Michael C. Hall returns to the scene of the crime

Last night, Dexter season 5 opened with the police arriving at Dexter’s House after he finds Rita dead in the bathtub. Feeling guilty that he didn’t off the Trinity Killer sooner, Dexter tells Deb, “Rita’s inside … It was me,” as he hands over baby Harrison.

That, along with his stranger-than-usual behavior, raised a red flag for the FBI, and Quinn, who became even more suspicious of Dexter. It’s going to be another long, stressful season for everyone’s favorite serial killer.

Adding to his worries, it looks like Dex might be having trouble selling his house/crime scene since Michael C. Hall was spotted filming outside of Dexter and Rita’s home again last Friday.

Check out a few photos below:

[nggallery id=218]

[Thanks to Eddie G for the pics]


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