Robert Pattinson will return to NYC this summer for ‘Cosmopolis’

The summer of 2009 was a whirlwind for OLV and the city of NYC thanks to the arrival of Robert Pattinson who was in town to shoot Remember Me.

The shoot landed us, our readers, and Robert Pattinson in the headlines for the chaos that ensued each day Rob was filming on location, and now it looks like we may be doing it all again.

We’ve already reported that Robert’s next project,Cosmopolis is expected to begin shooting in Toronto in May, but now several news outlets are also reporting a portion of the movie will be filmed in New York City this summer too. ScreenRant, Playlist, and IMDb all now list New York as one of the movie’s filming locations!

Cosmopolis, which may also star Kiera Knightly, is about newlywed billionaire Eric Packer, who awakens one morning and realizes that “he didn’t know what he wanted. Then he knew. He wanted to get a haircut.” That seemingly innocuous desire leads the cocky, adulterous young man on an odyssey across Manhattan that results in him being stalked, attacked, and losing the entirety of his fortune – all over the course of 24 hours.

Are you excited by the possibility of Rob returning to NYC?


  1. No, actually. It would be cool…if you guys didn’t tell everyone where they were so they could be hassled by the paps. Last time was a nightmare. Not looking forward to the same.

    • Actually, the professional paps have their own sources and their own grapevine when it comes to knowing where the hot celebs are, especially knowing filming locations. While there may be some paps that also check this site, Christine provides more info for the fans mostly. If she didn’t post locations, the paps would still be following the stars and know where they are filming, it’s the fans that would be left out.

      • Thanks Annie, not to mention a lot of what’s here can easily be found on Twitter, FB, etc. Even the “mainstream” media is starting to pick up on the “hot” locations. Yesterday’s Twilight location in BR was in the local news, in Hollywood Life and a bunch of other entertainment websites. I still think OLV is leading the pack (thanks to our readers) but if Robert Pattinson is around NYC, the fans are going to find out, with or without us (but, hopefully with us :))

  2. I will this week, but you guys know they start in Toronto, right? just want to make sure…check this week, there will be one


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