Thursday’s Lot List: Filming Locations in Michigan, Pennsylvania, & More including ‘Scream 4′ & ‘Abduction’

Here’s a list of movies and TV shows filming around the country on  August 26, 2010:

Filming in Albuquerque, NM:

Fright Night is filming in ABQ Studios again.

Lemonade Mouth is filming at 927 Alameda Blvd NW, Albuquerque, NM.

Filming in Atlanta, GA:

Fast Five (aka The Fast and The Furious Five) is filming in downtown Atlanta tonight (overnight).

Filming in Baton Rouge, LA:

Transit, starring Jim Caviezel, is filming on Veterans Memorial Boulevard between Progress Road and Blount Road in Baton Rouge.

Filming in Michigan:

Scream 4 is filming at the following locations in Northville, MI today & tomorrow (day & night shoots):

Lake St. between Horton St. and Center St.
Carpenter St. between Lake St. & Baseline Rd.
Grace St. between Rayson St. & Baseline Rd.
(Thanks DS)

Real Steel, starring Hugh Jackman, is filming at the COBO Center in Detroit. (Thanks Bing)

LOL is filming at the American Coney Island in downtown Detroit. FYI: Ashley Greene and Miley Cyrus were both at this location yesterday. (Thanks Ken)

Update: All equipment, etc is gone, looks like they won’t be back at American Coney Island today after all.

Transformers 3 is expected to begin filming in Detroit soon too. Currently, they are setting up at the Old Central Station in Detroit. They will also be filming at the Packard Plant on East Grand Boulevard in about two weeks. We heard its going to be pretty explosive over there too! (Thanks Ken, Don, Kevin & Joe)

Vamps is filming at Grand Circus Park this evening. (Thanks Detroit)

Update:Detroit 1-8-7 is filming in Corktown on Michigan Ave off the Lodge Frwy. They’re filming at a car wash, Michael Imperioli, John Michael Hill and Natalie Martinez are all on set. .(Thanks Ken)

Filming in Pittsburgh, PA:

Abduction, starring Taylor Lautner,is filming at PNC Park on August 26th,27th,30th,31st, and Sept 1st. To get the latest tips and information about the shoot from other fans, check out our Abduction Open Thread.

Filming in Texas:

The Good Guys is filming at South Side Stages at 2901 South Lamar, Dallas.

•The new ABC series, My Generation, is filming around 5000 Plaza On The Lake, Austin in the morning. They will also be filming near the Seaholm Power Plant, 213 West Ave, Austin in the evening.

Filming in Vancouver:

Update:Facing Kate is filming at 500 Granville St, Vancouver.

If you have any set pics, new, filming locations, or celeb sightings to share, let us know about it!


  1. Hello – I work right next to the American Coney Island in Detroit and there are no signs of the LOL crew there today. All the trucks and gear which were here yesterday are gone, it appears to have been just a one day shoot.

      • Thanks! I will have to go check it out on my lunchbreak and after work. I work at nine mile and novi road so i’m not that far from where they are filming 🙂 I had the awesome opportunity to see them while they were filming in Plymouth a couple weeks back. Cast and crew seem very nice.

  2. Vamps is setting up at Park and Adams in Detroit. Set signs say S-A.

    I also confirmed that LOL is not at American Coney Island.

    Tons of city DPW signs on many the roads and corners looks like there may be some street closures soon, not sure what for.

  3. Drove around downtown just now and saw the LOL camp set up on Joseph Campau St, off of Jefferson again so I think they still are here. I saw someone (possibly part of the crew) get out of a white van with an LOL sign and go into the condominiums that are right on the corner of Jefferson and Jos. Campau.

  4. One of our Twitter followers sent us a message that sounded like T3 was filming at Packard Plant in Detroit tonight? They just extended Chicago shoot and they are def. in Chicago today with Shia so I’m not sure that is accurate but just as an FYI (I may have misunderstood too)


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