L.A. Filming Locations for 8.18.10 including ‘Pirates 4′ & ‘Dexter’

Here’s a list of movies and TV shows filming around Los Angeles on  Wednesday, August 18:

•Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides is filming at Berth 45 in Long Beach.

Horrible Bosses is filming at Ventura Blvd and White Oak Ave in Encino, CA.

CSI: NY is filming at 2 locations: 433 S Spring St and 440 S Broadway, 7:00 A.M. – 7:00 A.M.

Dexter is filming at 507 N Lucerne Bl, 1:00 P.M. – 1:00 A.M

Cinema Verite, an upcoming HBO film, is filming at 1041 E. Green St in Pasadena.

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  1. I was out over Point Fermin yesterday and could see the 2 pirate ships out there, and smaller boats around them. After awhile they both went south towards Long Beach and you could see the camera helicoter land ,take off, and film. I was out at Cabrillo Beach most of the day watching and waited to see the ship come in at night but they were still filming even once the sun went down. Not sure what time the ship will go out today for filming as it went out at 12:30 yesterday for late shooting. the ships are an awesome site, I must say!

  2. Maybe Johnny is filming at the backlots of Universal Studios – Falls Lake, today. Does anyone know anything more about it? Or someone who lives near the Universal could try to see?

  3. Are you sure Pirates will be filming at Berth 45 today? I went with my friend yesterday and although we saw film signs and trailers there was absolutely no crew or even the ships there.

    • Yes. Did you see the helicopter and numerous white tents and trailers? The 2 ships wete out to sea till ????????????? as I finally left around 8:30 pm last night and the helicopter was out filming. The whole jetty was lit up and you could see all kinds of crew out there still. As of right now, I can hear the hellicopter go overhead here in Torrance. Go to Cabrillo Beach and you have a direct shot of the jetty and when/ if the ships come in. I got pics of them out to sea from Long Beach and Point Fermin. Spoke to the lifeguard there and she said the ships have been coming and going at different imes everyday, so that’s all the info I have for now……………… good luck! let me know if YOU find out anything more.

        • Im heading over there in about an hour, do you want to meet up? If they aren’t filming there they will be out to sea by Point Fermin. Park in the parking lot first 20 minutes is free $ 1.00 an hr after that, or $9.00 a day. You can look across to the jetty, the one the guard wouldn’t let me have access to. Only wish I had my husband good zoom camera, but he has it in Oklahoma with him.

  4. Sure! We can meet up! ^_^ How do you get there exactly? I don’t want to get the directions wrong. I’m going to be coming down the 710 freeway.

        • address is 3720 Stephen White Drive San Pedro 90731. Cabrillo Beach. I am wearing a turquoise tank top, and turquoise.royal fish wrap and sandals. I dont have email on my phone so hope we find each other. What are you wearing? Im leaving in 5 minutes

        • Did you get down there to Pt Fermin and Cabrillo Beach? I just got back and the ships were out to sea filming, I got a few more pics. And the crews were on the base set, but no filming that I could see. Anyone find out if Johhny was spotted anywhere?

  5. just left LA fitness and @ paramount blvd and carson st in lakewood cali they are filming a disney movie “the prom” there till 1130pm filiming @ another location in lakewood tomarrow dunno where but if i see (prob the mall) i will post. also in northridge next week. the security guy told me. and one star is a chic from firday night lights…im not 13 so i dunno 😉 lol

  6. I figured Johnny wasn’t on the ship(s) because last two movies they filmed here he was taken off the Pearl onto a black/white yaght after fiming wrapped and the Pearl came in with just the extras etc. I have not seen one staying around the ships, so figured he wasn’t there. : (
    thanks for the info about Universal tho! : )

  7. Does anyone know what is going on in Long Beach/San Pedro at Berth 31 by the hotel, next to Cabrillo Beach? My husband and I were down there around 5pm taking pics of the pirate ship docked across the way where they were filming Pirates this week, and I saw a whole parking lot full of trailers etc, so we drove over there, and people were pressing clothes, checking people in, tents all over, costumes outside a truck etc. We couldn’t park, nor find out as there were 2 guards keeping people out of the area. The yellow movie sign said “SERIAL”. Was that Dexter, or something else being shot? Don’t think it was Pirates, as the trailers and tents were all gone from the jetty. Any idea?

  8. Christine, I also had an email confirmation coming Bruckheimer production that the cast including Johnny, will shoot at Universal Studios in the next two weeks. This site shows these images. https://micechat.com/forums/blogs/in-the-parks/1586-parks-chasing-away-back-school-blues.html https://img.photobucket.com/albums/v647/dustysage/portal%20page/In%20The%20Parks/082010/P1019580.jpg https://img.photobucket.com/albums/v647/dustysage/portal%20page/In%20The%20Parks/082010/P1019580b.jpg (“On the Pirates 4 set…a weird contraption has appeared on the tower set”)
    Someone else saw something different at the Parks of the Universal? And,if is very difficult to be able to approach to the film set in the parks?


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