Robert Pattinson expected in NYC on April 17 for WFE Premiere

Yesterday, director Francis Lawrence revealed via Twitter that the premiere of Water For Elephants, starring Reese Witherspoon and Robert Pattinson, will take place in NYC on April 17. In addition to the NYC premiere, there will be an international premiere too.

Lawrence added that the film, due in theaters on April 22, is not yet completed. “The movie is not done yet. Almost. Getting very close,” he wrote.

Water For Elephants is based on the novel of the same name by Sara Gruen.

Rob is expected to arrive in Vancouver any day to continue filming Breaking Dawn which has been shooting in Baton Rouge since November.

Update: The premiere will be held at the Ziegfeld.


  1. Im SUPER EXCITED!! Im So There!!! I went to the Remember Me Red Carpet Premier, and I will totally be there for this one too!! I LOVE ROB!! And I love Reese! I can’t wait!! I wonder what theater they will use?

  2. OMG! ROBERT PATTINSON! April 22 seems so far away…. I can’t wait that long for RObert! I OLOVE YOU ROB. HATE RESSE WITHERSPOON.

  3. Yeah that seems to be the question going around now..Where will it be in NYC??? If anyone has an ideas pls pls let us know. I was at the Remember Me premier too and that was awesome. We did freez out butts off but it was worth it when Rob came over to us and signed autographs and we got some nice pics too.

    • Hi Jenny! I just read your comment. A few of us girls are flying out to New York for the premiere. I know you said you were there for the Remember Me premiere and I know the last thing you wanna be doing is telling people your secrets but my due date is April 17th, yes girl, I am pregnant and plan to stand in line for a glimpse of the Rob!! I’m crazy I know but ya only live once!! Anyway I was wondering do you stand in line the day before???? How does all this work?? Very pregnant girl desperate for a photo or even a glimpse of Rob! Any info would be sooooooo welcomed. And thanks again!

      • Hi Marny

        Wow thats dedication. Last time we stood out their for 10 hrs. It was very cold. . I know its nice to see Rob but be very carefull. THere was a little pushing at times not much. The hardest thing was going to the bathroom. I do hope as it gets near we will hear about any shows he might do. At this time its too early to know.

        Good luck if u do go and stay warm

        • Jenny,

          Its all about the “depends” girl…. no one is gonna wanna be standing next to me!! LOL

          I would love to go to any talk show as well, but when I do see those shows, I notice alot of fans just get him driving up…No thanks, I’ll risk a delivery in the parking lot for a pic or an autograph! 🙂 So no one needs to camp out then? We just need to show up about 12 hours early? Thats a piece of cake! I’ll smuggle beef jerky and water in my purse!! 🙂

          Now we just need to find out where???? I read someone comment that it may be at Radio City Music Hall……

            • Hey Jenny,

              I actually read it on a message board. People were speculating where it may be because from what “they” understand, they want the whole circus feel….Like animals and all! Kinda crazy speculation but what an amazing premiere that would be!!! :O)

  4. Well I will not be in NYC to enjoy WFE P, so I hope for those who are, they enjoy thoroughly. Robert is coming back to Vancouver though, where I was lucky enough to meet him, and ladies, let me just say he is as Beautiful on the inside as he is on the outside…And that is truly Beautiful…I think security will be tighter than ever when they arrive in Van. as it should be, and stay that way…But I had my day to remember forever…Once is almost enough, but being stalkerish is NOT my thing:)

  5. Has anyone heard any updated news about the Premiere ? I was also at Remember Me a few months back…it was at the Paris Theater. Got a few good photos after freezing my rear off!!! Totally worth it though!

    I was wondering if he will be doing any late night talk shows before the premiere….he did Jimmy Fallon before the RM premiere…had front row seats for that too!


  6. I have never been to a premiere before and was wondering if some one could tell me how these things work? I know the location and other information hasn’t been given yet, but I was wondering basic things like how early would we need to be there. I have no idea how these things work but I do plan on being there for the premiere (Boston isn’t that far from NYC!).

  7. The date of April 17th seem really odd. That’s a Sunday and I have NEVER heard of a premiere in NYC on a Sunday. If that date is correct, then it is not at Radio City Music Hall. Madagascar Live is doing 3 shows on Sun 4/17, so not possible.

    • Because it’s way too early. They might not even have a location yet. I generally find out about premiere locations 1 to 3 weeks before the date, at best. With premieres involving any of the Twilight stars, they usually try to keep the locations under wraps as long as possible, so I would not expect any early announcements regarding a venue. I’m still not convinced even the date is correct. I think the 18th or 19th would seem far more likely and Radio City is available on those dates, and they could probably use some of the Madagascar sets and characters for their circus theme. Just a thought. I know the info came from the director, but that doesn’t mean it’s correct. He’s not the one who determines the date, it’s the studio. Just saying.

      • Annie,

        I know the twihards can be crazy sometimes but I’m a Robhard…:)

        And thats a good point about the madagascar set!! Kinda does suck that they wait til a couple of weeks of…… Oh well, I’m still goin, fat and bloated, my butt will be there…..wherever that may be!!!!

        • Yeah Annie is right. Its way to early to know where it is. I found out about hte Eclipse premiere that day. And trust me I am ontop of these things and so are my friends. It was no where on line. I had to find out from a paparat from another show that morning. THe idea or Radio City sounds like it could work but we wont know tell later on.

  8. It looks like it will be at Ziegfeld theater and I did get a screen shot from the film’s official facebook that this would be official premiere no L.A. premiere but when I went to their facebook page I couldn’t find the post?

  9. I doubt they will allow fans to camp out. This is new york. the only reason why we were allow to camp out in LA was because Summit hired securities to protect the fans during the night. They were really strict about it too. if you didnt have the wrist band, you were not allow the camping section.

    • I disagree with you! My friend stood in line for 32 hours for Remember Me which happened to be in New York! Dont underestimate Rob Pattinson Fans! Anyway, see everyone there!!! SO excited. 🙂

      • 32hrs?? I went to the Remember Me Premier, and I only waited about 5hrs in line. We got wristbands in the morning, they had certain times to arrive according to your band, which started at 2pm, and then we waited till about 7pm to see Rob!! He came over signed autographs and took pics, he was Sooo Nice, ( HOT) lol! So its not that bad to see him!! Im sure they will be even more organized here. I am headed there too on Saturday for a few days, hoping to catch a glimpse again. Good Luck and safe travels!!

  10. What are people planning for this event? if I get up and walk over to the theater at 7am on Sunday will that be too late to get a good spot? i have no idea how this works and I am kind of a planner so I’m just frustrated because I can’t plan for this! Thanks for any advice!

    • Hi Lisa, I cant speak for everyone else but I do know A whole bunch of us are going to the water for elephants cocktail party on the 16th and then heading over to the theater to wait! Try and make it to the cocktail function!! 🙂

  11. I am also going to the cocktail party on Saturday night (I’m pretty excited for it!). Are you spending the night on Saturday outside? Like I said, I’m kind of new at this!

    • Hi Lisa! Yeah, I’m spending the night out there, if they let us! I also booked a room at the London Hotel which is right across the street from the Zeigfeld theater, so If they dont let us stand there over night, my butt will be there first thing in the morning!! SO exciting right? 🙂

  12. Jaded, I was there for RM premiere too. I was top 15, got in and saw the movie. & no I did not stood for 32 hours. I got there at 8am.

  13. i can’t wait to meet up and talk to people at the Hilton. I’m so excited this is one week away. I’m kid of nervous though if it is an overnight camp out because I’m pretty sure my friend won’t stay with me on the streets of NYC for the evening! i was planning on getting my butt over to the theater between 6-7am (we’re staying at the Empire Hotel, which according to Google maps doesn’t seem so far away). I can’t believe the date is so close, I’m excited!

  14. FYI: @H2B_AtWar called the Ziegfeld to see if people would be able to line up and this was their official response:

    “Line up information is being handled by the host & we are not allowed to give out the contact information”– Ziegield Theaters

  15. IS the premire this Sunday the 17th? I called Ziegfield and they said it wasnt then, im not sure if they were tellignthe truth. Do you know were and when the premire will be? Also do we know if Rob will be there?


  16. Hi guys! I am going tomorrow and it is my first premiere! I really have no idea what to do, and I can’t get there super early because the friend that is going with me is coming out of the kindness of her heart & she knows how bad I want to go! Please ANY advice would be totally appreciated!!!

  17. hey guys sorry to get you mad, i am like 99 percent sure, rob couldnt get in town cuz of the weather and is stayin in van. to film more twlight re-shoots. i guess they couldnt take chance he wouldnt get back in time. at least reese is coming

  18. Hmm im pretty sure you are wrong, since we are here waiting in line for premier wristbands and Robs bf was here. And Rob Reese andtje author are buying us all pizza. And coffee anthem b’fast too….. SO!! Who isyour source??

  19. Also rachel if you haven’t been in lone since midnight you wont het wristbands. Only the first 200 MAYBE 250 will get them. They are handing themout at 9am. And everyone here is all committed. Even if you know someone in line they will not let you in. Sorry :(I don’t know about anything else.

  20. It’s ok! Im not trying to get in to the premiere, I just want to her close enough to see Rob, Reese, and the other stars!! You guys out in this rain are insane! More power to you!!

  21. hey guys.
    i am a huge fan of reese’s and i was wondering if she was going to be making an appearances in NYC this week? i didnt get to attend the premiere, and i am so upset. if anyone hears any word about where she will be that would be great!! thanks so much!!!

  22. Did anyone see Kristen Stewart last night.? They were talking about it on the Today Show. They said she snuck into the premiere at the last minute, so as not to steal any thunder from Rob and the other stars. They also reported that they were together all night at the after party.


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