Jennifer Aniston begins filming ‘Wanderlust’ in Atlanta

Jennifer Aniston cheerfully waves at fans as she appears on the Daily Show in NYC, NY on August 19, 2010 to promote her newest movie The Switch . Fame Pictures, Inc

Twitter has been buzzing with Jennifer Aniston sightings in Atlanta for the past week or so. Last Tuesday, Jen was first spotted having dinner at Atlanta hot spot Chops Lobster Bar and on Thursday she was reported to be filming at the St Regis.

Jennifer Aniston spotted at Chops last night! (@officialGEM)

The latest: rumor has it Jennifer Aniston is filming at the St. Regis next door to my office. (via @kelciechambers)

Even Atlanta-based author Emily Giffin got in on the action last week, tweeting, “Jennifer Aniston filming a few miles away… I love being this close to her.”

Radar Online is also reporting that Jennifer checked out her ex, John Mayer, in concert on Wednesday outside of Atlanta, adding fuel to the fire that the on-again, off-again couple is back together.

But, een if Jen is considering reconciling with Mayer, this might not be the best time since she is going to have her hands full for the next two months while she continues filming Wanderlust with co-star Paul Rudd. The two are indeed filming in Atlanta right now, but will soon move to Clarkesville, in northern Georgia,  for the majority of the shoot.

In the movie, Jen and Paul play an urban couple who  stop at a rural B&B which turns out to be a commune filled with nudists, pot smoking and orgies. The script has created some buzz of its own because, reportedly, Aniston’s character has sex with a woman in the movie.

If you have any scoop on Wanderlust or spot Jennifer hanging out in Georgia, let us know about it at!

Update: We heard Wanderlust, starring Jennifer Aniston, is filming at 340 Woodland Lane, Clarkesville, GA (Elysium) for the next few weeks. (Thanks Tommy Tom)


  1. Yeah, Woodland Lane is a dirt road off of New Liberty Rd in Clarkesville, GA. We live on New Liberty and so far it hasn’t been congested. Base camp with all their trailers and such is located at nearby North Habersham Middle School. You can’t miss all the commotion since there are “Elysium” signs everywhere!!

    • Amanda is there alot of security around the trailers. I would love to meet Jen and get an autograph. Do you think that is possible because If i try i will have to drive 2 1/2 hours to get their but she is my all time favorite!Thanks

      • I haven’t been by the camp in a few days but I am sure there is heavy security, there is at the set entrances. Although there seems to be a continuous flow of white vans to and from the set. Must be doing a lot of night shoots right now, whole place is lit up. You can see a tepee from the road and lots of what look to be paper lanterns or some sort of hanging lit decorations/fixtures. Sometimes we can hear loud music at night and in the evenings.

      • They are using the local sheriffs dept. for most of the security at the entrances. The trailers are guarded by an off duty deputy or security guard. There is one deputy who stays at the entrance to the elysium. One guard down the road from the elysium at the next dirt road. These guys are there 24/7.

    • Is there ANY way possible to find out their shooting schedule to know when she might be in town shopping, eating, etc?
      I’m going to Clarkesville on Tuesday and would love to see Jennifer.

  2. I havnt talked to her yet I’ve seen her drive by and the “base camp” is right down the road and I know a few people working on the movie as crew and extras so if I can get more than 1 auto I might sale 1

  3. She’s staying on Lake Burton in a house that Julia Roberts owns, but its selling. You can drive by it but you can’t see the house from the road. Where is Paul Rudd staying? Anyone know?

  4. Went up there today. Can’t see much from the road of the set, only can see a teepee and a beat-up school bus. Sheriff at entrance, no where to park, and unable to see anything.
    I did hang out at the school for a little while today, saw a few glimpses of different actors, mainly no-names. Saw that black Escalade, but it stayed at the production trailers the whole time.
    It was just fun to watch the going-ons of a movie set.

  5. Their schedules change from day to day depending if they get the shots they need the one day and so forth they worked today from around 6am to 5pm and last fri worked the afternoon they are also filming in laweranceville off and on, they have extras parking next door to me

  6. Kristy you dont know what the he** your talking about she is no where near lake burton you dumba** she is stay in Soque Wilderness Subdivison. 160 RED OAK LANE Clarkesville, Ga. 30523 now quit talking sh**!!!!!!!!!

  7. You are unable to park anywhere near those trailers at the Elementary school, the school staff kicks you out. Which is the right thing to do, this day in age you can’t trust anyone around a school.

  8. Little Birdie…it’s nothing to get so mean about. Security IS saying she’s staying on the Lake. She’s been spotted there several times in her black escalade. Doesn’t matter anyway, it’s not like you’re gonna get anywhere near her. People are so immature!!

    • As a matter of fact, she was at the copper pot in clarkesville tonight and she asked if we wanted a picture with her. 🙂
      She is very nice.

  9. Anyone know if she was working on set yesterday (Tuesday)? Could swear I saw her and now it’s driving me batty. If she had a day off, could have been “in the big city,” maybe. Does she drive the escalade all the time, or any sightings of her in anything else?

  10. I’ve seen her in the black cadillac 3 times. It’s not really an escalade I don’t think…more like an escalade wagon? (which looks almost exactly like a regular escalade)

    • Everyone, even though I am sure you all are safe drivers, please be careful if you are coming to this area. I live on New Liberty Rd and this entrance area is dangerous enough on a good day. Add a movie set, a cop with lights flashing, and people not used to the road trying to see what they can see and it adds to the chaos, especially at night. I hate to say it but I feel like given enough time with this stuff there will be a bad wreck in that curve and I can only hope it is not my family or any of our neighbors, or even any of you just wanting to catch sight of Jennifer. Trust me, she is not worth an accident. It is a dangerous spot in the road and with a constant flow of white vans out of and in there, that by the way have pulled out in front of us several times like they have the right of way, only increases the danger. I have said before that all you can see is a tepee, a groovy looking painted school bus and stuff hanging in the trees (even that is hard to spot with someone else driving)

      They couldn’t have picked a more dangerous spot. So please, I say again, be careful.

  11. Yeh I agree Amanda, the drive-way to where they are shooting is in a curve and people speed up and down that road. You can’t see anything even if you do slow down, so there’s no point. I almost hit someone the other day. They had slowed down to look and I went around the curve and didn’t see them. All you’re going to see is cars…nothing else.
    Though, there really isn’t many people riding by as far as I can tell. I live nearby and traffic is pretty normal, except for their vehicles in and out. Soon as word gets out, it will get crazy, so please be careful if driving up that way.

  12. I’ve been in contact with casting since day 1 they emailed me 2 wks ago asking if I was still interested and then I got an email today about where to be and what days this week

  13. Who did you email? My friend who’s been filming the whole time emailed the same people I did I don’t know many people who actually got call backs besides my friend and she’s filming the days I am this week.

  14. Yes I met the entire cast their all very awesome and great coworkers. This movie is going to be hilarious that’s all I can say

  15. Saw aniston at the base camp and she went to eat at some restraunt in Clarksville, she got out of the black suv and I held up my poster and she saw my poster and waved me over! What a nice actress! Although her assistant gave her a red sharpie to sign with that’s ok it looks great on the poster! Thanks jenn cone back anytime!

  16. These people are ridiculous. She is just an average person like you and i. I hate to burst people’s bubbles but seriously how would you like it if every time you went out someone was in your face? I understand that she is a celebrity but some of the comments are just a little out of hand.

  17. Yes famous people are just like you and I. But understand this type of thing does not happen in a small town like this. Its kind of like The Andy Griffith show here, which is quit nice. Growing up in Calif I’m very used to being around people like this.

  18. Jennifer Aniston and the Wanderlust movie have set up shop@ the Nash Budget Used Cars parking lot which is located off Gwinnett Drive in Lawrenceville Georgia. They are in the general area of the Gwinnett Diner where Road Trip filmed at.

    • we had a wonderful time filming on that day I would like to say hello to all of the cast members and everyone who worked that set it was fun

  19. saw her and Alan Alda today at Gwinett Diner is Lawrenceville, Georgia. She is beautiful and smiled and waved at all of us onlookers.

  20. Paradise Valley Resort and Club had a number of their nudist members filming with Jennifer, Paul, Milan, Alan and the rest of the crew in Clarksville on October 12th … very, very cold, Lauren Ambrose was super nice, found a couple of the nudist standing in the cold outside the makeup trailer, wearing only robes and demanded they be provided a warm trailer in which to wait for makeup. Nudists were on the set for 6 days total. The nudists finished shooting with the stunt people (who were also required to be naked) on October 27th. Jennifer and the rest of the stars worked with the nudists several days, but were already in Lawrenceville when the nudists finished their part of the scenes. The stunt people are not nudists and the nudists hope they helped them feel comfortable, they were all very professional and did a great job! The nudists were a little surprised, but overjoyed that they were allowed to be “up close and personal” in the activities requiring stuntmen and women. Wow, they said it was exciting!
    Alan Alda is a super nice guy and very, very funny. On the cold day, he said he was sticking close to the nude folks, since they would know where to go for the warmest spot in the sun. 🙂

  21. Came to work at 400 Galleria Building, Atlanta at 9:30 to a load of movie trucks at the loading dock and signs directing the cast. Rumor it was Jennifer. At noon met the wardrobe crew coming off the elevator and noticed the trucks loading equipment.

  22. They are across the street from my house outside of Grayson in a church parking lot with all the trucks and support and are filming in a subdivision about a half mile down the road.

    • Yep, they are filming in the Grayson/Loganville area at an upper scale neighborhood. They were filming last night at a house in the neighborhood around 6:30pm. Too cool!!

  23. Went to the house where they filmed in Clarkesville today, which is haunted. My friend lives right down the road from it, and we went inside and the director’s chairs were still sitting there and they had pictures of what the set looked like. They picked a great place for the movie. Wonder if they saw anything there, since the place is extremely haunted? (;

  24. I know that parts of the movie wanderlust was filmed in cleveland georgia. At my church “THE ROCK OF CLEVELAND”

  25. Saw the movie because I’m from North Georgia and wanted to see if I recognized anything.
    Terrible move, nasty language, not funny!!!!


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