Updated: Filming in Michigan: filming locations in Detroit & more including ‘Scream 4’

Here are a couple of projects that are definitely filming around Detroit this week:

**•Scream 4 is filming on Saline Waterworks Rd, just east of Steinbach Rd, between Saline and Manchester, Michigan through 8.6. in Ann Arbor.

**•Home Run Derby, starring Barry Bostwick, is filming at the Northeast Little League Field in Taylor, MI through 8.16.

Here some of the rumors, tips & comments we’ve received in the last few days for other  projects filming around Detroit:

•We’ve a few different things this week about LOL, starring Miley Cyrus, here’s the latest:

-They have a base camp set up at Jefferson & Joseph Campau in Detroit. Trailers were on Woodbridge St too. *They wrapped at this location August 5.

-They were filming on the campus of University of Detroit Mercy yesterday (rumor). Update: As of 8.5 we have received several tips that LOL is filming at this location.

-First we heard they would be filming in Birmingham, MI this week, then we heard it was pushed to Monday.

-They are filming in Taylor, MI (but I think there is some confusion and this is actually the movie Home Run Derby listed above).

-Update: We heard today that LOL might be filming at Grosse Pointe South High School next week (week of 8.9). (Thanks Libby)

The Double, starring Richard Gere, was suppose to wrap production after filming in Detroit on 8.3.

**Update: As of Thursday, 8.5, there were signs on Mound Rd between 11 and 12 mile in Warren, MI for Harold & Kumar.

Vamps, starring Alicia Silverstone, was filming at 641 Prentis . The base camp was at Cass & 2nd, not sure if they will be back today though.

Detroit 1-8-7 was filming at Detroit Metro Airport on Monday and was rumored to be filming in downtown Detroit.

Machine Gun Preacher, starring Gerard Butler, was in Canton last week. On Monday, we heard they may be filming at Plymouth Canton schools soon also. Update: As of Thursday 8.5, Machine Gun Preacher was still filming on Ridge Rd in Canton, MI. The last we heard this was a pretty closed set, off the road though.

**•As of Thursday 8.5, Real Steel was filming at the gravel pits in Oxford.

This is expected to be the last week for Machine Gun Preacher.

•On Thursday 8.5, Touchback, with Kurt Russell, was filming at 48th & Hayes in Coopersville, MI.

•Finally, last we heard, 30 Minutes or Less was filming at a house off Grand River/Northland Drive in Grand Rapids, MI.

If  you have any information about where a movie or TV show is filming in Detroit, let us know in the comments below or email us at olv@onlcoationvacations.com, thanks!

(Thanks to all our tipsters and commenters who have provided information!)


  1. OK, so not Detroit, but outside of Grand Rapids. Friends in Coopersville are posting on FaceBook that “Touchback” is filming on 48th Avenue tonight at one of the old farms.

  2. Any news on Detroit 187?? Anyone know what other productions are coming to town soon? Seems like HK3, Scream and Real Steel are wrapped or wrapping.

  3. 30 Minutes or Less is filming tonight around at a house off Grand River/Northland Drive in Grand Rapids, MI.

    Guess we’ll use this thread for all MI locations? 🙂

  4. Any word on where in Mi. Transformers 3 will be filming? All I have heard is end of Aug. Just curious as to where,this is one I deff. want to watch film! I hear in Chicago,they leave Optimus Prime chillin out by the set,,,what a sight to see ! My son would flip if he drove by and seen that!

    • A friend of ours ahs been and will be working on Transformers 3 here and said he would call to have the kdis come down. I’ll post when I hear anythign on when/where.

  5. Anyone know if MGP is still filming here? or where Girald is? I know he was staying in Birmingham and has been spotted everywhere? On the new this morning they showed a picture someone sent in of him with a wedding party, they say he may of crashed it, who cares I would love him to show up at my wedding next May! Anyone know anything about that?

  6. Can anyone give any info on LOL and Vamps e.g. is it actually possible to see anything, or is all filming being done inside? Thanks!

    • For Vamps, check out this site, unfortunately they don’t update until the end of the day but they have been tracking the filming daily, it might give you some info:


      Oh, and the filming for Vamps on Wayne State was really open, saw a bunch of pap pics after that, Alicia was there.

      Also just added a note that LOL might be filming in Grosse Point next week…added it above.

  7. Real Steel is filming at the gravel pits in Oxford today and tomorrow.

    Machine Gun Preacher is suppose to still be filming at that house on Ridge St too.

  8. In Warren, MI, I just saw a “Santa Claus” sign for Harold and Kumar. It was on Mound Rd between 11 and 12 mile. I saw the sign while driving north on Mound and the arrow pointed east.
    – got this in am email tip from Carrie

      • Kathy…Are they filming at a house?
        All I can see are trees and houses on the map,,,so will it be blocked off?
        My sons dr. is right around the corner on saltz rd.
        Will they be there on Moday? that is when we will be down there.

          • Thanks bananadoc…anyone who knows,please keep us posted!
            Have been trying to track this movie down for 2 months! would like to see it before they are done!

            • I heard that they may have actually been in Birmingham but I’m not sure if they are still there though.

              Sorry Bananadoc that you didn’t find anything!

              I think part of the problem is that people are getting info from other sites (or even a local radio station) and they may not have info that is 100% accurate.

              Maybe, if people actually see filming, if they send a pic with their tip – or maybe specify they actually saw the filming, that might help?

  9. Thanks for the tips today! Here’s one more for Grand Rapids, I’ll try to reorganize this stuff tonight too so it doesn’t get lost in the shuffle, thanks again for the info!

    Touchback is filming in fields at 48th & Hayes in Coopersville, MI tonight.

  10. I just added all the latest info, etc from these comments in the post above, but I’m afraid I may have made a bigger mess of it! LOL So, I starred the ones that I think might still apply for Friday and beyond, hopefully, we’ll get some more confirmation, and again to everyone who has been helping out with tips!

  11. Update: I just got DM’d that Scream 4 is filming on Lincoln St in Ann Arbor tonight and that Adam Brody is there (yay!). But, does this mean that they are done at the other location in Saline?
    I give up trying to keep track! 🙂

    • OMG I am in Ann Arbor and I want to see Adam soo bad!! Are they still filming right now tonight?? Will they be filming in Ann Arbor tomorrow, Friday?? If anyone knows anything, please please let me know!!!

  12. LOL wrapped filming tonight around 10:30pm @ the location on Jefferson and Jos. Campau, or at least that’s when Miley left. Anyone know for sure where they’ll be tomorrow? UDM?

        • My friend has been watching them build sets for LOL in her office’s parking lot in Dearborn. She’ll let me know if anything other than construction seems to be happening!

          • In another thread they are saying they actually started filming there today? Do you think you can have your friend check it out?

            They’re saying that there are extras and crews at Century Dr, off of Greenfield Rd right now.


            • Yes, there’s definitely stuff happening, but it’s all inside a warehouse. She couldn’t see anything except the trailers and crew.

              • thanks so much for the update, I had originally heard they would film there on 11th -12th so maybe they will be there for a while, too bad its so closed. Keep us posted if she had any more info.

  13. For today, I’m pretty confident that Real Steel is in Oxford, someone left a comment in another thread that they saw them there last night.
    the Home Run Derby info is def. right,
    & the Scream info should be right (or at least it was last night).

    Harold & Kumar signs were still on Mound Rd last night too but I’m not positive they will be back today.

    If anyone can confirm any of the above locations or finds something new, please let us know, thanks!

  14. I work right down the street from where the signs are for Harold and Kumar. I drove by it about 3 weeks ago. What it appears to be is a base camp for buses, cabs and other vehicles. Signs have been there since beginning of July.

    • I was there on the Scream 4 set today and was the only person apart from production crew! I prefer to stalk in a crowd 😉 They are setting up to film at a big grey house. Could be a frat house? The lighting guys said that Crew Call is at 7pm and that filming would probably start at 8pm. Filming will run for a couple of weeks at least. Security and lighting guys were super nice.

      To confirm: It’s on Lincoln Ave in Ann Arbor between Wells St. and Cambridge Rd. Base Camp is close on Burns Park in the school parking lot.

      • Awesome, thanks! Well, if there are still a couple weeks left, I’m sure you’ll have plenty of chances to do some crowd stalking! 😉

        If you see Adam Brody, tell him I said hi, he’s one of my all time favorites! 🙂

      • Bananadoc : I will be the start of a group to see Adam Brody on that Set anyday…I was going to go and find the set today but did not get a chance. But apparently night time is the best time to go. Did they say if they were filming on the weekends too? Also, if you are coming from Packard, going toward campus, which way do you go to get to Lincoln Ave?? I ask because I saw signs with Z on them by Stone School and they took you in front of that pub over by the old Hollywood Video and I wondered if this was in the right area??? Please let me know. Thanks!

        • Suzie: I wish I could help you.. I just set the GPS in my car and as if by magic, I was there! Good luck in catching Adam!

          • Bananadoc: Thanks, I will just have to do the same and find it. I am sure once you are near, you cant miss it. Do you live in Ann Arbor?? Thanks, I am definitley hoping to catch him!!

            • My wife and I watched the Scream 4 filming last night (Friday), but all of the scenes were shot inside the house. Saw Adam Brody (in an interesting outfit!), Emma Roberts, and David Arquette. David looked tired when he left the set at 10:30 PM, but kindly stopped for autographs and pictures and was very friendly.

                • Sorry, Christine, no pics of Adam. Just pics of the set and one of David Arquette with my wife. He was still in his Deputy costume, so it’s kinda cute.

                  • “Z” Was the name that was told to people in the area. “Z” was the code name for scream so it would not be announced to early. All of the cards in Burns Park have Z on them too. They only film Monday-Friday. Most of the filming happens around 9PM-5 AM.

                    • D1NGO13: When do you think is the best time to check out the Scream 4 set?? I really want to see Adam and want to try tomorrow night, but wanted to get some opinions of what time is best???

                      John:What time did you and your wife go to check it out on Friday night?? How long did you stay for??

                      Thanks for any help!!

  15. Any idea what may be happening on top of the Beaubian Place parking garage by the RenCen? We could see an older purple racing Camaro and a girl in a black bathing suit, police hat, and high heels.

  16. a movie set is being set up for the past 2-3 hours on randolph st @ cadillac square in front of the wayne county building in downtown detroit.

    there’s two fake chicago police cars waiting, a couple of motorbikes and a bunch of empty seats ready for the actors (still empty).

    don’t know which movie (haven’t talked to the crew); i’ve read in the past that The Double would be filming at wayne county building (dressed up as american embassy in paris), but this must be some other movie based on the chicago police cars.

  17. Thanks Joey, I’ll tweet it maybe someone will know what it is…I can’t think of anything set in Chicago…

    Here’s more for Scream 4 too:
    via @ D1NGO13
    @olv They rented out 2 houses on Lincoln Ave. The signs in the park say until the 27th, and the letters on our doors said the same.

    • Update: just came back from the set

      LOL is filming at Randolph / Cadillac square… i guess it’s set in Chicago (who knew…).

      saw producers/staff with LOL scripts + Demi Moore walking down the wayne county bld. stairs in a white coat + a guy on a motorbike (imdb: jay hernandez???) that picks here up at the bottom.

      no sight of Miley or Ashley as far as I could see…

      they keep repeating the same scene 1000 times so i guess they are up for a long afternoon…

      • thanks for the info, yeah, I didn’t know they are set in Chicago either! I’m going to tweet or add to FB or something so people know, I sent it out early but no one seemed to know what it was, so thanks again for following up!!

        Let us know if you take any pics or anything, do you work down there, or just passing thru?

  18. via @MichaelaMelania:

    @Olv In Taylor Michigan, I saw a set sign that said ”HRS” not sure what set/movie it is.

    This must be the ‘Home Run Derby’ or ‘Home Run Showdown’ I have listed above (keep hearing both names)

  19. Just got this, interesting…

    via @guitiano:

    @olv Rumor is Miley will be filming a music video in Detroit this weekend. Have to get some detectives on that information stat, lol.

  20. Will just left this in another thread: I just found the “SPOON” locations sign on the north-west corner of Ford Road and Mercury Drive (Dearborn) in front of Border’s Books. The sign points in the west direction down Ford Road. So, it appears that the set will be located somewhere west of Mercury Drive.

    • haven’t heard of anything for certain, the Miley vid is suppose to be around but haven’t gotten an exact location yet.

      Anyone else have any details for Sun?

  21. LOL is filming today at Grosse Pointe South High School. I went earlier and they were setting up. Miley Cyrus is said to be there later this afternoon, or evening and most likely tomorrow as well. They have security guards around the building but they were very nice. Other people were beginning to sit and wait to see Miley and/or others.

    • thanks for the update, we had heard they would be there but didn’t know exactly where, they are def still in dearborn and miley was supposedly spotted there but maybe they are moving over to the HS tonight…


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