In Photos: Spider-Man swings into action in Los Angeles

Last night, the Spider-Man Reboot returned to S. Grand Ave in Los Angeles to shoot another stunt scene.

During last night’s shoot both Andrew Garfield (who plays Spider-Man) and a stuntman were on location taking turns filming a scene in which Spidey swings over the “New York City” traffic. In the photo above Andrew is climbing the ladder to for a shot on top of the truck while the stuntman can be seen standing next to him in the black jacket.

We’ve heard that a small second unit may be filming at the same location again tonight too.

Check out more photos from last night’s shoot and remember, if you have any on location photos you’d like to share, you can let us know at!

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[A huge thank you again to jwoohan]


    • Last night they started around 9, but the trucks, etc are gone, road is still blocked but all equipt is gone so they might not be back tonight, I’ll keep you posted if I hear more…

      • So there is a perimeter in which pedestrians can’t cross while filming? Reason I say this is because I’m considering on visiting and taking a look at the set in LA-whenever they do come back for a shooting of course.

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    • For some reason Google came up with crappy results so I recommend using Mapquest with it being more user friendly.

      S Grand Ave. near the 110 going straight into downtown LA.

      • I haven’t heard anymore for tonight so I’m not sure if they will be back at this location or not (see info above). The first unit is filming in studio, but I know there is a second unit filming too, if anyone does check it out, pls let us know -thanks!


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