Kristen Stewart arrives in New Orleans to begin shooting ‘On The Road’

43691, LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - Tuesday August 17 2010. Twilight stars Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson arrive into LAX together. The couple were returning from Montreal where Kristen had been filming scenes for Walter Salles' new movie On the Road . Photograph: Kevin Perkins,

Kristen Stewart was spotted in New Orleans today where she will be filming scenes for On The Road next week.

The crew is scheduled to be in NOLA until September 15th or 16th at which time they will move to Mexico for the duration of the shoot.

The movie has been in production for more than a month and has already filmed in Montreal and Bariloche, Argentina. There are various reports that Kristen’s boyfriend and Twilight co-star, Robert Pattinson, flew up north to meet her while she was in Montreal. He may want to tag along for the NOLA shoot too since the pair will be back in Louisiana on November 1 to begin shooting Breaking Dawn.

On The Road is scheduled to arrive in Coahuila, Mexico on September 15 and Kristen will reportedly be arriving a few days later, on September 18. In addition to San Pedro de las Colonias, Coahuila, the month long Mexico shoot is expected to take place in San Luis Potosi, Viesca and San Pedro de las Colonias.

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  1. Why would you post KS picture that goes with her landing at LAX? Don’t you think this girl has been harassed enough by the media?
    My heart goes out to these two….I think it is horrible for them to have to stayed “holed-up” all the time in order to find any peace..
    I wish them both love and luck……….and most of all PEACE!!!!!!

    • What’s your problem Nancy. You know Kristen personally? She can’t even pee without someone wanting to know about it. Get way over yourself.

  2. Her name is Kristen Stewart not Kristen steward. I have seen this young woman in some many interviews where she is polite, kind, respectful to the media. The only time when she is angry is when the paparazzi photographs her directly across from her hotel room, when Rob was being in insulted and being called an Asshole because he wouldn’t stop for picks, etc. I have so many red carpet moments where she has smiled and been friendly to everyone and looks happy but the press hones in on the one time where she is either distracted or concentrating on what someone is saying and therefore not smiling. I have seen where she is trying to get into a car and/or a taxi where she is unable to move and gets yelled obscenities. Believe me I hope that the legislation that the California has just put is enforced and that other states follow suit.

  3. When in Argentina out side her hotel she signed autographs, and at the airport she stopped and posed with fans. But the crazy paparazzi were kept away from her as much as possible.

  4. Hey, just enjoy Kristen and Rob. They are wonderful people who would just like to have a little privacy. It makes me sick to see people shoving cameras in there faces. Good photographers don’t have to get in there faces. Love them and respect them, back off paparazzi!!!

  5. I hope Kristen has a good time filming with or without Rob. You are so beautiful Kristen. I have seen all of your movies and loved them all. Twilight Saga movies I have seen over and over again. I am way too old to be a Twifan, maybe a Twigranny! Love them…

  6. Mollie-don’t stoop to their levels. As fans, or whatever we are called, of Rob and Kristen lets follow their example of tolerance. I have no doubt that Rob and Kristen know that there are many of us that truly care about their career. They have personal lives and I wish all the paps and media would give them the respect they deserve. Its not like they are like other celebs that are out begging for attention doing very attention getting things. It appears Rob and Kristen want to be left alone. Too bad the media people, and overzealous fans, don’t get the message.
    I look forward to seeing what things they have done in their careers at the appropriate time…not all this speculation and media crap in between.
    I have considered the timing for the next year and it looks like we will get a string of films/TV from all the Twilight folks that can keep us entertained until BD comes out. I don’t need paps telling me that they went to a party or got on a plane. That’s the life we all live. Too bad theirs has to be so public.
    For me, I wish all of them the best and some peace and privacy!!!

  7. I agree that the paps take things too far with celebrities, but I don’t think Kristen Stewart is someone to be idolized. She’s just a young woman who got an extremely lucky break. She is not mature enough to treat her profession (acting) with respect. She is NOT someone to be admired because she gives the “finger” to people. That’s just rude and tasteless – and don’t say she’s justified because the paps give her a hard time. She clearly is not smart enough to keep from lowering herself to their mean level. I wish people would stop giving her credit she has not earned. And I’m sorry Robert Pattinson can’t do any better in his choice of girlfriends.

  8. Dear Reality Check:

    Please just go back to making out with your Robert Pattinson pillow. You might not idolize her but you sure seem jealous.


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