Monday’s Lot List: Filming Locations in NYC, Los Angeles, Shreveport & more including ‘Arthur’ & ‘Trespass’

Here’s a list of movies and TV shows filming around the country on  August 30, 2010:

Filming in Albuquerque, NM:

Fright Night is filming in ABQ Studios again.

Lemonade Mouth is filming at/around Hotel Albuquerque in Albuquerque, NM. (On a side note, we stayed at this hotel a couple of years ago and highly recommend it if you’re in town!)

Filming in Atlanta, GA:

Fast Five is filming in Conyers, GA. (If anyone has an exact location, please let us know in a comment below, thanks!)

Filming in Chicago:

Ride-Along, a new Fox series starring Jennifer Beals,  is filming around N Hoyne Ave and W Walnut St in Chicago.

Filming in Los Angeles:

Bones will be filming at 600 S Berendo St. (Thanks Glenda)

Criminal Minds is filming at 1757 N Lake Ave, Pasadena.

CSI: NY is filming at 400 S Alameda St, 6:00 A.M. – 10:00 P.M.

Grey’s Anatomy is filming on Spring St, 3rd St. – 4th St (7:00 A.M. – 6:00 P.M.) and at 225 E 5th St (7:00 A.M. – 7:00 P.M.).

Horrible Bosses is filming around Spring St and College St.

Filming in Michigan:

Real Steel, starring Hugh Jackman, is filming at the COBO Center in Detroit.

Filming in New York City:

Arthur, starring Russell Brand, is filming between 53rd-57th between Lexington and 3rd Ave.

Blue Bloods is filming in Tudor City, signs posted around  E 41st-44th St between 2nd and 1st Ave. (Thanks Eliza)

The Good Wife is filming around Madison Ave between 64th and 65th. (Thanks Jessica)

Gossip Girl is filming around 13th St and Washington St in NYC through Tuesday.

I Just Want My Pants Back, a new MTV pilot,  is filming on Manhattan and Eagle St in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. (Thanks @kathleen_dileo)

Royal Pains is filming at Cold Springs Country Club in Huntington, NY. (Thanks Mike)

Running Wilde, the new Fox series starring Will Arnett and Kerri Russell, at Sands Point Reserve in Port Washington,  NY.

Someday This Pain Will Be Useful To You is filming at the Cedargrove Beach Club in Staten Island. (Thanks Kelly)

Filming in Pittsburgh, PA:

Abduction, starring Taylor Lautner, is filming at PNC Park on August 26th, 27th, 29th, 30th, 31st, and Sept 1st. To get the latest tips and information about the shoot from other fans, check out our Abduction Open Thread.

Filming in Shreveport, LA:

Trespass, a new film starring Nicolas Cage and Nicole Kidman, is filming around Caddo St and Edwards St in Shreveport.

Filming in Texas:

The Good Guys is filming around Hillcrest Rd and Alpha Rd in Dallas.

•The new ABC series, My Generation, is filming around 5330 Fleming Ct in Austin.

If you have any set pics, new, filming locations, or celeb sightings to share, let us know about it!


  1. Had to throw everything into one post tonight, off to watch the Emmys! Anyway, here are a few notes and check back tomorrow for more:
    -SVU is off until 9.7
    -White Collar is filming in studio – Silvercup East

  2. Does anyone know what times Bones is filming at? it takes me almost 2 hours to drive to LA and I don’t want to get there at the wrong time. Thanks

    • Studios are totally off limits. If anyone comes out you may never know it. There are so many doors to the studios. Don’t waste your time waiting.

  3. D0es anyone know what time gossip girl will be filming tommorrow? I wouldn’t want to drive all the way to the city just to miss them..

  4. Would love to know where Fast Five is shooting in Conyers since I am near there for the week. Does anyone know if that is the title for The Fast and Furious 5? That is all I could find on the web. Thanks in advance!

    • Haha nevermind I just realized there was a link to click. That being said I would love to see Paul Walker and Vin Diesel in the flesh.

  5. The only info I have for Gossip Girl is that they are filming a high fashion party scene the next two days. My best guess for a location in that neighborhood would be either the Standard Hotel or the Diane Von Furstenberg Studio again. Just guessing though.

    • Just saw a rush call for extras for Gossip Girl, so it sounds like a day shoot, but it asked people responding how fast they could report to the Union Square area, not the Meatpacking district.

  6. They are supposed to be in the Grand Central area again on Tuesday, as they are doing matching shots from the shoot there on 8/2 & 8/3, so same area they were in then.

    • think all of them except chace, leighton and ed are still there. don’t know all of the trailer numbers. penn also left an hour ago.

      • I don’t think Chace was there at all today unless you know something I don’t. But I know Taylor, Leighton, Ed, Penn, and Blake were.

        • i saw Penn coming back from the set, i saw Blake going into the Standard to get lunch, i saw Connor walking around the set, as well as Eric Daman and Isaac Mizrahi. also saw Matthew and Kelly walking to the set together.

          • yeah true, chace wasn’t there! but i saw leighton and ed leaving the set really early. also saw taylor, connor, blake, penn, kelly, matthew, katy and samuel page and amanda setton. that’s all i know. i already left.. does anyone know if the same people are supposed to be there tomorrow? and can someone explain the trailer numbers to me. just know that 1 is blake and 3 penn, right? thanks in advance!

  7. One more update for L.A.:
    via: @ericvideo

    -@olv HBO’s Enlightened (ENL) back at Warner Towers in 24-Country – “Cone-Zone” extends from Erwin to Owensmouth at Warner Ranch Park ~
    -“Enlightened” getting really pretty morning shot (on 35mm film!) in Warner Ranch Park – Where Jack Bauer himself once drove past!
    -Enlightened has created another Cone-Zone from Owensmouth to Topanga on Oxnard next to the Marriott Hotel – a recent 24 location ~

  8. Hi – does anyone have any information on the filming of the new Sy Fy pilot “Three Inches” that starts filming today in Toronto, Canada. Would be very very grateful if anyone knows anything as Im here for a few days and would LOVE to go see if possible

  9. Thank you for the update LC!

    Are Leighton,Chace and Ed done for today? Who’s on the set except Blake,Penn,Matthew and Kelly?

    Are they going to film by night? thx guys xoxo

    • they finished about 7. i know Leighton and Ed left early. sam page and another girl with a key necklace left about 5. Penn went to his trailer first and 5 mins later blake follows about 6 to his trailer (3). i didnt see connor and taylor nor kelly and matthew. but chace, jessica and katie is nowhere to be seen and no trailer. the trailer number still remains the same and not been taken down for tomorrow. i think tomorrow there’s an exterior shot from what i heard but mostly interior.

  10. For NYC: Saw some cones and signs on 75th and Riverside Drive, but was on the bus and couldn’t read the signs. Does anyone know what filming that was or is going to be?

  11. more for Vancouver:
    via @Lizard971
    @olv Human Target at Terminal City Vancouver
    Hellcats is filming at BCIT Burnaby campus

    And one more for L.A.:
    via @HighDesertMusic
    @olv – Law and Order Los Angeles is filming at 6633 Hollywood Blvd (Hollywood and Cherokee)

  12. Can anyone tell me how much longer White Collar will be filming? Is this its last week or will it be filming next week? thanks.

  13. We went down to the Bones set…It was pretty open to see…We watched a stunt scene of someone jumping out of a 2nd story glass window…Only David & Emily were there that we could see…and then Emily Deschanel graciously came out and greeted us, there were only about 5 lookers…It was great. She was very sweet.



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