In Photos: Robert Pattinson at Breaking Dawn’s Baton Rouge studio today

One of our Breaking Dawn Open Thread contributors, SaintsNurse, had left a post in the thread this morning letting everyone know that there was a lot of activity at the movie’s Baton Rouge studio and boy was she right!

When she went to check it out later, she spotted Rob Pattinson, along with Kellan Lutz, Twilight author Stephenie Meyer, and Peter Facinelli all heading out to film today’s scene!

Check out the photos she tweeted us from the set and don’t forget to follow our BD Open Thread to find out the latest scoop from fellow fans! Be sure to check out the enlarged photo of Rob above closely – you can see he’s wearing a wedding band!

[Photos: @SaintsNurse]


  1. They are still filming for anyone that’s interested in going by the studio. i was there for an hour. if you are willing to wait you will get the chance to see them!!!!!


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