‘Truth Seekers’ is seeking extras near Atlanta

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CONYERS — Local aspiring actors and actresses may get some time under the bright lights as an Atlanta-based company is calling for extras for an upcoming production to be filmed in Conyers, GA.

Eternal Light Films is looking for 100 non-paid extras for a scene in the movie Truth Seekers,” to be filmed at 4:30 p.m. Dec. 30, according to Cornelia Croom, assistant to the film’s director Gaylord Parsons. The scene is about a global peace rally and will take place indoors at the Dominy School of the Performing Arts, located at 2204 Salem Road. The company is looking for male and female extras from 13 years old to about 30 years old.

The extras will serve as background actors without any lines from the script, according to Croom.

“It’s nonverbal acting where you have an expression on your face, some type of expression suitable to the scene,” Croom said.

Those interested in participating should send a head and shoulders photo to peacerallyscene@yahoo.com. Croom said selected extras will be contacted immediately after the photo submission.

“Since we’re shooting in Conyers, we would love for people in Conyers to come out and support the film,” Croom said.

Croom said the shoot should wrap up by 6 p.m. She also gave a little background on the film and the scene.

The film is about a dysfunctional family that is dealing with foreclosure and financial stress, but is still living above their means. Croom said the family’s teenage daughter, the film’s main character, is following in her mother’s footsteps as a community activist. The teen is doing this while going through family issues and dealing with other outside influences.

“She’s trying to solve the problem of global peace,” Croom said. “She looks at the world and she says, ‘Wow, what a mess and it’s up to the next generation to step up and find some solutions.’”

Croom encouraged new actors to participate as extras this Thursday to help get experience and training.

“Truth Seekers,” is Parsons’ first feature film and first filming in Conyers, according to Croom. But the company has previously worked with actors from Conyers and found they do well.

“We have an acting community in Conyers, a very vibrant acting community in Conyers,” Croom said.


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