Jack Black & Matthew McConaughey begin filming ‘Bernie’ in Texas

Actor Matthew McConaughey made his way out of a gym in Studio City, California on September 14, 2010.  Fame Pictures, Inc

Bernie, the latest from director Richard Linklater, begins filming in Austin, TX next week. Jack Black and Texas native Matthew McConaughey star in the movie based on “Midnight in the Garden of East Texas,” a Texas Monthly article written by Skip Hollandsworth, who co-wrote the screenplay with Linklater.

The movie is about a bizarre mystery involving Bernhardt “Bernie” Tiede, an assistant funeral home director in Carthage, Texas who admitted to murdering Marjorie Nugent, who was “the richest widow in an eccentric town full of rich widows.” Shirley MacLane has signed on to play Nugent.

On Monday, Bernie will be shooting at the Hyatt Regency Lost Pines Resort and Spa in Lost Pines, TX.

If you spot the cast of Bernie in Austin this fall, let us know about it at olv@onlocationvacations.com!


  1. I just saw Matthew McConaughey and Camilla, leaving the Gym at Hyatt Lost Pines Resort, My husband and I are at The Hyatt for a Spa and Golf weekend, it was fun seeing them, I also saw their children at the pool with the Nanny on Saturday Oct. 16th, they are just precious!!, I hope they have as much fun staying at The Resort as we did!!!!

    • they are not in Austin at all they are filming in Bastrop the movie trucks with the egipment are parked out front of our movie theatre and I got to meat jack black yesterday when i went on a walk after lunch they were filming at My high school

    • Mee tooo he was sooo cool he told me i was awesome I wonder if mrs kerinter got to meet him ? anyway they were at the court house today filming and stuff . GO BEARS

  2. The Bernie crew is back in our parking lot this morning at the North Tech office complex on Howard. Matthew Maconahay’s trailer is out there, all the extras were eating breakfast when I drove by.

  3. Not only did I se the crew, I saw Matt and got some pretty decent and up close pictures of him getting to his trailer this morning!!! Hot, hot, hot!!

  4. Bernie was being filmed in downtown Georgetown today, 10/22. When Matthew left the location tonight we were very dissappointed that he did not wave or even look toward the small group of us standing around waiting for even a glimpse of him. They said that today was the only day of shooting in Georgetown.

  5. sure did see the cast ! At the resort , I was there on vacation and spotted Jack Black playing in the water park with the wife and the kids!

  6. My son Taylor and I were able to be extras in the movie today shot on Main St. in Bastrop. We were not supposed to be in it but we were on our way home and saw the film crew, so we parked around the back and walked around to where they were. We walked right onto the set without knowing and the film director said we could stay and be in the scene! Jack Black looked at Taylor twice and Shirley McClaine got out of her car w/ her dog ten feet in front of us.

  7. They are still filming in Bastrop – worked as an extra there yesterday. If they are still hiring extras, check out the extras casting at their facebook page On Location Casting. You can register with them for free and get in their casting database.

  8. well actualy they are not filming in austin thats just were they are staying they are filming at my school BASTROP HIGH SCHOOL at the 9th grade center . bastrop court house ? the bastrop cemetary and other places around my small home town jack black is amazing we got to meet him yesterday when the theatre kids,band , aand honey bears got to be extras in the movie

  9. They are filming in Lockhart this morning. They are supposed to be filming at Mr. Taco, a local Mexican food restaurant, until 1:00 today.

  10. Man-I just missed them this morning in downtown Bastrop (TX). They were at the shop next to where I get my hair cut right about noon! Well darn! At least I know what all that traffic was about!!!! LOL

  11. Carthage, tx is “an eccentric town full of rich widows” lol. I live in Carthage. I thought we were a town rich in oil and gas. Or the best small town in Texas, as our sign by the base ball fields says. But no. In this movie we evidently are eccentric and full of rich women with dead husbands. ?


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