Filming Locations in NYC for Monday, July 26, 2010 including ‘Gossip Girl’, & ‘Arthur’

Here’s a list of movies and TV shows filming around  New York City on July 26, 2010.

Update: Blue Bloods is filming at their studio, Broadway Stages in Brooklyn.

Miraculous Year, a new HBO pilot being directed by Kathryn Bigelow, is filming at 55th and Park Ave – 2nd Ave in NYC. Signs are for 1 p.m.  – 3 a.m. (Thanks Toma & Det. Movie Buff)

Detachment, starring Adrien Brody, is filming at Parkway Hospital, 7035 113th St, Forest Hills, Queens.

Curb You Enthusiasm is filming on Central Park West between 64th and 65th in NYC. (Thanks Vince)

Arthur, starring Russell Brand and Jennifer Garner,  is filming on Lexington between  51st & 52nd in NYC. (Thanks  @TibiTaylor)

My Idiot Brother, starring Paul Rudd, is filming at Seigel St, between Seigel Ct and McKibbin Ct in Brooklyn.

Royal Pains is filming at the Catalina Beach Club, Atlantic Beach, NY. (Thanks Mike)

Gossip Girl is filming around W 79th St and West End Ave. (Thanks Katie)

•A promo for the upcoming Tracy Morgan HBO Special is filming at 125th between 7th and 8th Ave. (Thanks Anon)

Update: Though we heard Friends With Benefits wasn’t filming today, they are blocking the streets for filming at along South End Ave at Liberty in NYC. (Thanks Deme)

Thanks to all of NYC tipsters! If you have any set pics, new, filming locations, or celeb sightings to share, let us know about it! Also, be sure to check out our Upcoming Locations Calendar above for more info too!

Check the comments throughout the day for more information too!


  1. –SVU is in their NJ studio again.
    –The Big C is in their studio (Stillwater Ave in Stamford, CT)
    –White Collar is in their studio- Sivercup East in Long Island City.
    –Re: Friends w/ Benefits- we did get a location in NYC, but then heard they aren’t filming Mon for some reason, check out the calendar above for Tues, for details and Tues filming locations
    –Re: Premium Rush- I think they might be off today since they filmed over weekend, anyone know for sure?
    –Are we missing anything??

  2. I’m going to NY August 3rd and 4th and my birthday is August 5th and ALL I want for my birthday is to meet the Law and Order SVU cast!! Do you think that they will film on the streets of NY on those days?? Anything thing helps thanks!! If I could make this happen this would be THE BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!!!!!!!!! 🙂 And of course I will post pictures when I get back if I see anything 🙂 🙂

    • Haha my birthday is august 4th!!! There’s really no way to tell when they will be filming or where. Just check back the day before and see.

      • Filming locations are usually never posted here until the day before. I’m sure that they will be on location somewhere sometime the week of August 2nd. They rarely ever go a week without being on location at least one day during the week.

            • There is no way to know this until the day before when they post it here, unless someone comes on and has seen signs in advance and posts it somewhere in the comments section, or if Christine gets information ahead of time:)

              • They’re usually on site during the middle of the week, and are usually in a place accessible to the public. Last weekend they were in Grand Central and I got to meet them 🙂 So it all depends where they are, but it’s likely they’ll be in the city if it’s the middle of the week.

  3. Any info on Premium Rush would be great. I know the second unit was filming all weekend, but JGL wasn’t, so would he be filming this week then?

  4. Hihi! Is GG outdoors?.. and by any chance do you know if its gonna be a morning/afternoon shoot, or afternoon/evening..? thankyou

    • Just passed by this. They were filming inside a small store. I think it might be a photo shoot or maybe a music video. Couldn’t have been anything too crazy.

  5. Arthur…trailers along 3rd Ave btwn 51st and 49th, and prod trucks along 50th and 51st btwn 3rd and Park. Don’t know times but I’ll try to update during day…I work at Lex & 51st.

  6. Before going to work at around 9:00AM, I passed by GG location (79th/West End Ave) and there was nothing there…Anybody know when this starts??

  7. ***** Does anyone know if GG will be at the same location all day? And if not will this website be updated as to where they move to

  8. Hi
    Im also interested in GG Im at work right now but I ll try to stop by the set after.Keep us posted if you see anything

    • I know he’s leaving NYC on Wednesday, so if anything, it would be tonight or Tuesday, I don’t have any word on it though. If anyone finds out please let us know!! I love Zefron

  9. I’m by the production trailers/trucks…their all kinda scattered around lexington 50th…for arthur I’m assuming but I haven’t seen anything…does anyone know their times today?

  10. Chace and Jessica were there around 8 this morning filming but they looke as if they were setting up several other places for the day

  11. Gossip Girl is all over Riverside Drive & 78-82 and maybe the side streets. I live on RSD and 82 and there are trailers everywhere, also I just saw a big Lunch set up around 79/RSD, as I walked home.

  12. Three premieres I would love to know about in NYC:

    Twelve: The rumor is this Wednesday at Sunshine, any truth to that/confirmation?

    Also, Zefron is in NYC – will there be a Charlie St. Cloud premiere here?

    And there is a press screening for Scott Pilgrim vs The World in NYC on Thursday – will any cast be there? Is there going to be a premiere here?


  13. I sent info in earlier.
    Friends w/benefits is filming in BPC today thru Tues or Weds. I saw them blocking streets this morning along South End Ave at Liberty

    • thanks for verifying they are blocking streets today, if you notice my note above, we heard filming was canceled for today but I did add the rest fo your info to the calendar, I’ll add your update to the post,t hanks!

  14. my idiot brother is filming indoors. just saw zooey coming out of her trailer and she completely ignored me. doesn’t seem particularly nice.

    • Yeah she’s kind of strange. My friends met her when she was filming 500 days of summer and said she wasn’t very nice. JGL was extremely nice though when they met him.

  15. Have seen GG pics today for Blake, Leighton, Jessica, Katie C, and Chace/

    Also “Curb…” filming softball scenes in Central Park..not sure which field.

  16. Does anyone know if GG is shooting outside? Plus how long is the shooting? I’d like to know if it s worth going around 7pm or not. thanks

  17. Spent 30min at the gg set only to see leighton act rude and run to get in a van that took her half a block. God forbid you walk anywhere

  18. For arthur the crews are definitely there at the church I haven’t seen russell or jennifer…I have to leave if anyone sees her please leave a comment!

  19. i will be in the miami area till wednesday and i am a big fan of burn notice. does anybody have any info on where they are going to be filming?

  20. There are two basketball courts that just appeared out if nowhere on the North Cove next to the yachts. They have yellow cones around them. This may be part of the FWB set?????

    • If that means that Justin is going to be playing BBall, especially without a shirt on, then I am Definitely going to have to go down there! Lol! 😀 😀

      There was children’s BBall today, but that was at Rockefellar Park, which isn’t really the North Cove, but you said it was next to the North Cove and the children’s BBall happens weekly so if this is new it likely isn’t for their games. Is it where they usually play volleyball, right in front (front meaning towards the water) of the dog run that is on the elevated level right next to the yachts, kind of in front of the Police Memorial?

      Thanks for the update and let us know if you learn more!

  21. I am interested in seeing Donnie Wahlberg on location for Blue Boods in Greenpoint, Brooklyn tomorrow. Can anyone give me specific info.?


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