Updated: Is this the location of the ‘Breaking Dawn’ fight scene?

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One of our readers, Lisa, sent us this information about a location she stumbled upon today in Baton Rouge, LA. At this point we can’t be 100% sure that the set being built is for Breaking Dawn, but it sounds like a good possibility. If the set is for Breaking Dawn, it sounds like it could be the location for the “fight scene” that is expected to be shot around Baton Rouge before production moves to Vancouver. Here are the details we received from Lisa:

Just wanted to share that I stumbled upon the set that they are building in downtown Baton Rouge as I was doing some sightseeing! It’s behind the Arsenal building in Arsenal Park (I think that’s the name of it!). Not filming there yet, just building. The street is partially blocked off, but you can still drive through for now. I’m guessing they will be completely blocking it off once they start filming because they are building right next to the road. Was walking through the park to take a few pics, then one of the workers said I was not able to take any pictures in that area because it’s a “closed set.” There were quite a few workers and only one police officer in the area and he was just sitting in his car. Was able to get a few pics as we were driving by, but none right up close. There were signs lining the streets saying there will be no parking allowed from 1/12-1/27, so it looks like they’ll be in that area until then.

If you’re able to check out the set or have anymore information about what exactly it is, let us know at olv@onlocationvacations.com! Be sure to check out our Breaking Dawn Open Thread to discuss the shoot with other fans too!

Update: Here’s a bit more info from Lisa:

I didn’t notice any signs that indicated what movie it’s for. I just figured it was TSBD because I remember people saying they were moving filming to downtown for the next 2-3 weeks. Someone mentioned that they were building a set to look like Paris?! Not sure how accurate that info was, but it did look like they were possibly in the process of constructing mock-buildings. They were working on a tall structure, being built out of a ton of metal rods. Then there was a large area of grass blocked off into squares, right next to the structure they were building. Looked like they could be filming a scene that will have a building/buildings in the background, but there wasn’t enough built to be sure of what it’s actually going to be!

Update #2: We’ve confirmed that the set isn’t for the fight scene, but it does look like it will be used for Breaking Dawn. Check out the photo below of the set in-progress. It looks like they are not only creating building facades, but they are also constructing a formal garden.

[Thanks to Lisa for the info!]



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