Tuesday’s Lot List: Filming Locations in Ann Arbor, & more including ‘Touchback’ & ‘Scream 4’

Here’s a list of movies and TV shows filming around the country on  August 10, 2010.

Filming in Michigan:

Scream 4 is filming on Lincoln Ave between Wells St. and Cambridge Rd in Ann Arbor through 8.27. Base Camp is close to the location, in Burns Park in the elementary school parking lot.  They are only filming Monday-Friday, with most of the filming happening between 9PM-5 AM.

Home Run Derby, starring Barry Bostwick, is filming at the Northeast Little League Field in Taylor, MI through 8.16.

Touchback, starring Kurt Russell, is filming at the Coopersville, MI Schools campus at 198 East Street through Tuesday, August 17. On Friday, Monday, & Tuesday they will be filming overnight. (Thanks Jaime)

LOL, starring Miley Cyrus,  is filming on Century Dr, off of Greenfield Rd in Dearborn, MI. FYI: They have been setting up at this location for a couple weeks and may not actually be filming yet, though crews and extras were spotted there this week.

Update: LOL is filming today & tomorrow at Grosse Pointe South High School in Grosse Point Michigan. (Thanks Ashley)

Update:Vamp, starring Alicia Silverstone, is preparing to film filming in the Parker-Webb Building on Grand River in downtown Detroit. (Thanks Ken)

Update: Street Kings of the Motor City are set up on Washington Boulevard near Grand Circus Park in downtown Detroit but no filming spotted yet. is filming this afternoon at the Times Square Station of the Detroit People Mover in Detroit. (Thanks Ken)

Filming in Pittsburgh, PA:

Abduction, starring Taylor Lautner, continues filming in the Pittsburgh area. To get the latest tips and information about the shoot from other fans, check out our Abduction Open Thread. FYI: Its rumored that they will be filming at Jefferson Hospital Wed-Fri.

Filming in Albuquerque, NM:

•Disney’s Lemonade Mouth is filming at  Atrisco Heritage Academy High School,10800 Dennis Chavez Blvd. SW, Albuquerque, NM.

Filming in Austin:

•The new ABC series, My Generation, is filming around Seton Parkway and University Blvd in Round Rock, TX.

**Here are locations in NYC, &  L.A.for today.

If you have any set pics, new, filming locations, or celeb sightings to share, let us know about it olv@onlocationvacations.com! And check out our upcoming filming locations calendar above for more information too!


    • Someone left a comment in another thread that they did see Miley in Dearborn, so maybe filming is moving to Grosse Pointe later?

      Has anyone heard anything for : Detroit 187, Real Steel , or Harold and Kumar.

  1. Scream 4 is still filming on Lincoln Ave, Ann Arbor. Today they started filming at 2pm, some outside scenes. In the evening it was all inside the house, and they stopped around 9:30pm for a break. Tomorrow (Wednesday) the crew thinks they will start at around 4pm, again running into the early morning. On set today were: Emma Roberts, Neve Campbell (in a different outfit!), and Mary McDonnell.

      • No, they didn’t come over to the side of the street where the hordes of fans were. Ok, there were maybe 8 of us… It was dark and they just wanted to get to dinner I guess. There was one annoying guy trying to get autographs, but clearly to sell them. The security guys made sure he got nowhere near.

        • Bananadoc-I am that “annoying” guy trying to get Mary Mcdonnell’s autograph. Despite your astute observations, I am a collector and do not sell them. The actors on Scream 4 have been outstanding at signing for “fans”. Enjoy life and don’t worry about other people so much!

          • It may not have been you. All I know is that the security guys knew this person and they were on their walkie talkies with a mission to keep him away from anyone. They said he had a pile of photographs to get signed and sold them online. Whoever it was had not made himself popular with security. In my experience, when the actors are willing to sign autographs they usually make that clear. When they don’t, I try to respect their personal space.

            • My autograph collection, which is vast due to the time I invest in it, consists of 8×10 photos of movie stars, musicians and athletes. In order to get an 8×10 photo signed, I must carry them with me. I have one of each of the stars I have not obtained so far. If anyone sees an adult with photos, they automatically ASSUME incorrectly that they will be sold. There are numerous autograph dealers who hound the stars and have ruined the hobby for people like me which is why many refuse to sign at all. I have had David Arquette, Courtney Cox, Anthony Anderson, Neve Campbell, Rory Caulkin, Wes Craven, and Adam Brody sign photos for me so far, very graciously. David Arquette is the only one to offer to do so. They usually have to be asked. I never approach them but ask them from a distance always respecting their right to say no or yes, thanking them either way and always respecting their personal space as you say. If this annoys anyone then so be it.

  2. Miley will be at Grosse Pointe South High School filming LOL tomorrow. The crew was setting up today. They have the area blocked off alittle sp that people cannot park close. But peoplw may still walk by. Security was not tight today and were nice. Does anyone know what time filming starts?

  3. LOL will still be at Grosse Pointe South on Thursday… May be there for awhile but drfinatly tomorrow and most likely friday…
    BEWARE those who are going to try and get a picture with or an autograph by Miley Cyrus will be upset at the end of the day. I was outside from 9am til 5:45 (end of filming) and she never even waved or said hello let alone sign or take a picture. She acted as if she didnt care. And she had a 4hr break and she still did nothing for her fans.
    Very sad. Lost a lot of respect for her.


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