Donnie Wahlberg Fan Meet-Up Open Thread

One of the best things about running this site and @OLV on Twitter is hearing stories of fans who have connected, either on movie sets or here in our comment sections, and have become lifelong friends.

Many of our Twitter followers are also fans of Donnie Wahlberg, who currently stars in Blue Bloods which shoots in New York. Some of those fans have suggested organizing a fan meet-up in New York City where everyone can meet and talk about their love for all things Donnie Wahlberg.

When I mentioned the meet-up on Twitter, I had many responses and thought we would need somewhere to decide where/when/and how fans can get together to meet and, hopefully, form a few more lifelong friendships! Maybe, if we can get enough people to sign up, we can even convince Donnie Wahlberg to stop by too!

If you are interested in meeting fellow fans of Donnie Wahlberg in NYC, leave a comment below with your suggestions for dates (try to stick to Friday nights – Sundays, March 2011 may be best), locations, or any fun activity you would be willing to help organize (maybe a trivia contest or DDubs-related game).

Hopefully, we can enough people interested (who can agree on a place and time) that everyone will be able to meet and have a great time!

Remember, this event WILL NOT include an appearance by Donnie Wahlberg, this is a fan-only get-together. But, that doesn’t mean we can’t invite him!

And, if the NYC event is a success, we can set up similar events in other cities too!

If you are interested in attending a Donnie Wahlberg fan meet-up, please leave a comment below and pass this thread along to any other fans you think would like to go as well!

If you have any questions you can email me at too.

[photo courtesy of Lisa]


  1. I’d love to participate in a fan meet up. Being that it’s tax season AND Blue Bloods is on Friday nights, I suggest a Saturday night or Sunday day get together. Open for anything.

    • Wow us used my story of when I met Donnie thats me when I met him on Nov. 30th 2010, I am also on here with when I met him at hid New Years Party. My youtube account was hacked into so the link for my videos for the might no long exiist!:(

    • I saw that blue bloods last day is mid april. im planning on coming. with a 5 hour drive. im just really hoping that i get to meet donnie wahlberg that day. it will be a dream. i have vip in may, but yeah can’t wait that long. Trying to come to nyc when they are filming on a friday. Thank you for starting this site 🙂

  2. I’d love to have a fan meet up in Dallas. I can’t go all the way to NYC or I would have already done it. I am going to see Donnie and the guys perform in Dallas June 26th but would LOVE to have a fan meet up and make lifelong fans with other BH’s.

  3. Wherever if he can meet us would be great. Somewhere in Manhattan since it is easier to get to rather than other boroughs. Great idea for meet&greet in NYC. Hopefully it can happen. He may be too busy with upcoming cruise & tour! Keeping my fingers crossed!

  4. Yes I would love to participate in this. Any date is fine for me since I am in NJ. Looking forward to meeting fellow Donnie/NKOTB girls.

  5. I think that is an awesome idea!!! That is something I would love to come to. My life long dream is to meet Donnie Wahlberg!! If he were to show up I wouldn’t know what to say or do LOL!!! Tell me where & when I’ll be there!! Would love to meet other BH’s that I’ve been talking to on Twitter & Facebook!!!

  6. I think this is a great idea we did something similar to this for radio city music hall we also made is a Susan komar cancer fund it was held at the hard Rock cafe in time square I would love to help with any of this and to talk about the show and Donnie would be great cause it is nominated the best show on tv right now and we all love it this could big a big event for all blues bloods fans also

  7. Hi girls… so down to get together.. hit me up on my e-mail or twitter name. SupaFlyJnell…. love BH sistas coming together… Donnie has brought me new friends and the best memories.. lets do it ladies..xoxo Janelle

  8. I’m so excited about all of the responses!! I figured I’d give it a few days to see what kind of feed back we got — it looks like Saturday is probably best. How about March 26th at night, does that work for everyone?

    Since I’m not in the city, would anyone be willing to step up and maybe try to find a place to hold it, maybe just a bar where everyone can meet up and have a drink, I don’t think we need to make it anything formal, there’s been a lot of responses, but not really enough where I think we’d need to rent a room or anything, between this post and Twitter I would say I’ve only received about 30-35 responses.

    If anyone is willing to work with me on setting it up- shoot me an email at, thanks!

  9. Christine,
    If you guys in NYC are successful, Let’s have one in Texas. Anyone that wants to email that also loves ddub, my email addy is I’m always down for having BH friends. Rock on NKOTB 4 ever!!!!
    Much Love to All my Sistas,

  10. Hi Christine!
    March 26th could work for me. Even though as I mentioned above sunday would be better I don’t think it would be a problem. All I would have to do is rearranged my work schedule for that day.

  11. March 26th is okay for me I have sent Donnie the link to this in a Dm since he follows me on twitter but I think others that he follows should try to do so also. I would love if he could show up if even for a like a half hour just to say hi to all of us. Email or message me on twitter when we have something planned for sure. I keep having my friend tell me that when they google Donnies name and click on news this link comes up and you see my pic….Gee, Iam a celebirty now!-lol


  12. hey gurls!! sooo sad,I’m going to visit home for follow up after my lumpectemy.. I had surgery a few weeks ago! if there could be any way of having it before the 26th? I leave March 17th till the 28th… let me know ladies I would loveee to meet yall!! I just met 2 wonderful ladies from being a fan of donnies and meeting him!! They sure are keepers and wouldn’t mind having more 😉 let me know!! have a fantastic day ladies!! xoxo

  13. I would luv this idea!!!
    I think Sat would be best just so we don’t have to deal with Friday night commuter traffic etc and then we have all day to shop and hang out. Let me know when I’m def in and coming from RI so anyone want to travel together let me know!!

  14. I would have to check on that. I’ll let LisaBella1670 know if I can make it. I’ll keep you posted on if I can make it!! Fingers crossed

  15. Eu adoro o Donnie ele e muito simpatico com suas fãs Donnie estamos te esperando você o New Kids on The Block aqui no Brasil, beijos.

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  17. Oh man! I’m actually coming into the city in 2 weeks so a trip a few weeks later will be too soon :(. Oh well! I hope it goes well and let us know if Donnie shows up so I can live through u all!

  18. Hello everyone,
    I would love for this group meet up of Ddubb fans to happen. If only for my teenage daughter to be surrounded with people like her who are obsessed with all things Donnie Wahlberg. Don’t get me wrong, I love Mark & Donnie too but she is absolutely crazy about Donnie. Fri-Sun anytime would be great. Please keep us fans informed. I would love to surprise her. Thanks!

  19. I’ll tweet about this again and see if anyone is still interested, one of my problems is if we still do it on Sat- I can’t go- I has to make an appt for my taxes and Sat was the only day I could get in so I would need someone else to kind of be the organizer and I don’t seem to have any volunteers lol If someone wants to pick a place and is willing to go there and kind of get people settled — you guys could still do it sat, I feel terrible about kind of dropping the ball- but its one of the perks of being a business owner- tax nightmares! urgh!

  20. Hi all! Just read the tweet on olv asking if anyone still interested about the ddub fan meet up that is supposed to happen this weekend. I’m still game to go, but I can’t organize it because I’m busy with work.

  21. I dont have a problem organizing but I need to know if there were any prior plans for this saturday and what usually goes on and where. I am a planner and can be pretty accessible most of the time. Please let me know…

  22. I am up for promoting. I really think the charity thing would be great. I wonder how to get in touch with him or his Pr people. I have a cousin who is an NYPD officer in Brooklyn so it would be easy to find out how to help them out. Even if it is something else, it would be vey cool.

    • laurie
      I love this idea, and would be more then happy to plan it but I have no PR connections…

      If we could figure that out I would love to put it together….

  23. I was thinking. Maybe if he can’t come, we can all tweet him adn see if he can give us some tix to shows to auction off or some memorablia to auction off or autographed cd’s. We can then present the money to the widows of NYPD officers. I say we get together and do some good for NYC. I really think Donnie would be on board of it.

  24. Is there anyone around who does PR or celeb event planning?

    If we want to do a charity event and try to get Donnie to come its going to be a lot of red tape and I think we might need a professional! 🙂

    I only know that because I work with CharityBuzz a lot and I know for them to organize their charity meet and greets with celebs it can take up to a year to get it together – by the time they get with the charity, the celeb’s “people” and go through all of that– so we would def. need someone with experience who could head up the project.

    I actually spoke to them once about doing something like this but most of their projects (and most celeb charity events in general I think) are initiated by the celeb, plus they only really do one on one auctions anyway…

    Maybe we should still have the fan meet up now and then try to work on something bigger for next season?

    • I wonder what the harm in having a charity type thing of our own would be “in honor of Donnie” then we might not need all the red tape but I would certainly be open to organizing this if I could find the right person to help with the PR stuff We can still give the money to the NYPD officers…Hmmm do you think we can tweet donnie about it?

  25. @OLV – thanks for the chat on twitter recently. If I were to drive down for it, it would be with another friend from New England. Please do go ahead and make your plans for the meet-up. I don’t want to hold anything up. But I”m definitely interested in keeping informed. If we can make it, it would probably be more of a game time decision….
    Gooooooooooo Donnie! 🙂

  26. Oh, and yes, I just read your post that I hadn’t seen yet about trying to do a bigger event next season. I agree; it does seem like something like that would take a lot of time and planning. Hopefully we’ll hear from some PR-types…..
    I’d be interesting in helping. It does seem like we’d need somebody with some experience in this area to point us in the right direction first, though.

  27. Plus I was thinking we could do a small fan meet up now and still be able to collect some funds for a charity – just informally collect a few dollars from anyone and then we could show that we were able to raise some money if anything bigger is possible…

    Yes, anyone with a PR background who may be out there, please chime in or email me at, thanks!

    • I can certainly still do the 9th if anyone else wants too.

      Just let me know what you need me to do and I am there 🙂

  28. I think having a small meetup now and then doing a charity event next season would be great. Let’s see if we all can put it togther. I am not a PR professional but I can ask around and see what I can do. Maybe for this meetup, we all can tweet Donnie, see if he can just donate some stuff. Maybe some of us girls can meetup with him at the set to collect the stuff and auction it off at the meetup for the NYPD. This will also create buzz. Perhaps this will get Donnies attention too and we can have a bigger charity event next fall when filiming starts again. I am up for promoting a small gathering as well. April 9 works for me too.

  29. I have put together a couple charity events for children with cancer that involved celebrities and didn’t find too much red tape there. Everyone seemed very willing and able to help where they could. My sister is NYPD and I’m sure she would be able to assist in whatever we need (and also a NKOTB fan). April 9 is not good for me, but keep in the loop. I’m open for a fan meetup and/or charity event. I actually read a tweet this morning about a group in Chicago holding an event for Ryhs McIntyre. We could possibly take some direction from them.

    • I have tweeted Donnie a few times but I think we will definitely need more then jsut one person doing it like you said…

      It would be great to hear what your sister can help out with as far as that goes.

      Do you know where the set is taped at in NY? I could get there as well and see if I would be lucky enough to get close enough to him to talk…lol

      Laurie sounds great! Where do you think we should meet at?

  30. My cousin is also an officer in the NYPD. He is in Greenpoint, where Donnie does all his indoor filming. I would love to do something for the widows and children of fallen NYPD officers. I think this would be a great idea to honor Blue Bloods also. Honestly, it would be great to put it together for now but I know we need more time then we all have right now.

    I have been tweeting Donnie too. If we could have him auction off tickets to shows or anything he may have, we could start small then next fall have a bigger charity event. I have to see if I know any planners and we need to figure out how much would go into getting Donnie there. If he came to it, we could charge admission and auction off items and give all the profits to the NYPD wisowers and orphans fun. Just an idea. What do you guys think?

    • I think this sounds great Laurie! I am a stay at home mom and do not work outside the house so I have the time to put into it I jsut need a little direction in where to start and get it rolling…

      I think starting now though for next year is great but I think we should all get together as often as we can between now and then is key. Also for those of us directly involved having each others personal email would be a good idea as well.

      I have been trying to think of a catchy name but I am not so creative in that department.

      I dont know about this idea either but I have put together some golf tournaments that we could try and set up for next summer to also benefit the NYPD widows and orphans.

      Anyway…I think we are off to a great we jsut need to come together 🙂

  31. I am bad with names. I think we should get together and start planning something. Maybe we could make it really nice. Maybe we could auction off a few spots to be in the studio during the back rub or something like that. We could see if any NYC sponsors could get on board to auction off vacation packages to NYC. Having Donnie involved would be icing on the cake. It seems as though his heart is really in his character and the love and respect he has for the NYPD really shows. I think it would be so great to get him involved.

    I don’t know where we can meet. I live a few hours away from the city but I was born and raised there so I go back often. I wish someone could go to the set and ask him. I know he will be in Astoria on Thursday. That’s where I am from but I don’t think I am going. We’ll see. I think this is the start of a really cool event. Let’s just try to get Donnie on board.

  32. Well Laurie,

    I can make the 9th even if it is just the two of us…Not sure where your from but I am in Pa. Let’s get together and talk about plans for making this a success.

    And again if anyone is reading this and has PR background please chime in!

  33. Wow! All of these sound like great ideas :). Do you guys think you will be doing anything for this season? Also, I know this is a Donnie Walhburg thread but maybe we could get some other cast members (like Will Estes) on board to maybe come as well ;). I don’t know it’s just an idea.

  34. I think it would be great to see if we can get other cast members as well. I think we should make it a Blue Bloods kind of event for the NYPD. I am in central PA. Not so sure if April 9 will work out. Maybe we all need more time. I would love to see if we can get more people and maybe it be nicer. We could all meetup at Central PArk or something like that. We need to delegate who does what tasks with the charity event since it seems like we do want to make it a reality. I hear Blue Bloods has been picked up for next season, which would mean Donnie and the cast will be back to filming in the fall. I think this time would be great with doing the charity event. Maybe we could get the whole cast in on the auction and sell tix for a good price. What does everyone think?
    I would love to meet up whenever anyone has the time. Thanks guys so much. This is going to be so much fun and really for a great cause.

    • I do agree Laurie..other cast would be great as well..Our first focus though should be Donnie as this is the reason we are here however if we dont have to choose and we can have more then one person there then absolutely I agree!

      As far as delagating I will do anything…wherever you need me put me. I too am excited and this will turn out wonderfully if we can get it going.

  35. We need to get people really excited about this. We really need Donnie on board with it. If we can not get him on board, at least asking him to donate items to auction would be great. We could set up an ebay page too for some items, for people who can’t make it to NYC. We need to get some buzz about this.

    • Good idea, I have an ebay store set up that I can use if we need to. I guess if we are gonna advertise our first step is to get donnie going and find out what we can say and not say when it comes to promoting and advertising…

  36. I like the name but think it needs to be a little shorter. I do agree we need DOnnie on board first before we really start planning anything with an event. I think we also need to get more Donnie girls in the northeast excited about a meetup. I havebeen trying to tweet it. Maybe if OLV can tweet about it too, we’d get more people wanting to come.

  37. Once tax season is over, I’m free to help with planning. As I’ve mentioned in earlier posts, I’ve organized several charity events in the past and my sister is NYPD. I live on LI, so I’m pretty local if there’s any running around that needs to be done.

    • Hey Christine,
      Thank for reminding me that…I thought for some reason you were not in NY…Cool so that is awesome..

      Anything you want to delegate to me jsut let me know…I think the three of us really can get something good started!

  38. So I’m guessing things kinda fo fizzled out here after Donnie planned his own wrap party for fans! Wonder where he got that idea lol!

    In case you didn’t hear, tomorrow night there is a wrap party for fans hosted by Donnie in NYC, it sold out quick, there were only 150 tickets:

    Sorry this get together never came together, I think just having a simple fan get together would have been fun but that’s OK, it was worth a try, maybe we can get soemthing going some other time…

    thanks to everyone who contributed ideas and offered to help!

    (Thanks @JustForNewKids)

  39. I want to plan a trip to NYC soon. the NKOTBSB tour will be over this week and I want to come to NYC in hopes of meeting Donnie Wahlburg on the set of blue bloods! It would be a dream come true. Last year while i was living in nyc i was able to meet Christopher Meloni. SOOOO ANY Suggestions about when to visit? I used this site last time to find where SVU was filming but this website doesnt seem to have blue bloods listed as much. For example the show is filming today (as per donnie’s twitter) but it isnt listed on the site. =( WHAT TO DO?

  40. so question.. does anyone know if it is possible to get a chance to meet him when they are filming in the studio in brooklyn? are there rules? im sure i cant go inside but i was just wondering if there was rules about going there? i really wanna meet him when i go to nyc at end of the month. are they still filming blue bloods at end of september? and if i get to find a blue bloods set in nyc.. how do i know who to ask where to maybe find him?

  41. Christle I would def. be behind you if you want to try again, think it might be more difficult with more KNOTB stuff going on…but if you guys want to bounce around ideas I’m all for it


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