Ashton and Demi diss fans at the Palms Casino

On August 27, Snoop Dogg and Fantasia performed at the Palms Pool in Las Vegas for Superdraft Weekend and they drew quite a crowd including Demi Moore, Ashton Kutcher, Stacy Keibler, Soleil Moon Frye, and Michael Phelps.

Later, the party moved to the nightclub Rain, where one of our readers, Christina, was lucky enough to spot all of the stars, and she had some particularly interesting things to say about Ashton and Demi’s behvaior.

Christina told us that Soleil “might have been one of the nicest celebrities I have ever met” after having a picture taken with her. Stacy Keibler was also kind enough to pose with Christina outside the club.

But as for Ashton, Demi and Michael, they were not so willing to take a photo with her. “Ashton and Demi were so rude and even tried covering their faces so I couldn’t take impromptu pictures of them,” Christina explained.

“I cannot even explain in words how rude Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore were. I am a huge Ashton Kutcher fan and I totally thought Demi Moore would be really cool, but I was totally wrong. It is so disappointing when you meet your favorite celebrties and they are so rude.”

Do you think its rude for a celeb to turn away from a fan’s camera, even though it’s the fans who buy tickets to their movies and support their ventures? Or are they just trying to protect their own privacy? Is there some way for celebrities to have balance between being jerks and having a private life? Let us know what you think, especially if you’ve had a similar  celebrity encounter.

Thanks to Christina for sharing her story! You can check out all of her photos from the party below:

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  1. Demi and her little boy husband are the pinnacle of celeb attention whores. They haven’t any ‘real’ talent and therefore have the need to twit (waste of time for a couple who are basically too old and should have better things to do) the most idiotic nonsense of their so boring lives.

    It isn’t as though any celebrity is famous because they made it on their own. It takes so many people and the main and important people are those are are fans and buy into their fakeness and faux talent and swoon and gush over any and everything they do.

    It is one thing if they are with their families in public and/or driving in public-that when the photographers really should not pursue them in an all out frenzied chase while the celeb (remember Julia Roberts careless and dangerous driving? She should have thought more about the other driver’s safety on the road and also the safety of her kids by pullling into a gas station or police station) is going to obviously get away at any means–the hell with the regular people who are just pawns in their lives.

    If celebrities want privacy they should stay home or go to some far off private place.

    I think fans, photographers and interviewers should boycott the nasty, ungrateful, rude celebrities and those with a liteny of demands in which they are to be treated and the questions they are either to be asked or not asked. Then they can have all the privacy they want and be left alone by the fans that give (beyond generously) them the lux life they enjoy while fans struggle and work real jobs so they can go see the vapid movies that are costly and buy the magazines that features photos upon photos of boring photos just so fans can see what their favorite celebs are up to and what they are wearing. Now they can read their boring vapid grammar challenged twitter twats. That just shows why celebs shouldn’t speak or write unless it is scripted.

    I would love Love LOVE to see all photographers and interviewers at premiers, events, restaurants, parites, book signingsLas Vegas, etc. just stand and do nothing for weeks and weeks and weeks. The fans boycott magazines, books,movies that celebs rely on to keep them in the public so they can feel better than the people that make them celebs. Interview the celebs that are respectful and gracious to the people that photograph them (not for
    magazines or other p.r. marketing) and especially the gracious and grateful acknowledgement they give to their fans.

    **BOYCOTT PEOPLE! Celebswill learn who holds the key to theirsuccess.
    I really do not understand why anyone puts up with the arrogance ego of celebs when their fans are so loyal and they are pampered and gushed over in ways that is so obviously ass-kissing in a sickening way.

    Give the nasty ungrateful, egomaniacle celebs what they want….PRIVACY!!!

  2. I don’t think it’s rude at all.
    Deanna, you are so harsh! As far as I know, Demi and Ashton are very nice people. Remember, they (celebrities) are not gods but human beings.

    • I accept that I am harsh, Gontiti. However, when a fan wants just a quick photo or take a second to sign an autograph in a public place as a club what’s the big deal taking a few seconds? And saying that, if a celeb signs one autograph or have a picture taken for a fan, then they will be bombarded. Excuses excuses. How would celebrities know if they treat their fans (aka: the reason they are celebrities and wealthy) like trouble makers and annoyances?

      I really would like the celebritiy press and photographers to boycott celebs who are not fan friendly and definitely not gracious and appreciative of the regular folks who keep their names and faces in the spotlight so they still work while the fans still like them.

      The paparazzi crazies should definitely leave the kids out of the stalking of celeb parents. And let celebs enjoy being out and about with their families. Some paparazzi photographers are too hell bent on getting a photo and really put innocent drivers and pedestrians ask high risk for trouble.

  3. Demi was too wasted to talk to anyone after making a drunken, foolish spectacle of herself at Snoop Dog’s concert. She needs to get back to AA. Kutcher is just an untalented hack and a dufus. They deserve each other…two idiots. And WHY oh WHY would anyone want a freaking photo or autograph from either of these morons, anyway???? WTF

  4. They won’t pose for a poor little fan, yet these two dumbas*es post ridiculous twitter photos of themselves relentlessly. That old hag Demi is too over the hill and gristly to be posting bikini shots…come to think of it, no woman with any class would EVER do that at any age. She is so desperate and pathetic to hold onto this douchetool she will continue to make a complete fool of herself. BTW she is very hideous and hard looking. They make her out to “look so great”…NOT. And Ashton (twit..real name is Chris, duh) is an unintelligent celebrity whore. Twittering moronic fools. GGRROOSSSSS

  5. Demi Moore looks embalmed. SERIOUSLY! The more she tries to look younger (than her daughters) the weirder she will look. Her face can be stretched only so far. And how will she fight the (natural) appearance of old age on the rest of her body? That will be an hilarious sight.

    Just call Demi Moore: ‘Frankenfreak’.

    Is orange the “new” botox? Everyone celeb seems to be orange.
    It’s the equivalent of men dying their hair a weir maroon orange color.

    Rumer Will seems to be the mature one in her family. And also she has quite a good sense of humor. I am aware that alot of people make fun othe the way she looks. If you go look at old photos of her mother, her mother has the same rounded facial features.

    *Just think…Rumer Willis’ mother married a guy (dud) whose poster she had on her wall. Demi Moore cannot get any creepier than that!

  6. She is a nasty piece of work, and so is that fratboy wannabee douchetool. They relentlessly twitter and seek publicity and photo ops when it suits them. They are disgusting pieces of trash. She is a real conceited old thing to think it would work with a young’re almost 50..seriously. The kid does deserve a life, no matter how much of an asssswipe he is. Let him go, Demi, he obviously wants to. And stay away from concerts..desperate, much?

  7. It is kind of creepy and pervy that Demi Moore went after a kid in his twenties when she was in her forties. Now she wants to “end childhood slavery”??? Good deeds start at home, Demi, seriously…..

  8. Ashton (real name Chris) is a cheater, Ashton (real name Chris) is a cheater, na na na nana Star Magazine prints non-fiction, Star Magazine prints non-fiction na na na nana, go get some character, Chris, go get some character, Chris, na na na nana

  9. Did anyone see videos of this old crone trying to dance seductively??? OMG WTF I peed my pants…it is hysterical. She’s drunk and disorderly and wretched, no one paid to see that gristly old beotche performing Dance Macabre at a Snoop Dog concert!!!! And Kutcher is desperately trying to tweet during her psychotic dance of shame…ya gotta see it…beyond funny. Two idiots

  10. DANSE MACABRE hahahahah. Look it up on youtub, guys… Dance of Death……too funny. We should play demi’s dance of denial to Danse Macabre on YT

  11. Bruce Willis is secretly thrilled at this turn of events…but it is SO embarrassing and inappropriate for her daughters to have to deal with all of this nonsense. They are probably more mature and together than she is. Good luck with your beautiful, young wife and new baby, Brucie Boy. Now you don’t have to be dragged around by your balls for photo ops with Demi, your kids, and her boytoy. Don’t you have any pride, man? Now make Demi pose with you and Emma and your baby when Ashton finally takes a hike!!! See if the manipulative old hag will do the same for you…NOT

  12. I hope the old broad Demi finally waxed that gnarly, huge, black bush of pubes that she spread when a “young” actress…bimbo ho. Check it out online…Poor guy,
    Kunt-cher, we see what you’re working with, dude. You’ll never escape, now, bro…this granny is gonna be REAL hard to get away from….Scary stuff

  13. Christopher Asston Kunt-cher is a Tool, plain and simple. He deserves everything that’s coming to him. Cheater, liar, granny grabber, conceited, narcissistic, unintelligent twit who can’t act. His movies are embarrassing and so is his twittering. And he’s a gigolo…do you think he’d be with one of his mama’s middle aged factory worker friends???? No

  14. This perimenopausal chick needs an estrogen patch. And Kunt cher needs a good assssss whoopin to wipe that nasty, snide expression off his ugly, obnoxious face. Isn’t she from a trailer park and he from the middle of nowhere factoryworker land????? trash

  15. She’s startin to look like rotten, stringy sinewy beef, and he looks like he’s SMELLIN something rotten all of the time. Charming pair

  16. I saw the video where she is on stage and dancing, or was that convultions? She was just flailing her arms and

    There is another video (youtube) that has a front view. Sh walks on stage like she’s gunna git douuuun with Asston walking behind her hid. As D.M. starts her imitation–of Elaine on Seinfeld, (but much much worse) , Assturd walks over and sits down. He looked like he was at a strip club. As D.M is frolicking to a different beat than the band on stage, Assturd leers at his ‘old woman’. It’s subtle and literally creepy.

  17. Rumer (Willis) seems like the mature and sane one in her family. She seems pretty down to earth and has real good sense of humor.

    Incidently, Rumer had a poster of Assturd on her wall before her emballed mother got her hooks into a guy who is very immature.

    If people feel the need to be twits and post the mundane trivial and vapid garbage they certainly have alot of time on their hands.

    *Note to Demi Moore (who is trying everything imaginable to find the fountain of youth unsucessfully) stop sending pictures of yoursefl. Why don’t you launch a site were creepy men leer at you while dancing and posing—-for a fee. And the orange skin just make you look like orange peel.

  18. You are hysterical, girl!!!!

    ASSTURD…I love it!!!!

    How bout DEMIENTIA?

    T- W- I -T -E -R- ING

  19. the worst thing demi moore did was get involved with this immature, stupid, obnoxious kid. She really didn’t believe that it would last, did she? a woman should never make a fool of herself over a man, NEVER…so distasteful

  20. Demi and Ashton are both just plain creepy. Ashton was only 10 years old when Demi was having her first baby. How he can like such an old twat is beyone me. I loved Demi until she became creepy by marrying Ashton.


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