Monday’s Lot List: Filming Locations in New Mexico, L.A., Detroit, & more including ‘Machine Gun Preacher’ & ‘Fright Night’

Here’s a list of movies and TV shows filming around the country on July 26, 2010.

Filming Locations in New York City:

All NYC filming locations can be found here.

Filming in Los Angeles & Vicinity:

Celebrity Rehab 4 is filming at 363 E. Villa St -Villa Parke in Pasadena.

•The ABC Family series, Make It Or Break It is filming at Pico Blvd and 3rd in Santa Monica. (Thanks Geraldine)

•The FX series The League is filming at 2017 E. 7th St in Los Angeles, 4:00 A.M. – 10:00 P.M.

Update:NCIS: LA is filming at the 98th St Elementary School in L.A.

Filming in Oakland, CA:

Moneyball, starring Brad Pitt, is filming at the Colosseum in Oakland, CA.

Filming in Detroit, MI:

Update: Water For Elephants, starring Robert Pattinson, is filming at UCLA. (Thanks @lorigies)

Machine Gun Preacher, starring Gerard Butler, is filming at the Bridge Cafe in Detroit.

Update: Real Steel is filming behind the Joe Louis Arena. (Thanks Abby)

Update: Scream 4 is filming at Old Hutzel Hospital, St Antoine St & Warren Ave in Detroit. FYI: They appear to just be setting up now ( 2 p.m.) Woodsboro cop cars around, looks like it will be an evening or night shoot. (Thanks Abby)

Filming in Grand Rapids, MI:

Update:30 Minutes or Less, starring Jesse Eisenberg, Danny McBride, and Aziz Ansari, is filming at  corner of Wealthy & College SE in Grand Rapids on the 1st floor of an apartment building.

Filming in Pittsburgh, PA:

One For The Money, starring Katherine Heigl, is filming at the Valinsky Apartments on Maryland and Holden in Shadyside. (Thanks Allie)

Filming in Rio Rancho, New Mexico:

•Disney’s Lemonade Mouth is filming at Cleveland High School, 4800 Laban Rd. NE, Rio Rancho, NM.

Fright Night, starring Colin Farrell, is filming at Rio Rancho High School, 301 Loma Colorado Dr. NE, Rio Rancho, NM.

Filming in Akron, OH:

25 Hill, the soap box derby movie directed by Corbin Bernsen, is filming at Spring Hill Sports Complex, 3749 Fortuna Drive, in Akron.

Filming in Vancouver:

Update:Life Unexpected is filming is at Cambie Highshool in Richmond. BC. (Thanks @OLTV)

Filming in Oahu:

Update: Hawaii 5-0 at Miliani St Post Office, tents near Kamehameha statue. (Thanks @sonadoras)

If you have any set pics, new, filming locations, or celeb sightings to share, let us know about it! Also, be sure to check out our Upcoming Locations Calendar above for more info too!


  1. –The new ABC series, My generation, is filming at their Stages, 5330 Flemming Court, Austin, TX 78744

    –The ABC series The Gates is filming at their studio, Stageworks at 400 Clyde Fant Parkway, Shreveport, LA 71101.

    –The Green Lantern shoot scheduled for today was pushed back to Wed.

  2. hey did any one hear about a movie premiere in nyc for Twelve @Landmark Sunshine theatre in Greenwich Village. ?? i read somewhere that it might be on weds.july 28th?? can any one verify on that?

  3. FYI:
    I’m doing things a little bit differently than I have been the past few weeks. There has been way too much confusion over different locations so unless I am 95% positive a location is accurate I will not be adding it to the post. We have several other threads for other movies where people have been adding location information and I will add links to those below.
    I’ve decided I would rather have less, more accurate locations, than a lot of locations that may or may not be right. I’ll also add notes here re: some of those we aren’t so sure about too. If anyone else has any location information, please don’t hesitate to add it here. And THANK YOU to those who have been sending in accurate location info, it is much appreciated!!

  4. Here is the active thread for Abduction (pittsburgh):
    –The latest rumor is that they are filming in Sewickley, PA or that they might still be in Mt. Lebanon. I will say that the original tip was that they would be in Mt. Lebo (on Osage Rd) til 8/1

    Here is a thread for LOL (detroit):
    –Seems more people are concerned with finding Miley’s hotel, but if anyone knows where they are filming around Detroit, let us know.

    –Also, some have been leaving good tips for 30 Mins or Less in Grand Rapids here: (last we heard they would be filming downtown for a while so maybe someone will see more):

    –And, here’s a Water For Elephants thread that has been pretty active too:

    If I see anything else pop up in another thread, I’ll add it here.

  5. Here are a couple more rumors for Michigan:
    -The Double might be filming in Ann Arbor
    -Real Steel has been filming at Joe Louis stadium in Detroit
    -Anything for Scream 4? Heard they were moving to Ann Arbor too but could be a total rumor

  6. Finally, it would be great if we build up more info in Vancouver, Atlanta and Toronto, someone suggested a whole separate page for Canada even, if anyone has info they share in these locations, email me at
    OK, that’s it, have a good night, and check back in AM for more info!

  7. I heard Gerard butler is going to start filming in south Africa after this week? I’d like to go down to the set tomorrow. What time of day do people usually go down there? I went to melvindale last week but I came later and I guess I missed the crowd of people earlier so I didn’t really see much since they weren’t letting people around anymore.

  8. Hey James, if you see this can you click on the link in the MGP post and verify map, I went off your original post and I’m 98% sure its right but now I can’t find your comment again to confirm, thanks!!

  9. Yes, I have the day off Wednesday and would love the opportunity to see Gerard again. Please let me know if you hear any news about him sticking around.

  10. Anyone have any info on the TV show Bones? I’d love to see if I can find them on location for a friend who loves Emily Deschanel and try to get something signed for her. I’m curious if they’ll be filming at the Exposition Park Rose Garden anytime soon since I think they did for last season’s premiere…

  11. I went by the MGP set this morning and they were definitely there but there were no fans there. I didn’t stick around because there was no where to park and it’s not a safe area to be walking around by yourself. There were a bunch of Detroit police as well I assume to keep people away. Did not see Gerard though, not sure if he was there yet or not, but there were a bunch of biker’s hanging around with the crew 🙂

    As for how long Gerard will be here, I have an inside source that says yes they are trying to wrap up filming Wednesday, but they will still be in town for another two weeks wrapping other things up before moving on to South Africa.

    On my way back home I swung by downtown to see if the Real Steel set was still at the old Detroit fire station headquarters and they are not. The Boxing sign is down and they were still there but just cleaning out the inside of all their stuff, so they’re probably not gonna be back there. Anyone know where they’ve moved to? (I’d love to see Evangeline 🙂 )

      • ooh okay, i didn’t drive by there, and I remember you saying something about that in a previous post but forgot while I was driving around.

    • Yeah, the area where the cafe is located is definitely not safe. A couple months ago, an undercover cop was shot and killed at the gas station right near Bridge Cafe. Also, there’s probably a bunch of druggies and other scummy people standing near there.

  12. When does Make it or Break it film today? I wanna stop by but it’s a bit of a drive so I don’t want to miss them and have to come back!

  13. just added updates for L.A> & Detroit in post above. Also, hear din another thread that ‘One For The Money’ is filming at Ritter’s Diner in Pittsburgh, not sure if that’s true or not….

  14. I am the Abby being referenced. I’m helping OLV with their Detroit locations. Feel free to follow my Twitter and I’ll be updating along with OLV to confirm/deny/search out different sets and locations. If you know where something is being filmed feel free to Tweet me. I’ll check it for OLV so it can be posted on their site and my own Twitter. Love helping you out Christine!

  15. I was at MGP this afternoon and Gerard signed a few autographs and posed for some pix when he was heading from the Cafe to his trailer for a break. His stand-in was very nice, and posed for pictures too. They were definitely going to be working again, but I left because they said he probably wouldn’t stop for fans on the way back in. Heard someone say they will probably be there till 11, so there could be more chances to see Gerard if anyone wants to stand around and wait. Security was letting people near the back of the building by the trucks, but filming is indoors, so you can’t see what’s going on. Now that I left, they probably will shoot outdoors so I can regret not going back. LOL!
    Hopefully someone will post some of the photos, because more than a few people got some really nice closeups.
    I had no trouble finding a parking spot right on Fort, but spaces were pretty full around 4:30 when I was leaving. Police cars took up some of the spots, but I heard the officers weren’t bothering anyone, and even asked for autographs before I got there around 3. Oh, they had filmed a scene at a house a few blocks away, earlier in the day, and some of the equipment and crew were still there cleaning up when I went to take some photos of it.

    • Auuugh! Lucky!! This week I was too early and last week I was too late!! Its really luck (or knowing someone) that can you get you there at just the right time. Id love to meet Gerard but to wait all day in a scummy part of Detroit not knowing when hes gonna show up… eh not gonna happen.

  16. There is something being filmed in front of the TGIFridays on Canoga Ave in Woodland Hills, CA near Oxnard. Anyone know anything about it? It’s right next to where HBO was filming Enlightened a couple of weeks ago…

  17. Filming is underway at Hutzel Hospital. You can find locals taking photos of the shooting currently. I retweeted one of them. Make sure you follow me on my Twitter for the Detroit set location updates. Christine, I can safely say Hutzel is now being used for shooting as we speak. 🙂

  18. Saw the sign HB as I exited Canoga Ave in Woodland Hills. This could be Horrible Bosses. Looks like they are at the TGI Fridays on the corner of Canoga and Oxnard.

  19. Has anyone seen anything being filmed for Parenthood yet?

    I noticed that Make It or Break It is being filmed on my sister’s street, just a few blocks down. I wish I could get her to go down and check it out but she really isn’t interested in that kind of thing. So close to some info yet so far away in many ways.

    Drove by the Plymouth and Dearborn sites for Scream 4 and it is so sad to see that everything is back to normal, especially in Plymouth where the Woodsboro Police Station was because now it is just a dreary parking lot again.

    • Cheri, what time did you see them filming? And did you notice if the set was accessible by fans to watch or was it being blocked off?

    • Tons of filming for Parenthood in LA and South Pasadena over the last month – should be filming until April of 2011 for season 2.

  20. I made my way down to MGP yesterday but got there during lunch around 12:30. Gerry did make his way out during an afternoon break to sign some autographs and take fan photos. Around 7:30 pm they finished pack up and headed out. Gerry quickly jumped into his SUV and headed out not visiting with any fans, it had been a long day. I hear rumor that they were indeed done but had 2 more weeks of closed set filming to finish up at some warehouse before the head to Africa.
    It was fun while it lasted, good luck to cast and crew.

  21. Had the opportunity to talk with Gerard on Sunday for about 5 minutes at Pine Lake, really nice guy and fellow Brit. Am working on a charity project at the moment for Sudan and and just found out MGP is about Sudan. Want to try and touch base with him again to see if he can help promote the Michigan Coalition for Darfur while he’s in town. If anybody knows how I can get in touch with him please let me know. Thanks

  22. Ian: (sorry can’t reply directly on my phone) my friend might be able to help. I’ll pass along the message. Give me your email just in case. But they’re only here for two more weeks so I dunno if it’s too late :/

  23. I guess that I should have been more clear, the “I saw” part was that I had read. I live in Mich but my sister lives in Santa Monica But there is no way that I could get her to go check it out. Sorry about that.

  24. Since this thread was commented on, I figure I can continue it a bit more by saying the trailer to MachineGun Preacher came out a few days ago. It looks like a great movie. Too bad Detroit won’t see it at the same time NY and LA will.


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