George Clooney surprises the staff at Sonoma Grill in Cincinnati

One of our readers, Annette, sent us this photo of her boyfriend, Joel Foust, and his co-worker, Sarah Rogers, with George Clooney at the Sonoma America & Mediterranean Grill in Cincinnati, OH yesterday.

Joel, the restaurant’s manager, and Sarah, a waitress, got the surprise of their lives Wednesday afternoon when George came into the restaurant for lunch.

Annette told us, “George Clooney [had] lunch at Sonoma America & Mediterranean Grill in Oakley [Cincinnati] with a group of around 30. He was super friendly, funny. He had the chicken kabob and said he enjoyed it. [He also] granted a request for a picture with the manager and the waitress that served them. [Joel] said George was completely nice when they asked for the picture, he also said he recognized Grant Heslov there as well.”

George is in town shooting The Ides of March, which he not only stars in, but is also directing. Today, they shot scenes inside the storefront of Ace Hardware and Electric on Hamilton Avenue in the Northside. The hardware store was made to look like a campaign office for George’s character, Virginia governor Mike Morris.

If you spot George around town or happen to know where they are filming, send us a tip at!

[Thanks again to Annette for the photo!]


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