Fan Photos: On the set of ‘Law and Order: SVU’ in NYC

Two of our readers, Laura and Ariella, checked out the set of Law and Order: SVU in New York City on Monday where they got to meet Chris Meloni and Mariska Hargitay.

Laura sent us a short report along with a few photos, check it out below:

They were super nice! Chris Meloni is a sweetheart and Mariska was throwing a Valentine’s Day party for her son August and his little friends in her trailer which was adorable! (We found this out from Mariska’s body guard, also super nice!)

We were really the only ones by the set but all the people who worked on set were really nice and friendly and were curious to know how we found out about this shoot so I gave you guys a shout out!

Thanks so much for doing what you guys do!

Here are Laura’s photos too (she’s the one wearing glasses).

[nggallery id=262]

Melissa also stopped by the SVU set last week where she met guest star Rose McGowan. Check out her photos as well!

[nggallery id=263]

Thanks to Laura, Ariella, and Melissa for sharing their photos (and for the kind words!), if you’d like to share any set photos you have, let us know at!


  1. she smelled like sweet, freshly plucked apricots. apricots that were so sweet your mouth would salivate just by looking at them. and her skin. oh, her supple, supple skin. her skin felt like a beautiful sunset in a california sky. absolutely breathtaking.

  2. I’d give anything to meet Mariska personally. She is so pretty. And it really seems nmaravilhosa your skin and remember the golden sunset.


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