Filming Locations in NYC for Friday, July 30, 2010 including ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’, & ‘Arthur’

Here’s a list of movies and TV shows filming around  New York City on July 30, 2010.

White Collar is filming in Soho, signs spotted around Wooster and Spring St, on Broome Street between Mercer and Wooster, and at  Lafayette & Spring St through tomorrow. (Thanks @lane008, @TheSnowKangaroo, @christinagan)

Curb You Enthusiasm signs spotted around 95th/96thth St from Central Park West to Columbus in NYC. (Thanks @SlipsonNYC and @jordangirin)

The Good Wife is filming at Nassau Ave between Russell and Humboldt in Brooklyn. (Thanks @SmilinginNYC)

Arthur, starring Russell Brand and Jennifer Garner,  is filming at the Bloomberg Building again. (Thanks @ta11erghostwalt)

Detachment, starring Adrien Brody, is filming around  72 Ave and 110 St in Forest Hills, Queens .

Premium Rush, starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt,  is filming around W 28th and 11th. The second unit is filming at Broadway and 135th St. (Thanks TR, Fluff, Pete,  Lee and Stacy)

Law and Order: SVU is filming in the vicinity of E 115th, between 1st Ave and Pleasant Ave. (Thanks Andrea & @maddonaaa)

Royal Pains is filming at West Neck Beach in Lloyd Harbor again. (Thanks Tom and Melissa)

My Idiot Brother, starring Paul Rudd, is filming at Highland Rd & Cosgrove Dr in Glen Cove, NY.

Blue Bloods is filming at West St & Eagle St in Brooklyn.

Friends With Benefits, starring Justin Timberlake, is filming at Grand Central Terminal again this afternoon. (Thanks npbard)

Peace, Love & Misunderstanding is filming on Main St in Rosendale, NY. (Thanks Ben)

Gossip Girl is filming in studio again. (Silvercup Studio in Long Island City).

Also, we are extending our Gossip Girl photo contest through the end of this week since they were in studio all week last week (and I still have lots of entries to post). So, if you take any photos on the set this week and want to enter, email me your pics at (please put GG photo contest in subject).

Thanks to all of NYC tipsters! If you have any set pics, new, filming locations, or celeb sightings to share, let us know about it! Also, be sure to check out our Upcoming Locations Calendar above for more info!


  1. notes:
    –The Big C is filming in studio, 300 Stillwater, Stamford, CT
    –Friends W/ Benefits, not 100% sure where they are filming but yesterday they were at Grand Central Station and they are expected to be back there Saturday so they may be there today, can anyone confirm?
    –Signs still up for Premium Rush at Riverside Drive and Tiemann Drive.
    –Premium Rush Signs on on 40th and 6th for Sunday, but also got a tip that one of the signs were for Fri too?
    –Check back, might have more for Detachment or Blue Bloods…

  2. “no parking” signs in Midtown Manhattan near Broadway/Madison that said filming will take place in the area all day on Friday, 7/30. Under project it only said, “Rabbit Content.” (Thanks Jeremy)

    • yes, heard it would be at same location but also hearing there are trailers at Lexington bet 39th and 42nd St., not far from where all the signs fro PR were spotted (the signs that were emailed to me were for weekend, but some said they were for today, it was very confusing)

      can anyone check out Lex and 39th and see if it is PR?

    • When I was coming back from Grand Central, they were filming right by the entrance (42nd/Park). They’re filming inside tomorrow apparently, but the best way to meet them is waiting by their trailers. JT’s is labeled as ‘DYLAN’ and Mila’s is ‘JAMIE’. The trailers were parked on 39th/Lexington. I hope this helps!

      • Oh okay, thanks for the response! I saw in the calendar on top that Premium Rush will be filming tomorrow. Is that Joseph and the cast, or are they the second unit? Will Joseph be filming at all tomorrow?

        • IMPORTANT: The signs at 108th St. & Broadway for Premium Rush filming over the weekend were taken down as of this morning.

          • Thanks!
            I was just at 28th/11th, and one staff member told me that they are currently looking for a filming location.

            • i was just at the set and they said they will be filming in herald sq 2morrow Saturday and and will be filming from 97th to 105th and Broadway on Sunday

  3. They are filming “white label” right now (and have been since this morning), on W 12th Street btwn Greenwich and Washington, not E 10th. Is it a commercial? They’re doing some kind of winter scene with a guy shoveling snow and someone else carrying a Christmas tree.

      • Cool. Seems like not too many people have been able to meet him because of that demon lady with him.

        Did anyone take any pics?

        • Nobody told me to piss off or anything when I was right by the set. And is that lady the brunette one with a ponytail?

          • I was able to meet him actually! when they were filming on park, his trailer was on 52nd and park 2 weeks ago. Super nice! and his body guard wasnt a lady it was two men who took our picture. He was absolutely nice! i caught him after work by his trailer, and not many people were around him so. i guess its luck.

            • You’re soo lucky!
              I was actually going to wait by his trailer, but I didn’t want his stylist/guard or whatever to think that I was a stalker lol

            • Lucky! do u have a pic? I’m planning on heading there when his production company puts on the shows later this summer.

              • he was on the set filming at broadway 135st i took pictures and videos and was there filming while they filmed and i talked to the crew good times 🙂 im gonna go to where theyll be 2morrow and sunday 😀

  4. Just as an FYI I’m in the middle nowhere and only have my IPhone which is hating twitter for some reason and I can’t get on tweetdeck or anything else so If anyone has updates pls leave them here this afternoon instead of twiiter, thanks!!

    • you got a pix with larry david how’d you pull that off he told me he doesn’t do pix and he told my friend the same thing a diff time.

  5. SVU filmed exteriors all day–car explosion etc–Mariska, Chris and Henry all there. I left about 5. Very good scenes too. The car explosion was LOUD! Even saw Mike Doyle stop by for a set visit! They are filming tonight but interiors I believe!!

  6. anyone know deal wit jersey shore. I really want to see jersey shore film. I heard they are in jersey. anyone wanna go wit me I would love to get a picture with vin and ron ron. let me know jans

  7. L,
    I got there as he was about to get into his trailer after they wrapped for the day. I asked if we can take a quick pic, he hesitated for second, then said “okay”.


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