‘Breaking Dawn’ Filming Update: Bella’s House is decorated for Christmas and ready to go!

With Breaking Dawn moving to Vancouver on Monday, February 21, there’s been plenty of activity around many of The Twilight Saga’s most famous filming locations, including The Swan House.

The set, located at 28 Avenue & 188 St in South Surrey, has been completed and decorated for Christmas, which may mean they’re prepping to shoot the scene  in which Bella brings Renesmee to see her father Charlie at Christmastime.

Check out a few more photos from the set below courtesy of @OLTV and Malicious Mandy’s Mind.

And don’t forget, if you want to talk about the movie and its Vancouver filming locations with other fans, check out our Breaking Dawn Open Thread.


  1. They have added too much to the house from the original movie, Twilight. If you go back and look at the house in Twilight, there was no garage, no sidewalk on the front and no side door. They keep changing the look of the house and maybe they think no one will notice, but really…be consistent throughout the movies. It is the small stuff that people notice.

  2. forget what I said earlier…I saw the garage and the side door. They should not have added the bay window in the second one. Again, I stand by what I said earlier about making changes. But there isn’t a long side walk long ways, it is only from the door to the street.

  3. I just hope that they stick too the book on Bella’s changes when she becomes a vampire she is suppose to have hair down too her waist and be graceful and look unbelievalble beautiful like a model.

  4. Ya know the book is great, i really hope the movie has all the same veiws as bella gets becoming a vampire. Like the way her vision changed. i could picture it all. lets see if the movie can match the book. Oh n thats not what the house looks like! why is it changed!? Did someone forget cuz i didnt! oh well im not building it so it dont matter like anyone will listen to me! LOL

  5. Have you noticed how in the first movie the vampires are suppose to blend in with society but they keep getting more pasty white and clown like looking with each movie I don’t like that and in the third sequel I don’t like it when they kill them their like stone breaking I don’t like that either if they drink blood how can they be like stone when you kill them it wasn’t like that in the first one how could edward produce a child if the insides where just stone I don’t like those changes but, everything else has been great.


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