‘Contagion’ begins filming in San Francisco Feb. 9, Extras Needed

Steven Soderbergh’s Contagion, which has already shot scenes in Chicago, Atanta, and Geneva, will next be filming in San Francisco and is looking for extras for the 10 day shoot which will include Jude Law, among others.

Here are the details:

Contagion is an action-thriller about an international team of doctors hired by the CDC to prevent the global outbreak of a deadly virus.

Filming starts on February 9th and goes through the 19th. Before shooting though, we will be coming to San Francisco to do an open casting call for those who may be interested in working on this film on Jan 29th and 30th. We are looking for Men and Women all shapes, sizes, types and ethnicities to be background performers for this feature. 18 and over.

We look forward to offering the opportunity for fun,exciting PAID work to San Francisco and Bay Area area residents.

This is a large open call and we will be working lots of locals in the production.

The date and times for the open call castings are:

January 29th,2011
Landmark Building C
Room C260


January 30th,2011
Embarcadero YMCA

All applicants need only a pen a small photo of themselves and a great attitude. It’s as easy as that! Spread the word!

For more info check out Backpage.



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