Monday’s Lot List: Filming Locations in Chicago, L.A., NYC & more including ‘Contagion’, ‘Jack & Jill’, ‘Southland’, ‘MIB3’, ‘Man On A Ledge’ & more

Check out our list of Movie and TV Filming Locations around the country for Monday, Nov. 22.

Filming in Chicago:

The Chicago Code, formerly Ride-Along,  is filming around S Indiana and E 23rd.

Contagion, starring Matt Damon and Kate Winslet, is filming around Ogden and Damen/Polk again. We also received several tips that they will filming in Wilmette, IL today, but I think they are just setting up in Wilmette, not actually filming yet. (Thanks Michelle, Mike, Tom, and Neal)

Update:Contagion is filming in the 600 block of Greenleaf and at Central School in Wilmette today.

Filming in Florida:

Jack and Jill, starring Adam Sandler & Kaite Holmes, is filming on the Aluure of the Seas cruise ship in Fort Lauderdale.

Dolphin Tale, starring Ashley Judd, continues filming at the  Clearwater Marine Aquarium in Clearwater, FL.

Filming in Los Angeles, CA:

Acadia is filming at 1111 S Broadway (4:00 A.M. – 12:00 A.M.). *Not sure what this is but the production company in Paramount.

•HGTV’s The Antonio Treatment is filming at 937 E Pico Blvd (7:00 A.M. – 10:00 P.M.)

Battleship is filming at Vine St and Hollywood Blvd.*

Crystal is filming at 103 W. 4th St (7:00 A.M. – 10:00 P.M.).

Justified is filming at 1730 N. Raymond Ave, Pasadena.

Law and Order: L.A. is filming in Atwater Village.

Men of a Certain Age is filming on Melrose across from Paramount Studios.

The Mentalist is filming in East L.A. all week, at Balain Ice Cream Co. and a warehouse.

NCIS: LA is filming around Sunset Ave and 6th Ave.

Rampart, starring Woody Harrelson, is filming at 202 W 1st St (7:00 A.M. – 10:00 P.M.)

Southland is filming on Sunset Blvd in the Silverlake District of LA. (via @goforlocation)

Filming in Louisiana:

Battleship, starring Taylor Kitsch, is filming on Sugar House Rd, Port Allen, LA (near the old corn maze).

Breaking Dawn has started principal photography at Celetic Media Centre in Baton Rouge too. Don’t forget you can discuss the shoot with other fans in our Breaking Dawn Open Thread.

Killer Joe, starring Emile Hirsch and Matthew McConaughey, is filming at Second Line Stages in New Orleans this week. You can even see Matthew’s Streamline parked outside!

Update:Treme is filming at Commander’s Palace in NOLA.

Worst.  Prom. Ever., a new MTV movie, is filming at Elmwood Park Blvd and Mounes St in New Orleans. They are also filming at Lasertag Adventure Quest.

Filming in New York City, NY:

Blue Bloods id filming around 92nd- 97th and 3rd and Lexington.  (Thanks @s0phistiicat3d)

The Good Wife is filming on 35th/36th St and 6th. @Kiki1788 & @Hollywood2Bklyn)

Gossip Girl is filming near the New York Palace (50th and Madison/Park) again through Tuesday. (Thanks @Sandy_CH)

Law and Order: SVU is filming in studio (Chelsea Piers). *They are also filming exteriors (sounds like park scenes, but we’re not sure where, if anyone hears anything, please let us know).

Man On A Ledge, starring Sam Worthington, is filming at 45th between 6th and 7th through Wed. (Thanks @lane1008)

Mr. Popper’s Penguins, starring Jim Carrey, is is filming around 26th and 6th.

Too Big To Fail, starring Paul Giamatti, is filming at Conklin St and New Highway in Farmingdale, NY.

Men In Black 3, starring Will Smith, is filming in studio (Kaufman Astoria). (Thanks @aliceinnyc)

Nurse Jackie is filming in studio (Kaufman Astoria).

Filming in Vancouver:

Life Unexpected is filming graduation scenes inside Vancouver Salt Building at Olympic Village. (Thanks @Canadagraphs)

If you have any scoop about where a movie or TV show is filming, let us know about it at!


  1. Anyone know any info on “The Sitter”?, i had heard that they might be back in Forest Park in Woodhaven Queens, hav’nt seen anything there yet

  2. Walked past the Good Wife set this morning. A lot of activity. Looks like a big shoot. It looked like a political rally? (I dont watch the show) There was a huge sign with cris noth on it.

    I will prob go again during lunch. I will keep yall posted.


    • it probably is if they are second line trucks, there are a couple other things filming in NOLA (including The Lucky One with Zac Efron), was there an old fashion streamline trailer there? If there is, than Matthew is there, if not, he probably isn’t.

  3. Getting tons of tweets re: snowy Madison Square Park for Mr. Popper’s if anyone gets pics, send them our way!

    more on Good Wife too: TheGoodWife on 35th street (near #HeraldSquare) or Chris Noth is running 4 office under another name
    Good Wife trailers on 35th btwn 7th & Broadway

  4. Oh, and one more thing:
    Jim Carrey’s movie I Love Phillip Morris is premiering tonight at Tribeca Grand (could be Tribeca Cinema)- if anyone can confirm either way, pls do, thanks!

  5. Thanks for the tips on the Good Wife, I’m going to try and check it out later today. keep me posted if you see anyone..i love the show.

  6. Tower Heist: Off today and yesterday.
    Heard they are shooting parade scenes on Thanksgiving Day ( Serious overtime $$$) , possibly around 34th St, with the parade re created later on elsewhere in the future.
    No filming this weekend at all.

    The Sitter: Heard they may be shooting someplace in the Bowery in the near future. Not sure of the dates yet. They may also shoot in the future on the campus of Sarah Lawrence College in Yonkers which is up the block from their previous house location of 15 Hampshire Rd.

    Man on a Ledge: Thought yesterday was their last day at the Roosevelt Hotel?? Or maybe was it their last weekend of shooting there??? Thought they were returning to Lutheran cemetary in Queens this week???
    Not filming at all anywhere this weekend.

    Men in Black 3: Heard, unconfirmed, they will have 2 units filming in NYC and a third unit in Chicago for 2 weeks. Unknown dates…

    Happy Thanksgiving to any of our film crews reading this.

    • Man on a Ledge was using about 400 extras for the past weekends. They were all wrapped yesterday. So the big crowd scenes are finished for now. But they are still filming around New York.

  7. The good wife is filming until about 9pm tonight, Chris Noth and Alan Cumming are there. No julianna marguiles..she’s filming a scene elsewhere.

  8. anyone know where zac efron is today? last i heard he was shooting at a church in covington, the set is there again today but no sign of him… please help!

  9. Ok, I was wondering if a kind soul could please tell me inform when GOSSIP GIRL is filming tomorrow. What time should I be there? What time do they start and finish filming?



    • they are not filming tomorrow. i called where the hotel they are suppose to be filming at and they said they called it a day today. they are done for the rest of the week because of thanksgiving.

  10. Hey, i believe the gossip girl gang is filming in NYC near the new york palace or plaza. They are wonderful actors from top to bottom. I also believe they will be done for the holiday of Thanksgiving after tommorow. So catch em’ quick. (Wink)


    Gossip Girl and Power Rangers are what makes television what it is today.


    I Love gossip girl more than any type of living being( go chace,etc)

    Also there is a slight chance of rain so bring those tight, safe, and compacted water repellant umbrellas.

    ( SMILEY)

  11. Hey its me again just saying gossip girl is still awesome and the characters with in it. I am from Oklahoma so every chance i have to watch them gossip girl folks, ill take it.




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