2010 – 2011 Vancouver Filming Locations Open Thread

With the TV filming season in full swing, we thought we’d open a new post where fans can share intel on what’s filming where in Hollywood North, better known as Vancouver.

Here’s a list of what will be filming in and around the city in the coming weeks:


Starring: Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart
Expected Start Date: Feb. 15 (approx.)

Starring: Liam Neeson

Starring: Swedish actor Dolph Lundgren
Expected Start Date: Dec. 1

Continues Filming Through: Dec. 14

Starring: Tom Cruise
Expected Start Date: Dec. 1

TV Shows:

Continues Filming Through: Feb. 10

Continues Filming Through: Apr. 1

Continues Filming Through: Jan. 14

Continues Filming Through: Apr. 15


Continues Filming Through: Mar 31

Continues Filming Through: Jan 25

If you’re searching for more information about what’s filming in B.C., check out the Hollywood North Report, Reel West Productions, or Twitter (try searching for #yvrshoots, @OLV or @OLTV).

If you have any filming location information for any of these movies & TV shows, let us know in a comment below!

{photo: @awoods09}


  1. I know I’ll leave someone out but here are a few more of my favorite Twitterers in Vancouver:

    @FringeWatch, @Canadagraphs, @VancityVillian

    Anyone else want to add their Twitter account?

    Don’t forget to let us know if you spot something filming around town, especially with MI4 starting and thanks to everyone who made our last thread so successful!

  2. I did leave out a few Vancity tipsters on Twitter, here are a couple more:
    @sleepysheepy, @yvrshoots, @pursuit23.

    And here’s the latest update for MI4 from this AM:
    via @yvrshoots
    MI4 scheduled to shoot at parkade Fringe used last night.

    And here’s last night’s info via @pursuit23:
    Fringe not filming at Malones…filming in parkade on next block…doing Chase scenes as a night shoot…Still at first location @olv

  3. Obviously much of the Vancouver info has moved to Twitter but I’m hoping people can use the thread for info that takes up more than 140 characters. 🙂 If anyone has any questions or wants to remain anonymous, don’t forget you can always email at olv@onlocationvacations.com or DM at @olv on Twitter too!

  4. Here are a couple more signs to look for thanks to @pursuit23

    –CSPL is Chaos. The new TV show filming in Vancouver starring Freddie Rodriguez.

    –if you get any tips on KPL thats the new AMC show The Killing…

  5. Saw signs for ACL on Marine Dr in North Van. Didn’t see any filming though, it must have been farther away. Not sure what that is though?

  6. They wrapped up filming around 500 or so. We went to watch and just got there in time to see the last scene wrap up. Apparently there were there all day.

  7. Fringe apparently is filming near Maplewood Flats on Dollarton tomorrow night. There are supposed to be explosions (doesn’t seem right doing that by a wildlife sanctuary)

  8. Does anyone know what was filming downtown last night around 7:00 near Burrard Station? I couldn’t see signs and I wasn’t willing to get off my bus to check it out. 🙁 Better not have been SPN.

  9. I have seen arrows that say WORLD at Hastings & Inlet in Burnaby. Wondering what it could be? I haven’t followed the arrows to see where they lead, could possibly be SFU.

  10. “17th Precinct” is filming at “Casa Mia” on SW Marine Dr. Using the lot at the Fraser Arms as a parking lot and craft services

  11. MI4 is filming today in the police lot under the viaduct. It seems to be a big production since they put up a lot of construction.

  12. Hi everyone,
    I’m in a Jack FM contest where I need a photo of someone famous (in the background) with the Larry & Willy cutouts. If anyone knows of any filming around town (MI4 would be ideal) could you let me know. Many, many, many thanks in advance.

  13. Seeing signs around my neighborhood saying “Circus” wondering what it might be? Also see a lot of signs around Vancouver saying “Reunion” and wondering what that is?

  14. Ok I went to see what was filming in my neighborhood where it says “Circus” and it’s Diary of a Wimpy Kid saw the stars of the movie as they were leaving for lunch, not sure how long they will be there.


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