Updated: MORE Exclusive fan photos of Spider-Man on the set of the ‘Spider-Man Reboot’ in L.A.

As we reported yesterday, The Spider-Man Reboot was filming on Grand Ave, outside of the Museum of Contemporary Art, in Los Angeles last night.

One of our readers, Alex, sent us this great picture of Spidey running across the street and through “New York” traffic for the scene. His friend was able to catch the shot from his nearby apartment around 11 p.m. last night!

Our friends over at The Daily Blam also scored a few photos taken around the set yesterday before the shoot actually started, including this Daily Bugle van. You can check out all of their photos here too!

The first official images Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man were released last week and had the internet buzzing about the the addition of Spider-Man’s mechanical “web-shooters”.

If you spot Spider-Man filming on location in Los Angeles, let us know about it at olv@onlocationvacations.com!

[A huge thank you to Alex for sending in his pic!]

J. Han, who took the photo of Spider-Man that we posted this morning, was generous enough to send us the rest of the photos he took last night on the set of the Spider-Man Reboot on Grant St. L.A. The photos are pretty self-explanatory and show several stunts where Spider-Man is jumping onto a truck and doing flips. The movie is expected to shoot at the same location tonight. Check them all out in the gallery below!

[nggallery id=256]


  1. Yes,thank you Alex!I’m so excited to see this movie!we saw it being filmed at the high school!too bad we didn’t see Andrew Garfield,please keep us posted if any more is being filmed in los angeles,I’ll definitely go and takes pics,film!

  2. Damn. I was really really hoping they were going to up the eye size on the mask from the last ‘squinty-spidey’ suit. It looks like the eyes are even smaller. And if there is one thing that makes Spider-man look retarded, it’s small eyes.

  3. So far, these distance shots make the suit awesome. the close up shot better be a throwaway to mess with fans. That suit draws your eyes to his Spider-nads WAAAYY too much.

  4. Is there a set perimeter that spectators aren’t allowed to cross because of filming? How close can we actually get to the filming?


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