Friday’s Lot List: Filming Locations in NYC, L.A., Detroit, & more including ‘90210’, ‘Premium Rush’ & more

Here’s a list of movies and TV shows filming around the country on July 23, 2010. If you spot something filming, let us know about it at!

New York City and Vicinity:

Premium Rush, starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt, is filming around E 10th St and 1st Ave. Signs also spotted at 145th and Broadway. (Thanks John, Pete and Tricia)

Friends With Benefits, starring Justin Timberlake, is filming around The Plaza, likely afternoon/evening shoot. FYI: They may be filming back in Central Park, the holding area for Tuesday’s Central Park shoot was The Plaza. (Thanks Sam and Tommy)

FYI: Law and Order: SVU is back at the West Bergen, NJ studio for today.

FYI: Gossip Girl is reportedly filming in studio (Silvercup Studio in Long Island City).

FYI: I know a lot of you have been asking about Blue Bloods so I do have a little information. They are doing some pre-production work in Broadway Stages in Brooklyn today. But, this is a studio, which means its not a very accessible set and I’m not sure if any of the stars will be there. Filming is scheduled to start Monday so be on the look out for signs! (Thanks Anon)

Update:My Idiot Brother is filming at Classon Ave and Myrtle Ave, Brooklyn.

Update:Arthur is filming at the Old Westbury Gardens in Old Westbury, NY.

Filming in Los Angeles & Vicinity:

Moneyball, starring Brad Pitt, is filming behind the Lowes at 13500 Paxton Street, Pacoima, CA again.

90210 is filming at 800 S Pacific Ave, Los Angeles, 8:00 A.M. – 7:00 P.M.

No Ordinary Family (a new ABC series starring Julie Benz) is filming at 650 S Spring St, NYC ( 7:00 A.M. – 7:00 P.M.) and 411 W 5th St, Los Angeles (5:00 P.M. – 3:00 A.M.).

Undercovers ( a new NBC series) is filming at 100 S Main St, Los Angeles, 4:30 P.M. – 6:00 A.M.

Horrible Bosses, starring Colin Farrell and Jennifer Aniston, is filming at 2059 E 7th St, Los Angeles.

Water For Elephants, starring Robert Pattinson, has wrapped in Piru, CA but will continue filming around L.A. until the end of the month. They have been  filming in Santa Clarita Studios.

Filming in Michigan:

30 Minutes or Less, starring Jesse Eisenberg, Danny McBride, and Aziz Ansari, is filming at  corner of Wealthy & College SE in Grand Rapids on the 1st floor of an apartment building, will be at this location through weekend. (Thanks Jenny)

Real Steel, starring Hugh Jackman and Evangeline Lilly, still had a boxing set up at the Detroit Fire Department Headquarters on the corner of Washington Blvd and Larned St.

Scream 4 is filming on Saline Waterworks Rd, just east of Steinbach Rd, between Saline and Manchester, Michigan. (Thanks Margaret and JJ)

LOL , starring Miley Cyrus & Demi Moore, was filming on Jefferson Ave in downtown Detroit yesterday, they might be returning today.  If anyone has more information or spots them filming (signs say SPOON)  let us know! There is also  more information in the comments in this thread too.

Machine Gun Preacher is scheduled to film an airport scene today so they may be filming at the Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport.

Update: Detroit 187, a new ABC series, is filming at two locations: 3 Star BBQ,11941 Joseph Campau St, Detroit, MI and the corner of Yemans Ave & Joseph Campau St Detroit, MI.

Filming in Pittsburgh:

Abduction, starring Taylor Lautner, is  rumored to be filming around Walker Park in Sewickley, PA. Check out our Abduction Open Thread for more details and updates from local fans!

I Am Number Four continues filming at Franklin High School through August 1. Update: We received a tip that they actually wrapped at the school over the weekend and would be back in Port Vue this week. The last location they filmed at in Port Vue was a home on Liberty St. If anyone know exactly where they are filming today, let us know!

One For The Money, starring Katherine Heigl, is filming at the Valinsky Apartments on Maryland and Holden in Shadyside. (Thanks Allie)

Filming in New Orleans:

Green Lantern is filming at Second Line Stages again.

*See the calendar above for this weekend’s filming location but note that Ryan Reynolds is expected to be San Diego for Comic Con this weekend.

Filming in Austin, TX:

Friday Night Lights is at their usual lcoation: Herrmann Field, 2605 Flow Lane, Del Valle, TX.

My Generation is filming around Thompson St & Hargrave St, Austin, TX.

Filming in Chicago:

Cheaters (aka ‘What You Don’t Know’, aka The Untitled Ron Howard Project starring Vince Vaughn) is filming at the United Center.

If you have any set pics, new, filming locations, or celeb sightings to share, let us know about it!

Update: Be sure to check out the Upcoming Locations & Events Calendar above too. We already have locations for Friends With Benefits, Gossip Girl and more for next week!


  1. So I know this is a bit early but I will ask anyways. Does anyone know where SVU will be filming August 3rd and 4th?? Might be going to NY then and I would LOVE to meet the cast!! 🙂

    • yeah, guess so, any ideas what the weather is going to be like today, its pouring here and in Woodstock all day, if NYC is nice we might head there, looks OK on The Today Show! 🙂

      • It is cloudy right now. There is a 45% chance of intermittent thunderstorms today. Based on what reported it looks like there will be a sunny break from around 1 to 4 pm though.

        • so I guess we better leave now to hit the 3 hours of good weather! 🙂 Maybe we’ll just start driving in that direction, I’ll keep you guys posted if we stop at any sets, thanks for the weather update too.

  2. OK, so it looks like the White Collar panel at Comic Con was Thursday so they may be back by this weekend, here are 2 filming tips we got for WC for this weekend, if anyone has more info, let us know! (And thanks to Annie for the SDCC tip)
    via @TibiTaylor: @olv #WhiteCollar -No parking signs up on 54th btwn Park & Lex for Sat/Sun. 7/24 & 25.

    Via Alana: White Collar filming on 47th betwn 2nd and 3rd in nyc

    • Looks like they are def. filming this weekend:
      There are signs on 59th Street between Madison and 5th for White -Collar this Saturday and Sunday.
      – Also, on one of the poles was another sign for FWB for today in the same location.

  3. Does anyone know any updates on Premium Rush? Any future filming locations that are known?

    Thanks for all the updates!

  4. For Machine Gun Preacher: I got an email they were back at trailer park yest. but they wrapped that up on Mon, right? Did anyone go by there? James, are you out there? 🙂

    • i’m pretty sure it’s filming at ucla today…i dont know what part/who will be there, but there’s fox trucks and old furniture being set up

  5. For Abduction, the set is still at Osage Rd, though not much was going on there yesterday, maybe they’ll do day shots at one location and move to the other for night shots?

  6. One more: there is an article in the Pittsburgh paper that makes it sound like One For The Money is back at the hospital in Pittsburgh today, if anyone knows for sure, let us know, thanks!

  7. Is anyone planning to head or has stopped by the Friends with Benefits set today? If so does it look like they will shoot today, since the weather isn’t looking to good today.

  8. I headed to the 1st Ave and E. 10th St area and walked around for a good 10 minutes. No trucks, no people, NOTHING for Premium Rush. Not even signs as people indicated. I’m guessing they canceled today due to rain or they are way upper side.

  9. Re; premium rush, it’s possible that they changed due to weather… I email person who sent tip and they said it was around 10 between ave a & 1st and was def today so I don’t know….

  10. Another Abduction update: I suspect they are at Osage rd only ( see yesterday’s post for more info on exact location) I can’t edit post, on road or I would update.

  11. Im in the city now and want to check out friends with benifets but don’t wanna go if its cancelled becausew of the rain anyone have any ideas,?

    • I believe that the FWB shoot for today has been cancelled because the same casting call went out for tomorrow, Saturday 7/24. Report time for tomorrow is about 1:30- 2pm & could last into the early morning hours. I don’t know the location.

      • Just heard that it is going to be 97 degrees tomorrow with a heat index of 110 degrees. I like Justin T., but I don’t think I will be hanging around trying to get a picture of him or his autograph in that type of heat! Lol! 😀 I wonder if they will cancel the shoot?

  12. Hi everybody !!!
    Do you know something about CHeaters in Chicago ?? What time they shoot… if we can see something or if it’s shooting inside….

  13. Re; premium rush, it’s possible that they changed due to weather… I email person who sent tip and they said it was around 10 between ave a & 1st and was def today so I don’t know….

    They’re definitely not there. That entire strip of a street was down for construction due to a sinkhole. With how crappy the weather is and how close it is to 4pm the end of the shoot day, I’d say they headed home…

  14. Just came back from 139th St and Bway. Premium Rush is up there shooting, but it is the exact same biking sequence they filmed the other day. This time though they were using the stunt double and filming him from behind so I don’t think Joseph is there right now. I don’t think the cyclist was just a stand in because they were actually filming the bike scenes with a guy on a motorcycle, with a camera attached to it, riding behind the cyclist.

    My guess, and it is only a guess, is that they likely first film the scenes with Joseph on one day and then they go back on another day and film the scene again, but this time with the stunt double.

    Maybe Joseph is indeed there, but I didn’t see him and it is late in the day. Maybe he was there earlier today.

  15. Does anyone know where criminal mids will be filming on the 14th of August. I will be in Los Angeles then for two days and I would love to see a scene from criminal minds being filmed.

  16. just got update on Vancouver info:
    via @pursuit23

    @olv Yes Facing Kate is filming at Coquitlam Centre today, Hellcats was in Studio, Rise of the Apes was at 6th and Main..

  17. not sure when this was for but I heard him on Howard Stern saying they weren’t taping this til Sept? :
    @olv there was a sign at 15th & Park for Tracy Morgan’s HBO special. (NYC)
    (Thanks @Laurgood)

  18. Re LOL:
    -There are a ton of rumors going around that LOL is back at that location in Dearborn, but we’re pretty sure they aren’t going to be back there until August. I have a feeling other sites are reading our LOL post and not paying attention to the dates….
    -LOL is not filming on Jefferson in Detroit either. Reel Steel is actually filming on Jefferson behind the Joe Louis. And we’re thinking people are seeing that shoot and thinking its LOL.
    -If anyone has accurate LOL info, please email me directly at to avoid anymore confusion, thanks!

    • Thanks for posting those pics. They are Really GREAT. I especially like the third one. One ? though. Is it me or does it look like the woman in the third one might not be JG, but her double? It might indeed be her, but her face looks so much softer in that pic, as opposed to the others.

  19. […] Filming locations in Chicago, NYC, Los Angeles, Detroit, Grand•Premium Rush, starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt, is filming around E 10th St and 1st Ave. Signs also spotted at 145th and Broadway. (Thanks John, Pete and Tricia) … Update: •Detroit 187, a new ABC series, is filming at two locations: 3 Star BBQ,11941 Joseph Campau St, Detroit, MI and the corner of Yemans Ave & Joseph… […]


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