Will Leonardo DiCaprio shoot ‘The Devil’ in Chicago?

46911, NEW YORK, NEW YORK - Monday November 1, 2010. Leonardo Dicaprio enjoys brunch at Cafe Gitane in Soho while partaking in several shots as well.The Inception actor was spotted celebrating Halloween at Kate Hudson's party over the weekend wearing a baboon mask and smoking a cigar. Several fans approached the actor for a photo which he happily obliged to. Photograph:  Wagner Az, PacificCoastNews.com

Leonardo DiCaprio is set to play H.H. Holmes, a serial killer who masqueraded as a respectable doctor, in the upcoming film The Devil in the White City.

The movie is based on Erik Larson’s book of the same name which takes place during the 1893 Chicago’s World Fair. Holmes created a gas chamber and crematorium near the fairgrounds where he would find victims and lure them back to his hideout in the World’s Fair Hotel.

Since the movie is set in Chicago, does that mean it will be filmed in Chicago as well? Only time will tell. Right now, the plan is to find a writer and then move to setting up production.


  1. Certainly Chicago has its fair share of hollywood film making. The lakefront was part of the World’s Fair ground, but did not look anything like it does today. It will be interesting to see if they do film there. Can tell you a few buildings that have not changed much at all. Simply landmarks of the era whose interior renovations have saved their beautiful facades. Michigan Avenue bordered the lake at that time. Check out some of the historical photographs in the Playboy corporate headquarters. “White City” it will be if they film in the upcoming winter months….some chi-town humor. Chicago would definitely welcome a star like Leonardo. His scorpio-like personality will add a lot of depth to a character who probably transcends both good and evil. Looking forward to the films debut.

    • Yeah, I don’t know if they will actually end up filming the whole movie there, like you said, a lot of things are different now, but one of the producers told a local paper they would be filming in Chicago so who knows. I think it ultimately boils down to where its cheapest to shoot, if they give the movie the right tax breaks, they’ll end up shooting there, that’s usually how things pan out.

  2. Wow that is great ! I just read theb ook over the summer and totally enjoyed it. One of the better books i’ve read for school. I will be at this movie the day it comes out !


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