Details for the ‘Abduction’ Sutersville, PA shoot on August 2- 4

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To the best of our knowledge, Abduction will be filming in Sutersville, PA on August 2- 4.They will be filming overnight on the bridge behind Yough Twister Ice Cream Shop. This is the best map of Yough Twister that we have found so far:

If you take a look at the map above too, it looks like the bridge is on 1st St in Sutersville, PA.

Update: Filming will take place on 8.4- 8.6.

We have two sources who have been able to confirm the shoot and both have advised it will be very difficult for onlookers to see much. Carrie told us, “Yes it is true that there is a bridge scene, its a car crashing into a train. The state police are involved in this shoot because they want as many people away from the area as possible. At both ends of the bridge are train tracks, at one side is a junk yard the other is a ice cream shop, both have big parking lots. The cops are blocking the road 3/4 a mile down so everything (base camp, etc) will be inside the road block so it will be difficult [to see much, if any of the shoot].

Ryan also told us, “From What I understand they are going to be filming on a bridge and near the creek and river at that location. Our water rescue was requested to be there. They are filming in the evening and through midnight on those days.

It is still unknown exactly which of the movie’s stars will be on set (if any, it could be stunts only) and if this will be the only location for the week.

To discuss more about the shoot in general with other local fans, take a look at our Abduction Open Thread.

Update: They are reportedly filming in this area during the day as well.


  1. My friend and I have been planning on going to this shoot for about a month, but now I don’t think it’s worth going. I’m bummed. πŸ™

  2. crap. if everything is going to be inside the area that police are blocking off, we arent going to see anything, and i guess there’s really know point in going other than risking getting in trouble. Im glad I know this now!!

  3. Thank GOD the police are going to be blocking the roads. People need to learn that us ACTORS and the great Crew are WORKING and doing our jobs. Yes i am an actor in the movie, I have NEVER seen it this bad with everyone and their mothers coming to set, It was not this bad for Robert P in Remember Me and a few other productions. If you DO come out remember that WE are doing a JOB and are on a VERY tight schedule. Oh and the fans who do come up to basecamp and the set, the ones that are usually not making a scene will get a picture or autograph (just throwing it out there)

    • @Double K…. you also have to understand that we are fans and have been for awhile. While I agree, there is no need to be screaming and carrying on, just watching is fine – it is a chance of a lifetime for us. I mean have you seen where we live?? lol This place in a nut shell sucks. Even if we got a glimpse of an actor – let alone Taylor Lautner it will be a good day for all of us. I know my 9 yr old son was stoked about coming out b/c he liked him as Sharkboy. And I do get where you are coming from. I am sure that the 12 yr olds kicking and screaming can be a bit much. Don’t know if we will go, who knows, but hope you have fun πŸ™‚

      • I drove all the way from Ontario (an 8 hour drive) just to try and see him in suttersville! I am not going to give up and I am definetly going πŸ™‚ I will not be loud or make a scene I just want a glimpse of Taylor πŸ™‚

      • “Double K”
        I understand you I mean Taylor has a very busy schedule. But I feel if there are locals like myself walkin my 4yr daughter, 2yr son, and 10month old son by myself to see you that maybe if he had some time during the day when hez not shootin and set a time to do some autographs and pictures. My daughter is in love with you she is onyl 4 though so she will not be attackin him… lol but she was soo upset yesterday that she didnt get the chance to meet him. I no he had signed some late last night and its not really fair to the good mothers who dont want to have their babies out that late. Thank You for listening, Heather

    • I was just woundering are you allowed to actually watch the filming production. I am a twilight fan that is how I found out about the filming in pittsburg but I am also curious about the way things work on set and filming I plan on going to school by next year for either filming production & ? (can’t remember the 2nd part) or visual effects and motion graphics. still not sure which I would enjoy more (leaning more towards visual effects and motion graphics)so I thought it would be nice to be able to watch the actually filming take place so that I have a better understanding of how things work on set. If I were able to I would study both at the same time but unfortantly that is not a possibilty. So any info would be appriciated and just woundering if you were coming back towards carnegie to film again and don’t worry im not some screaming and crazy fan.
      Thanks Kat

  4. No I am not an extra. But will not say who I am.

    Courtney I do get where your coming from as I’m a sure you problly seen how some of the fans act on set or at bc. It gets annoying but as lo g as everyone is respectful myself and other cast members don’t mind the fans. As you the fans are why we do what we love. We just hate the crazy ones. And I’ve see. Many them out here lol.

    • LOL I avoided the whole Twilight craze just for that reason… the absolute insanity of it. LOL However, due to Netflix and my Twihard fans (I have been sucked in) lol Anyway, so I am not sure if you are from around this area, but try and go to Primanti Bros before you leave!!!! (Don’t look at what is on the sandwiches, they are good but it looks gross) And not sure if you are a “big name” or not, but try and check out Steelers training camp in Latrobe… it is def worth the experience. haha Who knows if my kid crys hard enough we may drive by, but I promise I am a 28 yr old MOM first (crazy fan 2nd LOL)

    • OMG now I know what you mean! The ice cream girl told us about the crazy girls laying on the road and stuff! That kind of behavior is certifiably insane. It is people like that ruin it for people like me and my son who really are awestruck at the celebrity appearances in the local area. I am thoroughly pissed off at these people b/c my son was crushed. I have never seen him so sad that he wouldn’t even get a glimpse at Taylor. We are still going to go on Thursday, but it is now just for the movie making experience of it all.

      So all these crazy little girls out there reading this – – Taylor is first and foremost a person. It is not worth acting crazy and threatening to endanger your lives or anyone of the cast/crew. And my question is, where are your parents?? Raise your children right. respect the boundaries. Sheesh. Ruining it for all the sane people out there.

      • Courtney,
        I feel you on that one. I didnt see the girl, but it pisses me off to. I also had my 4yr daughter down there and then much later I walked my 2 sons down to by myself… its not fair that good and nonsyko fans dont get me meet him.

  5. I’m not a real big name but people do know me from my work. And yes I am 100% going to that shop everyone told me to go there. And I can’t goto stealers camp. I grown up outside phily so the birds are my team. Ha and its usually the Moms going crazy lol. Well I’m getting off here. Earily day tomorrow. Hope u all can meet who u want to. And remember be respectful if u wnt to get that autograph lol.

    • Double K, my daughter actually wanted to meet you, she got to meet Taylor already, but disappointed when she did not even catch a glimpse of you! She has been acting for 4 years and excited to see Pittsburgh becoming a valued filming location. Just wish the fans were more civil.

      • Yough (not sure if its a river or creek or whatever) but they are in the general location of the Sutersville bridge in post above I guess.

        Also heard there are still a few trailers at the Mt. Lebo base camp, they may be going back and forth, hoping someone can confirm they are in Sutersville today too.

    • I was just in Suttersville and they are filming there for sure. Right now they are just setting up. The man that owns the Yough Twister said to everyone there that he will be filming in the parking lot,on the bridge and by the creek right beside the store this week. He said Taylor probably won’t be there untill Wednesday or Thursday but who really knows. So there is still a chance that he could be there today and tomorrow. Also as of right now there are no road blocks but there might be later. I’m going back there later tonight so if I find anything else out i will post back πŸ™‚

      • JEnny, we will be going back as well. So far all we saw were security guards and some cable lines and electric lines. So we figured we would go back and check it out. Some girls there said the security guards told them that Taylor won’t be there until thursday, friday…. yet I find that hard to believe. As we were leaving we saw Hadad’s – the production truck – coming in, so I am sure some kind of filming is going on. I mean even just to see it being filmed would be awesome. (Besides I am Team Edward anyway LOL) My friend an kid are Team Jacob though haha

          • We don’t know for sure. but that is what we heard all day. However, we heard this from the ice cream girl – – – so it’s anyone’s guess… we went back tonight and nothing… my son was CRUSHED. Like I have never seen him so sad. So, we are going to try again, this time I am a pissed off mama (at the crazy people laying down in front cars to get taylor’s attention) who have ruined it for everyone. Apparently they are going to keep taylor behind screens and block everything off…. total bull if you ask me. There are people out there who seriously just want an autograph.

            • Gosh, its ridiculous people are driving them to these extremes… like dont get me wrong, I love taylor, and I want more than anything to get to meet him and all. but Im not endangering my life by laying in a street!! I understand that he’s probably never going to be in Pittsburgh again and this may be a once in a lifetime chance, but dont loose your heads people! No one should be waiting outside his house. I am just trying to wait at base camp, and even that isnt going so well. We should be passionate fans, not scary!! πŸ˜‰

              anyways… thanks for the update lol

      • So They have all of the Movie lights up by the Yough Twister set up and what looked kinda like trailers so they will be filming within the next 2 nights according to the owner of the twister

    • Let us know, Fi! I live about an hour away…which is absolutely worth driving and waiting for Taylor. However, as I’ve been let down many times for taking the entire day and/or night, it’s heartbreaking to find out you can’t meet Taylor after all of that! Thanks so much!

  6. I know, I completely understand! I’m just waiting for a friend to get here and then we’re going to go check it out. I’ll post what I see (if anything)!

  7. Sutersville isn’t too far away from Mt. Leb…maybe an hour 1/2 tops, depending on traffic. I think base camp is going to stay in Mt. Leb. and if they are filming a car crash, they might just be using Taylor’s stunt double, Dan, on certain days…I think that if you are closer to Sutersville, then go check it out, but if you are closer to Mt. Leb. or from out of town, then you should hang out at base camp.

    • yes, if you do see that base camp is still at mt. leb, please let me know. some people are saying that they’re not there anymore, but some are saying they still are.

      Has anyone seen him at base camp?

  8. Hi Girls!

    Thought I would share my experiences of Stalking Taylor Lautner at Base Camp!

    Top Ten “Things I Learned while Stalking Taylor Lautner!” πŸ™‚

    #10) Who needs a job when Taylor is in town, we can stalk him every waking minute, take his autographs and sell them on Ebay. Thanks for supporting Pittsburgh!

    #9) If Taytay remembers meeting you,(since you met him at least 6 times) and he smiles and says “hi again”, he is going to ask you out the next time, then you will get married and have beautiful wolf babies. He totally digs 11 and 12 year olds!

    #8) Abduction Base Camp = Free Day Care!
    Att: Moms, ABX Base camp now offers free sightings of teen heartthrob Taylor Lautner, your 7-13 year old girl will not move from the spot you left her, until you drag her away kicking and screaming!

    #7) Mam’ your 3 week old baby would rather be home in her crib, unless Taylor Lautner is a wet nurse on the side, She could care less to be there at 3 AM waiting for him to come out and fall madly in love with you and propose!

    #6) If you come dressed as a Banana, Taylor will not come out to meet you! Not sure which would be scarier to him the costume or the sign that says “Taylor, I am bananas about you!’, You might as well have just wrote “Taylor, I am crazy, run boy run!”

    #5) Yes girls, he does wear Calvin Klein undies!
    **Note to wardrobe, buy the poor kid a belt!

    #4) I personally confirmed that Taylor Lautner does indeed like bubble wrap. Why would I ask such a silly question? I can read everything else about his life on the internet or ask the 11 year old beside me! πŸ™‚

    #3) Taylor’s Body Guard is Russian! Why? Okay sillies, everyone knows Russians are bullet proof.

    #2) no matter how many times my dog watches New Moon, he will not transform into Taylor Lautner. I think it has to be a certain wolf breed. πŸ™

    Drum Roll Please……..

    the #1 Thing I learned while Stalking Taylor is……..

    Suzie: “I spent the night at Taylor Lautner’s house last night”
    Jenny: “OMG! Are you Serious! I did not even know you two had met or were dating!”
    Suzie: “I don’t know him yet, I slept in his driveway!”

  9. OMG I am a horrible person… and a horrible Harry Potter fan as well… Jason Isaacs (Lucius Malfoy of Harry Potter) is ALSO in abduction — oy to my friend for clouding my vision!!!!!! I think i am more excited about the prospect of POSSIBLY meeting him than Taylor!!

    • Nothing. And he may only be there for a few hours behind a blockade because of some of the crazy fans he has encountered. I am still going to try though. We are back in a couple days because I have a 9 yr old boy who is depressed. Maybe he will get to see someone jumping from the bridge (stunt double) – cheer him up a bit, but I am not letting my kid down.

      • Thanks Courtney — and you’re doing the right thing, I know my parents would do the same for me when I was your little ones age– youre a good mamma!! Hell, Im extremely excited and I’m 23–definitely not ashamed! lol Good luck meeting him! I’m gonna go down tomorrow night. I heard from a friend that works at a bar in sutersville (as im from a neighboring town) that Taylor is supposedly going to be there tomorrow-thursday, but who knows anymore! I’ll keep everyone posted!

  10. has anyone seen taylor at the mt. leb. base camp?

    is there a seperate base camp at sutersville, or did they move it alltogether? thanks !

  11. please dont be rushing to sutersville people. all of us still have lives that run through that town, and its not that big of a town to begin with. as stated, they will have almost all of it blocked off. wait till hes back in mt lebo or something. i was excited at first, but now im just ready for it to be done.

    • hahaha seriously “JM” trust me, this might do sutersville some good– its full of nothing but druggies and alcoholics! & Don’t even deny it lol I’m from around the area, and everyone I know thats from there is one of the two, so this is the ONLY time people are going to be “rushing” to Sutersville. πŸ™‚

      • I’d have to disagree with you! I am fom Sutersville and are neither of the two!!! I’d agree that there are some there, but aren’t they every where! To classify “everyone” is a bit ridiculous. There’s a saying those who think there life is just perfect are probably those who should re-evaluate their own!

        • Well as an outsider who knows the west newton area at least… Sutersville is no Taj Mahal — I lock my doors and roll up my windows driving through there.

  12. okay, so me and my dad drove from ohio to sutersville, taylor won’t be filming until august 4. which is a wednesday-friday…so hope youu guys can see him. we talked to the guys who were setting up the scene and everything, he’s going to be filming in the wooded area…and yes, they are blocking the roads, apparently the closet we’ll be able to get is the railroad track across the street. wish yuu all luck in meeting him!!!!

  13. Can someone totally confirm that the base camp is still set up in mt.lebo? Are there girls outside? Is there still security surrounding it? It could just be the trailors that they dont need for the sutersville shoot just staying there. If taylor isnt shooting until wednesday or thursday does that mean that he has these days off? I doubt that they could be shooting in mt.lebo and sutersville at the same time.

    • Base Camp is gone. They wouldn’t keep it there. It’s way too far from Sutersville. They need it to be close seeing how frequently bring trucks and vans of equipment and actors back and forth throughout the day.

  14. so, is there any chance at all at seeing the film being shot? i think it would be really cool to be able to see it. πŸ™‚ but i just figured it will all be completely blocked off.
    And after sutersville this week, where are they going to be filming? Are they coming back to mt. lebo, or moving on?
    And is he still living here, or did he already move? I was wondering because when i drove by on my way to somewhere, all the blinds were still shut and everything, but there were no police. so i figured he is gone. But would he already be in sutersville?
    Also, is base camp gone in mt. lebo? like, 4ever? It’s never coming back? Or are they just commuting like an hour to set…because that doesn’t make much sense to me, so i thought they may have just moved it closer to set.
    good luck to everyone who wants to meet him!(:
    PS sophie, that’s hilarious! i actually think i saw that banana when i was there once…

  15. I went to suttersville today as well. I arrived at 10:30 stayed to about 12:30 then i heard Taylor wasn’t going to be there anytime soon so I left and went shopping. I came back at around 4:30-5ish and all the fans that were there earlier had left. I was just wondering if anything had happend. If you know anything please write back πŸ™‚ Also i would have posted something earlier but I had no internet all day πŸ™
    Ps. If you are going to Suttersville while your there you should get some ice cream from Yough Twister it’s really good πŸ˜€

  16. I went down to the filming location and there were the trucks and such, but no sign of Taylor. We asked the workers at the Yough Twister and they said there was no filming yesterday but there will be later in the week and there’s absolutely no chance of seeing anything. It’s a lost cause, honestly. I want to see Taylor as much as everybody else, but I’m not going to waste my day only to be disappointed with the outcome. We’re better off seeing him in Mt. Lebo if they end up going back. Unfortunately I was abroad in July and unable to go see him.

  17. hey guys it’s Sophia πŸ™‚ Anyway watch my video blogs on the top ten things I learned while stalking Taylor Lautner and the top ten things to ask a Taylor stalker. Comment, subscribe and rate more to come, but they will not always be on Taylor L. seeing as there are other good people out there haha watch please, thanks πŸ™‚

  18. I live about 2 minutes from the set anyone that wants to come have a few drinks and wait for them to film is more than welcome!!!

  19. Is sutersville the last place they are filming? I didn’t think so, but I’m not sure. If not, where are they going after that? I doubt I’m going to travel too far to try and watch filming, but I’m curious(:

  20. Taylor signed autographs at 1:30 am!!! Well worth the wait!!! Lots of pictures, my kids were so excited, very nice kid to come out after a long day and show his fans appreciation!!!

  21. double k…….we live in sutersville and i’m trying to get autograph for my 10yr old….do i go to “base” and ask security for one?do they have 5×8 ‘s or something on hand? it would be better than driving back n forth all day n night hoping to c this actor sh’s gaga about.would also get rid of alot of ppl clogging up the roads down there

  22. That guy from Twilight is really nice, he gave my whole family autographs and then bought us all Gainesburgers and beers at Junebug’s.

  23. June Bugs is a bar and restaraunt on the Suttersville side of the bridge, Im on the Elizabeth Twp. side, I better be able to get a cold beer or Tailor will be in trouble . You dont mess with a Steeler fans beer source,

  24. While you down in Sutersville, go to the Yough Twister they have some of the best icecream i have ever had. Their menu is emense for a small store like that. They have custard BOGO (Buy one get one) For any type of treat!

  25. To whomever got the autographs – CONGRATS!! I think that’s great he spent the time that late to sign them!

    My son and I will be there tonight to see the whole car crash scene…. I wonder if any of the other actors will be there.

    You guys are also missing out on getting an autograph from John Singleton! Sorry, but he is way better in my books than Taylor (just for his body of work) – plus the whole Team Edward thing πŸ™‚ Alos, my child is stoked about seeing the movie being made! (I had to do some MAJOR double talking with him about not getting to meet “jacob”)

    Mon Valley is def NOT Greensburg. I live near Greensburg and Mon Valley is about 30 minutes away down RT 70. If anyone goes there, please be careful, it is not a safe area in some spots.

  26. My friend & I took my 14yr old daughter out to see Taylor last night, he was so nice & signed her book & spoke to all of us real quick, she’s so happy & excited now! Thank you Taylor, your awesome!!! We waited in a 20 or so minute downpour but it was definately well worth it!

  27. 10 hour wait in freezing summer weather WELL WORTH IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he was sooooo nice and he is soooo cute! THANK YOU SO MUCH TAYLOR!


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