Fan photos from the premiere of ‘The Tourist’ in NYC

As we reported last week, hundreds of fans waited out in the cold to see Angelina Jolie, Johnny Depp, and Brad Pitt arrive for the NYC premiere of The Tourist at the Ziegfeld Theatre.

Two of our readers, Howard and Denise, were among those waiting in the frigid temperatures. According to Denise, “It was definitely worth it! There were some nice people around me so I was able to run into the Hilton to warm up every now and then while they saved my place. Johnny and Angelina both arrived on time and spent a lot of time outside signing the entire length of the barricades with the fans. Even Brad Pitt signed for everyone. I got some okay pictures but they were a little too close! I know that’s not something to really complain about!”

Thanks to Denise and Howard for sending in their pics from the premiere, which you can check out below (Denise’s photos are the first group, Howard’s are the second), and remember, if you have any on location photos you’d like to share, let us know about it at!

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  1. Here are a few more shots from the streets of Manhattan for you.

    We were at the end of the line as Johnny Deep came around to sign autographs and the crowd at Letterman was out of control! I managed to get a few shots off but, between the fans and the relentless autographazzis, there were only a few worth posting.

    Thanks to everyone for posting their shots!
    Le Monsieur de le Coin Bureau


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