In Photos: ‘Peace, Love and Misunderstanding’ filming in Upstate New York

Though we sometimes lose sight of it, the original purpose of OLV was to inspire others to travel to locations they may not normally visit simply because a movie is filming there. That is precisely what happened to us on Friday afternoon when we took a day trip down to Woodstock, NY in hopes of stumbling upon the set of Peace, Love, and Misunderstanding.

Thanks to a quick Twitter search, we found out the movie was filming at Skate Time 209 in Accord, NY. We drove over to the set and quickly spotted Elizabeth Olsen and The Naked Brother Band’s Nat Wolff filming a scene in a classic Volkswagen Beetle. Nat apparently noticed us too, as we were taking pictures of him from the edge of the parking lot, because he gave us a quick wave out the window! After a few minutes, we followed the car down Route 209 where they set up the vehicle for a driving scene.

See more photos from the set of PLM after the jump!

After the shoot, we headed back into downtown Woodstock and spent the afternoon window shopping before stopping for dinner. We hadn’t been to Woodstock in years and were reminded of what a nice village it is, hippie influences and all. So, what started out as a potential wild goose chase for a movie set, turned into a great afternoon, and proof that the search for a movie location can be just as fun as actually finding one.

One of our readers, Ben, also stopped by the set of Peace, Love, and Misunderstanding on Thursday where most of the cast was filming exterior shots in downtown Woodstock. Ben was lucky enough to see Jane Fonda, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Catherin Keener, Nat Wolff, and Elizabeth Olsen as they were filming in the town square!

The movie is about an uptight New York City couple who send their teenage children to stay with their grandmother in Woodstock for the summer, hence the upstate New York location.

Check out our photos in the first set below and a few of Ben’s in the second.

If you spot Peace, Love, and Misunderstanding in or around Woodstock, let us know about it at!

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[Thanks Ben]


  1. I love Woodstock! I am Canadian and I have driven down several times. I did go for the sole purpose of seeing Levon Helm, a founding member of “The Band”. Levon plays his ‘Midnight Rambles’ out of his barn and it is a truly amazing experience. Top that off with a summer weekend in Woodstock and the Catskills, it makes for an amazing holiday!

    I love the summers there! I used to live in Brisbane, Australia and have to saw that Aussie Summers are remarkable! Maybe this is due to the fact that I have been dealing with a London summer and a British summer just doesn’t compare to an Aussie summer!

  2. Many thanks to you and Ben for posting this information. It is appreciated by all of Nat’s fans at natnalex.

    Woodstock looks like a great place for a visit and I think this movie is going to be a winner as well.

    Jane Fonda, who plays the grandmother, Grace, has a very good blog that she updates regularily on both the movie and this phenomenal little town.

    If you are interested here is also a link to the natnalex thread on this same subject.

    Many thanks again


  3. Sorry it took me so long to respond to this post Christine.

    It is Great that you found Woodstock as great as, or even greater than, visiting the set. Thanks for putting up the pics and thanks Ben for providing your pics. That Beetle is Tooooo Cute! Those cars will forever remind me of Herbie The Love Bug. 😀

    As to your point about the original intent of this blog, I definitely think it is still there. I have met many fans on set who have come from other parts of NY or out of state, and even a family from England, who used your site to have an “On Location Vacation.” Because of this site (and you know this already since I have thanked you so many times Lol! :D) I have been able to meet some stars whose creative work I greatly admire. However, the other thing your site has done has been to introduce me to parts of NYC that I have never seen before and that has been WONDERFUL! As a native NYer it is easy to just get caught up in my routine and only see the places I already know. There have been many neighborhoods that I have taken architectural photos of just because I saw how beautiful they were when I visited a set. Sometimes a “vacation experience” can happen right at home.

  4. My husband and I always go to this swimming hole up on the side of Mohonk mountain,so we take a ride this weekend to check it out,and we got cought in the middle of a shoot.It was a guy with a young girl about 9 or 10 and they were walking away from the water. I turn and see all these people”CREW”,cameras,mics.It was pretty kool..Just wish I knew what movie they were shooting?


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