Jack Black takes over the daily announcements at Westlake High School in Austin, TX

As we’ve mentioned, Jack Black is currently shooting the movie Bernie in Austin, TX. In the film, he plays an assistant funeral director who befriends a wealthy widow, kills her, but is still embraced by his small Texas community.

Earlier in the week, Jack and the movie’s crew were filming at Westlake High School and during a break from the shoot Jack decided to surprise the students by dropping into the principal’s office and “assisting” with the afternoon announcements.

In the middle of the principal’s daily broadcast, Jack jumped on the intercom system, declaring her version of the message “BOOOORING”. He read through the list of notices and then almost slipped, admitting he wanted to call his new film School of Rock, but caught himself just in time. When he was done he high-fived the school’s principal and asked, “Was that alright”? We’re guessing that no matter what he said, it would have been more than alright with the students!

[Thanks to Michael for the link!]



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