New York City Filming Locations for Thursday, August 5, 2010 including ‘Friends With Benefits’ & ‘Blue Bloods’

Here’s a list of movies and TV shows filming around  New York City on August 5, 2010.

Premium Rush is filming around the Museum of Natural History. Signs have been spotted on 76th- 84th and Central Park West/ Columbus/Amsterdam. There are also signs on 97th and Broadway for Thursday and Friday too. (Thanks Sabler, Rina, Marek, Det Movie Buff, Vic & Nicole)

Running Wilde, the new Fox series starring Will Arnett and Kerri Russell, at Sands Point Reserve in Port Washington,  NY.

White Collar is filming around Riverside Dr and 120th- 122nd.

Rubicon, the new AMC series, is filming on 41st, signs spotted from Broadway to 8th Ave.

Friends With Benefits, starring Justin Timberlake, is filming in Times Square. Signs were spotted at 47th/48 and 7th, and they are suppose to be filming a Flash Mob scene. Will be at same location of Friday. (Thanks Rina & Tom)

Curb You Enthusiasm is filming around Columbus and 69th/70th in NYC. (Thanks Pasha)

My Idiot Brother, starring Paul Rudd, is filming around Pacific St and Smith/Hoyt in Brooklyn. (Thanks Pete)

Detachment, starring Adrien Brody, is filming around Armstrong Rd and Washington Ave/ Bedford Ave in Garden City Park, NY. They are filming at Mineola High School again.

Blue Bloods is filming around Washington Square Park. Signs spotted on Washington Square W and Waverly Pl and on 8th St. (Thanks Anon, Paige and Michelle)

Law and Order: SVU is filming in their North Bergen, NJ studio.

• Pretty sure Gossip Girl is also in studio again:  Silvercup Studio in Long Island City.

Update:Miraculous Year, a new HBO series, is filming around 8th and 44th through tomorrow.

Update:Arthur is filming around 31st Ave between 29th and 30th St in Astoria NY.

Thanks to all of NYC tipsters! If you have any set pics, new, filming locations, or celeb sightings to share, let us know about it! Also, be sure to check out our Upcoming Locations Calendar above for more info!


  1. Im definitely going to White Collar.
    Does anyone know if Matt Bomer will be on set ?
    I’ll let everyone know how it goes and i’ll for sure get some pictures

  2. There were also No Parking FWB signs on 58th and 59th between 2nd and 3rd, with set and holding signs as well on those streets and on 3rd going upward (but I only personally saw up to 59th/60th)

      • yes – the shoot was last night along there – as well as some construction! I was actually just on here looking to see exactly what it was that was shooting… I work near there and will look to see if anything happening again tonight. But can someone tell me what it was?

  3. They’re filming on my block tonight it seems.. huge PITA to get around with the car. I see them in the street and want to throw water balloons at them but cannot. Good thing I don’t have any.

    Does any one know what they are filming? I didn’t see anything on the list above.

  4. I would love to know also .
    When do they usually film morning or evening ?
    Or does anyone know exactly what the signs say ?

  5. hey anyone know if emma stone andy samberg or mila kunis will be on set tomorow, i know i keep asking i would really like to know so if anyone finds out due tell thanx

  6. hey guys i was wondering if anyone was involved with a group photo with chace crawford yesterday evening. no one would take my camera either so if you can post it, it would mean the world to me! thank again. i know if you didnt have the picture i am sure you would want me to post it so thank s again and if you have it, please again just post it

  7. If anyone is able to stop by the “Friends With Benefits” set today, can you please let us know, who is there today and where the trailers are at? it would really be helpful and appreciated. Thanks!

  8. Christine,

    Typo Error: The Undercover Promo listed for NYC this weekend is an Los Angeles shoot.

    Also was wondering why there are no tipsters in both Toronto and Montreal/Quebec??? I know weeks back you had Vancouver information. Montreal should get interesting with Kristen Stewart filming up there soon.

    Aldo, if you have problems with the film crew, take it up with the cops or your elected officials. The Mayor’s permit office will tell you tough luck if you ask for help.

  9. anyone know if the report of gossip girl will be at 86th and york today is true? because someone posted it yesterday. can someone check if it’s true?

  10. Was wondering what all the action was in my area – 29th/Bway Astoria…crew members, lighting, and moho’s all over the place. cool site btw. happy to have stumbled on it.

  11. per @OLV twitter followers:

    Norbert Leo Butz is on set of Miraculous Year

    Russell Brand is filming on the set of Russell Brand

    And here’s one for tomorrow:
    @olv The Good Wife is filming starting at 6am tomorrow (Friday) around Franklin St. and Milton St. in BK. No end time was given.
    via @kellypvanv

  12. anyone to go the WC set? Im thinking of going there around 7 but i dont want to if matt bomer, willie garson, or tim dekay aren’t there

  13. White Collar Update:

    They are Not at 120th and Riverside. They ARE at 107th and Riverside, filming right now. They will be at the same location tomorrow also. Matthew Borner, Tiffani Thiessen and Tim DeKay are there.

    Christine, I LOVE you and this site! I got to meet acting Royalty today because guess who was also on set? Billy Dee Williams and Diahann Carroll!!! My mouth dropped open when I saw them because I was besides myself. They were acting groundbreakers! 😀 😀 THANK YOU SO MUCH for running this site!!!!

    • hey lee, you said they are going to be at 107th and riverside tomorrow? Do you know by any chance if all the people you said were there today will be there tomorrow? I may stop by

    • Forgot to say that TT’s trailer is on Riverside between 107th and 108th streets and MB’s trailer, I believe, is by 110th St. and Riverside.

    • Thank You too Lee!
      Diahann Carrol AND Billy Dee. As a little girl I loved her in Dynasty. I hope this means they are expanding her character. Wish I was there 🙁 I saw her in Saks once and nearly died. Please keep us posted of future sitings!!!

  14. what time are they filming arthur still? its kinda late now, i dont get out of work till 6, and id like to go but i dont want to go for no reason

  15. Ugh, White Collar = Extremely frustrating time finding parking spot. They really, really, really don’t need to block parking on the approximately 10 blocks of Riverside Drive, both east and west side, that they do for these things.

  16. Anyone know where SVU is filming on August 9th and 10th?? Is there a good chance that they will be filming in NY because they have been in NJ for this whole week?? Anything helps!! 🙂

  17. Just walked by the Friends with benefits set. They have part of times square blocked off. The trailers are parked on 48th. I think I passed Justin’s trailer at corner of 8th and 48th because there was a huge bodyguard outside. Right now it seemed that all the extras were at catering.

  18. any idea what time filming for premium rush will be for tomorrow or this weekend? or if joseph gordon levitt will be present??


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