Monday’s Lot List: Filming Locations in New York City, Los Angeles, & more including ‘SVU’ & ‘Pirates 4’

Here’s a list of movies and TV shows filming around the country on  August 16, 2010.

Filming in NYC & Vicinity:

•White Collar is filming around W 26th between Broadway and 6th Ave.

•Law and Order: SVU is filming around W 63rd/64th and Broadway/CPW. (Thanks Pasha and @Dawn_in_Queens)

Blue Bloods is filming around W 25th between 10th & 11th.

Running Wilde, the new Fox series starring Will Arnett and Kerri Russell, at Sands Point Reserve in Port Washington,  NY.

My Idiot Brother , starring Paul Rudd, is filming in the afternoon around N 12th St an Driggs Ave in Brooklyn.

Detachment is filming at Mineola Middle School, Mineola, NY.

•Gossip Girl is filming around 120th and Riverside Dr. (Thanks Pete)

The Miraculous Year is filming around Broadway and Duane Street in NYC.

Filming in Los Angeles & Vicinity:

•Judy Moody and The Not Bummer Summer is filming at  1090 Nithsdale Rd, Pasadena.

•Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides is filming at Berth 45-47, 6:00 A.M. – 10:00 P.M.

•Robot Films Company Inc is filming an Untitled Project at 1333 Willow St. – 1335 Willow St, 7:00 A.M. – 10:00 P.M.

•BL10 is filming at 252 S Hill St, 7:00 P.M. – 7:00 A.M. Any ideas what this is?

Horrible Bosses is filming at Ventura Blvd and White Oak Ave in Encino, CA.

Community is filming at 1515 Garfield in Pasadena.

Filming in Michigan:

Scream 4 is filming on Lincoln Ave between Wells St. and Cambridge Rd in Ann Arbor through 8.27. Base Camp is close to the location, in Burns Park in the elementary school parking lot.  They are filming Monday-Friday, with most of the filming happening in late afternoon/overnight.

Home Run Derby, is filming at theNortheast Little League Field in Taylor, MI through 8.16.

LOL, starring Miley Cyrus,  is filming at Grosse Pointe South High School in Grosse Pointe Farms, Michigan through 8.18, 6 A.M.- 8 P.M.

Touchback, starring Kurt Russell, is filming at the Coopersville, MI Schools campus at 198 East Street, Coopersville, MI throughTuesday, August 17. Tonight filming starts at 9:00 P.M. (Thanks Jaime)

30 Minutes or Less is filming on Division Ave  between Wealthy and Fulton in Grand Rapids.

Vamps is filming at Cliff Bells, near Comerica Park in Detroit. (Thanks Vikas)

Filming in Pittsburgh, PA:

Abduction, starring Taylor Lautner, continues filming in and around Pittsburgh. To get the latest tips and information about the shoot from other fans, check out our Abduction Open Thread.

Filming in Austin:

•The new ABC series, My Generation, is filming at/around Dart Bowl, 5700 Grover Ave, Austin.

Filming in Florida:

I Am Number Four is filming beach scenes in Islamorada, Florida Keys through 8.20.

Filming in Albuquerque, NM:

•Disney’s Lemonade Mouth is filming at  Kimo Theatre in Albuquerque.

•Fright Night, starring Colin Farrell, is filming at/around the Santa Ana Star Center in Rio Rancho.

Filming in Chicago:

•Transformers 3 is filming at 215 West Ohio Street (between Franklin and Wells Streets) from 3 p.m. to 8 p.m. today and tomorrow.

Filming in Vancouver:

Smallville currently filming at Vancouver Technical. Its the 200th Episode. (Thanks @Vancity_Villian)

If you have any set pics, new, filming locations, or celeb sightings to share, let us know about it!

And check out our upcoming filming locations calendar above for more information too!


  1. I know that this was mentioned in the past but don’t have the time to go looking for it. Today I was at the Border’s Book Store at Ford Rd and Mercury in Dearborn, MI and as I was coming home and turning to go west on Ford Rd, there was a yellow sign that said SPOON and pointed west but then at a turn around there was another sign pointing to go East on Ford Road. What I was wondering was what movie, if any is this for and is it one that is still filming here?

  2. Here are a couple more updates, will update/add to post in AM:
    – the onion network is filming in queens, NY around dunton st and Pompeii ave.

    -horrible bosses is filming at Ventura blvd and white oak ave in encino, ca

    -community is filming a promo at 1515 Garfield ave in Pasadena, ca

    • I live here Torrance, and I know it is filming in Long Beach at berths 45-47 but I’m having a hard time myself trying to find out where that is and if we can watch, but Im going to try to find it tomorrow myself. Where are you, maybe we could ride together as that area makes me nervous with all the outlets etc.

      • I think it’s actually a bit north of Long Beach/Terminal Island , so more in the Wilmington area? (Or so it looks to be on google maps). To be honest, I’ve never been to that specific area, so I’m not sure how safe it is. But I know Wilmington isn’t a great neighborhood and the berths aren’t the best place to be anyways.

        Are we sure that this is where the filming is actually taking place and not just base camp (or where they’re docking ships)? Last movie they docked at Redondo Pier and filmed off the coast of Palos Verdes Estates (right by PV High). The amount of paparazzi and people that went to wait for them was pretty crazy though, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they did change location for that reason.

        • Yes I do know for sure it’s being filmed there as I get a direct email from the film crew, as theyre suppose to do an underwater scene, cannons firing and one other. I was at the Redondo and Pv filming, and that was unannouced and just saw the PEARL coming in so who knows with Hollywood. I know too they can switch up plans, so I am keeping my eyes open around PV as they possibly could shoot the cannon fire there as they did in Pirates 3. I looked and it does seem as they possibly could be filming fron Pier D so will check it out tomorrow. Oh there will be a floating barge, fog machines, and helicopter flight my email said, and there are quite a few helicopters flying overhead tonight so may be filming tonight too. Anyone that has more news than this, PLEASE let me know. And yes, Wilmington is not a good place to be nor the berths.

          • Ah okay. Thanks for all that great info! Would greatly appreciate any updates you have since I’ll be in downtown LA for most of the morning but if I can I’ll definitely try to make it to where they are filming in the afternoon.

      • @Carolyn We’re at Disneyland and Husband would love to go not quite sured how far to location or were could meet…let me know if want to meet somewhere!

      • @Carolyn We’re at Disneyland and Husband would love to go not quite sured how far to location or were could meet…let me know if want to meet somewhere!

  3. Is the pirates movie being filmed on terminal island?
    I can’t quite find berth45-47 even though i know it is long beach
    please help

    • I don’t think so, since there doesn’t seem to be a listing for a Berth 45-57 in Long Beach/Terminal Island. The only one that turned up that seems the most plausible to me is:
      45 Berth
      Wilmington, CA 90744

      • thanks i saw that too but i wanted to make sure.
        I knew there was berth 76 in port o call
        but I couldn’t find anything on berth 45 except the one
        u suggested I’ll try it
        thank u E

    • I am going to drive the Palos verses route along the coast to see if they are shooting off the cliffs with the ship, as they did last 2 movies. Then I’ll work my way to Long Beach and hopefully see the ship or something! That area is FRUSTRATING as there are so many places to get lost! Keep me updated

      • The info came from an L.A. permit and sometimes they change dates or the location is a little off for those permits, like sometimes its for a base camp or something and they are usually in Los Angeles. I was able to find a 47 Berth in L.A., might be worth trying too, sorry I don’t have more, if anyone does find it, please let us know, thanks:,-118.26297&sspn=0.009169,0.01929&ie=UTF8&hq=&hnear=47+Berth,+Los+Angeles,+California+90744&t=h&z=16

        • Thanks for the link Christine, that’s the same address I was talking about. LA is just one huge city with lots of communities within it, so sometimes finding the right place is difficult when just using LA as the city. Wilmington is considered a part of Los Angeles. Here’s a good map that lists all them and helps me make sense of things.

          FYI, I don’t think they are in Long Beach because if the info came from a LA film permit they wouldn’t be in Long Beach…different cities. Seems like Terminal Island is still a part of LA though…so that’s a possibility too? (If the locations are a bit off like Christine was saying).

          Okay I’ll shut up now, I’m confusing myself… :S

          • ok ladies, I just got in from Long Beach, and YES they are filming there, and I did find Berth 45, but sadly we are not allowed access. I tried my best, but the guard wouldn’t let me through. I did speak to one of the workers, and he told me ” If I were you, I’d try my hardest to get in, do what you have to do!” I tried, even told them I am an unpaid “extra” ( which I am, but not for this movie) but no go. My husbands retired military, so I went on the base Fort McArthur thats above Long Beach to see the view, and I used my binoculars to see the big view, and I could see across the water to where you can see the white tents they feed the actors under etc. So they are filming In Long Beach, off a pier, just don’t have acces to get close to the talent. I did talk to a guy, he said the “Black Pearl” was docked there this morning, and took off and would be back tonight. So i am going to go to the Cabrillo Museum tomorrow, or Wed to sit and watch it leave or come back if not too late at night. I came home by way of Palos Verdes to see if the Pearl was out off the coast, but it’s been so foggy couldn’t hardly see, so doubtful they would film in the fog. I’ll keep you updated. And you all do the same.

              • You’re welcome. going to try again tomorrow and see what I can come up with. My mom lives in Redondo Beach overlooking the harbor, and she said she heard cannons firing around 3 pm, ( just when I pulled in home!) and thought “I can hear the cannons all the way from Long Beach?” I honestly believe they must of been off the coast here in Redodndo or so, as Long Beach would be too far I would think to hear cannons in Redondo! So she is keeping an eye out the next two days to see if she sees the ship in Redondo. Would be nice if they were filming here again, it’s so much easier on my time! HA!

  4. Can someone please post info on On The Road in Montreal please? Ahah. Tomorrow’s my last full day in Montreal and I have yet to see Robsten :'(

  5. hey. has any one passed by the gg set? is it still on? because the weather is going to be awful today. i wonder if theyll film tmrw outside because the weather will b nicer than today?. let me know if you have any info. thanks.

  6. Any idea what is filing at State St. & Textile Ave. in Saline? Pittsfield Police have the intersection blocked off but I was able to go thru a neighborhood and find a place with no blockage, they let me right thru. There was a huge bus/RV thing with snack tables, etc. Tons of cameras, mics, ets and they had a guy on a motorcycle in the middle of intersection that they were filming. A sign I saw said intermittent closures at the intersection today until 1PM.

    • It’s a public service announcement affiliated with NASCAR.

      In the Ann Arbor News it said:
      A Pittsfield Township intersection will be closed for part of the day Monday to accommodate a crew filming a public service announcement affiliated with NASCAR.

      Urban Legends, a production company from California, requested the intersection of Textile and State roads be closed for at least six hours Monday to film the announcement.Officials said producers were interested in a rural setting and hoped to capitalize on opportune timing – NASCAR’s Carfax 400 event on Saturday.
      Harshberger said he didn’t know which, if any, NASCAR drivers were involved.

  7. Here’s a really random one since I’ve never seen this filming before and stuff almost NEVER films in my neighborhood.

    Celebrity Ghost Stories is filming in Brooklyn today on Flatbush Avenue between Quentin Rd. and Flatlands Ave.

    Shoot started at 9am.

  8. Has anyone actually found the pirates set yet today? Please help iv been driving around these ship yards forever and dont see anything.

  9. A friend told me that it looks like they’re already wrapping up for the day already! However, I think that they might be wrapping up for lunch.

  10. 1) Anyone hear anything about NYC premiere for J. Anniston’s new movie?
    2) I see signs fior tomorrow for filming of “O POSITIVE”. anybody know anything about who’s in it? Its in vic. of Broadway and Chambers (City Hall)

    • Haven’t been able to find anything on a NYC premiere for The Switch. Aniston is doing Regis&Kelly and the Daily Show on Thurs, so it would be Thurs. if at all, because she’s in LA before that, but the Ziegfeld is not available on Thurs. which is the most likely venue and I can’t find anything else, so far.

  11. 2 more things:

    something is filming in Madison Square Park, NYC

    And Miley Cyrus is supposedly filming a music video somewhere around Detroit so she might not be on set if they are filming at HS, they filmed there yest, so they may take a day off.

  12. Does anyone know if the Camp Rock 2 premiere on Wednesday in NYC is going to be at the Ziegfeld theatre? Or is it at another one? Pleaseeeee let me know

  13. I passed by two sets in close vicinity in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn.
    1. The Creation Project, which I’m told is some sort of comedy to air on the Current network.

    2. O Positive, which I was told was a commercial.

    So nothing too interesting there.

  14. At around 12:00pm, I took a walk to 26th and Broadway to see the White Collar set. It was lunch time, so they weren’t doing any filming. On my way home from work, I noticed the set had moved to 26th and Madison (around 5:45pm). I stood around for about 10 minutes, and after the scene was done being filmed, I spotted Tiffani Thiessen. As the rain picked up, she began to leave the set. I proceeded to follow her (you would have to) and her husband, who was pushing the baby stroller, as they walked to their next location. I was so into the moment, I had no idea where I was at the time. I was able to say hi to her at a crosswalk, telling her how big a fan I am (she was the biggest crush I ever had during the Saved by the Bell era). She was nice enough to look over at me and say “Thanks” and “Have a good day!” as she crossed the street. After all was said and done, I was at 5th and Broadway and had a huge smile on my face. I can die a happy man.


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