Updated: New York City Filming Locations for Friday, August 6, 2010 including ‘Friends With Benefits’ & ‘The Good Wife’

Here’s a list of movies and TV shows filming around  New York City on August 6, 2010.

The Good Wife is filming around Franklin St and Milton St in Brooklyn. (Thanks @kellypvanv)

Premium Rush is filming around the Museum of Natural History. Signs have been spotted on 76th- 84th and Central Park West/ Columbus/Amsterdam. There are also signs on 97th and Broadway. There were also signs spotted around 5th/6th Ave & 21st. (Thanks Sabler, Denise, Rina, Marek, Det Movie Buff, Vic, Jake & Nicole)

White Collar is filming around Riverside Dr and 107th, shoot expected to begin mid-morning and last til around 8. (Thanks Lee & Abby)

Friends With Benefits, starring Justin Timberlake, is filming around Water St & Old Dock St/Main St in Brooklyn. FYI: This is the last day of shooting in NYC and it will be a evening/night shoot. There is a rumor A-Rod will be on set but there is also a Yankees game at 7 p.m., so if he is there, it will obviously be either before or after the game.

Detachment, starring Adrien Brody, is filming around Armstrong Rd and Washington Ave/ Bedford Ave in Garden City Park, NY. They are filming at Mineola High School again.

Miraculous Year, a new HBO series, is filming around 8th and 44th.

Blue Bloods is filming in studio (Broadway Stages in Brooklyn).

Law and Order: SVU is filming in their North Bergen, NJ studio.

Update:Curb Your Enthusiasm is filming around Frederick Douglass Blvd & W 153rd St, NYC. Probably won’t start until this afternoon since they have been filming nights the last two day. (Thanks James)

Update: Rubicon is filming  on Front Street between Pearl and Bridge Streets and on Jay Street in Brooklyn.  (Thanks @DumboNYC)

Update:Royal Pains is filming at N Hempstead Turnpike & Cedar Swamp Rd, Glen Head, NY. (Thanks Mike)

Thanks to all of NYC tipsters! If you have any set pics, new, filming locations, or celeb sightings to share, let us know about it olv@onlocationvacations.com! Also, be sure to check out our Upcoming Locations Calendar above for more info!


  1. Can someone please post if A-Rod is on set and if he is signing autographs. Like using ball point pens on baseballs not like Derek Jeter who uses sharpies on baseballs.

    • I am curious, what difference does it make what the writing instrument is? Can you see the autograph better on the ball if it is written with a ball point pen?

      • When it comes to baseballs, Sharpies fade drastically over time and ball point pens generally keep their color and don’t bleed. Sometimes baseball players look for sharpies to be jerks . Most of the time arod is cool though if there isnt THOUSANDS of people


  2. I think SVU is on location today actually. Casting was looking for hotel doorman, hotel guests and Chicago detectives, etc. Seems more like a location shoot than a studio shoot. I dunno though.

  3. The Premium Rush shoot on 5th Ave & 21 St. seems to be the 2nd unit with the stunt double bike messenger. I just walked by now and saw the stuntman getting ready. They were going over the set up with chalk outlines on the sidewalk and little matchbox cars.

  4. Friends with Benefits: I think they actually shot all night last night into this morning. There was mention about this in yesterday’s Daily News Gridlock Sam column which did not mention the project name, said they were filming all night on Broadway in the mid 40 blocks at one of the newly created pedestrian plazas.

    Premium Rush: Weekend location is ????
    Guessing that both units are working both days again..

  5. Regarding Premium Rush over the weekend: Yesterday evening I saw one those formal letter type pages they post sometimes that says “we will be filming in your neighborhood” on Broadway & 108 on Sunday 8/8. However there were no “No Parking” signs anywhere. There was only one of these letters up which I thought was strange too. I know they bounce around a lot so I was hesitant to submit it as a tip right now. I live near those streets so I can check later tonight to see if any new signs are up.

  6. Hey guys I just passed by the Friends with Benefits set and one of the crew members was really cool and told me some great info! He told me Justin is supposed to be on set around 430 and emma stone will be on set! As well he told me AROD will be filming on set for a sunday night shoot…. This is soo awesomeee… I hope i get a chance to get his autograph!

        • this FWB thing has turned into a cluster…I have heard from various sources (inc. casting) that they are done tonight, BUT, if you check out the calendar above, I just got a tip that there are signs up for FWB for next week (I think around 45th, info in calendar). The only thing I can think is that they are doing second unit work or something…

    • It doesn’t make sense for A-Rod to film on Sunday night. He has a game at 8pm which would probably end around 11pm then he has to shower, do interviews so by the time he gets to the set it would be around 1am give or take. But he has a 2pm game on Monday. He needs time to sleep. They usually get to the ball park like 3-4 hours before a game from what I understand. If he truly is going to be there Sunday night it would probably be for a hour tops. Tonight after the game makes a lot more sense, since tomorrow’s game is at 8pm.

      • my instinct is that if he was there he was there last night because I think that any additional filming next week (where signs were spotted) will just be second unit. Plus my original tip was that he was going to be there Fri and the only reason anyone questioned it was because of last night’s game but he could have gone after…or maybe he won’t be in it all, who knows…

    • I spent most of the Day at White Collar.
      They are mainly doing interiors but shot a good amount of outside scenes too. Matt Bomer, Tim Dekay, Diahnne Carroll and Billy dee Williams are on set . Got tons of awesome pics ! Will send to Christine and put up on the Flickr page

        • I was there when they came in . It looked like they would shoot a few scenes. They whent in around 3pm. Don’t know if theyre still inside. And this is the first time ive seen Billy Dee Williams on White Collar. Just doing a guest appearance most likely

          • P.S. I just added some of my favorite images to the flickr pool (on the right side of your screen towards the top.) {Please Check them out and tell me what you think !}

            • Those pics are great. I really like the Matt 2 one. Man, I hate you. Lol. I love Joe Sikora, ever since Third Watch. Totally Jealous. 🙂 Wish I could have gone today. He wasn’t there when I was there yesterday, but at least I got BDW, DC’s and TT’s autographs.

              I should really join the flicker pool and put up the pics I have from yesterday, but they aren’t as good as yours.

              Joe Ix, a google search makes it seem like the role is only a guest appearance. But who knows, maybe it will be expanded to a semi-regular or regular role. I hope so.

              • Sue,
                Just scroll up and on the right side of the page you will see pink and blue colors and some photos. Click on it and my photos are towards the front.

  7. Joe Ix,

    Regarding that Sean Penn film, see if it’s listed on myentertainmentworld.com . Click on top under new listings. They are a pay service, but you can see most of the pertinenet info for free. Check it out also for other upcoming projects here and nationwide. Great site!!

    Also, ask Radioman if you happen to know him at all.

    Hope this helps you out.

  8. Drove by at 6pm and by chance saw Detachment filming at the intersection of Nassau Blvd and Stewart Ave in Garden City…not too far from Mineola High School. Adrien Brody was sitting on a park bench in at the time.

  9. Premium Rush is also filming in Harlem. SIgn seen on Broadway & 135th and Broadway & 127th. Addiitonally, the Goodwife is shooting on 122nd & Broadway. PR has starts shooting Saturday at 4am and 6am and will be ending at 10pm.

  10. A White Collar request for Monday and Tuesday:

    My MIL, who is an African-American woman in her 70’s, would REALLY like to meet/see Billy Dee Williams, so if anyone knows for certain (meaning as certain as we can get on this site) if he or Diahnne Carroll is going to be on set either of those days can you let us/me know. These actors are ground-breaking idols to her and it would mean the world to her to meet them. She was unable to meet them this week since she is awaiting knee surgery. It is not that easy for her to move around, so I don’t want her to go through all the trouble of going to the set, if the chances aren’t high that they will be there. My thinking is that since Monday and Tuesday’s filming are up in Harlem chances are that they might be there, but that is definitely no guarantee.

    I sincerely thank you in advance for any help with this.

    After this, the next set I have to take her to is Blue Bloods when Tom Selleck is on set. 😀

  11. I was on premium Rush set all weekend. The two units were filming very close, even at the same time.
    Joseph REFUSED TO SIGN ANY AUTOGRAPH, for more than one time, so I just gave up.

    The crash (and cut) he got on SUnday WILL BE IN THE MOVIE: I saw a stunt-double getting a fake makeup and bandage on the arm.

  12. Everyone…Need an AROD update …Any news ?
    Are they staying in town til Sunday for Arod or is he shooting into the early hours tonight ?


      • Thanks Christine. I really want to go for Arod and if he is only gonna be there one or 2 days i dont wanna miss him. I guess he is considered secondary unit ?? I love the site , just started checking on Saturday and I am HOOKED! Thanks for doing such an amazing job

        • Rather off topic, but I don’t see why movies like this would have ANY scenes that don’t include one of the stars lol.

    • haven’t heard anything on Arthur in a few days, has anyone seen any casting calls, maybe they are off or in studio?

  13. Thanks Christine! 🙂 Yeah that’s what I figured, either them shooting in a studio or taking a few days off. Hopefully they will re-emerge 🙂

  14. i saw premium rush filming aug 4!! i saw joseph Gordon-levitt!! he so cute!! lol and i saw david koepp the director and sooo many more ppl. it was a blast watching them film! they were filming an action sceen and it was so cool to see them switch to a stunt double when they needed one..its really cool..the whole :filming prosses” they shoot the same sceens over and over and over..and i was sitting right next so the camra they thought i was an xtra!! so im 99 % sure im in the movie!the camra went right over my head and the i asked the man if i shoulkd move and he said it was fine but i just shouldnt move or ill bump my head! lol after every sceen they all stand by the directer and look at the screen to see how the seen went..i could tell its ganna be a cool movie! i took tunz of pix and videos too!! i had a blast!!

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