‘The Dark Knight Rises’ will be shot in New Orleans

Today, director Christopher Nolan announced Batman 3 will officially be called The Dark Knight Rises.

Along with the revelation of what the highly anticipated film will be entitled, Nolan also revealed it will not feature The Riddler. Many had speculated the movie’s villain would indeed be The Riddler, but, when asked, Nolan replied definitively, “It won’t be the Riddler.”

Ha also told the L.A. Times that Warner Brothers has agreed to avoid releasing the movie in 3-D, and instead they will use, “high-definition approaches and IMAX cameras to strike out on a different cinematic path than the stereoscopic technology that, for better or worse, has become the dominant conversation in the blockbuster sector.”

As the L.A. Times article mentions, Nolan “has been intent on keeping his Gotham City film firmly rooted in a gritty gangland realism.” We wonder if this is part of the reason he has chosen to move Gotham from Chicago to New Orleans, though Louisiana’s significant tax credits probably had more to do with it. It was reported earlier in the month that The Dark Knight Rises will begin filming in NOLA in April 2011, instead of Chicago, where the majority of Batman Begins and The Dark Knight were shot.

There will also be other locations announced as the shoot date gets closer, so it is possible that a part of the movie will be still filmed in Chicago. We’re also guessing that some of the shoot will take place in England as was the case with the first two films.

What do you think of the title and Gotham City’s new location? Are you excited about The Dark Knight Rises?


  1. I am very excited that Mr.Nolan has confirmed he will film part of the “Dark Knight Rises” in New Orleans around April 2011. New Orleans is a very Dark city. It’s full of the Deco-Gothic atmosphere, which will no doubt create the type of cinematography that Chris is used to working with. With various locations similar to Chicago & London, and a Southern tax budget, Mr. Nolan will most likely find a need to call on the Big Easy again, and again. I just hope he decides to let the casting director find extra’s from the “actual South” and not import them from L.A, Chicago, or New L.A.,Austin, Texas. The good people in the “Real South” need work, and nothing could be better than being a part of an Epic Chris Nolan Film.

    • Agreed. I live in New Orleans and work with an acting agent. So hopefully I’ll be able to get a part in this when April comes around. (Which is more than likely going to just be a civilian with the camera skimming the top of my head, but whatever. It should pay well reguardless.)

  2. Did I hear Christine correctly that New Orleans better depicts “gritty gangland realism” than Chicago, the mob/thug capitol of the world? Please give me a break.

    • I was just trying to tie it all together honestly, I don’t see either as a bad city at all, I love New Orleans, it has so much character, and I did mention that the real reason they are moving is surely the tax breaks, Louisiana is attracting some big projects right now, I say good for them!

  3. no Chicago = huge mistake
    I hope the cut jokers scenes are put in, but done tastefully.
    I have a feeling if they don’t film this in Chicago and forget about the ending of the last movie>> this movie will be a flop (like a few of the 90s batman movies)
    WTF>>>I hope WB is listening to the web…….
    Begins and Dark Knight were VERY good movies

  4. Chi-town has its own “goth” world, for sure, but enough is enough. There is no reason that Batman has to be limited to chill urban canyons. NOLA has a deep, dark, gritty, funky underbelly that can give new life and broader relevance to the Dark Knight. NOLA’s “Cities of the Dead” cemeteries might make significant contributions. Look at the the NOLA locations in Johnny Handsome, Angel Heart, and Interview with a Vampire to name a very few and not that those are particularly great movies–it’s just that it’s pretty easy to imagine the Batman gliding, crashing and smashing through a lot of the same shadowy scenery, while Bruce Wayne lives it up, masking with the hoi poloi at Mardi Gras balls.

  5. NOLA is pretty good spot, I think. It’s a lot darker than a lot of people realize, and it rains A LOT, adding to the darkness with wet pavement and concrete (much like in all the other batmans). And that city is kind of creepy anyway. Every time I go there I feel like I just don’t know what could happen here. Maybe it’s just me and Nolan..

  6. So, I don’t know where he got his information from but it is wrong. Warner Bros. has decided to begin production in New Orleans. That part is true. However, the entire film WILL NOT be shot in New Orleans. Yes, the tax credit is the reason for the move, but only some INTERIOR sets will be built and shot in NOLA. EXTERIORS will be shot in Chicago. Chicago IS Gotham City and Gotham has been based off of Chicago ever since Batman got his own comic. Get it straight.

    • I’m sorry, but Gotham City is based off of New York City originally. This has derived from Mark Twain’s writings where he has referred to New York City as “Gotham City.”
      Sure in the new movies it has been FILMED in Chicago, but the idea of the city itself is based in New York. The reason it isn’t being filmed in New York City is because that would just become way too expensive.

    • thanks for your comments, we did write a follow up post a few weeks after this one, explaining all of this, including info re: the movie being shot in Chicago, extras casting, etc.

  7. I bet its in New Orleans for the swamps cause I heard the villian is Killer Croc although it doesnt really fit Nolan’s series which is more realistic.

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