided to take the Incline up to Look Out Mountain and there an employee told me that Rob and Reese was at Wal mart this morning giving autographs. Confused, but pleased to hear that this happened, but of course I have heard no other confirmation of this and at this point I do not believe it happened. So I really wish you people that are starting these rumors would please stop. Weekend is not over and I’m still hopeful about getting a glimpse of Rob and hopefully the ones that have got a wave. Sorry for the novel.

  144. I have been at the Sheraton hotel since 9 in the morning. No sign of rob. But how could he have left? I am so disappointed that I
    can’t even catch a glimpse of him. Where is he?

  145. Well I doubt he is going to walk out the front door knowing there are a ton of people waiting on him to come out. lol. Not to mention there is always the chance hes resting today and might come out tonight. Then again.. he could already be gone as well…. really hard to say.

  146. Does anyone know where to start looking for Rob Pattinson or the movie crew tonight? I’m assuming Chattanooga, but where. All TRUE tips are appreciated. Thanks.

  147. Hey guys, I know that you are all disappointed that you haven’t really seen Rob and he hasn’t come out to greet fans. I just want you all to think about a couple of things before you start the “Rob doesn’t care about his fans” blog! For those of you who seen him at the Reed House Friday morning…ok, it was like 5 am, give the guy a break! Once he arrived on set he still had to eat breakfast and go over lines for the day, on top of meeting with the director, and then hair, make-up. Not to mention did you guys really look at the costumes the poor guy had to wear…he was burning up all day. All the fan had to be moved when shooting the scenes in front of the house due to noise, they don’t need to have multiple takes due to fan noise as this delays. I know that most of you guys waited a long time and you more than likely thought that by doing that he would come out a greet everyone. Just a thought…without a doubt the county was not prepared for what was to come by Rob coming to town. You have to remember this is a small town and most of the locals thought, “cool, a movie is going to film here” the thought never crossed their minds that with that comes 200 fans! I know this for a fact because they had only scheduled 1 cop and 1 guard for the whole day and more had to come in after only 3 hours of sleep. I can only imagine that these people were not the most friendly, they are not used to dealing with that stuff I am sure. This is northern Georgia not California. I have read a couple of you making comments about yesterday afternoon and the police and guards lying to you. Again, I can tell you for a fact they were not! Late in the afternoon Rob along with extra’s and crew went to a remote location (not the house) to wrap up filming for the day. Rob’s car drove right, everyone else drove left down WCR, this was not to get away from fans but to change clothes, those trailers were not on set. After he changed clothes, they went to the set, filmed and he went back to Chattanooga. I believe this was around 7…which would make that at least a 15 hour day for him…anyone up for those hours and still being happy go lucky? I know in a lot of cases Rob goes out to meet fans, you guys have to see the big picture here. At any given time on Friday there were anywhere between 50-200 fans waiting to see him. His safety always comes first, given that there wasn’t much security to start with it was not a good idea…period! I know that all of you are not a threat or danger to him but after working that long, in that heat, I am sure he just wanted to go to sleep! He appreciates everyone of his fans I am sure, without fans movies don’t sell, which means he doesn’t have a job. As for the house and why guards stayed there so long…simple…they didn’t want people at the house! There is no electric, it was totally black, and the liability was way to big! Not to mention the people that just wanted to get a “piece” of the set. Production hired them for the safety of everyone! Everything with the exception of a couple of things left the set by midnight. By everything I mean, actors, extra’s, equipment, furniture…everything. Unless there is just something they didn’t get and can’t reproduce somewhere else they will not go back there! Crews had been there day and night for over a week setting everything up…their not going to take all that down and put it right back up again! If you just have to look for yourself all the trailers are in the back lot of the Choo Choo.

    I say all of this not to make anyone angry, please don’t be! I say this for everyone to be reminded that Robert Pattinson is a person…just like you and me. He is a great guy, a little shy, and he doesn’t like much attention, not that he doesn’t appreciate his fans because he does, he just doesn’t like being put on the spot. Seriously, wouldn’t that be anyone…we all have to remember that this is his job, how would we all feel if 200 people came to our job wanting something from us. He isn’t a little puppy in a window for people to look at. He is a person with feelings, he gets tired, he get hungry, and I am sure he would like to just be human without everyone wanting to take a picture or stalk him to his hotel. Oh, yeah and about his hotel…people really the chaos at The Reed House yesterday, and you wonder why he wants to hide! How would you feel if you never got one moment to yourself…I am sure you would all hide too! Bottomline…just be understanding!

    • Makeitreal,
      Thanks for your post. I was starting to feel kind of down now about going to West Cove Road. I was psyched that me and only about 15 others got to see him drive by in the black Escalade when he was leaving his trailer, (like 2 feet in front of us!) But after reading those posts about the security guards threatening to tow cars, I started to think, “well, why couldn’t he have waved or rolled down the window or something?” But, you’re right, he is a person just like us.
      Besides, I heard he broke up again with Kristen Stewart. I guess I’d be in a crummy mood too if I was going through a recent breakup.
      Well, maybe I’ll get an autograph before he leaves! Good luck everyone!

    • dear makeitreal…thank you for your kind considerate post…all of rob’s fans truly appreciate it! and we truly appreciate his hard work, and want to be considerate of him as well! i live in lubbock, tx which is 1200 mi away. i want to drive there to just get a glimpse of him ….is it a close set, or are spectators allowed from a distance? i DO NOT want to stalk him, as i was completely heartbroken by the horrible treatment he suffered last weekend! could you kindly reply as to if there will be a LEGITIMATE opportunity to perhaps view the set and rob …or not. thank you for any info you may provide in this respect.

      • I will tell you there is still filming to be done in Chattanooga. Your best bet is to…”take a train and join The Benzini Bros. Circus”

        Good Luck!

        • Makeitreal,
          Thanks for all your understanding!!
          If you talk to Rob soon please pass along this message from my friends and me. ” No worries about us here in Chatt town! We support you all the way….. we have nothing but southern hospitality for you and the entire film crew. Enjoy your visit we can’t wait to see the movie!!

    • makeitreal,
      while i completely agree with you and i do see exactly where you are comming from i do have to say this. I was at the wcr set for 17 hours, and all of the fans followed securitys orders and were very respectful to the fact that rob was working. Most just wanted to physically see him. As for fans being angry that he didnt wave or anything, im not mad at all. i got really close to him so i am happy lol, but i do see where some of them are coming from. We were 1/4 of a mile away from the driveway and even farther from the house. I do think that b4 he left he could have walked to the driveway just enough for the fans to see him, which still would have been very far, and waved. just one wave. would have taken 2 seconds. and nobody would have got to him before he could get away. he would have been safe, and since he was tired and hot im sure, it would have been a 2 second show of appreciation. That alone would have sufficed the majority of his fans. Again, I am not disagreeing with you because everything you said is true, but I do see where others are coming from. On a side note he did show some love early yesterday morning by pulling up to the perimeter in a black suv, he was in the back seat laughing, the window was rolled up but at least he did come down to the fans, and at the time there was only one cop, so no it wouldnt have been smart for him to stop and do anything major. Im basically saying I see both points, yours and the upset fans, which i think are more heartbroken than pissed. The built up excitement of it all, then nothing, tends to take its toll. So there is my piece, I think its awesome tn and ga got to be apart of such an awesome book coming to life, and even more awesome that it just so happened to have rob in the cast.

      • OH i 4got, id also like to add… stop hangin out at his hotel! omg im a fan, i love him, id have his babies, but seriously his hotel??? that is where he goes to relax! to have time to himself. to be himself and not be in character, or be chased. Also, hes not a fan of privacy loss, so im thinkin the fans at the hotel are the LEAST likely to get any attention from him what so ever.Its one thing to want to watch filming, and hope for an autograph, or a glimpse of him but to camp out at his hotel.. pointless and disrespectful. And to anyone who was on the wcr site, I was so disappointed to see all the garbage left behind! People live out there, thats their property and now they have to clean up after a bunch of lazy people. Im sorry but thats just not cool. not saying any of you left the garbage, bc it probably wasnt any of you lol. just wanted to say i was like wtf with the garbage bc i had to bitch about it to somebody, and you guys seem to like my posts! LOL. I wish everyone the best of luck on a sighting, or an autograph, just stay out of his personal bubble and dont hate on him until you have good reason. As for filming news/sightings.. well lets just say rob is out and about right now in chattanooga and is most likely feeling a little more relaxed. 🙂 and filming, i have from a good source the location(s) and the day(s) but I refuse to post rumors, and until im 100 percent Im gona keep my mouth shut. Happy hunting, be respectful and have fun!

        • Hey West cove, not to leak it all over the thread….. but can you give me ( a native chattanoogan) an encrypted hint as to where you think he may be at this hour. lol

          • I would but honestly I do not want to cause pandemonium. If i told you i would have to tell others lol, then they would all go to this place. Its not hard to find him in chatt if you know what to look for. Plus the person who confirmed he was there, asked me not to leak it, Im going to honor those wishes. Im sorry 🙁 lets all give him a night to enjoy chattanooga, and enjoy his time off. By the way something i forgot to add to my earlier post, i have heard he has signed autographs at the restaurant he was at earlier. He is showing love, just in small doses, but I think it says something about his character if he signed autographs while trying to eat his dinner.

              • LOL @ Diamonds and Lace… I wonder if he would go there..less females (besides the uhh ladies that work there) Could happen I suppose lol but no i havent had anyone confirm that rob is with naked ladies, although i know plenty that would volunteer , myself included lol

                • Yeah lets hope he doesn’t leave with that being his impression on TN women… lol!! The first one was the name of a bar I tried to send you in an encrypted message. That is wear a couple of my girlfriends and I thought he may turn up. It would be to much effort on my part to get ready at this hour and try to scope it out.

                  • heres ur encryption. he wasnt there at 8 but he may have had a ball. he may have had a cig or ar. If you figure it out please do not post! I think he has already left so its safe, but still.

                    • hes not there now, security is back at the Read. Hes in the safe confines of his room for tonight.

                    • girl you know soo much! wow… totally got your tip…. with the help of my husband. He has been making fun of my tonight. I told him what if a huge sports start came to town?? lol
                      …. I hope he had a nice time … oh to of been a server there tonight… lol!

                    • LOL i figured u would get it. It was hard to do it without giving it away completely lol. yes i am insanely jealous of some ppl in chatt town tonight!

    • Without going back and reading the threads again I think only three of us made a comment in regard to waving, fans, and security. I thought long and hard before I made my post… afraid of how it may bring negativity towards Rob, but that was not my attention. My personal take on it was I had not heard of him doing so and was wondering if it was true. I really don’t have a part in this because I went to the house set after the fact and only been to the TN RR Museum a few times and it was deserted then. I’m a pretty ‘obsessed’ fan myself and not afraid to admit it. So I’m one fan that doesn’t need to be reminded in detail about the wear and tear of his day in addition to his stalkers. I think the majority of us are aware of this and have a conscience and yes the more I think about it I’m feeling the tiniest bit defensive. I think you came across a little strong, but I’m guessing that is your job (PR). I totally get the hotel thing, but I did not hear about a NY incident happening in Chatt (I’m not trying to justify stalking). I know you can’t really predict what a fan is going to do so all precautions are taken, but his here to do his job and his fans are part of that. I don’t want to go back to work Monday and get rid of my Edward Cullen cardboard cut-out, EC barbie doll, and Rob posters out of my office and start a “Rob doesn’t care about his fans blog!”. I’m never this vocal so I apologize if my implication came out wrong. Again, I was just curious and I absolutely ADORE Rob Pattinson.

      Unfortunately, for me I have to return to my small town by Monday and will not get to take advantage of your HINTS and I’m so jealous of you all that have and will possibly get to see him. ~ Kim ~

      • I duuno if you were referring to my post or the others… but just in case i wanted to clarify my stance. I was pretty much taking up for fans, even though i understand where makeitreal is coming from, i get the fans point of view as well, seeing as I am one. And though I am happy that i got to get close to him, thats all i got. Some fans got lucky tonight and met him, said he was real nice, and said he told them he wasnt aloud to take pix with anybody. I am sad in ways, bc i did go through quite a bit to see him and most fans either didnt see him at all, or barely seen him, and hardly anyone has got autographs. I wish things were different, like maybe they should have had a signing to give fans the opportunity. their dangling steak in front of a crowd of lions, and its not nice lol. I guess you have to be super special or extremely lucky to get an autograph or pic. Everyone can read my set story and see a few of my photos at Hopefully a few more fans will get autographs or pix, and I hope nobody took my post the wrong way, i had no ill intentions (except for the trash leavers on west cove LOL ) but 4real i get both points.

        • My comment was directed towards makeitreal’s retort…I wasn’t thinking when I commented to post their name because I posted with the reply forgetting that some of you are posting under the same reply. To clarify I commented because I’m assuming makeitreal commented because of thread #24, 25, and 31.

  148. Janie,

    I am glad that it made you feel better. Rolling the window down would of caused tons of chaos! Fans would of chased him down! He is very much an actor that gets into his character…that is what makes him so amazing! Acting is a very hard job…most people think its easy…an actor must act like someone else for a long period of time and it has to be consistant…acting is not very forgiving and there are no bad days. If you have a bad day it cost the studio money. Not to mention the media, and the pressure. I can tell you he is still in Chattannoga and they still having filming to do! Good Luck!

  149. Ok, I haven’t been on here since the site was leaked to the press, but makeitreal, you’re comment brought me out from hiding. Thanks so much for putting your thoughts out there! I agrees with every word you said! People also have to remember that he is recovering from a SEVERE breach of his privacy in CA last weekend. If that incident had happened to me, I would be in a hospital with a nervous breakdown. Seriously! The papps were literally in his car and 2 inches from his face and the police couldn’t do anything about it! Imagine how you would feel if you couldn’t go home to your house without papps following so they could then roost there! Your house is the ultimate place for privacy and that was in jeapordy of being taken away from him.

    We all have to realize that he has never been here, doesn’t know us or what kind of fans we are, and the unknown always stresses people out, and he is not exception!

    • I am glad you feel that way. Again, I didn’t want to make anyone angry, I just wanted to give fans a different point of view. To my knowledge Rob has never been to Tennessee, I think its safe to believe he had no idea what it was going to bring. When word got out about the activity on the blogs…and it did…that’s when things changed a bit. Mix that with a clueless small town that didn’t know what to expect and you have a great blend of an on guard crew. No chances can ever be taken when it comes to safety!

      Your correct, your house is normally your safe place, if someone takes that away its not a great feeling. The same comes to hotels, the poor guy has to worry about anything that is left in his room…before he checks out member of the crew do a double check just to make sure everything is gone! As I said before, ask yourself how you would feel if it were you?

      I appreciate everyone and their understanding in looking at him a little bit differently…I know that everything is all in fun, just keep it in check!

      Glad I could bring you out of hiding!

  150. I had plans to come from Atlanta and then I thought, he wouldn’t care. He’s an actor who according to his own interviews view the fans as simply what we are, fans. He has grown numb to us.

    I do however, still love him and his music. More music please and I do hope he will come back to the south because we do love him.

    • DL,

      Your comment “He has grown numb to us” , stings a little…off the top of your head do you remember which interview made you feel this way?

    • Lets just say that I have a first hand look…enough said…I gave you the info what you chose to do with it is up to you!

      • Makeitreal,
        Much appreciated…. i’m guessing your not from Chattanooga (like me)… around here this is such a big deal to some of us… things like this just don’t happen. As pathetic as it
        Going to the set was a bit too crazy for me. I was excited enough just to see the trucks and vehicles parked at the hotel. My BFF and I made the 20 minute drive downtown just to scope out the scene. I have to admit I also made a couple circles around the Reed House then went about my day. To us here it is just for a good story. One day I can tell my now 3 yr old son ” I ran into an A list actor!!” My girlfriends and I are hoping to catch even just a peek of something exciting from all of this…. my husband thinks I nuts. He doesn’t get it!

            • Good guesses…but no! I am for sure no his sister…that’s funny! I could never be a publicist…I am way too out spoken! Getting ready to write a blog for today…check it out!

              • Kristen Stewart…just kidding! Well, its obivous its someone who is looking out for his personal interest and knows alot of stuff.

              • Come out, come out, who ever you are…I’m sorry, I just can’t resist. I left Chatt today and got back home this evening and I can’t seem to let this blog go. I do need help. Sorry for so many questions, but do you know anything about Rob working on fan mail in his spare time. I know I sound like a selfish fan, but I’m just curious. I figure it will take over a year if I do get something back. You could consider me a cougar and in my life time I have never once wrote a fan letter until now. I mailed Feb 1 2010 and sent 2 pics of him and my Twilight soundtrack cover because I loved the song ‘Never Think’. I had also included a self-stamp return for convience.

                I also noticed you like to use alot of explanation points. Could this be a clue?

          • is your initials r.p. if im right and you dont want to reply just email if not i will know and understand ,but if you do email me my lips are sealed you can trust me and if you want to wait till everyone leaves town that is fine

  151. Makeitreal,

    By the way, I read your earlier posts to my BFF just now and we are just excited to of talk to you on here! If you are closest I ever get to Hollywood.. I’ve had my fill =)

  152. makeitreal…i wrote a note to you, but put it in the wrong place on this thread!! it isunder janies reply to you after your kind post to the fans . thank you for a reply?

    • Again, if I made anyone upset I am sorry! Trust me when I say, it is a big deal to all, no one is saying that it shouldn’t be. To the fans like yourself that are not stalking…you are totally fine. Coming out to set, seeing everything, taking pics, hanging out…totally fine. The only reason that I even posted anything was to clear up to the fans that thought Rob just didn’t care because he didn’t greet fans after a long filming day.

      Although I now live in a big city, I am from a small town. I totally understand what it is like to having something this exciting happen in your town. Its even more exciting when the film comes out and you are able to see the finished product and now that you were part of it in some way.

      I hope you all enjoy the next couple of days! Remember Water for Elephants will be in theaters nationwide on April 15th!

  153. dear makeitreal, i live in texas 1200 mi drive, and would so like to view filming, and want to know if i would be able to see rob at work, or will it be a closed set? do not want to drive if he has wrapped. again, is there a LEGITIMATE opportunity for this? i am not a stalker, and only want a legitimate reason to drive there!

  154. Makeitreal,
    Thanks for all your understanding!!
    If you talk to Rob soon please pass along this message from my friends and me. ” No worries about us here in Chatt town! We support you all the way….. we have nothing but southern hospitality for you and the entire film crew. Enjoy your visit we can’t wait to see the movie!!

  155. Guys, I know that it would be soooo easy for him to like stick his head out & let people get pictures of him, but after what happened with the insane teenagers terrorizing him at the Read House, they’ve upped the security even more & probably even moved Rob elsewhere. But anyway, as easy as that would be, i dont think it’s his choice. i think his “people” decide that it’s too “crazy” to go outside….even though only like 10 people in this entire region are crazy enough to attack him and beat on windows & such. and they are the ones that ruined it for all of us… sorry i wrote so much lol

  156. So my husband and I took our kids to Chattanooga today to the aquarium and to ride the train completely oblivious to the filming and Rob being intown. Being a huge fan I was thrilled to hear the news! Anyway, while on the train I heard a man ask one of the young conductors “So, are they going to start filming here next week?” The young man replied, ” We are not really suppose to talk about that.” Then when we get off the train for the tour we are walking around looking at all the old trains and my husband makes a comment about one particular train saying something “circus” on the side of it and we spent the rest of the touring watching a group of guys working on it. It wasn’t until I ran across your blog tonight that it all made since! Wish I had a sitter for Mon. because that’s where I’d start my search Mon. morning! Good luck girls! Take lots of pics.!

  157. A friend and I drove around Chatt. for a few but the crowd of people outside his hotel was crazy. I do hope he enjoyed his night the best he could have. We really enjoyed looking for him. Even to get a picture from far away. We defiantly are not crazy stalkers, just wanted to catch a glimpse.

  158. I went last night to catch Rob going in to the hotel and once I heard he had already returned I left. While I was there I noticed & overheard several girls talking about how that had hung outside or in the lobby all night. I think that is a little much. The guy needs some downtime & a little bit of privacy!

    • Hey Jen,
      My friend & I were at the Read House from 10:16-1:30am. We hung out in the lobby, we walked each level of the hotel looking for clues, etc. Rob was NOT in the lobby. Now there were 6 activities going on there last night (wedding ceremony, and several receptions) but no sighting of Rob. He was at the Chattanooga Billiards Club 2 blocks down, but then he came back to the hotel & somehow we never saw him (we’re thinking he went thru the service elevators), outside was about 100 fans….& no one seen anything. Today & tomorrow for sure (I went there yesterday) the TN RR Museum is closed, they may also be closed Tuesday I’m not sure. I do not even know when they are filming the RR scenes, but I’ve thought about going back out today to see if they are setting up the set. I do have pics of myself on the actual train cart…when I went yesterday I got up on the train and set in the seats, walked around the cart, etc. Good luck girl on ur quest.

  159. I must say that before now, I was impressed with Robert Pattinson. I even wrote him a letter to his fan club telling him how becuase of him as an talented actor, my outlook on life had changed. Simply due to a role he played and a heartfelt song he sang. I only came across him in July, 2010. Since then I have purchased just about everybook, read several blogs, reviewed several of his unoffical websites, and actually became a serious fan. It was in Robert Pattinson Album that I read how he views his fan. Not to mention going to you tube works as well. I know that this is probably overwhelming but when people invest in you, which puts you at the level in your carrer where you are, I think a small jesture is waranted. Let the window down, say hello, that’s all. Had I traveled from Atlanta, it would have been perfect to get a view of him, see his perfect smile. I’m just glad I didn’t waste my time because obviously, as mentioned earlier, he is numb to his fans. It’s like being in a crowd and only looking straight, not paying attention to anything around you.

    I still like him. I just won’t spend any more money on him. He already has enough and we really don’t matter. Just based off what has taken place this weekend.

    Too many fans throughout the world to not pay attention as all to them.

    Maybe he will, maybe he won’t but honestly it really doesn’t matter because he will remain filthy rich.

  160. Is anyone interested in going to baton rouge in dec? I figure the more people we get there and the more we communicate we’ll have a better chance at finding him. Not being psyco. I just want to see him in the flesh. I don’t even care about an autograph. But I totally wouldn’t b offended if he wAnted to take me home with him…. Lol

  161. Does anyone know anything about the meet-n-greet rumor that is happening with Rob today at the Trade and Convention Center in downtown Chattanooga?

    If it’s true what time will it be going on? My sis-n-law is Robsessed , (but who isn’t?haha) and this would be a GREAT sorta early birthday surprise for her!

  162. I live in Kennesaw and i’m thinking of heading to Chatt tonight to try and find Rob. Totally just want to see him in the flesh. But I want to meet up with some fans so I’m not alone. Please please please email me if you have room for one more! I’m totally normal (mostly) I’m a 28 year old Mom of 3 kids, Jaidyn 7, Madi almost 4, Gage 2 and I really want to have a good time! I can send ou the link to my FB page if you want to check out pix and see that I’m not dangerous.

    Thanks so much!!!! 🙂

    • Hey,
      I’m thinking about heading to chatt tomorrow to scout around. I have 3 kiddos as well and wouldnt mind meeting up. I dont know where the museum is but Im sure it wouldnt be hard to find. Let me know if you want to try to meet up tomorrow.

  163. I agree with makeitreal becouse it is like 102 degrees here and he is about twenty miles from me so LEAVE HIM ALONE he is so so tired and hot. He NEEDS a vacation this is the closest he will get to one, as long as you are there he will have to stay over time on the set until you leave so he can go to the hotel. This is the biggest thing that has ever happened to Chattanooga ,Tennesee and Walker ,Georgia .How many of ya’ll would want to be followed everyday by fans ? , thats how he feels. i know i wouldn’t want to be followed by fans .He can’t go on vacation while people are following him and many people don’t understand that he needs one .People are getting paid to get a picture of him its so stupid LEAVE HIM ALONE!!!!!!!!

  164. Does anyone have any reliable info about where Rob will be filming Sunday (today) and Monday. I’m not a crazed stalker. I don’t want a lock of his hair or a vile of his blood. If I could I’d like a pic or autograph but I realize he’s super busy. So I will settle for a good glimpse of him. Any info would be great. My b day is coming up and this would b the best gift ever…

  165. If you find any info out, let me know. I live about an hour and half away, and am really considering driving down there tomorrow. Just not sure about it, because I have to take my kids with me.

  166. I don’t believe in stalking, I don’t think it’s cool to hang out at someone’s hotel or place of residence 24/7 hoping to catch a glimpse of that person. On the other hand, I do think it’s extremely rude that RP hasn’t been more attentive to his fans during his visit. I agree with some of the other posts in many ways (i.e.-yes, he deserves privacy and time to rest). But I also think (at least while he is on set) that he should take more than just a few moments to wave, sign autographs, and be visible-just to let his fans know that he appreciates them. But then again…maybe he doesn’t appreciate his fans at all anymore. How quickly it seems that he has forgotten that it was only a few short years ago that he was practically homeless, on the verge of giving up on his acting career because he was failing miserabley at it, living out of his car at times, and unsure of where his next meal would come from. Now (soley because of the fans that he is “numb” to) he’s a multi-millionaire, rubbing elbows with Oscar-winning actors, able to buy, visit, or do almost anything he wants….yet it’s like pulling teeth to get him to give his fans the time of day. Look, I really don’t want to bum anybody out here or upset any of his fans— not only am I a fan of RP’s, but I live right here in Chattanooga, less than 20 minutes away from where he’s supposed to be shooting Monday….but I just had to voice my opinion about what seems to be his total annoyance with his fan base. Like I said, leave the man alone and allow him some privacy at his hotel because everyone(no matter how famous you are) deserves time to rest and relax. But if anyone out there has serious ties to RP or is entourage, you should remind him that he “is where he is” because of our undying support and devotion to him! While he is on set, we deserve more than just a fleeting glimpse of him through a rolled up window of an SUV!!! I know that some fans (with children in tow) have traveled for hours and have been here (under some very uncomfortable conditions) for days on end just to catch a quick photo of him…and have walked away saddened and disappointed. With a little mutual respect on both sides of the spectrum, maybe everyone can get what they came here for —(photo op’s from the set for the fans) and a little privacy and peace and quiet for Rob( from those that have been staking out his hotel). Sounds like a plan to me.

    • I don’t know if you’re realizing it. But he’s working. He’s tired. He doesn’t owe you anything. If you want him to wave at you. Buy a cardboard cutout and make that work for you. You can’t pretend that you see the other side by saying ‘leave him alone’ and saying on the other hand, he’s ungrateful and should do everything you demand of him. He’s not a performing monkey. It’s not his fault his crazed fans traveled to his place of work and foolishly waited hours just to get a glimpse of him. He doesn’t owe you anything.

      • Hey there, I want to say that I agree with Susan. Young Mr. Pattinson doesn’t “owe” anyone anything. I live 3 1/2 hours away and some friends and I drove down to see if there was a chance that we might get to see him or any part of the movie being filmed. I’ve read the book and have recently become a young Mr. Pattinson fan so I thought it would be fun – since it was only 3/12 hours away

        My friends and I went to many of the sites that have been or are going to be involved in the film. We stopped at the house on W Cove Road in Chickamauga GA and took pictures. Ok, so I did go to the place he was reported to be staying, got some Starbucks Coffee, and visited with some folks but we only stayed about 45 minutes (I feel like I owe him an apology). BUT we then went to the museum and saw the train cars that were being made up with “Benzini Brothers Circus” on them, went by the Chattanooga Hotel then drove around the fine City of Chattanooga to check out some other sites… Finally – we did see Rob Pattinson – only as Edward in Eclipse (smiles) at the movies.

        We ended our day realizing that we had this great adventure in seeing parts of the movie that he will be in “Water For Elephants”. Can you say FUN scrapbook pages… AND in April of next year when the movie comes out we will be standing in line to see the movie, we will want to see what parts made it to the theater… and to add a few pictures to the scrapbook!

        I think that I also realized that I am a big enough fan that just popping a picture or screaming after him isn’t how I would want him to see me…

        So, I remain this huge fan! Who is thankful to the production company for choosing the area to film in and to young Mr. Pattinson for coming to the area. I had a MOST FABULOUS WEEKEND… all without even seeing him one time!

        • Hey, I feel the same way as you do. I want to see the set up of the filming, the action moments, props, etc. just to put it for scrapbooking & saying I was part of that moment when I see the movie. I’ve been to see the Benzini Train Cars & even have pics of me and my friend sitting in the seats on the train cars. I did see the set up crew today at the train making it look older-that was nice. I am hoping to go tomorrow to see some action shots. I actually didn’t go to the house (wish I did) but I didn’t. I’m glad you ladies had a great time.

  167. Is Rob filming at the Chattanooga choo choo on Monday? If so, does anyone know what time? Anyone who has any info please let me know! I’m not a crazy stalker I would just like to see him in person. That would be amazing!
    Thanks 🙂

  168. Anyone know where or what time filming on Monday? I live in Chattanooga but dont want to drive around in the heat with 6 kids unless I know where he is going to be. I have 3 kids that would die to see him. please email me

  169. I’m sorry that you haven’t seen Rob or met him but in all honesty he is there to work. He didn’t have a meen n greet for Remember Me in NY, Bel Ami in London or Hungary or any of the Twilight movies in Vancouver during filming, so why should Georgia be any different?You are a fan of his at your own risk and you are free to stop being a fan if u so wish to do so. He doesn’t know us from Adam …or Eve and to him we are people that just like him and support him. I don’t know if “numb” is the correct word but we are not personal to him like his family and friends. Fans should not make the mistake of thinking Rob is their friend because he is NOT. He does appreciate his fans but there is a time and a place for these activities.

  170. Why doesn’t everyone just give the guy abreak and leave him alone… I wouldnt blame him if he never wanted to return to the area the way you people act…He’s a person and needs privacy like the rest of say you’re not stalkers but you are. Give him a break and stop. You are all giving Chattanoogans and Fans a bad reputation. LEAVE HIM ALONE!

  171. wow! everyone needs to calm down a bit. no one is talking about stalking his hotel room or anything… i think a lot of us are just wondering where he is filming and things of that nature. if we visit a set, we are not even going to be talking to him, so we are not invading his personal time/space. even if i saw him out, i wouldn’t go up to him or bother him, it would be just fun to catch a glimpse.

  172. I have been out and about, as a Rob fan, and just as a person who lives in Chattanooga and spends alot of time downtown. It doesnt seem like it has been that bad. I have seen rioting crowds or crazy mobs. I just really hope nobody has came up to him, and bothered him.

    I have been weighing back and forth, should i go looking or not. On one hand, I hate the whole paparattzi thing, the invasion of privacy and the starstruck mentality. On the other hand, Rob is one of the only celebs I really admire enough that I would bother to want to see, and I would never ever walk up to him or be intrusive.
    Where is the line between being a nuisance and just being a harmless curious fan?

  173. Does anyone know where they r filming 2moro and when??? (monday, august 2) i really need to know this. PLEASE PLEASE tell me if u have any info!!!!! please!!!

  174. I rarely use this site any more, but i still get comments to my email and bring my butt over here when something catches my eye. I would like to say, that to all you “fan” haters, talking bout ppl stalking him and LEAVE him alone. Might i say that your a little out of line. And that cast and crew and this is including Rob, have said that the ga and tn fans have been amazing, AND respectful. I highly doubt anyone has given any fans or “chattanoogans” a bad name. While I do agree he is human, and deserves privacy, he is also well aware of his celebrity, I wonder what he would think if all his fans stopped showing him love/support. I do not agree with stalkin his hotel room and stuff like that, but this is a HUGE deal for many in this area, not sumthing that happens every day, OF COURSE their curious, not to mention one of the biggest celebs on the planet being right here in our hometowns. How do you expect ppl to act??? I also highly doubt any fan thinks rob is their fan, they honestly for the most part, just want an autograph or a chance to see the man. And while he may not owe his fans tons of affection etc etc, his fans make him who is his. Now this does not mean he is supposed to jump when fans say jump, but a lil fan love here and there doesnt hurt. And he has showed his fan love, just not all fans got the pleasure of being involved. He was very friendly at CBC and talked to fans. As i have said before, i agree he needs privacy AND RESPECT, but i also see the disappointed fans points, bc they do go through a lot to possibly see him. Hes gorgeous and amazingly talented, in many ways, of course he is adored, and yes ppl want to see him. So for people hating on him bc he didnt show you love, remember he is busy and he does appreciate you, without you he wouldnt get those pay checks. AND for those bitching out fans bc they are FANS and they are excited that this is happening here of all places, your a lil over the top and while you may be right about some things, your opinions are exactly what they are. OPINIONS. and guess what, opinions are like a$$holes… everybody has them! That is my piece, and I could care less who i make angry, THIS IS MY OPINION ABOUT YOUR OPINION.

  175. Wow guys…you have been all over the place today! I really wanted to write to you guys tonight and let you know how amazing this town is! So much different than home, everyone has been so nice. Checked out shopping yesterday and found some really cool stuff at Warehouse Row. Went for a run this morning, had to do it early just to breathe, this is such a cute city.

    Enough about me…not my movie…after reading the comments from today I am going to address a couple of things. Again, I can give you a first hand look at what this “job” is like and how demanding it is…no one asked for my comments so if you don’t like them its totally fine!

    Rob had a much needed day off…day off as in he didn’t shoot yesterday. After the last month, I am sure he needed it. Please keep in mind that for the most part he has not had a break since filming started. He wrapped in California, and came straight to Tennessee. Working 15 hour days, day in and day out has it toll on everyone. This is a stressful job, that requires a lot…yes, we all know that going into it…we all sign the dotted line and pray for our bodies to hold us up. It is also a very rewarding job, we love that we have devoted fans that wake up in the wee hours of the morning to come see us, stay out in 100 degree temps and drive 15 miles to pee…seriously girls, I would of gone in the bushes! With that said, production is just that…not fan meet and greets, not press tours…its production! Production is long hours, making sure eveything is perfect, keeping yourself in check, and creating the films that make you want to watch them. There is a time and place for everything…along with the people to get us through every minute, every step of the way. Production schedules are always tight…every minute is scheduled and when you are filming on an on location set, its even more! Lighting is everything!

    While I know that most of you think he could of waved, he could of stopped just 1 minute, he could of…it goes on and on and it is never enough. If he would of smiled you would of asked why he didn’t stop, if he would of taken pictures, some would of been upset that he had to leave and they didn’t get a photo. Like I said it goes on and on, we never like to make our fans angry, we want to make them happy, which means that we want you all to get photo’s, autographs, or whatever else you want. To do this it must be scheduled! Please understand that!

    For those of you who have made the comments on Rob being ungreatful…really…I doubt you would ever say that to his face! He is the sweetest, most greatful person I have ever meet. To the person who went back to Rob’s past…and you wonder why he does the things he does??? Again, would you say that to his face, if so I would love to see that one! He is human, he has feelings, and you really need to check yourself for even taking the time to write such a thing and post it for everyone to see. Did you ever stop and think that he very much appreciates everything and that it just might be a little sureal at times? Rob is a very private person and for good reason…a little shy, very smart, and extremely talented…in more than just making movies! So by posting that I hope you feel better about yourself because half of Hollywood would take it as a big insult! You have no idea what it takes to get anywhere in this business…because if you did you would realize that all of us at one time or another were right there with him.

    Ok, enough about that! Tomorrow is the last day of filming and I hope that you all get what you came for! Know that you are seeing a part of history in the making as I know the film is going to be amazing! The experiences that some of you have written about will be memories long after the DVD is released. I speak for all of Hollywood when I say that we appreciate you all…for those of you who are with us through thick and thin, good times or bad, meet and greets or not…we love ya!

  176. I would like to make something very clear….We have loved Chattanooga! Everyone here has been nothing but wonderful to us the whole time. We are very much used to the Hollywood craziness, and this has been a great break from that. The ONLY reason I am even on here…in the beginning honestly, I was just on here reading comments because you guys were such committed fans. We always laugh at how everything starts out being so hush, hush and within days it leaks…we have gotten so used to it, it like a game! Who is going to leak what, and how many different stories will come out of it? I must say of all the ones on here, the one of him leaving for lunch and going to The Blue Plate was my favorite! That was funny!

    So I made comments because I knew no one else would…I get how you guys feel, and I didn’t think it was fair to you or to Rob for you guys to feel the way that you did. If you still feel that way after you read my post, I am sorry and I just hope that you will change your mind. Rob is a great person, and I hate that anyone would view him any other way!

    • It would take a LOT more than him not waving at me to make me think he was awful. There are so many things about him i adore, i not only love his movies, but i love his music as well. I think he is amazingly talented and very original. My personal flaw, not his, my own, is that I guess I had high hopes to get an autograph. I did try, but i was respectful of his boundaries, i was very close to him friday ( im friends with a land owner and got to stand with her for about 10 minutes close to the back of the set) he was taking a break from filming and got some water, I admit i froze up a bit, but i had the perfect opportunity to ask for a pic or autograph and i thought better of it. I admit, now i wish i had, bc i will never have that chance again 🙁 Im a small town girl, i dont get out of my house much, so I doubt ill ever be that close to him again. I think for the most part, it is wishful thinking for the fans, and they get high hopes bc he is so close. I’ll admit myself, that I have been pretty sad I havent got to meet him when others have, I lost my job in the process of watching filming (long story) and i guess I had hoped a little too much that I would get to tell him how amazing i think he is, and how much we all appreciate him coming here and showing what love he could to the fans. Since i will never have that chance, will you please tell him that Nicole from GA wishes she could have met him, I hope he enjoyed west cove, i grew up on that street and it is beautiful, and that regardless what some have said about his character, I dont believe to be true. I was on west cove for 17 hours and spent all day in tn, I have been through a lot (which is my doing) to catch what little i have, and i will never forget it. I have amazing memories, whether I met him or not. I wont be bitter, maybe sad only bc i was so close and i didnt want to disturb him. Hes amazing, and I cannot wait for the movie. I also hope this movie shows the non rob fans that he is talented, and deserves all the support and love he gets from his fans. Sorry I wrote a novel, once i start i cant stop lol.

      • I’m sorry about your job. Believe me if I was young living at home with my mom I would of stayed in Chatt and called into work. Hey, I plan on going to the Nashville Convention this March. I’ve never been and I think we would have a blast!

        P.S. Its makeitreal’s fault that I’m using explanation points!!!

        • lol.. its times like this i miss living with my parents. too bad im too old now LOL. my job wasnt a big deal, i gave notice i would be taking friday off and they said it was okay, next thing i know i get a call saying they could cover me and i was fired. i was like whaaaa?? Ive never been either, and if i have the money i think it would be great to go and meet more people! you can keep in touch with me thru email, ill give u my myspace/facebook info on there if u dont already have it my email is ttys! and lol @ the exclamation points!!!!!!!! i think makeitreal just likes to get her point across, i like to use them too!!!! lol. sometimes it is necessary! 🙂

          • I don’t have your FB info, but I will email you tomorrow with mine. I have to reconnect it. Did I miss where makeitreal is a girl???

            • oh no lol.. i was just assuming and i didnt want to call her/him an it, thought it would be disrespectful or something.

  177. Rob working on fan mail in his spare time…I am sorry, can’t help you on that one. For most of us, we had a management company that handles all fan mail. Depending on schedules we meet with our fan club peeps and work on as much as we can when we can. Some months are better than others. We really try very hard to keep up but sometimes its impossible! (BTW, not a clue, I just like explanation points!!) Not sure how he does.his, but if you can call or email someone there I am sure they would help you!!

    • makeitreal,
      I know in the beginning Rob said in an interview he goes thru his own mail. Then I heard his sister and aunt goes thru it for him. I knew it was a long shot when I sent it. His too DAMN famous!!! Oh, I wasn’t sure if you read my comment directed towards you that I wrote last night. I was feeling a little defensive. Also, you didn’t say nah or yay on Christoph Waltz or Kristen S. as likely prospects.

      • kim is now on a mission to figure out your true identity lol… its entertaining. kina got me curious now kim!!! lol

    • I am sorry I got to thinking after and no it does not matter who you are and my sorry if your cover is not safe.I hope Rob like it here in Chattanooga and had a great time.I would love for us to chat private that is why i wish you would email me but I understand if you is

  178. Thought I’d post a thank you to makeit real. And let you all know that my 86 year old Grammie drove by the WCR site, hilarious!! Of course she was with her friend and her friends grandaughter, I love it. My Grammie read the book last year, she told me today she’ll have to read it again (she’s forgotten all the details). Hopefully we can see the movie together when it comes out in 2011.
    I’m also glad to hear Rob is enjoying the area. I stayed away from the WCR site on shooting days cause I knew I’d be disappointed, not his fault. I think the biggest thrill for me was locating the house! Big fun! I’m glad there has been so much positive communication on this site, and am sad to see the claws and fangs come out of some folks.
    I hope everyone, and I mean everyone, has a great day tomorrow.
    Goodnight from Chickamauga, GA.

  179. makeitreal
    Before I left Chatt I made my last stop at the Chattanooga Choo Choo and took a pic of a trailer that said Star Wagon. Please tell me it is what I think it is.

  180. west cove raised23,
    I’m running on fumes…I also have to get up in 3 1/2 hours to get ready for work. I rode on the back of a Harley Davidson to Chatt and back so my body is a little sore. Hopefully makeitreal will come back and give us some more hints. I love a good mystery!!! and wouldn’t mind sending another fan letter. h ehehehe! Good Night- N.S. , makeitreal, Rob, and Chatt (had a blast this weekend)!

    • gnight hun, good luck with the mystery lol perhaps when they leave the area he/she will tell you who they are. would be funny if it was rob. bless his heart! I hope he enjoyed chatt and ga enough to visit again in the future under the radar so he can really see some things w/o being chased. or maybe come for a signing since his fans behaved? (hint hint makeitreal 🙂 Im sad to see them go, but im happy i was some what apart of it all!

  181. I think this post has valid points and deserves a repost for any who may have missed it. I wondered the same thing myself, especially when i was so close to him. it was like take advantage of being so close to him and as for an autograph OR respect him and be quiet. I chose the latter of course, but i wonder how long i will kick myself in the butt for being mature and responsible. anyway here is the post. Thank you Jack, i think you worded it perfectly. *****************Author: jack
    I have been out and about, as a Rob fan, and just as a person who lives in Chattanooga and spends alot of time downtown. It doesnt seem like it has been that bad. I have seen rioting crowds or crazy mobs. I just really hope nobody has came up to him, and bothered him.

    I have been weighing back and forth, should i go looking or not. On one hand, I hate the whole paparattzi thing, the invasion of privacy and the starstruck mentality. On the other hand, Rob is one of the only celebs I really admire enough that I would bother to want to see, and I would never ever walk up to him or be intrusive.
    Where is the line between being a nuisance and just being a harmless curious fan?

  182. I’ve enjoyed reading your comments makeitreal. Good to hear you have enjoyed our southern hospitality and that everyone has been friendly and in control (for the most part 🙂 I agree with you on Rob deserving a few days off … I hope he was able to enjoy his downtime the last few days. I do have a suggestion…Nashville is only 2 1/2 hours away…I think it would be great for him to come here and hang out/unwind…listen to some great music …and maybe even pick up the guitar and play a few of his songs. Maybe Reese could hook him up with TBone and he could do alittle recording too. I realize he is working right now but just a suggestion if he ever makes it back this way again. Thanks again for your comments.. Hope your Monday goes smoothly 🙂

  183. Rob is not ungreatful to his fans. He’s just going through a lot right now. He had a run in with the papparozzi on the 27th of july.. They wouldn’t leave him alone, even when the police was called. It would be hard to be so famous. Here’s the video with him and the papparozzi.

    • I just saw that video, that really upset me i cannot imagine being surrounded but the papparazzi all the time there should be a law against that crap. I just wanted to reach in there and whoop someone, it was so sad. This truly has been a expierence having Robert & the Crew here. We did see him the other nite and he tipped his hat and smiled and that will prolly be the highlight of my summer and a few others ladies , it was great. But i hope that they get a reign on the papparazzi and get them under control they have already caused a lot of nice peole to snap and even in the Princess Diana case caused them to wreck killing her. Hope everyone has a awsome day : )

  184. @ Makeitreal. Thank you so much for all the Info you have shared. Really wanted to close to set today, however my job doesn’t consider Rob shooting a movie a holiday(I do). I get off work at 5 and I’m about a 30 minute drive would it be a waste of my time driving up? I only ask because I have spent so much money in gas already as I’m sure everyone has. Any info you can share would be helpful. You email me at I’m just wondering if shooting will be done and Rob already gone. I hope all gies well for your Monday. My daughter and I watched setup yesturday until dark. It all been great.

  185. I have the same question as Candie. Does anyone know anything about today’s schedule? Please email me ( any info. Thx

    • I believe they are filming somewhere on Tunnel Blvd. near TN Valley Railroad Museum. on the train tracks. They have the roads closed with police officers and security. Maybe you can park somewhere near Tunnel Blvd. and walk. Good luck on getting thru if you go!

  186. I have loved reading this site….I check it daily. I was hoping to come down and see what was going on but from the sounds of it I should just stay in Nashville. I am not off until tomorrow and it sounds like for the most part filming with Rob will be rapped up. Makeitreal I have loved reading your post. I have worked with a radio station and been around many artist and threw talking with them can understand a little of how you guys feel when you are working. Wanting to give to the fans but also knowing you have a job to do. Just checking in here you did not have to do but yet you still did. Awesome, I would love to know who you are because that just makes me respect you so much more. Anyways I am going to be late to work once again because I wanted to read what was was going on. If anyone is on Twitter will you please update me as the day goes on. I still might come down if it will be worth it… twitter name is AmandaJoG

    • Amanda,
      I wanted to tell you how very sorry I am that you thought the post about twitter was from me. It was not, I do not have a twitter account…at least not a real one…and I never will. I am so glad you have enjoyed my comments. I have really enjoyed all of you over the last couple of days!

      Peace, Love, and Happiness,

  187. I think it is great that they chose to shoot part of WFE in the Chatt area. I had heard that they were trying to make Chatt into a film town like Savannah. I really hope the crew & Rob enjoyed there short trip to the South. I went to West Cove on friday for a few hours but I couldn’t see anything because of the trees. I went this morning and didn’t see any crew or trailors around. I hope they will be there this afternoon when I get off of work. I keep hoping that I will have a Rob sighting. Even if I don’t I have had fun going to the sets and checking things out. I think it is cool they they are letting the fans get as close as we did on friday. I had expected for the whole road to be blocked off. I hope Rob and the film crew comes back to Chatt soon! I hope they got some milkshakes from Steak-n-Shake before they left!!!

  188. If they were not there this morning, I wonder if they are done… I have also had fun just checking out the sets. I would not mind at all to see Robert. NOT AT ALL!!!!!!! But reality is chances are slim. Robert if you read this or if anyone reading this talks to Robert, Please let him know we have enjoyed having him in the TN valley and hope he returns soon.

  189. Just got text from daughter, friend and her mother they just saw Rob filming on Tunnel Blvd. near train tracks. I posted earlier. Wasn’t sure if everybody seen it. Good luck. Tunnel Blvd is closed. There are police officers and security. You can park and walk up. My daughter sent me photo (very close of set & trailer) just a few minutes ago.

  190. Okay…after reading tons of stuff about Robs visit to Chatt-town, I would like to say several things. I have a daughter 13 yrs old) like many who adores Rob. In her eyes no one even compares to him. I took her all around the sites this weekend and spent most of the day in chickamauga friday. She has had alot of things bothering her lately and I knew it would cheer her up a whole lot. As we all know this was an experiencing none of us really ever get the chance to take on. Unfortunately we didn’t even get a glimpse of him. She was left teary eyed and disappointed. So ofcourse I’m a lil upset that we didn’t get to at least see him! She would have been happy with only that. LOL I have tried to build her spirits in the fact that just being around the sets and right there were he was is amazing in itself too. Hopefully she will eventually realize that. Thanks to who ever found us down here in the south cuz its nice to be recognized for something big like this! oh and 1 more thing to Rob… are cute and all and my daughter is crazy bout you but as a MOM omg your crew guys where freakin hot as heck! LOL I was excited when I got pics of them!! Several cutie pututies!!!! mwah!

  191. Hey guys! I hope you all have had a fun day here in Chattanooga. Don’t have a ton of time but I wanted to get back to some of you on your request to email me. While I have no problem with it, my agent doesn’ t think its a good idea…sorry! However, she was able to come up with a Plan B, she always does that and that’s why I love her! She has set up a twitter page, I believe it is already up. Now, with that said, if you are a hater and you have issues…don’t waste my time or yours! If you are a lover and just have questions look me up at, Insideklizworld, and we can chat there. It is a private chat so you have to let me know who you are. As for as who I am…I am Kliz, lets just leave it at that. I am happy to answer any questions that you have, within reason, and if I know the answer of course! I think this is a really cool idea that my agent came up with and I look forward to talk to each of you soon!

    Now back to the big top!

    • makeitreal
      I’m a little suspicous ‘kliz’, but I will play. Your not using as many explanation points today!!!
      Well I thought I had figured it out today, but now you have me really confused. I thought it would be cool if you was Frances Lawerence. I guess it doesn’t matter. Its hard to believe anybody on these web sites, but you are fun to talk with whoever you are. Unfortunately, I’m not a tweeter.

      • was looking for you on twitter but your not on there yet….I posted my twitter name so when the account is up fee l free to tweet me ;0) I’ll add it again just in case its AmandaJoG

    • I went on twitter but there is no account under that name so when you get it up could you tweet me my twitter account is also private it is dashoundpeanut.

  192. You girls are So freakin funny!!! That Rob is a Cutie! I grew up on west cove rd. and NOTHING ever happened out here. For our beautiful area to be in a movie, I was beyond Excited. I was one of the old ladies down watching the filming, catching up with old school friends ….. When we were young we couldn’t get friends to give us a ride home after high school, so this was our little payback for living “out in east bubble”. We are glad we got to share our little piece of Heaven with some Hollywood folks and when the movie comes out the world…… FYI The garbage left on wcr was a slap in our face. You kids know better!

  193. Just a word of caution to some of you. Makeitreal may have had some inside info and made really valid points, but I would not assume this is Rob or anyone near him. I can assure you that Rob and his team have much more pressing issues to attend to than to set up a chat room with fans to address questions/concerns. And a second possibility is that the original makeitreal was a legit individual and someone has decided to “copycat” this person for the attention.

    And makeitreal, if you are indeed a Rob insider and you are taking this much time to interact with fans, I apologize for being skeptical, but I am sure you can see how this looks questionable, right? I just hate to see people being duped. Just proceed with caution, folks.

  194. Oh, I also wanted to say to you locals that I was on set Friday only briefly at different times throughout the day, and I really enjoyed meeting the folks I was able to chat with. I can see that the West Cove residents are a very gracious bunch, and thanks for being so welcoming to those from out of town. And shame on those who left behind a mess. I cannot wait to see this film and remember the few moments I shared in beautiful North Georgia.

  195. I really wish I could have come out to meet with everyone. I had other things to take care of. I have enjoyed reading all about everyones experience.

  196. Well my mind has been made up for me and I will not be heading to Chatt tomorrow……I was asked if I wanted an extra shift at work and as much as I would love to see Rob, I love over time more HAHAHA. I do work at a major airport though so maybe I will be luck just being at work.

    • I was wondering the same thing. Didn’t want to stalk just want to see before he leaves this wonderful little town 🙂

  197. The person posting as makeitreal has been the same person, or at least someone that knows makeitreal’s email address. The patchwork icon by your name is an image based on an MD5 hash of your e-mail. Therefore only someone that knows keepitreal’s email address would have this icon.

    If you’re wondering about extracting homeslice’s e-mail from this image now, it can most certainly be done. There’s a supercomputer at Oak Ridge National Laboratory that can do it in a reasonable amount of time, named Jaguar. You’ll have to take out a few armed guards or get an NSF grant… not sure which is harder.

    I hope you movie folk enjoyed some of what Chattanooga has to offer and decide to come back in the future. I know you couldn’t possibly have seen it all in such a short period of time.

  198. Hey guys! This will be my last post after what has happened today! This morning, I never have time to post anything in the morning, someone on this site, somehow, got my email address. Not only did they post a very boggus post…they also set up a twitter account. Just for the record, I do not even have a twitter account….and for this very reason! This afternoon during lunch I checked my email to find all this crap in it, because I have clearly been busy all day I had someone look into it. 4 hours later and no telling what this person has done with information that is none of their business…all is fine, at least for now! I stress that the only reason I even sent my first post was to let you guys know that we really do care. There I said it again, and I am now done! I have really enjoyed being in the south and I appreciate everyone support while we have been here. Today was my last day here, not the last day of filming…sorry when I wrote that I forgot that you guys care about the film…not if I am here or not! You are without a doubt, minus one person, the best fans ever. I heard countless people say that no matter what this film would suceed, not because of the story but because Robert Pattinson was one of the leads. Who knows if that is true or not, one thing that is very true is that he without a doubt has one of the most loyal fan bases around, you guys are amazing! I leave you with this final thought…”When I wake in the morning I am me, by the end of the day I have turned my thoughts, my emotions, and my being into someone else…it is this person that I am judge for the most, and at the end of the day she must rest knowing that she did her very best.”

    Peace, Love, and Happiness,

    • Sorry to hear that people need to learn to stop stealing peoples account its not right.Hope you had a great time in Chattanooga,tn.cant wait till the movie comes out.

  199. I just wanted to say that this has all been a blast!I have enjoyed following everyone’s posts for the past week and a half.I didn’t make it to the WCR site, but when I heard about the railroad site I couldn’t resist (too close!).My friend, myself, and her daughter went out to the museum at 5:45 this morning and saw the complete train before and while it was leaving the station.Then, when we realized that filming would be elsewhere, we drove around asking questions and using our best detective skills, we finally found the set.We watched as he got in and out of his suv as he came back and forth from the train, and as he drove by each time, we could see him just 6 ft. In front of us!I would have LOVED to meet him as much as anyone, but I am THRILLED that we even found the set and were able to see him from a distance!Just seeing all of the trailers,caterers,horses, and train cars was fun in and of itself.I had never heard of the book before the movie and Rob’s association with it, but am now looking forward to reading it, and can’t wait to see the movie!Thank you sooo much for including Chattanooga in your film if anyone is listening!We will cherish the memories!

  200. BC-

    Let me know what post it is and I can delete it, sorry you had a problem. (

    And just as an FYI to everyone, I try to discourage people from leaving their email addresses on the site, unfortunately a lot of people end up getting spam, solicitations from other sites, and other garbage – if you need to swap emails – you can email me and I can do it for you too.

    Is there one more day tomorrow or was today it, I thought I read somewhere they added a day for the shoot and they would be at the museum…any ideas?

    • Christine
      I was part of a web site not to long ago and someone started impersonating several people on there and it really got crazy. The admin had to come on and some how he tracked it to the person and blocked them. No more problems. I’m not sure if I should mention the site, but if you ask I shall tell. The reason I brought this up because chattabox just said that this was not the real makeitreal.

  201. I was just told I need to explain how someone got into my email address…it was no fault of onlocationvacations! It was totally my fault! Whenever anyone replies we all get emails…one email I got I responded from that email and not from this web site. Not even thinking about it, that person…and you totally know who you are…got my email address and then the post showed up. Now, I have no proof that this is actually what happened but I find it a little strange that they were asking me questions that are none of their business and I didn’t answer them. They also told me that I needed to set up a twitter account that was more private so that I could still share information even after the film wrapped. I of course said no, and that’s when the post on here showed up. So I just wanted everyone to know that it is no fault of this web site and all of your information is safe…unless your stupid like me!!

      • makeitreal
        I know you are not going to respond anymore, but I needed to let you know I really liked what you said.

        ”When I wake in the morning I am me, by the end of the day I have turned my thoughts, my emotions, and my being into someone else…it is this person that I am judge for the most, and at the end of the day she must rest knowing that she did her very best.”

      • It doesn’t make sense to me i think im more confused lol. I just hope Rob had a good time here and Chattanooga can be a safe haven for him to come back to sometime to get away from the Hollywood madness! 🙂

  202. Just wanted to say one more thing just in case Makeitreal happens to look once more: I am sooo sorry that your kindness was taken asdvantage of!The rest of us truly appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts with us.This whole thing made me feel like a kid again!Thanks for being a part of that! 🙂

      • Hey guys! You are so welcome!!! Me too…I had so much fun. Like I said in an earlier post. This really started out as a fun thing me and my girlfriend looked at, as she was already looking at it and posting before I ever got here. It is so much fun to interact with you guys because we really never get to…not like this! I appreciate all your kind words! I hope you had as much fun as me and my friend Stac did.

  203. Will WFE be filming anywhere else and where and when? I love love LOVE Rob…and it’d be cool to see a real-life movie set, like an ACTUAL one! I’ve always had aspirations to be an actress…since second grade. If anyone has deets, email me at

  204. I agree with StephR, this has been a blast!
    Thank you Christine for setting up this site.
    BC/makeitrealnk-It has been fun to hear your point of view, thanks for filling us in.
    I can’t wait to see the movie.

  205. The real makeitreal is someone named “Stacey Roach” who was in town on business. Not associated with the movie at all. I hope this Stacey Roach is not the person running for the Hamilton County board of education for the sake of my children… I would hope our school board members have more important things to do than pretend to work at movie studios.

    • Chattabox…wow, you are good! No, its not the same Stacey Roach at all. The Stacey Roach that you are refering to is a dear friend of mine who was the person who turned me on to olv. in the first place. She was indeed on town for business…I am not going to say what her business is because I think already you saying her name to everyone was a bit much! You are correct she had nothing to do with the movie at all, she was however there with me…but please people leave her alone!

      I am thinking you found this out through the email little picture things?? We used her email address because I did not want to use mine to link back to me…because I was trying to stay, I don’t know…Private! We have been viewing your chats all weekend and thought they were so cool, and thought you guys would at some point find Rob. It was all for fun…then when people started bashing him, and being mean that’s when I sent my first post. No P.R. anything is going to respond to anything that was said…I just felt someone should. I never thought I would ever send anything past my first post. You guys are just so amazing!

      So Chattbox…whomever you may be you might of found out who my best friend is…but I have gone to great lengths so that you will never find out who I am…and for good reason! Figure it out for yourself!

      I had so much fun over the last couple of days guys! Seriously, everything was all in fun and I hope you guys enjoy the movie!

  206. I had a great time at the film set tonight!!! I went there scrubs and all and hung around until it was over with. On the way there I past up the parking by accident and drove right past Rob standing in the bridge!!!! Afterwards I parked and joined the rest of the ladies. It was awesome to be so close as Rob drove by. I noticed that he always set on the side of the car that was closest to the fans. I thought that was really sweet! Then when he left he rolled down the window and waved at everyone one (like everyone was whining about). I’m gonna complain about not getting a hug… do you think it will happen tomorrow : ))
    Thanks again to Rob & the crew for letting us be so close today. My heart fluttered every time I saw Rob!!!!

  207. Chattabox…sorry, you are confused but it is very much me! StephR…thank you I appreciate that! As for those of you who are confused about how my email was leaked…when you respond to an email address the person on the other end then has your email….seriously why am I explain that, you guys see Rob and the whole world knows! Lol That is how she got my email address…and I can only say that had it not been for my super hero tech guy today she would have gotten a whole lot more. Which if you think about it…was the whole reason I was on here to begin with…privacy! Whatever, it so does matter as she got a nice little email and what do you know we haven’t heard from her since.

    To olv….the post that you emailed me about was I believe 61…sorry I am replying on my phone because we are driving to Nashville to head back to L.A. in the morning. Just for the record, Rob is not with me…I have no idea where he is!

    I had to laugh at the post that thought I might be Rob…now that would have been really funny!

    I wasn’t able to look at the Twitter account because its blocked, I did however send a message to them to take it down! They have already told me it would be down by the end of the night. Please do not put any information on there!

    On a lighter note…the mountain we had to drive over, or around, or whatever you would call it was insane…how in the world do you guys do that everyday?

    We are now back in Nashville at a cute hotel…it had some crayon dress that I would love to take home! Tennessee is a really cool place!

    Peace, Love, and Happiness,

    BTW…the nk on my last post after makeitreal was me trying to you this way to small touch screen…sorry, promise guys its the real me! For the person talking about the email decoder…ok, you scare me just a bit with knowing that much about that, I thought it was some cute shape! I am responding from a different email address…on purpose!

    • They have not tweeted yet, they added me WAY earlier today but still have not accepted my follow. I got so confused I made sure to stop the follow request. I was wondering why they were posting so much today on your name…..I was thinking if you were on set that you wouldn’t really have time to be on the computer….I know its alot of hurry up and wait as I was an extra in a movie but still no electronic devises were alound on set. Hope you get to do some fun stuff in Nashville tonight and who knows you might see me at the airport tomorrow (no I will not be there trying to see anyone, I work there HAHAHA, come down to the rental car area and that is where I will be.)

      • Amanda,

        Yeah…no phones allowed! There is too big of a risk, they can ring while we are shooting. Plus they are too easy to get involved with and you don’t want to put them down. We usually just take books and read those. By the end of production you are finished! You seem like a really sweet girl. They actually took our van back tonight, we leave early in the morning and the hotel has a shuttle. We didn’t allow anytime to stay here and do anything…I hate that. We did go to the Jack Daniels place and that was really cool. Had the house on WCR not been way out in the middle of no where I would have said that Jack Daniels was. It was really cool there, it amazed me how they make that stuff!

        I must say you guys have some really cool hotels here. We drove by Opryland because I had never been there before and someone had told me that you could go anytime of the day…when we got there it was closed due to the flood you guys had. Being on the west coast we never hear about that stuff…so to all the Nashville fans I hope everyone is ok. It looks like it was really bad! I think every town has there disasters…for us its fires and earthquakes!

          • We didn’t go to George Dickel because we didn’t have time…it took us a while to go through Jack Daniel’s. Then we ate at this really cool place that was a house…or used to be. But, yes, we all did and we all coughed are heads off…that stuff is strong! After we left there we went to the little town and I shopped…I like to get something cool at all the places we go. So, I really wanted to buy one of those barrel things…didn’t work out to well because I was going to have to have it shipped…plus, I live in California, no one has a yard there!

            I did see that the town has a very small population…do people just live there to work at the whiskey places? I would move there! The one thing a lot of us commented about while in Chattanooga is how clean the air is and how much easier it is to breathe! You would be amazed…you guys take it for granted!

            • Hahaha huffing that whiskey can sure take your breath away! I grew up 45 min south of there. I really hope you bought some Jack Daniels Fudge while you were there.. it is so yummy. You could of used the barrel as a side table! Most of the people that live there either work for Jack Daniels, own one of the tourist shops, are farmers, or they commute to Tullahoma & Fayetteville to work. I love that fact that I live in an area where I can breath… BUT allergy season can be bad but I will take it over smog any day. Hope you get to come back to Tn soon!

        • The flooding was pretty bad. We had 18 inches of rain in 48 hours. The last time it was this bad was 30 years ago. I just moved down here in October from Colorado so I have seen my share of blizzards and this was by far the worst thing I have ever seen. Its really sad that we got no media attention from it. The city really pulled together to help re-build it but there is still alot that needs to be done. Inside Opryland there was 13 feet of water. They are thinking it will re-open right before Thanksgiving.

          I saw in a post you asked about the funny building downtown. That is the AT&T building and it is called the Batman building. Don’t know why they built it that way but it seems to be a reference point for tourist (just meet at the batman building).

          I wish Rob would do more music. Its so relaxing to just listen to him sing. I would love for him to release a CD.

  208. Dear Makeitreal,

    That super mountain in Monteagle and I make atleast 2 trips over it every month. I grew up in the valley there. Just a few exits down is where Bonnaroo happens at. Glad to hear you made it back to Nashville safe!

    • You guys are good…I seriously have never heard of those things. I am not very techy! That is interesting…she or he was really quick to call me out. When I said from the beginning I would not say who I was…again, for good reason! Plus, it does matter. We are all on here to have fun…she just took it a little far. My poor girlfriend! I am going to be making up for this one for a while!!

        • Yes…I did all the post last night. Were you the one that asked me if I was Christoph or Kristen?

          Yes…it was me. The craziness did not start until this morning. Like I said earlier, I used my girlfriend address, mine is a little too close to my name and I didn’t even want to go there. Plus she was already on here. Little did I know that someone was going to figure it out and tell everyone who my girlfriend is!

          I did think it was funny that you thought I was Christoph. Kristen, yeah…I wish! Don’t we all!!! Just because I am on this side of the madness doesn’t mean I still don’t feel the same way you guys do! Rob is amazing. He is a wonderful actor and an even better musician…that got kind of put on the back burner!

          • Yes it was me…I was having to much fun with the explanation points and the guesses. I can not resist a challenge its the OCD in me. LOL!!!
            I had a great weekend in Chatt even though I did not get to see Rob… “tomorrow is another day”. I also feel compelled to tell you where I am from.
            You’ve been great ‘BC’ . Thank you so much for sharing.

          • O.k, so ur in association with R Pattz, well, can u please tell me if this is wrong or rite, my friend told me she tlked 2 some of the crew down @ the railroad museam, and they said they might be filming here in chattanooga another day, im guessing im wrong because u said were in nashville, but im hoping(praying) im rite, please message back as soon as u get this, i would really appreciate it….Thanks,

  209. I really appericate you getting on here and actually having the time to talkto us “makeitreal”. Since you said you were an actor i was wondering if you could tell me anything to help me pursue my dream in becoming an actress.

    • You are so welcome! I am actually just chilling in my room…kind of bored because there is nothing on T.V. I know if I get a movie I will fall asleep…time zones always kill me no matter how long I am in one place.

      That is so cool! Well, without going on and on about it I will tell you some of the things people told me in the beginning. Laugh out Loud because its funny!!

      Go get a roll of toliet paper…everytime you get told you aren’t pretty enough, you need to lose weight, you need to change this or that…or everytime you go to an audition and you so think you have the part and you never get a call back…take a square and flush it down the toliet. That is the only way to get rid of how horrible you feel after…and by the time you get to the end of the roll whatever it was that you wanted…you should have it by then! Funny, I know, but it worked!

      Second and most important of all…I had to realize after awhile that I was exactly where God wanted me to be. Everytime I didn’t get a part I would always tell myself…you know something bad might of happened and God just wanted to spare me from that. You have to have faith more than anything…always! It’s what gets you through the day. If I go months and don’t have a project, I am ok with that…that is the time God is giving me to rest…and trust me we never get that. So, when I do…I take advantage.

      Really, that is it! ummm…well, also, surround yourself with people that you trust. Never forget where you came from, and always call home once a week to keep everything in check…no matter how old you are. I call my parents every week and just chat…sometimes its the only piece of home I get for months. I also try to interact with people as much as possible, doesn’t matter who they are. If you are a bum on the street, you are still a human being and sometimes just a, “have a great day today” may totally brighten there day. Somehow that makes me feel better and no matter what is going on around me it helps me to remember who I am. In this business you are acting like someone else all the time…sometimes you really forget who YOU are and who YOU want to be.

      Good Luck…I hope all your dreams come true!

      • Your killing me…I have to send you fan letter!!!!!!!!!! I have no desire to act even though I’m a comedian at heart and quote movies all the time… like to live in a fantasy world, but you are so inspiring. My new motto is “keepingitreal”
        I’m really not crazy. I promise you.

        • I don’t think you are crazy at all! No fan letter is needed…if you sent one it would take forever to get anything back! lol
          My agent thinks I am crazy because I would rather talk to fans via email, facebook, and through blogs than by mail. Its just easier…but for privacy and other stuff like that we can’t. Plus you guys actually get to talk right to us and not a letter that goes through 10 people before it actually gets to us and we respond.

          I do like “keepingitreal” what can I say…I don’t sugarcoat, and I don’t “act” like someone I am not! Well, in the non-acting since anyway! I have a really bad habit of calling people out, again, that’s why I didn’t stay quiet about Rob. Random acts of kindness are way better anyway. Just keep it going! The next time you see someone having a really bad day tell them…I spoke to this “person” and she told me to tell some random person to have a great day! Now, they may actually think your crazy…but who knows! In the end it makes you feel better too! In Hollywood we call it a free therapist! lol

          For those of you from Nashville, what’s up with the crazy building in the middle of the city? What exactly is that suppose to be?

        • West Cove Raised23…you are getting closer. I wasn’t the main three…I think everyone has figured that out by now. I was actually released Friday…just been hanging around just incase. It was an amazing experience! One of the less stressful I have ever had. Can’t say that so much for the next 9 months. Fall and Winter’s are always big production seasons.

          BTW…if you figured out who I am…which you mostly likely just did…don’t post it! Please!!!

          I did want to tell you that I very much admire you. I was very impressed from the beginning on how much you did to figure out where we were filming. When I first got turned on the olv, you were about the only one who was getting really close and then you found it. I am assuming that you are one of the girls that stayed overnight? The place we were at was beautiful! I think someone said there was a dairy farm across the street? That’s cool…I am not sure there is that much undeveloped land in all of California…for sure no dairy farms like that! It was a beautiful place. The set decorators did an amazing job. Of course I didn’t see it before, but they said they had to do a ton of work. You guys have a beautiful town!

          • I did stay over night on friday, ive been pretty much everyday though. I think I figured you out 😉 i wont post it. Im heading out now to maybe catch some last day filming! It has been so neat to see stuff go down, around here, this stuff just doesnt happen! lol. Good luck with everything, and I’m glad you enjoyed TN and GA

  210. I started posting on here last week when i first found out about rob. I tried to be as helpful as i could be, and met many new friends in the process. So aside from any BS that has went on here, I am thankful for this site! I shared info, and got info as well. I got close to Rob, multiple times, and it was awesome, but the memories i have made, watching the filming, meeting new people and all that, made the 100 degree weather, the bugs, the sunburn completely worth it! Most everyone here shares a common interest, so ignore the crap, all the fakes, and just enjoy the fact that you got to see an AMAZING book come to life. Rob aside, this movie will be awesome im sure of it! (that was for the ones that witnessed some filming) and for the ones that didnt, for whatever reason, you live to far, or you had to work, etc etc. Keep in mind that nobody on west cove road could have imagined a film crew in their yards with rob pattinson in tow, and chattanooga probably didnt either, so there is hope! Today was my 3rd day checking stuff out, tomorrow will be my last. I have had an amazing time, and will remember this for the rest of my life. Thank you OLV for being the 1st site I found with legitimate info, and for letting us post here and make new friends! Good luck everyone, tomorrow is last chance! I hope everyone gets at least a little of what they wanted out of this experience!

  211. For all you fans, wanted to let you know that Rob is still in town. He was filming again today, Tuesday, on Tunnel Blvd. near the railroad museum. I don’t know how long they are filming today. Good luck!

  212. I am wondering what the odds at catching a glimpse of Robert are tonight? I was SO close Saturday night, and it has been driving me crazy that I missed him ever since. It’s not often that we have the opportunity to see someone like him here.

  213. I am wondering what the odds of catching a glimpse of Robert will be tonight? I was SO close on Saturday night, and it has been driving me crazy ever since. It’s not often that we have the opportunity to see someone like him here.

  214. hey everyone i know it is the last nigt of shooting…does anyone know when they stop shooting tonight…my kids wanna see

  215. hey everyone i know it is the last nigt of shooting…does anyone know when they stop shooting tonight…my kids wanna see him

  216. tonight was roberts last night of filming. they have to do some background scenes tomorrow but then they are leaving. tonight they were taking down all of the signs and everything getting ready to pack up everything. and robert rolled down his window and waved at all of us standing behind the caution tape… btw he looks great in yellow!

  217. Thank you Rob. You made my starry-eyed teenager’s wish come true last night when you rolled down your window waved and spoke to us. You made memories that will last a lifetime!!!! Safe travels..

  218. This is a bunch of bull crap. If Rob really and truely cared for his fans then he would have set a time for an autograph session. It was obvious that when he came to town people were going to go nuts. This would have been a good idea to calm the crazy stalker fans. I rode around chattanooga all day Saturday and even went to west cove rd and never saw the first person. That was the last time I will waste my money and time on a movie star. They don’t care about anything but getting that check at the end of filming. Just remember that.

    • Had he been here for promotional reasons he may have set up for autographs. He was here working. And sorry to burst your bubble but 20th century fox has like a 10 million dollar insurance policy on him, and if he go hurt, it would be bad news. And even though MOST fans wouldnt dare try to hurt him, girls go insane when hes around and he could have got hurt. Saturday Rob was in his hotel he went out that night at CBC and MET fans, SPOKE with fans. As far as west cove, he was only there on friday. Now had you rode through tunnel blvd mon or tues you would have seen him multiple times considering the fans were closer to HIS trailer as opposed to filming. He drove by, waved, rolled his window down when he was done for the day and all kinds of stuff. He has been showing fan love you just missed it. Hes leaveing (or already has left) today to start on pre production for breaking dawn. Hes a busy man. Sorry your bitter, but it isnt his fault you missed out. And I was told that his manager is very strict on him about signing autographs and takin pix, especially when he has a multi million dollar insurance policy on him. Im sorry you missed out but i seen him TONS of times and had a blast watching filming on west cove. When he left last night he smiled really big at the fans, not a fake smile either, rolled his window down and the suv drove by slow so we could all see him. He was waving and even talked to some fans.

  219. I told myself once I got home I was not going to respond anymore…but after reading the last two post I can’t help it. West Coast you are totally taking over my…you don’t have a clue what your talking about duties! I Love It! Amber…seriously, get a clue! There is nothing in any actors contract that says they have to do a 15 hour set day and then have a meet and greet. West Cove is correct…the insurance policies on actors like Rob are very high. His safety always comes first…if anything were to ever happen it would be very bad for a lot of people! Stop thinking about just yourself and start thinking about him as a person. I can’t even believe that anyone would say that he doesn’t care…I am so done with that I am not even going there! All the fans in Tennessee got tons more access to things then fans in L.A. ever did…not only from Rob but from the other cast and crew as well. Sorry, that you didn’t see him…but really that is your fault…not his! Get over yourself!

    • Hes amazing. I will spend money any day to see that man in action. After this experience I adore him more than I did before. I hate it that people are bitter about him not signing autographs! Hes sooo busy, and the man is only human, it was over 100 degrees and he was filming in hot train cars ALL day. With very short breaks in between, yet when he drove by us fans, he rolled down that window drove by slow and waved and smiled at us, even spoke to some. I honestly believe he showed as much love as he could while he was here. You want an autograph? go camp out for days at a premiere thats when most ppl get them. other than that, you gota be reallllly lucky and fast because Rob is quick! So fast i think he may have secretive super powers, but im digressing. Lets sum it up right now, if your bitter, guess what? I stood out in heat and rain for MULTIPLE hours, and the most i got was a smile and wave, and got to see him a bunch of times, and GUESS WHAT? IT WAS WORTH IT! I got to see my favorite celebrity IN PERSON, on the street i grew up on, and in my town! I never thought that would happen! Now, if i could just get him to marry me, my life will be complete! LOL. anyway, stop with all the “he dont care” and crap. Its lame and a waste of your time and those of us who read posts here. Rob is the hottest man alive, and hey, that cant be an easy job! 🙂

  220. OK first of all, I never said there was a spot on all actors’ contracts that said they had to do a meet a greet at the end of every filming day. I simply meant any actor that comes to the south should know that we don’t get a lot of films or big movie stars so maybe it would be nice to do ONE meet and greet. Next, evidently insurance policies aren’t that high because if he can just walk around Chattanooga, like previous people have posted, then how does he know somebody isn’t gonna pop up and attack him especially with all these crazy girls. Actors are out and about all the time in NY and L.A. just walking the streets…NY and LA which are 2 of the most dangerous places in the U.S. I’ve been to NY and seen them. So that whole high insurance policy thing makes no sense. Finally, to makeitreal, you have pretended to be some big time movie star or someone important the whole time on this blog. You have tried to hint around at it pretty much every chance you get. If you are some big time star or whatever then wouldn’t you have better things to do then sit around talking to people you don’t know on some blog on the internet? So, makeitreal, get over yourself! I’m very happy for everyone that got to see him. To some people it was just a glimpse at a hot movie star and to some people it was a chance of a lifetime, but to others it was a dream almost come true. I had a trip planned to go to Louisiana to try to catch a glimpse while they film Breaking Dawn, but I believe I’ll pass. I’m a huge twilight fan, but because of this whole experience, I think I’ll wait and rent it when it comes out on DVD.

    • WOW it sucks you are upset and I know all this might sound crazy to you but it is the truth when actors are working on movies there is insurance taken out on them..when they are done filming that is a different story because then they are on their own time. Not every actor singer whatever is going to make everyone happy no matter how hard they try. He was there working, its like when you are at work do you take the time out to go talk to everyone just to make them happy? You have a job to do and if you don’t do that job then you are going to get fired, same is true for him, he was there to do a job, if he did not fullfill those obligations he would have been let go from the movie. As for doing a M&G ya it would have been great but Rob is getting a big name and that means its going to be even harder for him to do stuff like that. Its like if it was Brad Pitt was down here he has to big of a name that there wouldn’t be anything for him either. Its sad you feel that way, I am a big twilight fan myself and can not wait for the movies to come out. When you set your expectations to high and it doesnt happen then ya you are going to be upset. I always go into a day or adventure with no expectations that way if it didn’t happen I won’t be upset. I have seen that happen to many times when peoples expectations were not met then they grew to hate a group or an actor because of it. Hopefully in time you will change your mind about going to see Twilight. Rob isn’t the only one in the movie…..there is still Kellan and I would pay 10.50 to watch him just stand there and say/do nothing ;0).

      This is not meant to be an attack so please don’t take it that way, just hoping to help things sound better. Rob has nothing personal against you or anyone in TN, it was just he was here to do a job and I am sure if he could have been out with his fans he would have been.

      • Thank you for your comment. I’m sure I’m not the only person that didn’t get to see him. As a matter of fact I know I’m not because a coworker of mine went also and didn’t see anything or anybody. I understand he was here to do a job. I also understand he was very busy. Oh and yes I do love Kellan, but still not paying $10.50. Speaking of…where the heck do you live? Where I live it’s still $9 to see a movie. Gosh I guess I have that to look forward to. The price is going up on everything these days!

  221. He wasnt just walking about, most of what you have seen or heard are rumors. He did go out quite a few times, terry (an extra) told me they shut down the terminal and porters so he could eat and such. He did go to CBC but was in the top room, and only a few were let in. Other than that, the man was hid like he was the president and very well guarded. And he does have the insurance policy on him, and his manager i have heard isnt too friendly. And again, he was here working, not promoting. I totally understand what your saying about him being here, and it being a big deal, i agree. I wish he would have set up an autograph signing, that would have been amazing. But he was working 15+ hour filiming days. He didnt get to site see or any of that. He was busy wrapping his scenes not just for here but for the entire movie. Last night he shot his last scene for WFE. I’m sorry you lost fan-ship with him bc of this, but im telling you he does love his fans. And thats just based on what I seen myself. He may be Rob pattinson, but he has people over him that tell him what he can and cant do as far as signing etc etc.

    • You also have to keep in mind, that right now Rob is pretty much the most popular celeb on the planet. It would take him 4ever to please everyone of his fans, bc there are so many. I got to see him very closely multiple times, and i thought that was good enough, then i was like well now i wana meet him, it would have went on and on. meet him, get autograph get photo with him, have his children etc etc. Sometimes you just have to take what you can get ya know? I posted my contact info on here many times, and i had good info, if you had contacted me perhaps you could have got to see him. Im just saying, dont blame Rob, i cant tell you how many crew members, and cast told me “its not his fault, he wants to meet you guys, his people wont let him”.

  222. I do agree with you west cove raised23 that he was busy filming and he was not promoting, which means he was here to work and not talk to fans. But I still think he could have took like 3 hours out of one of the days he was here to sign some pics. I hope you are right about him caring about his fans. I hope one day I can believe that. Maybe it was just my luck that I didn’t see him or whatever, but nobody has the right to tell me I didn’t try hard enough because I did. I got up extra early and drove around everywhere. I was not just there to see him, but the film industry is very important to me. I would have been just as excited to just have been on a film set. My dream is to become involved with films, not as an actress but behind the camera. This experience was just a great disappointment. Hopefully he will go back to hollywood with a good report and they will want to use GA and TN for more films and I might get another chance. GA is in the top 5 states for filming locations in the U.S. so maybe he will be back. I hope everyone has had a better experience than I have…until next time!

    • I wont lie, I had expectations myself. I had high hopes that I would meet him and at least get an autograph. I was heart broken friday at the west cove set be i was there for 17 hours, and yeah i got closer to him than most (bc of my connections to land owners) but i was disappointed he didnt drive by and wave or anything when he was done. I was wondering myself if he cared we were out there all day to see him and to watch the filming. But after spending every day where he was for mannnnny hours and seeing just how much he was filming rather than being in his trailer, i understood. And yeah 3 hours out of his day would have been cool! I think it was all about his schedule, he had to wrap up here and get to breaking dawn and as we have all agreed he was here to work not to promote. I duuno, i wish i could have heard him speak.. i wanted to hear him say chattanooga LOL.. its just one of those things i guess. Im sorry you had bad luck, I wish i could have helped ya. I tried to help everyone ive came in contact with on here and on twitter. I hope if you do decide to catch some breaking dawn, you get what you go for. I may make a trip myself just to see. Just try not to have high hopes if you catch a celeb while their filming, they tend to one track mind it. Its all bout film film film work work work finish finish finish.

      • Well I guess I should have paid more attention to your posts than I did. I stayed with family Friday night so I could be in chattanooga saturday morning and their computer was messed up. Plus, you never know who is telling the truth and who is pretending on here. If there is a next time, I will know to pay close attention to your posts. I had some connections. My aunt works there and goes to the gym with a guy from the news so she got some info from him, but I guess it wasn’t enough.

  223. and i do believe he cares about his fans. A lot of people will say “hes very shy” and while that may be true to some extent, i think hes really just over whelmed. He shot right up out of no where and became the most popular male star. He seems very laid back, and down to earth. Maybe he just dont know how to please this magnitude of fans and please the film industry and manage to stay sane. Who knows. But if you could have seen the way he smiled at us, the smile was completely genuine and he looked happy. he didnt look like “alright fake smile time, gona please the masses” he looked really touched. Maybe Im on his side bc i adore him, maybe i just feel the need to take up for him, or maybe after what i have seen i feel like all his upset fans need something to make them feel better. I duuno. Just try to stay open minded, and trust me, if i had had the luck you did i might be bitter too. It really was once in a lifetime thing, so i understand. 🙁 I would have been totally broken hearted. Any who, to anyone who would like to see a few of my pix and read my set stories (as well as a few others) you can go here I just sent in my last set story *sob* with yesterdays pix, it isnt up yet but it should be by tomorrow or so.

      • I have over 200 pix, most were 2 blurry 🙁 he moves fast! lol. i didnt post everything i have online bc ppl steal them. the real good ones i have of rob i have selfishly kept to myself 🙂 check that site again tomorrow my last story with pix might be up and u can see more. i fell in love with paul (stunt double) i had no idea he is robs stunt man in almost every movie! i was like wow! lol hes a sweetheart i got a pic and an autograph with him it may make it on that site.

  224. I am so glad to have been able to find this site in the beginning of all this. I was able to make many new friends through this experience, and because of that, I was able to get closer to Rob than most people. On Saturday night I was one of the lucky few people who found out he was in a bar on MLK called Lamar’s. There were maybe 20-25 people there who were just there to see him, and all of us were respectful. As he sat on the couch and drank his Red Stripe and had a good time talkin with his coworkers, we just sat back and enjoyed the view!! We were probably 10 feet away from him for 45 minutes and didn’t once try to talk to him or take a picture until he was ready to leave. As he was leaving, he took the time to acknowledge all of us for being there by saying hello and smiling and even touching a few of us on the arms as he walked by! We were all able to get in a few pictures of him as he did this. It was more than I could have ever hoped for. To those of you who weren’t lucky enough to see it, he seems like a genuinely sweet man who just wants to be able to have a good time like the rest of us, and I think that since we were all respectful enough to give him his space, he thanked us by acknowledging us as he left. It was a wonderful experience and I’m so grateful that I was lucky enough to experience it with all of my new friends.

  225. You have to be in the right place at the right time. I want to reiterate that last night as the SUV left, Rob rolled his window down, waved, smiled and said “Hey Guys” to us. My daughter and her friends will never forget that special moment. We invested long hours this past week(Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday) looking for Rob with many disappointments. We were lucky. I’m sorry if you missed your opportunity. Just because you are scorn, please don’t berate Rob on the internet. Chattanooga is promoting the film industry in our area. You will have many more opportunities to see films being produced in our area. This is the beginning for us…

  226. yeah, he apparently played guitar at a bar downtown for a bit. Have friend who works at airport that got her picture with him when he arrived. Lucky girl!!!

  227. @desperatelyseeking? Rob did wave to his fans a couple of times. It was NOT his fault he couldn’t come talk to us. You have to remember he is WORKING. 20th Century Fox had a $10 million dollar insurance policy on him, therefore his publicist wouldn’t let him come meet fans. Very little people actually met him while he was here, many lied about spottings and meeting him, etc. So don’t be mad at Rob for not “showing his fans he appreciates them” because he seemed like such a nice guy.

    Also, there were alot of fans screaming and running around acting crazy. If you’re a true fan of Rob’s, you know he doesn’t like pictures and crazy, screaming fan girls. The only times he comes out is AFTER he’s finished filming when there’s about 15 or less people that are acting CALM. So chill out, and quit blaming him.

  228. All of this madness started after DL made the comment that Rob was numb to his fans. Apparantley he or someone in his camp read and felt her concerns as well as others and he came out. He did exactly what she said he hadn’t done. He let the window down, smiled, and waved at his fans.
    With that said, I am impressed that Rob did do something. He really has alot on his plate and can’t please everyone. I have enjoyed reading everyone’s comments and sincerely hope Rob Pattinson as well as we the fans, understand he is AMAZING! and FINE and the BEST MUSICIAN since RAY CHARLES and the best ACTOR ever!

    Rob, if you so happen to get this message, take a break, enjoy your life (private time) and get ready for the next wave of crazed fans wishing you well.


  229. I have to say I hope he comes back to Tennessee. Not so I can meet him (although that would be grand!), but so that he can see all the amazingness that is TN. I particulary love Pigeon Fordge and Gatlinburg. He is an amazing, down-to-Earth, level headed, talented, and GORGEOUS actor, and I wish the best for him.



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