Updated: ‘Breaking Dawn’ filming locations open thread

Cast members Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner (L-R) attend the premiere of the motion picture romantic thriller fantasy The Twilight Saga: Eclipse , as part of the Los Angeles Film Festival at Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles June 24, 2010.  UPI/Jim Ruymen Photo via Newscom

Update (2.20.11): Even though this thread was opened back in October, we’re giving it a bit of a reboot now that filming has moved from Baton Rouge to Vancouver. Breaking Dawn is expected to begin shooting in and around Vancouver the week of  Feb. 21. So here’s a quick refresher about where some of the movie’s most infamous locations can be found:

The Swan House: 28 Avenue & 188 St in South Surrey (Kerry Park, South Surrey)

Jacob’s House: Located on Victoria Drive, Port Coquitlam (red house on the end of the road).

The Cullen House: Located on Stevens Dr, British Properties, North Vancouver (at the end of the road).

Minnekhada Regional Park in Coquitlam: Several outdoor scenes in Eclipse were shot here.

Here are a few more resources:

Our Eclipse Open Thread: During the Eclipse shoot, fans left hundreds of tips here, many of which still apply since they will be using many of the same locations for Breaking Dawn.(It also includes links to other sites that may come in handy).

#YVRshoots: Follow this hashtag on Twitter for the latest on where BD is filming (as well as other productions in Vancouver).

@OLTV: Our friend Christine over at On Location Tours Vancouver is diligent about finding locations for her those on her tours (and the rest of us).

So be sure to bookmark this page and use it to discuss Breaking Dawn, its filming locations, the cast, or any celeb sightings you may have while they are shooting Vancouver. Be sure to share it with your friends too!

If you have any scoop to share regarding Breaking Dawn, you can also email us at olv@onlocationvacations.com too!


Over the last few days we’ve been inundated with questions about where and when Breaking Dawn will be filming, so we thought it would be a good time to start an Open Thread (like our Eclipse, Water For Elephants, and Abduction Open Threads) and this way fans can have one place to discuss all of the movie’s filming locations and news.

Here’s what we know for sure about the Baton Rouge shoot right now. Filming begins on November 1st at Raleigh Studios at the Celtic Media Centre in Baton Rouge. The cast began arriving in Louisiana this weekend and the sets (including interiors of Edward’s house) have nearly been completed.


  1. To kick off the open thread, I thought I’d dispel some of the rumors going around:
    –1st, the one I’m getting asked most about most is whether or not they are filming in New Orleans. I checked around with a couple different sources on this & despite several articles stating they were filming in New Orleans, they are not, they will be filming in Baton Rouge.
    –2nd, they are not filming in Vancouver yet, they did do some test shots there, but filming does not start in Vancity until Jan:
    –And I’m pretty sure they are NOT filming in Oregon at all despite stories about Rob Pattinson filming on the beach in OR last weekend.
    Finally, IMDb has the most up-to-date cast list here:
    Is everyone excited about filming starting?

  2. Very excited. And I did wonder about that Oregon report, didn’t make a lot of sense that they’d be there and in Baton Rouge at the same time. Thanks for keeping us updated!

    • Thats awesome Kelly!
      I’m going on the 1st week of november!
      In which hotel r u staying?!

      Any clue on which hotel the cast will be staying?!

      • Hi Camila. Me and another Twi-Mom are staying @ the Springhill Suites by Marriott. By the time I booked, there weren’t a whole lot of choices left. I think they’ll be a lot of us there during that time. lol. You can email me directly at dixoncain@yahoo.com is you want to meet while we’re there.

    • Thanks, Kerry. I think it’s going to be a lot of fun too. I was so excited when I heard they would shoot some in Baton Rouge. I live in Houston so it’s just a 4-hour drive. No way would I have ever made it to VanCity.

      • You will enjoy it for sure Kelly. I wish I could be there.
        Take lots of photos and journal everything.:)
        I did the location hunting in Vancouver and that alone was totally exciting, and taking photos. Still didn’t catch any of them at Bella’s house or Jacob’s either, but it was great to get to do!
        Look forward to the new year when they return to Vanc. to do exterior stuff.

  3. I will be heading up there really soon!
    I’ll be leaving Houston around November 4th and leaving the 27th! Gahh! Knowing the cast is SOO CLOSE gets my blood going! I’m dying to meet them! I met Kristen and Dakota in Austin for “The Runaways” premiere though it wasnt planned,it was deff last min not knowing they were there! me and my 2 friends ran to the back of the theater and waitied a good 30 mins,and BOOM Kristen was the first to come out and said “Hey guys! You wanna take some photos?”
    …..my heart pretty much stopped for a good min! I even have the entire thing recorded. gahh! shes super sweet I hope to catch her again this time maybe she can sign our photo together?
    You can tell im excited,no? LOL

    Email me if your going and you wanna meet up! Im not leaving without meeting someone!

    • FABULOUS photo!!! Wish I could meet up with you. I am in Ohio:( I saw Kristen at the Today shoe in NYC during Eclipse. They filmed her segment about 1 foot in front of me. I was behind her in all the video clips!! I’ve met tons more of the cast as well, all amazingly wonderful people!!

      • Megan: Hello! I, too, was at the Today Show that day. Stew was right in front of me so we must have been near each other! Small world. I actually talked to Stew before her segment for a second and then while she was signing for us all. My friends and I had on “Queens of Noise” shirts. 🙂

  4. Linda, great place to be! Lucky! 🙂

    Tony, that’s fabulous!
    Who can blame you for being excited.
    I’m envious! Have a great time there and keep us updated please.

  5. sooo on my way back to GA from texas I might have taken a lil detour.. and I might have seen the sexiest man alive.. Robert pattinson!!!!!!! I also, may have stopped at the studio… and I may have pix… =) it was soooo neat! The set is gated, with security guards on golf carts. Their is some building going on outside, but it wasnt near the studio where BD will be.. i do know that there is a few films being filmed there in Nov, one includes a certain sexy true blood star…. Vampires seem to be taking over Baton Rouge! From the looks of the studios and the set, looks like it will be hard to catch a glimps of them but it is possible. As far as getting close to the cast.. thats going to be luck of the draw for sure. Best bets will be late at night when filming has stopped for the day and the cast is leaving (in my opinion) The BD set is the second set I have seen (first one was Water for Elephants! and yes I seen Rob there too multiple times ) My suggestion would be to stay calm, do not act crazy! If you see them, freak out on the inside but act as smooth as possible on the outside lol. I really hope to meet one or more of the stars… best of luck Twilight fans! =)
    PS.. sorry to post my blog url on this site, but i thought some of you would like to see the photos I took on set, the blog is EXPLICIT and not at all for the youngins, but if your over 18 and wana see my photos go to pattinsoninmypants.weebly.com

    • Knickaaaaaas!!!
      I had so much fun with you this past week.
      Guys, the set was AWESOME! 🙂
      She’s right guys, STAY CALM! That’s the BEST way you would have a chance of meeting them. 🙂 Respect their personal space.
      I know when Rob came to Chattanooga, most ladies were well-behaved. Let’s hope it’s the same thing when the cast is in Baton Rouge. 🙂

      If you would like, follow me on Twitter. falling_starX

  6. Oh yeah.. twitter lol.. follow me too if ya want ladies!
    AND i forgot, thanks onlocationvactions for posting this as an open thread! you guys ROCK!

  7. Hi everyone!
    I’m so excited!
    I’m going all the way from Brazil to Baton Rouge in the first week of november… Soo! If anyone have any info on which hotel they’ll be staying or anything.. please help me!
    I’m so afraid I’m going a long way from home and not even catch a glimpse of them! =S

  8. Hi everyone! Such exciting news. I will be heading to Vancouver in January to take my shot at seeing the cast! Never done it before so it will be an experience! Can’t wait!

  9. I’m super excited!!! I live 3 hrs away from Baton Rouge, so I’m hoping that my sister and I will be able to take a road trip. Im not really sure which dates would be the best time to go. Any particular reason why some of you are going from the 4th-7th??

  10. my parents FINALLY agreed to take me to BATON ROUGE!!!!!! I’m EXTREAMLY Excited!!!! 😀 do you think that if I go there on December 17th they will still be there, or will they already leave for Christmas vacatoon? PLEASE answer rhanx 🙂

    • Anita, they SHOULD be there. 🙂 They aren’t supposed to leave until Jan. so I think if you go then that would be cool. I don’t know about Christmas vacation with them. But it also depends on how long you stay there. I know that 100 Monkeys (Jackson’s band) will have a show like on December 28th. So they could all be back or still there by then.

  11. I’m so excited!! I hope to road trip there with some of my friends and hope to get pics of the cast! Haven’t chosen a date to go yet. So if anyone has any info please let me know we will be driving 9 hrs so I hate to spend all that time traveling not to see anyone.Thx

  12. I live in Baton Rouge and I wanted to warn all of you who are coming! This is not a typical studio. It’s very gated and blocked off from even the main road. Please, do not get your hopes up on watching the stars from even a distance. Most of this will be filmed indoors anyway.

    I did hear that Robert came to a local bicycle shop and bought a bike. So maybe we’ll see him around riding his bike!

  13. Tyvm Ashyn I know that we all want to get a look at the stars and some pics of casting but well have to wait to see what they post bc this is a very inticipated movie…which means lots of secrecy….

  14. There are so many cast members, I am sure everyones best bet is to see them when they are around town! I know Rob and Kristen keep to themselves mostly, but some of the guys, Kellan & Peter love to give back to the fans:)

  15. Filming in Baton Rouge soon. Just saw Ashley and Boyfriend Jonas Brother at Perkins Row shopping…… 6:30 p.m. They are in town now!

  16. just want to warn everyone that will actually be going to see the set. watch what you read online, some people post things to discourage you from checking it out, while others will flat out lie about info (mainly people who think it is funny) I learned this lesson from watching Rob film Water for Elephants. Best advice? Make friends with people you think you can trust to give/receive info. Before too long, locals will find the sites discussing/sharing info and will post things to keep you from visiting the set. There was a LOT of that going on with Water for Elephants. Ill end in saying that I have been to the set in Baton Rouge, and yes it IS gated, yes there is security. Is it impossible to see ANYthing? No, I seen Rob and wasnt even looking for him lol. Now, with anything like this, it is pure LUCK. Right place. Right time. Thats all there is to it. Ill be visiting again around the 2nd or 3rd week in Nov. My plan to meet some of the cast may differ from others, I will tell you from experience that sometimes sitting in horrible weather be it hot or cold or rainy, for hours will get you nothing. Sometimes, will get you ONE picture. Try not to get your hopes up, respect the cast (their human even if they are realllllly pretty humans lol) and try not to spend butt loads of money because it may or may not be worth it.

  17. I work at GNC. My coworker at Mall of LA called me to say that Kellan Lutz came in and spent about $300. Oh and the studio is very much gated. It’s on a dead end street behind the old CocaCola plant. I think it will be random chance to see anyone. From my knowledge the cast is living on set in trailers. If you live here you’d understand that Baton Rouge traffic is horrendous and you can’t get anywhere because of all the road construction. .

  18. hi again.. Does anyone know if they will be filming during the weekends or will they have the weekends off… I know that you probably don’t know, but mabye according to other movies.. Thanks 🙂

  19. Have to say I agree with knicka he’s right even though I love Rpatz and Kstew I won’t spend butt loads trying to see them till the movie arives in theaters….

  20. HEY!!! For those of you living in Baton Rouge or around that area: I live in FL i wanted to know how far away is: Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites (address: 10989 SIEGEN HOLIDAY CIRCLE BATON ROUGE , LA 70809 ) from the Celtic Media Centre?
    Thank you soo much 😀

  21. Hey, me and my best friend are heading down december 17 through the 21st to try and catch a glimpse. We are from Maryland but we’re coming down the day after my 21st birthday so if anyone is going to be there during that time then email me so we can meet up!! 🙂 Email is kh64835@verizon.net.

    • Hope you can get a few glimpses before they head out. Most of them will be making their way to Vancouver for the holidays and to prepare for shooting there, but you never know!

    • Just opposite that set is an entrance with a heavyset woman guarding it. She was the first person I talked to while waiting for my escort. She is the one who told me it was for the BD shoot.

  22. No prob, Christine! Anita, I am right here on the lot. You can literally drive maybe 25 yards from the outside set. Security is very cool. I’ll post a pic on my twitter of them pulling in with trailers for the additional stars.

    • OMG sOOOO lucky!!!!! Im going in December so hopefully nothing changes.. i have a feeling that those days are going to be the best of my life!!!! 😀 HAVE FUN!!!

  23. SK.. Can uou do me a HUGE favor and ask one of the security guards when or if they will be leaving for vacation… I live in FL and I’ll be driving for 14 hours so it would suck if they already left by december 17th THANK YOU 🙂

    • They don’t know the actors’ schedules. A lot of these guys split their times between movies. For instance, Ash would fly out to LA a lot when she was in Detroit filming LOL.

      There’s so many variables, including when they wrap scenes, their outside obligations, etc. But keep in mind that they are filming in Vancouver at the start of the year, so a lot of them want to wrap this up to spend Christmas with their family before heading off for round 2 in BC. As I’ve told a few people, it’s all a game of luck. You may be in town the few days Rob just happens to be here refilming, or you may not run into anyone other than a few minor roles. As of right now, they are here. 2 months from now…hope for the best but expect the worst.

      Either way, make the roadtrip the fun part. Good luck 🙂

  24. okay… well i live in baton rouge and i have seen robert pattison riding his bike around LSU lakes… and seen Joe Jonas and Ashely Green eating at Chimes… i have also been to the movie set… and every one will be amazed by the movie.

    • Hey Amada, they aren’t filming yet right? I heard in interviews they did a read through? I just started reading the postings so sorry if this is a repeat, but I thought I head everything was being filmed inside the studio and starting in Nov.

  25. I’m coming to New Orleans Halloween weekend. hope to make a day trip to BR Please help give me suggestions where to go. Need to make the most of my time. Would love to just get a visual. I promise not to bother. Thanks.

  26. Hey everyone,
    I know that filming in Vancouver isn’t set to start till Jan. but I was wondering if anyone had any details. My friend and I are planning a trip up there, but we have never done this before. Any help would be great! Thanks so much!

  27. Amada Brown,
    When you saw the set, did you see the interior of Edward’s home? (I saw earlier that this was under construction there).
    The main stars have been sited around there in BR on weekends. Have you seen more thn Robert & Ashley?

  28. @anita & anyone, SK knows the deal.
    I would believe that a majority of BD’s filming would be in Vancouver starting in Jan. Nov. has Thanksgiving holiday which may cut some time in Baton Rouge along with Dec’s Christmas. The script does not need to follow the sequence in the book. You would need to know about the BR script demands of which actors/actresses needed. This could be a clue.
    Does anyone know about the scenes being filmed now?

  29. @buddy… That’s so true (the thing about which scenes they’re going to film in BR) I never thought of it like that. And btw are you in BR?
    @SK… Do you know which scene are going to be filmed in BR and how long are you planning to stay there?
    🙂 anita

    • They are not filming right now. It is very preliminary. They are mainly doing makeup/costume fittings/and one-on-ones. They will do table readings sometime this week on the BR scenes with the staff that is here.

  30. Hey guys- just wanted to give you an update, I went to a meet and greet with Peter Facinelli last night and he said he is heading to BR next Monday (11.1) to begin rehearsals! I’m working on a post with more info and pics, I’ll add a link when its done.

  31. I live in btr, quite a bit of the cast & crew were down on 3rd street Saturday night at Roux House & Happy’s. Whoever posted the best chance of seeing the cast is around town is right, it’s not a huge city & the shopping & hang out spots are pretty concentrated to particular areas.

    • They don’t use numbers at the Celtic. The Brianna is where most of the work is taking place, with the outside sets being built directly west of it.

  32. i just found out that i live exacty 1 hour away from the filming location im so excited i cant wait ive always wanted to meet the cast i seen a glimpse of kristen stewart she came to my home town to film the yellow handkerchief i tried to walk up to the set because i live in a really small town and they were filming at our little grocery store but they yelled at us but they were walking to our coffee shop and town hall but i didnt get to meet her and they had the vampire baseball twice with the wolf pack and peter facinelli and it was durning my birthday and i was going to go but i went to a john mayer concert instead 🙁 so im hoping i get to meet someone…anyone from the cast 😀

  33. I’m really excited they are in Louisiana. I live 3 to 3 1/2 hours from Baton Rouge. I want to take a trip down to BR for a few days when the most of cast will be there. I have no idea when I should go or where. I need someone who knows Baton Rouge.


  34. Dianne,
    I’m about 3 hrs away too, and was wondering the same thing. My friends and I are starting to plan a trip, just not exactly sure when is the best time to go.

  35. I will be in New Orleans for a work conference Nov. 3-8th. Being so close to BD filming, I had to stay an extra day to visit the set. I have never done this before and have no idea where to go/what to do. I will be well behaved and hope only for a fun day and perhaps a quick sighting or two. If anyonle else will be there on the 8th, let me know!

  36. Dianne,
    I’m in West Monroe, but the friends I’m going with are in Houma. Still not sure at this point if I’m going to be driving to Houma first, then BR or just driving straight from WM.

    • Erica,
      I was born and raised in Monroe. My husband is from W. Monroe. We moved here to Winnsboro 9 years ago after my dad passed. I’m actually a Twi-Mom! My kids got me started, now I’m as bad as them:)

      • Twi-Mom all the way here!!!!
        Girl, we’re practically neighbors lol. I’ve only lived here for 3 yrs., I’m orginally from south Louisiana.
        Any idea on when you may be going to BR?? My sister and I haven’t decided on a definite date yet, but I’ll keep you posted.

  37. OK, I found out some good info from the head of security at Celtic. First off, they will be filming BD in more than just the Brianna Building Studio 4. All the buildings have names and numbers on them and they are very easy to see. I think it is also being filmed in studio 6 because everytime I asked him about it, he would say, “I can’t say anything” and tell us all about what building Battleship is being filmed in! Sweet ole guy! 2nd-When they start filming, there will be a 10ft. black wall that will be raised all around the outside of the studio. We wont be able to see anything 🙁 And 3rd, they are or were staying in Perkins Rowe but will now be moved to another location if they haven’t all ready. We were at various locations at 3:30 this morning and left around 10am lol. We were exhausted but it was well worth it! I’ll do it again tomorrow 🙂

    • Hi Ashyn!

      Thanks soo much for your help!

      I’m going all the way from brazil to BatonR next week hoping to see the cast!
      I’m so afraid I won’t be able to see anyone! =// That would be the end!

      So they’re not staying at perkins row anymore?d
      does anyone know where they’re staying now?

      good to hear security is being nice so far! =))

      • yeah the security is really nice. There were two other ppl there this morning and he pretty much joked around with us and everything. Now, I have heard they will be filming in Brazil for a couple of days but I have no other info on that. I’m gonna be out there everyday til they raise the walls!! That’s the beauty of living here and being a housewife lol

        • Hi ashyn =)

          I talked to the CEO of the company trying to bring them to Brazil and there’s nothing confirmed at the moment… =SS

          That’s why I’m goin to BR… Trying for the safer choice! I guess… =SSS

    • Wow Ashyn, you’re really on top of things. Thanks for your great info. I can’t wait to get there on the 4th. BD is definitely my primary focus, but I’ll be keeping an eye out for ASkars as well. Hopefully he’ll be in full battleship mode by then.

  38. Just found out Celtic is going to be blocked off at Professional sometime next week once the table readings are done. You will need a studio pass, credit union account at Saif, or Coca Cola badge to go down the block. If things get out of hand, they will block off entry only to residents of the neighborhood as well.

    If you do not fit into any of these, your only bet will be to see them around town. They are lax on security now only because it’s in prelims.

    • no, but a good bit of the inside stuff will be. From what I understand the inside of the cottage, and the birthing scene for sure. I don’t really know if they will be filming the 2nd installment of BD in Baton Rouge at all, so I’m trying to get what I can now incase they won’t be back.

  39. Ashyn, are you able to get in the studio? Do you know someone? I live in Baton Rouge and I would just love a glimpse of one of the cast members.

  40. Ashyn, I live in Baton Rouge and I would just love a glimpse of one of the cast members. Do you know someone on the set to get through security?

  41. Tyvm for all the info. guys and gals it’s nice to have an in lol and I can’t wait to see pics and video…Tysm again!

  42. My husband is bringing me to Baton Rouge so I might can catch a glimpse of anybody which will be our first celeb encounter. I hope we don’t make idiots of ourselves. I appreciate all the info. We had no clue how to go about it but with all this Info I think we may have a better chance.

  43. Hey everyone,
    I life four hours away and will be heading down next weekend on Nov. 4-7. This has got to be the best thing ever. This summer I hit up Wilmington for One Tree Hill but didn’t see any stars. I’m determined to see Rob.

  44. Hey guys in case you missed it I posted a couple stories you may be interested in:
    Here’s the extras casting info for BD:
    Here are a few pics and info from a meet and greet Peter Facinelli did over the weekend:
    One more (not from our site) but I saw this today with more info about when a few other cast members will be arriving in LA:
    Thanks to everyone for getting this thread off to such a great start!!

  45. Just some info for people that want to know. A little birdie told me that Rob, Kristen & Taylor are staying in NOLA & will commute the hr or so drive to the BD set every day. So it may be difficult for people to see them out n about in BR. The only chance may be if their car stops at the gate of the studios before and after filming. Just a heads up for people who are thinking on making a trip just for those 3 (Rob, Kristen, Taylor). As for the rest of the cast they are in BR and have no problems getting out n about in town.So you will get your chance for a pic or sighting with them.

      • Well that is what i have been told but who knows ..things change. The cast have already moved to new premises in the short time they have been there. and in Vancouver they have moved several times over the shoot.

        Basically what i’m saying is true though. It will be harder to get pics, sightings ,autographs or whatever from Rob , Kristen & Taylor (especially Rob & Kristen) than the rest of the cast. And since the studio is in lockdown your best bet is waiting patiently at the gate or get to see them in town. Just a thought to bear in mind for those people willing to travel long distances to catch the cast.

        Because in all honesty what i really don’t want to see on this board are people moaning that they have spent god knows how many hours waiting/hanging outside and came from another country and expect a meet n greet.Like what happened with Taylor and Rob over the summer when they were shooting Abduction and WFE.They are there to work!

  46. ok twifans,
    I just left the studios and here’s what happened. We were there maybe 20mins and two rent-a-cops called the police dept and reported us there and then took down our license plate number and as we drove off, took pics of our vehicles! The other day we were told that was a public street and could stay there and today they reported us to the cops and said it was private property!! I think your best chance now is to maybe see them around town and that’ll start getting a little harder once filming starts. Sorry it’s not better news for those hoping to camp out around the studio 🙁

    • I mentioned in an earlier post that police are going to shut down that section of Celtic soon, ie. by the second week of Nov. once filming actually starts.

      Legally you have the right to be on the street as it is public property. Just understand that Celtic can call the police to report you for impeding the flow of traffic. It’s a gray law, but the city wants to keep the studios happy so they are beginning to enforce it more. Since you’ve been down Celtic, you know that there are no designated parking areas except the Coca Cola lot and on the street. But to not impede with the flow of commerce traffic, ie the trailers and such, you’d have to park halfway on the grass (I’m sure you know what I’m talking about since you’ve been there). At that time, you are on Celtic property. I know it seems unfair, but I’ve witnessed some clowns getting in the way of trailers which were being delivered to Oak Tree just to ask questions. They are trying to prevent future problems now that the majority of the cast is making their way in for the shots.

      For those who want to meet the cast, it’s best to just try to catch them around town or go to Boudreaux & Thibodeaux’s on Tuesdays to watch Rathbone’s band perform. Hope this info explained a little 🙂

    • More follow-up on Ashyn’s post regarding security being more aggressive with her being out on Celtic. For those of you who are trying to make it to the Media Centre for photos:

      Celtic IS a public street.

      The studio however has purchased a permit to use Celtic in the the production of the movie. Once filming starts, signs will be posted as well as police officers controlling traffic to prevent people from driving onto the open set. They can legally prevent you from getting close enough to snap photos and such as taking photos would impede on the production company’s copyrights, and for the duration of the shoot, the street belongs to the production company.

      It being a pubic street does not matter. A public work of art is copyrighted. Being seen in public DOES NOT remove copyright. For instance, the exterior sets being built west of Brianna are considered “art.” Just as a promoter can restrict access, photography, and alcohol if they rent a public space to hold a concert, movie studios can prevent photography opportunities to protect their copyrights.

      In summary (whew!) don’t think that just because the street is public, you have the right to be there snapping pics. During the duration of the shoot, the street is essentially private property, as long as the permit is paid.

      Hope this helped out explain the rules of production 🙂

  47. @SK…The Cullen house has most of the drama thru-out the entire book. Just curious: Is this cottage the one in the honeymoon? Or is this the “Esme” cottage in the woods?
    Have you been able to know about the storyboards or chronology of the story/scenes being filmed there?
    And the chargrilled oysters or poboy is good at Acme’s….

    Thanks for your help!

    • 1. Honeymoon.

      2. Yes. But I’ve never read the book, so things are a bit confusing as it’s only 2D storyboards (and of course the timeline flow of events is off as compared to the script).

      3. Acme’s was great! My only complaint was that they only carried Patron Silver, which did not go down well with the horseradish lol

      • After enuf Patron, who knows it’s Patron….lol
        When do you leave BR?

        How are the scenes so far?
        (Real talent working there, supporting cast as good as main)

  48. I can’t believe they start filming in just 5 days it’s going to be so nice when we can get real pics of filming you know what I mean…set pics, screen shits, and teasers trailers all the fun jazz that goes alon with the movie…whoot whoot!!!!

  49. Does anyone know anything about the cast of battleship and where they are staying ? Would love to see Taylor Kitsch! Do they normally film through thanksgiving ? The airport would be a good place to see them if they take the holiday off! If you know anything about Taylor Kitsch please let me know!

  50. I agree Paul they are their to do a job just like the rest of us ok so their job is for our entertainment purposes but still it’s their job…you’ll be lucky to find Rpatz or Kstew away from the set bc they are the major part if the movie…but good luck all the same…

  51. Hey I’m just a regular fan, but would luv to come to BR
    to see the cast while I’m on vacation. If I thought I could
    catch a glimpse of RPatz! Have any ideas where to stay?

  52. @ SK/all
    Think that Taylor Lauter will probably be at the Saints’ game. (Saints r 6-7) Taylor got to visit with the Steelers earlier too 🙂
    Is his dad with him at this film location?

    • they are heading to brazil on nov 6!

      set stalking is very hard since you dont have any idea where & who will be there… but in BR its indoors. at the celtic center. they start tomorrow!

  53. @camila email me i can tell you how to get to where the stars have been spoted and where they are staying. ive also took my daughter by the studio… ashley green and joe jonas waved at my daughter. she saw taylor lautner in the range rover. and we saw kellan lutz. I live here in baton rouge. and my daughter is a big twilight fan/team jacob.. she is driving me crazy abt meeting Taylor Lautner. so im doing everything in my power so she can do just that!!!!!!!!

  54. Alex, I hope they are only there for very few days. I’m heading there the 10 so I really want my pic! I been stalking Rob since Remember Me. I “took” a pic with him at the red carpet but my cam never actually saved it! I really really want my pic!!!

    Tonya, can you please provide the info to me too??

  55. Tonya…could you EMAIL me with the info too? Are there many peeps there. maybe we should coordinate time etc. Let me know what you all think..

  56. Can anyone help me decide what days we should come to BR? Also, Tonya, I could really use your instructions on where to go! Thanks for all the updates everyone.

  57. Tonya, could I email you too. I live in Baton Rouge and I just want to see someone so I can get a pic for my daughter. What is your email?

  58. Hi tonya! Whats your email? I really could use the info! I stopped by the studio today n theres nothing there! Security told me they dont know anything! So saaad! I cant believe Ill leave empty handed!

  59. HI all, if you have any informaiton, please please let me know! My daughter is a huge fan and secretely so am I! We are from Louisiana but live in Denver now! My daughter will be turning 11 on 11/11 and for her birthday she wants to go home (BR) to see family and hopefully rob and Kristen! Any info would be great to help make her 11th birthday extra special!

  60. Hi guys! Do u know which ones of the cast members are in baton rouge now??

    And where they’re staying in..

    im feeling lost here =(( no news yet…

  61. my email is bmwtonya@yahoo.com…..i’ve just come from the studio. it is raining so bad here. sumeone said that we wouldnt be able to get into the gate but i could have gone into the gate abt 4 times. there were not security @ the gate at this time when cars and trucks were leaving out. i decided to go back later this week when its not raining. my daughter is having a fit bcuz she would rather get out and stand in the rain and i wouldn’t.. i was also able to see the green screen on the stage where they are filming. it wasnt as hard as i thought it would be. i couldnt see any stars bcuz im sure they were all on the inside… but the stars are staying on perkins rowe in apartments. they are not in hotels. there is security @ the doors. but you could see them exiting the buliding. also they are working out @ bally’s total fitness on perkins road right around from where they are staying… if anyone would like 2 get 2gether to go to the studio email me or go to perkins rowe to see exactly what apts they are stayin in..I work m-f from 9am-5pm. i can go after i get off and anytime on sat & sun… i will be goin this Friday evening and im preparing to stay until they either take a break and leave or go back to the apt… lol even if im in the car alnite. but if i can get into the gate again and it’s not raining i plan to do so….

  62. Hey everyone!
    This is all so exciting! Does anyone know whether they are filming part 1 ans 2 together? I was wondering if there might be another chance to see them if I don’t get to this time!

    • yes they are filming parts 1 and 2 together.. the best chance to see them would be at the studio. but it will be a waiting game. unless you want to go to perkins rowe to catch them coming out of the apts. or go to ballys to see if you can catch them there. SO IF YOU ARE PREPARED TO WAIT AND DO WATEVER IT TAKES TO SEE THEM AND GET PICS THEN LET ME KNOW BY EMAILING ME AT BMWTONYA@YAHOO.COM.. BTW JACKSON RATHBORNE/JASPER PERFORMS EVERY TUESDAY WITH HIS BAND IN A DOWNTOWN NIGHT CLUB. AND YOU CAN MEET HIM AND TAKE PICS.

  63. So they ROBSTEN will not be in BR on Nov 5 – most likely the 10th….

    More Info about BD filming in Brazil:

    * Stephenie Meyer is coming to Brazil along with Rob and Kristen, to accompany the footage. Yes, she, the author, the creator of everything, must step in Brazilian soil as a producer on the film.
    * The information about Taylor coming is 99.9% certainty pure speculation, the same for Mackenzie Foy. Just Rob and Kristen, and Sebastião Lemos and Virgüez Carolina should participate as actors of the recordings on national soil, which makes more sense.
    * Information from other sources realize that the equipment will be rented from filming in Sao Paulo and transported to the River is estimated that only with the rental of equipment will be spending approximately one million dollars. Helicopters were reserved for aerial filming and three different islands were surveyed for the filming. Regarding LAPA as location, the information that we obtained, it is possibly one of the two potagonistas scene in a taxi on arrival at RJ because they need a busy place, with many people and strong illumination.
    * Paraty is the HQ for the team and cast. They will split into two luxury hotels. It can happen to wear one of the hostels as a location for scenes in the house of the Isle Esme. A security firm was hired to err … give full security to the crew and actors during the entire stay and armored cars have already been reserved.
    * Kaure, the maid of the Isle Esme and the first person to realize that Bella was pregnant will be interpreted by Carolina Virgüez, Colombian naturalized Brazilian actress with several awards and nominations as best actress in several plays nationals.
    * There will be 4 and half days of filming. Some people on the team must arrive before the actors to ‘prepare the ground “and meet with service providers”. On November 3 there will probably be a meeting between these people so that each of the functions being transferred. A Portuguese teacher should make the team.

    Taken from FoForks
    via @PattinsonStew/PattinsonLife

        • Tonya,
          I know you are looking for breaking dawn stars but I was wondering if you have any info on the battleship cast and where they are living and if they have been seen around town! My girls love Taylor Kitsch who is Staring in battleship- They have watched him in Friday night lights and have fallen in love! Would love any info you might have since they are filming at same time and place.

          • hi i just came from the where they are shooting battleship. which was at a store next to popeyes on staring lane. i spoke to sum of the extras. i hope that helps you sum. they will be there alnight.

  64. Hey, i live in BR and i sent in my information to be considered as an extra a few days ago. Any idea on when i would hear a yes/no?? Or if theres like a period of when they would just tell everyone?

    Any extra casting notification ifo would be MEGA helpful.

  65. I live in the New Orleans area and have actually taken a tour of the studio months ago. I assume everything there will be very guarded by security so I doubt you can see much by just stalking outside the gates. However, I am interested in driving up there at some point to see them since I was disappointed they didn’t hire crew locally and since I work in the film industry here, I was disappointed. If anyone is interested in meeting up with me to respectfully stalk the set, cast, etc., please let me know by e-mailing me at cmk8105@alum.uncw.edu. Thanks!

  66. Christy – I’ll be driving down to BR/NO area next week with a couple others from our St Louis Twilight Coven….we’d love to meet up with you. I’ll be emailing you next Thurs or so….Cindy

    • That’s awesome! What time will you all be arriving? I’ll be out of town this weekend and next.. On the 13th I get back about 6 or 7 at night but I think “stalking” is best in the day time. Let me know the dates and I look forward to your email!

  67. I’ve got no idea….we’re just wingin’ it (usually have the most fun when we don’t plan too much)! We’re leaving St Louis early Thursday morning (Nov 11th)…Hope to catch up to you over the weekend!

  68. @tonya …. thank u sooo much for the info I’m going to br in december and would really appreciate more info… my twitter is @taynita

  69. I will be in Vancouver in December. Does anyone know if they will be filming anything in Vancouver then!? I’m soo excited for that possibility.

  70. @tonya j , all taylor fans
    Read where TL’s been with Lily Collins for awhile. Their affection was noticable on Abduction set. ( she was with him as far back as ’09 at New Moon )
    Have you seen her at the apts or visiting?

  71. Hollywood Insider and other sources do say that Lilly Collins will be spending time with TL in BR. If everyone can keep eye out for her, she could lead to TL for all you TL fans:)! Yippie~

  72. Well so far Baton Rouge has been a bust for our “onlocationvacation.” It was a bit of a bad turn when we arrived yesterday, Rob and Kristen headed out to Brazil. 🙁 Of course we knew we would be taking a chance and may not see anyone, but it’s still a little disappointing. We’ll be here until Sunday so there’s still hope we’ll run into someone. We’ve hung around the studio and Park Rowe. If anyone knows anything, please pass along.

    • I’m been subjected to the same fate. Got here last night and staying until Sunday at noon. I’ve been to the studio a couple times and to Perkins Rowe. I know they’ve been at Bally’s, Fresh Market, California Pizza Kitchen, a grill there and the theatre. But I didn’t see them. If anyone does see them, let me know. I would love to meet some of them.

    • oh im sorry. i was planning to go this weekend too but i decided to move it to the next. i hope they will be back by thursday. since im heading there. 🙁 sorry about your turned out

      • @ashley, leydylaura
        heard that the film staff leaving by Friday 5th( twitter reported) that the stars b4 the 10th. Any news?
        any Brazilian fans out there?
        School’s not out untl Dec… 🙁
        Wish you luck!

  73. Hi all!
    So i “stalked Taylor over the summer during Abduction and did get to mee him twice in one shot! hes the nicest person ever but security is obviously very tight and it is tough. i did learn a lot on the trips. persistence is key. some security is just plain rude and thats the bottom line unfortunately. some are really nice and will help you out. just respect their rules and do as they ask. stay calm, dont scream and act crazy. taylor had a few incidents over the summer with wild crowds and then he rarely came out to visit after that unless the crowds were small and calm. befriend the security and make sure they know youre not going to do anything crazy. make sure the actors themselves see you. they love the fans and will come out if they know youve been waiting a while. i am a great stalker now. lol learned a lot. my friend and i are from south jersey and are coming down the first week in december. good luck to everyone and keep me posted. any questions or anything, email me at drummerchickhd@aol.com. Ps, im hoping not to see Lily Collins…. im in love with Taylor and it all seems a bit sketchy to me from what i heard from security. all the info came from the same article. so lets not panic yet…<3

    • Marianna – You are right about that. As a NOLA local working in the film industry, nothing is more annoying on the job then pesty and rude stalking fans who do not follow the rules. Do what any production assistant or security guard tells you to do. Respect the rules and you may be rewarded. Keep a respectable distance from the actors and wait patiently for them to come to you. Be nice to security and understanding that the actors are busy at work and may not have the time to meet and greet with fans. You may wave at the actor as they walk by but yelling and screaming at them to come over will not help you. That is definitely my advice and I plan to follow it when I meet with some of you fans and I hope you do the same!

      • Thanks for the info. I’m leaving tomorrow so I’m gonna miss filming. Hopefully, I’m coming back in December when everyone is in town. I’ve met quite a few celebs luckily. I’ve never had the opportunity at a set tho. If anyone has info on where some of the cast is hanging today or tomorrow a.m., I’d appreciate knowing. Also Battleship cast info?

    • @marianna
      hate to tell ya, but Lily has been photod with Taylor as far back as ’08. She’s older and you know what older women teach young guys….you prolly know what younger guys want from older women too..LOL
      I saw on Twitter he was scheduled for Rio too and guess Lily will fly there to be with him (privacy from U.S.paparazzi). Lily entertained the Twilight stars at her Beverly Hills home in ’08, I think, so he’s known her for awhile. His behavior toward Lily during the Abduction filming was reported as very familiar.
      He’s a very popular $$tar now (and a nice guy) who has ambitions and obviously an itch. C’mon, u know guys!
      I was advised that the Summit crowd is tighter than the Abduction one, and TL admits to like fans, but he attracts crazi females.
      I read that filming will be short in BR, lots of CGI, and Vancouver will take the majority scenes. I’m hopeful that I will meet him, but Im realistic.
      I wonder where he lives? He’s 18 and can live on his own?
      Let me hear!

  74. OMGGGG urr soooo lucky :DDD was this all while they are in br??? Or did you see them at other events as well?? And good luck lol 😀

  75. I’ve met a lot of the cast, including Rob. I was lucky enough to get to 2 into the Remember Premier and sat 2 rows behind him and his family! Unfortunately they took our cells and camera’s and gave I them back when it was over, but get to hold his hand for a minute when he handed me my ticket! Does anyone know any info about dates in Vancouver? I may be in Washington state, sometime that month and would love to go up. I still want my picture with him!!

  76. A couple friends and I (one who lives in NY) went to the theatre around 4 AM, so we were amoung the first 25 who got wristbands for the red carpet. They seperated us from everyone else and put us right at the carpets so the stars walked in about a foot away from us Then they called numbers 1-25 into the lobby and Rob came out and personally gave us admitance tickets and thanked us for being the most dedicated fans. It was like a dream!

  77. Im having a hard time believing it’s this hard to catch the cast. I was able to meet Robert Pattinson a few days ago. He was leaving the bank as my mom and i were going in.

    He didnt rly have any security or anything, but it was SO cool!!!!

    • It really isnt that hard if you are persistant. that’s why the night i went to the studio there were no security at the entrance at all. thats why when they come back to continue filmin. i will get the chance to see someone again. its just a waiting game.. most of the time there were no security with them that i could see. kellan lutz was by himself we we saw him. and taylor was being driven in the range rover when my daughter saw him. and there are never any security at ballys when they are working out. per manager at ballys.

  78. My friend Laura and I are in Baton Rouge now. We are here till next tuesday. Would like to know best places to go? (You know to see people of interest!)

      • most of the cast were stayin on perkins rowe in the apts. that was about 3weeks ago. Im pretty sure they will be back there when filmin starts up again in the studio. we’ve seen ashley green and joe jonas they waved at my daughter and taylor lautner he was in the range rover, and kellan lutz because he was at the perkins rowe theater. we actually saw kellan lutz twice.

  79. Well ive been hearing that Robert and Kristen are living in a house in downtown Baton rouge. But of course now they are in rio. Not sure when they will be back. They were at a hilton downtown but moved.

  80. How long are they going to be in BR? And I’m hoping they head to Vancouver before January because I will be there in December (4-5) and I’m really hoping to visit the set or at least see some of the cast walking around. Let me know if you all can help me out or have some good info! Thanks friends!

    • yes, does anyone know when the cast will get back to baton rouge? also has it been confirmed 100% that the whole cast is at perkins rowe? i have a friend going to BR soon and would love to help them

  81. hey ya’ll! i got to BR today! why is everyone gone?? does anyone have any idea when they’ll be back?? i drove around today and found the soundstage and the huge green screen that was being built (not sure if it was for BD) please help!!

    • Hey Cindy, give me a call, 214-505-0823 I’m in BR. Haven’t seen any actors but have been by the studio several times. Going to Perkens Rowe tonight for dinner, you and Beth come join me.


        • Hey Tonya, got home yesterday evening, no problems. Had a great evening meeting you and and talking about Twilight! Bummer that I didn’t get to see any of the cast, but had a very enjoyable time anyway. Baton Rouge is a super city!!

  82. The cast will most likely be back next week. I will keep you posted when i have more info. My brother-in-law is head of security at the airport. and he will let me kno when the cast start returning..When their trailers return i will be sure to post the info so everyone that is able to return can..

    • sounds like a security breach. If you brother in law is going to share travel information, he’s going to get fired. Just like other airport personnel who have invaded their privacy.



  83. Im heading to BR this Friday, Im staying at a hotel 6 mins away from Raleigh Studios but does any1 know where they’ll be staying?

    • Good luck. Tip: Security told me that the road is closed when they are filming there; and when I last drove by on Sun. there were many signs posted with “no parking or be towed” on the roads around the studio.
      Let us all know if you get to see anyone.

  84. Anyone heard any new info on when they are going to be back from brazil, I read somewhere they were staying for 5 days and coming back. My best friend and me will be getting in Friday evening and leaving sometime Sunday, we’ve gotten a hotel close to Perkins Rowe and are crossing our fingers we’ll get lucky! We’ve never done this before so annnnny info/ tips are much appreciated!

  85. I live in north Louisiana and am about to be on break from school and me and my friend are going to take a trip to BR to see if we can see any of the cast!! If anyone knows if they are back or when they will be that would be great!! Please let me know! I’m so excited that they may be only 3 and a half hours away!!!!

  86. I’m always late to the party… but here I am! I’ve been meaning to post on this site for a while, but well ya know… RL is a bitch sometimes! Anywhooz… Lemme introduce meself: Name’s Laurie (Lauriesiana on twifans.com & @GeauxTwi on Twittah) 30-sumthin’ yr. old Twilight fan (DUH!).. (nutz ’bout Rob & Kris too btw) blah blah yadda yadda…I live smack dab in the middle of NOLA and BR.. ’bout an hr. away from each. I’ve been by Celtic a few times in the past month or so.. not too much to see really.. a buncha really big buildings, a cool lookin’ fence (w/ fleurs de lis!), a guard shack… and prolly by now a heckofalotta security folk mulling around. But I digress…
    I’ve met a handful of really cool peeps in the past few weeks at various events (WTTR screening in Nola/100 Monkeys gigs) and online. Just from skimmin’ the thread here, it looks like some of you are wanting to travel down here to see what’s happenin’… can’t say that I blame ya! I mean, HELLO! Flippin’ Breaking Dawn is being filmed here! I suppose I should get to my point huh? Okee… so a group of us from twifans.com (there’s a thread there devoted to BR filming) are planning to meet up in BR Dec. 3-6 for: (1)12/3 100 Monkeys concert (2)12/4 Eclipse DVD [hope there’s a cool release party bein’ planned somewhere] (3)just to hang out and meet a buncha like-minded, fun-lovin’ peeps! Sooooooooo… if you’d like to join us for any/all of the above-mentioned stuffs, feel free to shoot me an email, or catch me on Twittah or twifans.com w/ your deets! I love meeting new Twi-peeps! Later, ya’ll! 😉

  87. “Okee… so a group of us from twifans.com (there’s a thread there devoted to BR filming) are planning to meet up in BR Dec. 3-6 for: (1)12/3 100 Monkeys concert (2)12/4 Eclipse DVD [hope there’s a cool release party bein’ planned somewhere] (3)just to hang out and meet a buncha like-minded, fun-lovin’ peeps! ”

    hmm, have a friend in BR who keeps telling me I’m welcome to stay at the house with him and his GF…sounds mighty tempting

  88. Hey guys, sorry I didn’t add this yesterday but someone left a comment in one of our other threads that Kristen was filming in Covington yesterday:

    “There is a traffic jam in Covington today, November 16, 2010, and the cop said that Kristen Stewart is there and they are filming one of the Twilight movies.”

    Not sure if they are back there today though.

    Now that filming is officially underway, we’re hoping we’ll get some good tips about locations (though I suspect most filming will be in studio). Thanks to everyone who’s helped out with details re: visiting the studio too!

  89. Will someone please email me if you are going to be in the Baton Rouge area and have any information? I have been wanting to plan a trip to come down there. Thanks!!

    • Hey, I’m heading back down tomorrow and will be leaving Sunday. I went down a couple weeks ago but found out Rob and Kristen left the night I arrived for Brazil.


    • movie Battleship (director Peter Berg) is filming at Celtic/Raleigh Studios in Baton Rouge, same place as Breaking Dawn (Cullen’s house set build inside the stage 2 building).

  91. Hey guys. I know the excitement is centered around BR right now, but I have plans to go to Vancouver in late February. I am hoping that the crew will be there by then and was wondering if anyone is planning to be in the area then. I’m going by myself (since I don’t have any friends that are as Twilight-crazy as I am) and was hoping to meet up with some equally crazed fans to hang out with! Also, would love to hear any rumors about the wheres and whens of filming during my trip.
    Many thanks!!

  92. Breaking Dawn filming in Baton Rouge Celtic/Raleigh Studios

    interview Billy Burke: for birthday Nov.25 1966 I’ll be working my 1st week of new Twilight
    hollywoodtv https://youtu.be/gr7kdqEpEe0 at 45sec

    Most of you Twi fans know in this area that a large portion of Breaking Dawn will be filmed in Louisiana.
    We have the wonderful opportunity to be making Bella and Edwards wedding cake. Yes!!! You heard me
    correctly. I am a huge Twi fan and wiggled my way in to be making their cake for the movie. If all goes
    well it will not be vaguely in the shop or cropped out of the film all together. Who knows. Can’t tell ya
    what it will look like….not until it opens in theaters, then you will get a clear shot of the cake. Over the
    years we have made two of the opening premiere cakes for Rave Motion Pictures and this surely a great
    step up. Oh, we are definitely Team Edward!!!! Ha
    fairydustcakes in Denham Springs, Louisiana

    * Please post/share if you go there (Robert Pattinson)…

    • Update: fairydustcakes replaced wedding cake news, now on their website you can read shorter text (then the one posted previously):

      Breaking Dawn- Twilight Series
      At this time we are currently working things out with Summit Entertainment regarding a cake for the
      filming of “Breaking Dawn”. When we know we will release a statement. Thank you.

  93. We just got into baton rouge last night. We’ve been to Perkins Rowe and the studio to drive around and talk to a security guard who wasn’t to helpful. If anyone wants to get together tonight let me know. I can’t seem to find any info on where abouts they may be.

    • Hey Amanda. I got here last night too. This is my second trip. I saw Ashley Greene, Nikki Reed and possibly Kellan last time. But wasn’t close enough. There’s a lot of activity at the studio right now. We saw what looked like Ashley Greene again. Nothing at Perkins so far. We’re gonna head back to the studio in a little while. Seems like they are preparing for something. Maybe night filming.

  94. I do believe there are some old Abduction thread fans here (buddy, NikiMarie). Just thought I’d drop in, see what’s going on. OFF TOPIC: By the way, you may recall there was a bit of a tizzy over some legal filing regarding Tay this summer. Now no details on specifics, but it seems an LA County Courts spokesperson has been fired for leaking info to TMZ (among others)…imagine that. Maybe I’ll stop in again.

    • Hey jmt!
      hope you are OK & get this…..I dropped off this thread for awhile due to some negative comments made by a BD cast member’s “LA friend” about the cast/stars filming there. This friend was on another site linkd from here and was very believable, predicting things b4 they happend. Its my fault for following this person to another site. Some BD cast member was nice & got him a job there in BR so he watchd staff & commented on movie progress- set building, dailies, partied,Rio trip,and joked about the text msgs that he got from stars & ppl who know & are close to these stars that are filming. Mean comments about actors who think they are rock stars, exposed a cast member’s gf who textd comments (privately she thougt) to another that she is having a better career 2 movies the past years by using her bf publicity but joked about his bittn nails & she leakd his info to stir publicity. How loyal is this? LA friend leakd security info which caused minor problems for stars coming/going from set & airports….some guy named jared is one his contacts.
      Ive never experienced negative like this on OLV & I dont see that name anymore.The majority here are positive fans that are always fun, thoughtful, and loyal.
      Hope you do stop in again

  95. Hey Ashley if your interested in meeting up give me a call or text at 713-632-4933. We are just driving around baton rouge confused as we have no idea what’s going on. The security guard was telling us alot of what’s going in is for Battleship but I’d be inclined to believe they tell everyone that bc of the BD interest creating so much activity there.

    • Sorry, correction I posted on stage 2 but it’s 4.
      (Cullen’s house set build inside the stage 2 building)

      Baton Rouge Celtic/Raleigh Film Studios building no.4
      from Oct. 25 @ijugle2: Cullen house is going up in stage 4 at Celtic! https://yfrog.com/53ijgj

  96. I’ve loved reading all of your comments. I’m planning on surprising my sister with a trip to Baton Rouge either in December or January. She is a HUGE Twilight fan and just seeing Robert Pattison would make her life. Anyone know of the best time to go to possibly get sightings? Feel free to email me with any tips you have at trudyyvonne@yahoo.com. I haven’t done anything like this before, so I need your help. Thanks so much!!!!

  97. Hey guys just wanted to tell everyone our experiece this weekend- we spent a pretty fair amount of time around the studio and Perkins Rowe Friday through Sunday. Last night there wasn’t too much going on but one of the security followed us on a golfcart to see what we were up to. We did see a bike that in comparison to the bike in an article looked VERY similar to Rob’s bike on the lot. It was gone this morning, and when we drove back towards the front of the studio we saw Kellan Lutz standing around up front on his phone. He had on plain white shirt, dark jeans, chucks and sunglasses. It was most definately him, we took a few pics which I will try to share later and then a black VW suv pulled up and he got in. We swung around and passed them as they quickly pulled out of the studio and there was a female driving with big sunglasses, she had long brown hair and looked similar to Ashley Greene but I won’t say it was for sure her bc I couldn’t tell but it was definately kellan. I’ve got pics of him up front and the bike and like i said I’ll try to load them when I’ve got time.


  98. I haven’t been to the studio lately, I do go there quite often during the week and sit across the street from the gate, haven’t seen anyone yet though. I hope to hang out there this week if work isn’t too busy, will let ya’ll know if I see anything good. Thanks to everyone who is keeping us informed every little bit helps.

  99. We left earlier today. Hoping to make another trip out but we’re from
    Houston so it’s a long trip driving the 5 1/2 hours out 🙁 were definately going to see 100 monkies play in Austin next month.


  101. I was originally going to be in WA state in Jan, but if I can get any dates when the cast will be in Vancouver I’ll definitely be changing my plans and making the trip in Feb. Appreciate if anyone hears any dates or locations, if you would keep me posted.

    • Terri, I am already booked to be in Vancouver from 2/18 to 2/27 because I understand that filming will be taking place in that time frame. Let me know if you end up there during those dates and we can meet up!

  102. Photos:
    “Ashley and Joe Jonas arrive in LAX Sun. Nov. 21 after seeing Elf on Broadway last night.”

    Just saw ELF on broadway!!! So great! I love christmas 🙂
    posted Nov 20, pm


  103. Saw Jackson Rathbone in Perkins Rowe today, would post a pick but don’t know how. Also anyone know who owns a tan bulldog with white on his face? Could be from Breaking Dawn cast or maybe Battleship. I also got a pic of a blonde on set, maybe Maggie Grace?? How do I post pics and I can show ya’ll.

    • Saintsnurse, you can upload pics via Twitter.com – sign in, then go upload pics on Twitpic.com which you can use (it connects on your Twitter log in) and write comments (for longer text there’s TwitLonger.com also connects on Twitter log in). Everybody can see your info then (or you can change private setting).
      Or you can send e-mail to any of us or fan-websites, it will be posted online and shared among fans.
      Thank you for news!

  104. OK I have uploaded the 3 pics to twitter, one of Jackson, one of the puppy and one of the blonde on set that I can’t quite place. My twitter is @saintsnurse. Hopefully you guys can see this.

  105. Billy Burke, Boo Boo, Jackson Rathbone are in Baton Rouge for Breaking Dawn filming.

    21 Nov Jackson Rathbone and Boo Boo at LAX airport Los Angeles – there are photos, videos.

    twitter.com/billy_burke Nov.22
    Be advised: There’s a bad mustache on the loose in Baton Rouge, Louisiana– Last seen traveling with an equally troubling haircut.

    twitter.com/mammarazzi1 Nov.22
    WOW. The mall of louisiana is cool

  106. Just heard they are filming in Port Allen this week too. They suppose to be filming at a warehouse at 1870 Grande Terre. Anyone know where that is?

    • Thanks Ashley, I can’t find anything for that address either and as far as I’ve heard they are still in studio.

      Has anyone been tot he studio lately, are they def. still filming there?
      Anyone know what there holiday sched. is, it seems like most movie/TV shows are off Thurs-Sun this week.
      Thanks again to everyone who has contributed so far to the thread and have a great holiday!

      • Christine,
        there are photos of “Cullen house” being build in October on Studios stage 4.

        Recently Peter F. (Cullen father) on Twilight event confirmed that most of the filming in Baton Rouge will be inside scenes. (and he hasn’t arrived yet – photos of him in Los Angeles)

        In recent interview chief security in Studios said Studio security hired more people and will be more as Breaking Dawn arrives.

        Wedding cake bakery from local area, announced wedding filming (Cullen house).

        Lainey Gossip posted some scenes from script – so now Rob&Kristen are filming scenes in closed set (something about honeymoon), Studio has some build sets for them (and couple of other sets).

        Actors seen this week out&about Baton Rouge: Pattinson, Billy, Kellan, Jackson, Boo Boo…
        Billy in interview said it’s his 1st week working on Twilight.

        Ashley Greene, Michael Sheen in interviews said they start filming in December in Baton Rouge. Julia, Charlie said they start end November.

  107. If you go on facebook and join the group “Twilight takes over Baton Rouge” They have a TON of info and pretty much know whats going on!

    • thanks for the info, be sure to tell them about our thread too, we have lots of great info people have left about the studio, security, etc!

      On a side note: Feb. 15 is now official start date for Vancouver in case anyone didn’t hear!

      Hope everyone is enjoying their Thanksgiving break!

      • Thanks for that news, Christine!! I am set to go to Vancouver on Feb 18 and was worried that I was going too early. Now I can plan happily… 🙂

  108. I’m still thinking of coming up to BR at some point before the end of the year. I just opted not to earlier because of sheer exhaustion, work, and other activities. I live in the New Orleans area so if anyone wants to carpool from there sometime after Tuesday next week, I’d love to meet up with a few of the respectable fans and go to the studios and check in the security guards. Does anyone know if there is a local company hiring extras for the film? I really wanted to work on the film because I am a local independent production assistant, but I heard they brought in all their crew from Los Angeles. If there is any info I could from security or meet or see one of the core three: Taylor, Kirsten, and Rob, that would make my trip up there worth it. Anyone had any sightings of those three since they visited? Anyone can feel free to e-mail me about this at cmk8105@alum.uncw.edu.

    • Oh you will probably meet Taylor at some point out n about.

      Rob & Kristen is an entirely different matter altogether. They make a point of hiding and they don’t really leave the house unless they absolutely need to . Although Rob does go to a gym but again thats necessary. Unfortunately you won’t catch them out n about at Perkins Rowe or the main shopping centre.

  109. ok i went to BR last night and i was going to look for twilight people while my brother was at the spanish room but i didnt find anything and i was on perkins rowe looking but if u get off of college dr. and go south of that its a bad neighborhood so if u go be safe im going to go back when theres daylight because u cant see anything when its dark 😀 but i will meet some one hehe

    • Hey Amanda, were you in Perkins Rowe or on Perkins Road? Perkins Rowe is a shopping area that has Barnes and Noble in front then a movie theater and a bunch of restaurants and stores. They also have some condos above some of the stores which is where we think most of the actors are staying. Perkins Rowe is right on Blue Bonnet past the mall but before Perkins Road.

  110. Christy, i was only there for last night and im not sure when im going back but it will be soon because its only 1 hour drive from my house i didnt really see anything when i was there but i decided to drive down there because i was on highland rd at the spanish moon and didnt realize how close i was but yea didnt see anything or anyone but im determined to meet somebody i dont care if its only 1 hour away i still dont want to keep making trips to baton rouge for nothing 😀

  111. Did you guys see this update?:


    Looks like they are filming “stone cottage” scenes this week, assuming that’s in Baton Rouge sound stage?

    Getting lots of info about the Port Allen location too, looks like do have a second soundstage there, was finally able to find a Grande Terre St- looks like its off of Rosedale Rd, near Calumet Rd, but, according to the post above, they’ll be in Baton Rouge this week anyway.

    Anyone know for sure where that stone cottage is?

    (Thanks Ashley and Kathy)

    • Checked the FB page above and there are rumors the cottage is a location (not soundstage) and that it is in a town outside of Baton Rouge- in an actual house, has anyone heard anything more specific?

  112. So I’m just the messenger here so I’m not guaranteeing anything but someone sent me an email earlier that they are actually filming in Celtic this week.
    Also got an email filming in Vancouver starts around Valentine’s Day which is in line with the Feb. 15 start date we learned earlier.

    • Just an FYI: the same tipster who told me they would be at BR studio all week sent me a correction a little while ago and said she thought yesterday and today they were at the Port Allen location, not sure about tomorrow.
      Sorry I can’t confirm either way, I think everyone’s just kind of going on hearsay. Sounds like people may just have better luck seeing them around town anyway, good luck to anyone out and about this weekend! Let us know if you spot anyone!

    • I’m trying to head to BR this weekend too. Of course I just live a short ways away in Ponchatoula. Has anyone heard of any night spots that they are hanging out in after filming for the day is done? I plan on sitting in front of the Celtic Media Center to see if there is anything I can spot, but I was trying to see if there were any places they are hanging out at. They usually find a couple of places in the city they film in and that becomes their hangout, so if anyone has any ideas or has heard of anything, please let me know.

      • Been super busy this week and have not been able to pass through Perkins Rowe or check the movie studio. I might be able to get away tomorrow to run by there. I did hear that some of the cast was spotted at Freds by LSU but that was a while ago. I have also heard that they have been spotted at the LSU lakes exercising and around Perkins Rowe shopping and eating. I spotted Jackson there one morning around 9 but the studio van was picking him up and I had to get to work 🙁 I did get a pic though!

  113. Do all you guys want to meet this weekend? I’m flying in Friday night so let me know if you want to meet Friday or Saturday.

  114. saintsnurse, i was at perkins rowe and i had to get on perkins road to go back to the spanish moon were i was at but i went to the mall and i was around the area but i went to the local walmart and there was a police officer i was talking to because i didnt know much about the area and he said its not that good of a area he said after hurrican katrina its not a place you want to be at if your alone or with no protection 🙁 but hopefully i can make it back there soon because i want to go meet twilight people and go to mall because we werent there that long and the mall was already closing 😀

  115. I just wanted to let everyone know that Jackson Rathbone (Jasper) will be performing with his band 100 Monkeys tonight in Baton Rouge at the Manship Theatre. I believe the show is sold out, but it might be a good opportunity to see Jackson, as well as other cast. If you go, let me know, I won’t be able to go down tonight as I have a holiday party to go to, so I want details from anyone that does go. Have fun!

  116. From Twitter
    peterfacinelli On the set of BD. Shooting all night. Visiting with old friends. Love Bill Condon. about 3 hours ago via Twitter for iPhone

  117. I went to the place where they might be filming in port allen, and there was some people there, but I don’t think they were for breaking dawn. It was two big spacious buildings. If turn on avenue g and go down commercial drive, its down there!

  118. Kellan. Nikki Reed & Elizabeth Rease have been spotted at the Mall Of Louisiana .The Rave, yesterday. Jackson was performing with his band last night.The cast had the weekend off.
    Still Rob & Kristen are laying low.

  119. hey guys, im going down to Baton Rouge on December 16th and was wondering if anyone knew which members of the cast are going to be filming December 16th-24th.. THANK YOU 😀


  121. Any word on filming dates for Breaking Dawn from mid December -February 2011 in Baton Rouge. When do they pack up for Vancover. Thank….great blog folks. Please let me know.

  122. Has anyone heard that they are filming for the next two weeks in the woods in Putnam County, NY which is about 90 minutes north of NYC? What I heard was they were filming a fight scene in the woods and they had a snow machine to make snow.

  123. hey .. I know that the volturi are in BR right now doing make up and fittings… But does anyone know which members of the cast will be there mid-late december??

  124. Heading up to Baton Rouge from Pensacola, it’s about a 6 hour drive…does anyone out there know if the cast will still be in BR? Wondering when they leave for Christmas and if they’ll be back after that…Appreciate any information, thanks guys….

  125. Thinking of driving by the studio and perkins rowe (the apts) to see if anything is going on this Friday night the 10th. Anyone know have any tips on filming there? I’ll be in BR because of shopping and I guess I needed a reason other than filming to go up there.

  126. Hi guys! Just wanted to let everyone know that Peter Facinelli tweeted he’ll be heading up to Baton Rouge tomorrow to film Breaking Dawn!

    Anybody know what the status of their arrival in Vancouver might be? I’ve seen the Feb. 15 start dates but is there any confirmation of that anywhere?

  127. Taylor is back. He was at the Superdome yesterday for the Saints vs St Louis. Several photos are starting to surface. Kellan was also there.

  128. Took a ride by the set tonight, only saw stuff for Battleship. The cast has been spotted in Perkins Rowe which is a few blocks of shopping area on Bluebonnet past the mall but before Perkins Road. They were also hanging out around the LSU lakes and a bar by LSU called Freds. Don’t know if they are hanging at the same places or not. The set is also on Bluebonnet but almost to Airline Hwy. If you have any questions just email me. Hope you have a great time!

  129. My niece took a picture with Kellan at a movie theatre last Friday. Not sure if he was viewing a movie or something else. But he was gracious, must be picking up on their southern hospitality! Merry Christmas yall!

  130. Hi again,
    Just checking to see if anyone else has plans to be in Vancouver at the end of February… It is only 2 months from today that they are suppposed to start production there and I am booked to go and am looking for some other diehards to meet up with.

  131. Work came up for me last minute so I won’t be in BR after all tomorrow. But here’s the Best Buy cast info about the autograph signing found off Facebook:

    December 18 – Baton Rouge, LA

    Location: Best Buy

    5913 Bluebonnet Blvd. Baton Rouge, LA

    Event Start: 4:00pm (Line opens at 2:00pm)

    Special Guests: Charlie Bewley, Cameron Bright,

    Daniel Cudmore, Jamie Campbell Bower

  132. they are filming tonight at the celtic media centre… And jackson rathbone is going to be signing dvds tomorrow…. Who else is going to come tonight to watch them film??

  133. ……ya’ll have a good time in Baton Rouge this weekend and Merry Christmas! I hope the production work for Breakind Dawn 1 and 2 continues into the New Year down in Louisiana, and the cast/crew soak with that great southern hospitality and inspiration!!!!

  134. hi does anyone know what stage they’re filming at…and I went there today… Is it the one outside of stage 7 with the out door sets?

    • @ Christine. I’ve been very busy lately (last week was finals)Thanks for your kind email. OLV is fun and helpful – even I got approved to be an extra last summer by using OLV info. It’s interesting to learn how major productions work esp from ppl working on the inside. But its nicer to read the happy comments from fans who get to meet these actors/actresses by reading this thread.
      Merry Christmas 🙂

  135. I’m pretty sure you have to but a dvd from best buy to get it signed… And jackson and christopher heyerdahl are also coming 😀 can’t wait!!!!!

  136. Does anyone know where the cast will be on Monday? I’m off and was going to take a ride up there with my godson who wants to see them as bad as I do, especially Taylor. I know there are actually staying in Perkins Rowe, but can anyone give me an exact idea? You can email me if you don’t want to post it on here, wjaucoin76@aol.com. Thanks in advance for any info you can provide.

  137. I’m vacationing in New Orleans for the next three days, I didn’t even know the cast was in town (I’m more of a casual fan), are they still here, and does anyone know where they’re filming if they are? Any place I should haunt to maybe catch an autograph?

    • The cast like the ‘casual fans’, not the fanatical. They are in Baton Rouge, but often leave, so no one really knows. It is suppose to continue into the new year but they shoot in Vancover also.

      Have a great time in New Orleasn. It is beautiful this time of year. Eat a order of Beignets for me!!!

    • I didn’t see him either. We were standing in line since 1 pm, & didn’t get in until 5:30 pm. There wasn’t a lot of screaming or anything that would signal he arrived while we were in line. I think the event ended at 6:00. Jackson was VERY nice though, & even let people take pics w/. him. I have one of my daughter w/ him. :o)

  138. no neither rob or taylor was there i was there from 11 til it ended at 6 and the cast isnt staying on perkins rowe they are staying at the hilton downtown we followed them after the dvd signing if anyone knows where they are filming please email me alvingaspard@yahoo.com i heard they were filming between baton rouge and denham springs but i havent had much time to look for the set

  139. i heard that they were filming at 5 am today on nicolson street in BR, they blocked off the interstate … im going there right now to see if they are still there… hopefully they are 😀

    • @wendy, sheia, all
      just as someone commented earlier, so TL, Rob, Kristen are in/out depending on their scenes and they usually leave asap when filming doesn’t require them. Taylor w/ Lily was reported to be in Michigan in early Dec. Find her if you want to see Taylor. You need to know/watch airports – prolly traveling out, maybe already, to spend Christmas (New Years ?)with loved ones.
      I hope you get to see them, tho 🙂

  140. Saintsnurse-what’s your email address? Would love to email u when my family and I get to BR. Unfortunately I don’t do twitter! Thank you!!

  141. I’ve see a lot of post they say “I read” or “I saw”, where are ya’ll finding this information? I’ve been watching some websites but they don’t seem to be reliable. Does anyone have a good source for information?

    • @ Christina early posts from this thread, or FB,Twitter, some ppl inside production post here or tweet.
      Rob, and top cast are working hard on set or gone if they are not needed & cast were to have Christmas – New Years. was early info on here. 🙂

  142. I’m getting a bunch of Tweets and emails today asking where they are filming in NOLA today, has anyone heard anything definite about where they may be filming today and if they are in NOLA for sure? Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

    • Christine, i live about 10 minutes from the Studio where they’re filmin but I haven’t heard any word on them filmin’ in NO. Do u live here in LA also?
      I could’ve missed that info but i dn’t think so. I know all the places everyone was namin’ that the cast are seen at also in BR. I’m drivin to the studio 2moro around 9-10am so i can email u whatever i find out,k. if u hear any interestin’ info please do the same for me as well. my email is: daphneclements@yahoo.com

  143. Hello Daphne! How are you? I just read your comment on the web page. I am on New Orleans, and somebody of my hotel is working at the set!! (YES!! I Cant believe it!!!!) he told to my friends that they going to be in New Orleans filming today, but he doesn’t tell them the adress!! If you know something please let me know, I dying for see Robert!!! If I find out something new I will let you know!


  144. I think they are gone, I noticed a few people talking about airports and going home on twitter. Not positive about everyone though.

  145. I keep reading about people seeing things on twitter about th cast. I tied to find several cast members on twitter but I’m not sure which ones are real and which one are fake. Can anyone email me the twitter accounts for the cast?

  146. I wonder if Rob will be able to make it to London since the weather is bad there. I also heard the tube line he uses may be on strike.

  147. Does anyone know when the cast will be returning Baton Rouge? I read they were going to Canada in January but the I read they woulb be in Louisiana and then Canada in February.

  148. I know this has probably been asked but I didn’t see an answer for it. Does anyone know when they are resuming filming in Baton Rouge next month?

  149. @Christy
    I believe I read somewhere that main cast would have 2 weeks off…earlier I posted that Rob,Kristen,Taylor would be at People’s Choice on Jan 5 – which marks 2 weeks.
    I do not know what scene/boards report on latest BRset, but I remember from the past sets that the forest scenes were shot in Canada. The only one, April, was photod in FL. Anyone hear about Kristen,Rob,&Taylor lately?

  150. I read somewhere that they would filming somwthing in florida does anyone know if that’s accurate and if so, when they will film – thanx happy new years 😀 have a great 2011

  151. rob and kristen were in isle of wight for new years and yesterday cameron bright tweeted that he’s going to baton rouge tomorrow … Does anyone knoe if there willl be any filming in florida??

  152. Has anyone heard if the rest of the cast will be in Baton Rouge at the beginning of January? I have read that they start shootng in Vancuver in January and then I read it starts in February. Also Cameron Bright tweeted that he was going back to Baton Rouge on Jan 2. If anyone knows what’s going on, please keep us posted. Thanks

  153. I read that they will start filming again in baton rouge on jan 5th…. But kristen and taylor are going to be attending the peoples choice awards the 5th in LA, also they start filming in vancouver on feb 24th

  154. Hi all! Heading back to BR some time this month. Tonya, I’ll call you as soon as I book my flight. We had so much fun last time I can’t wait to go back — besides, I’m still trying to figure out those pictures! If you find out they are leaving, let me know so I can book earlier in the month. Christine, thanks do much for the regular updates that keep us on track!

    • Hey, did you see any of the cast, or filming while you were in BR? I went in mid December and saw Kellan, Jackson, Charlie, Christopher, Cameron, Daniel, Jamie, and Elizabeth!!! 😀 its was AMESOME… have fun!

      • I would love to see them but have had no luck. Where are you spotting them at? Do you just sit outside celtic studio’s and wait??


  155. Peter Facinelli sent out a tweet about an hour ago that he was back at work this morning having his makeup applied, so at least some of the cast must be back shooting today.

  156. I read on another site that they are staying at condos called Perkins Rowe and that it is on the corner of Perkins and Bluebonnet. I’m going in March, hopefully (filming ends March 15) and will be so disappointed if I don’t have at least a small siting. But filming indoors doesn’t allow for as much exposure. This is my last chance to get a peek into filming though because I live on the East coast and can’t afford Vancouver trip. Does anyone know if there is any truth to the Florida filming rumor? I could definitely do that one!

  157. audrey, I heard that filming ends in baton rouge on feb 15th, not march…. I hope u can see them… I also live in florida and really want to know if they’ll be filming here 😀 I realllllyyyyyy hope they are 🙂 good luck

  158. @ks..thanks for the info!
    Summit has private jets for the stars to fly anywhere so who knows where he was for the holidays.
    @buddy…i know that Summit person was at the saints game earlier in Dec alongwith kellan,taylor, so he’s still on the payroll…..im at the orange bowl so later..

  159. @Lucy they are supposed to be filming at the Celtic Media Centre right next to the main entrance and across from the coca cola factory

  160. @Lucy ya I came from FL to baton rouge about a week ago and whenever I came to set they wrre always building something so I kept checking back every few hours… Most of the cast lives in perkins rowe apartments and it’s about a 5 minute drive from the celtic media centre I saw kellan and elizabeth there so check there 😀 have fun and good luck

    • …..actually when filming in Baton Rouge, most of the main cast is at the Hilton on Capital downtown (probably in penthouse suites). If you go there, be cool and don’t stand around, in other words by a drink, shop, ect….be a class act. Some were staying a Perkins Rowe BUT, this was probably a way to get people to shop there during Christmas. The cast avoids high traffic areas. The publicists never let people know exactly when and where they will be, except for major events, like in store appearances.

      It is GREAT they chose Baton Rouge…..can’t wait for the film!!!!

  161. ………most leads of Breaking Dawn are also working on other projects at other locations also, but they will be in and out of Baton Rouge thru mid February. No one knows for sure.

    So if you vacation in Baton Rouge…….have a great trip with or without cast. Great city and Perkins area is VERY cool shopping, ect. So is Hilton downtown.

    Great, classy site. Great job everyone!

  162. Thanks so much spent the afternoon at Perkins Rowe with no luck but going back for dinner tonight. I’ll keep everyone updated. And we went to the studio too, without any real action.

    • Cameron Bright just posted “Day 2 of filming in 2011. All is well. Huge sequence we are filming over the next few weeks. Very hot on set today. Can’t tell you any more about it. Sorry”

      So hoping this is happening in Baton Rouge, will keep stalking!! hehe.

    • Lucy, I would imagine she was more beautiful in person! How was your dinner and where did you eat? (I know Baton Rouge very well)


    • Thats awesome! I just wish we knew where they were shooting… We’ve been to celtic media every day and there isnt even a hint of a movie being filmed there. No Trailers or anything.

  163. @lucy, try asking the guy who works at the gate, he was really nice to me and told me where they were filming that morning, btw how long are you staying for??

  164. @Lucy, ya we asked if they were filning that day and he told us that they weren’t filming at the celtic that day, ut that they were filming at the university and told us how to get there… It ended up being that they filmed earlier that norning but he helped :

    • We asked and he was very nice but said that they aren’t shooting today. Headed to Perkins Rowe later.=) thanks for the help!

  165. I live in Kentucky and would like to meet Rob Pattinson. It don’t sound like the odds are very good considering the miles I would have to travel. Most of the Twilight Conventions this year don’t include Rob. I’m not a crazy screaming fan but would like to meet Rob. I think he is very handsome and has great talent. He seems so down to earth and sweet. I love the Twilight books and movies. If anyone has any info please e-mail me. Nothing exciting happens here so I could use some excitement.

    • @ Christine,
      Since the info says “humans are flying to Vancouver at the end of the month”, would this mean that the main cast of rob,kristen, and taylor remain in BR until Feb 24?

      There has been mentioned a “fight” scene. I do not remember reading anything about a fight.
      do you know?

      • I’m not sure when the main cast will head to Vancouver… there have rumors for weeks there would be a big fight scene filmed around BR, but I haven’t heard any details on that one yet..

        • @Christine
          Thanks for your info! I had also heard about one fight scene in BR with the main cast.
          I heard there was more than one fight scene.
          The scriptwriter “added” to the story to help make this 2 movies. Can a director add or rewrite a scene? (i think so, but i could be wrong)

  166. about thr human I think they’ll be needed for the wedding scene so if that’s accurate the main cast will also need to leave for vancouver before february… And about the fight scene I heard that it will be more intense than in the book and instead of only tanya trying to attack the volturi (when they come in the end) there will be more action and the cullen will also attack… Ashley greene tweeted that she began fight training

  167. since stephanie meyer is involved in making the movie she has to aprove the changes they make to her books so before the screenwriter wrote the script, malissa (screenwriter) had to discuss the changes with atephanie

  168. There’s even been a story about some extended “Alice’s vision everybody dies fight sequence” that’s supposedly been added.

  169. @ anyone
    did you notice how kristen acted towards rob at the PPL’s Choice? think they had a problm or what? taylor was touching/helping her mostly, & was more polished b4 an audienc

    • yes i noticed that too. either they are trying to draw attention away from them as a ‘couple’ which makes it more obvious;or, as a recent magazine article reported, they have split up?!?!

  170. ya I noticed but I think that kristen is still trying to hid the fact that her and rob are together while rob wants to be more open about it (when he tried holding her hand) and I think everyone knows that kristen and taylor are best friends so he helps her up instead of rob…. I don’t think that rob is jealous or anything because when they were accepting the award for best movie and it was robs turn to talk he was looking at kristen and smiling even though she was holding onto taylor… Also you could c how happy rob was when kristen won for best actress and also kristen looked nervous/ excited when rob was talkimg 😀 I <3 them

  171. From what some people have posted on Facebook, it sounds like the “battle scene” that they’re filming right now is being shot “outside of town” and not at the studio. Any word on where they may be shooting? It sounds like some people have driven by and were able to see the set from the street. I know it was mentioned a while ago that they were shooting near New Orleans, are they possibly back there again? I’ll be making a pit stop in Baton Rouge this week as part of a long road trip that I’m doing, only staying a night or two, but I’d love to drive past the set. Any info would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks 🙂

    • They had another studio around off of Rosedale Rd, near Calumet Rd in Port Allen too. If they are filming an exterior fight scene, it won’t be in this studio, but I though Port Allen might be another place to explore.

      Does anyone know what their production signs read- the signs that direct extras and crew to location, that might help out too.

      Good luck!

      • Thanks so much for the info! I’ll try those areas out and let you know if I find anything! I’ve heard that their signs say TSBD, but I’m not sure if they would change them up to make it less obvious. I’ll keep my eye out and check out some different areas outside of the main part of town and I’ll definitely drive around Port Allen a bit.

        Thanks again and I’ll keep you all posted!

        • I’ve been trying to find out info too but haven’t been able to find anything. They are setting up to film around the Arsenal Park area but that’s all I know.

  172. Anyone know if they are filming and where this weekend 1/14 and 1/15? I will travel all the way down there just to see and my daughter too 😉 detailed info pls pls tnx a mil!

  173. @Christine – Haven’t heard if they’re going to be in the studio at all this week, just saw mention of them filming the big fight scene starting last week and continuing for a couple weeks, at least. The only other info that I’ve seen is that it’s exterior and it’s somewhere outside of the main part of town, but apparently can be seen from the road if you drive by.

    I’ll be in BR tomorrow evening and all day Wednesday, so I’ll let you know how it goes! May try driving by Celtic and asking the security guard like you all suggested to other people! Haha. Thanks again for all of your help!

  174. @Christine Just realized you were asking Anne if they were shooting in the studio, not me! I’m using my phone and I only saw your post asking about studio filming, didn’t realize that was meant for Anne! Haha. Sorry that I wrote that long response!

  175. if you’re going to ask the security guard make sure that u make it quick because when I went and stayed next to the eltic for 5 minutes the guards on the golf carts told me to leave… Make sure to ask the guard whos in the ooth at the main entrance 😀 good luck

  176. Thanks so much for all of the info! This is a really great blog and it’s so nice to see everyone helping each other out! 🙂

  177. Even though I am in Ohio and will not be able to visit the site, I really enjoy reading everyones posts! This is such a great site and everyone seems to be having each others backs.

    Anyone here get to meet any of the cast? If so, any pics, how were they? I have had the pleasure of meeting several from the cast and they were all wonderful!!!

  178. @Megan … I went there two weeks ago and had the EXTREME please of meeting Jackson Rathbone, all of the volturi except for Michael Sheen and Dakota Fanning, Kellan Lutz (twice) and Elizabeth Reaser and of cpirse they were all amazing, awesome and incredibly nice!!!!

    • Hey, I just had to stop and let you know How JEALOUS i am of you getting to meet Kellan Lutz! : ( Hope you had a great time though

  179. @anita
    That would be so cool! Keep me posted!! I am going for sure:) I have had several friend go the past few years and they said it is an experience every Twi fan must have. Cannot wait!!

  180. Hi everyone — thanks for all the info! Considering going to BR this week or next. Does anyone know if 100 monkeys still perform on Tuesday nights? and if so where?


  181. @saintsnurse — Thanks for the info! I tried calling them to check and see if the band is playing tomorrow and they dont open until 4 pm tomorrow.

  182. Thank you all for the information that you all provide through this blog. We are thinking of driving down tomorrow and staying the night.

    @Christine — Looks like we will both be in the city looking for the cast. Pease let us know if you guys see anything and we will do the same. Email me at munkey30@yahoo.com if you would like to exchange information!! Good luck!!

    • I did not see the tweet and where is this? I read that Rob would be at the golden globe awards show w/o Kristen. Maybe why he could be in LA,

  183. @anita Have u visited Celtic lately?
    I heard rob,kristen,taylor were back in BR.
    u’re right about kristn & rob, and all three like to confuse press/fans about romantic relationships. Privat planes can fly them unnoticed or publicists/security purchase their tickets.
    did u see that she was photod with rob in england for new years & taylor with lily in MI last Dec?

    • i am planning a girls week out in march just looking for any info to help me my sister and sister-in-law to make the most of our time

  184. Hi everyone I know this will sound repetitive, But I am thinking of coming to Baton Rouge… Is filming still going on? Does anyone know if they will still be there as of Jan 21st? I am dying to meet Kellan Lutz… That is my new years resolution! lol Anyways I dont really want drive all the way down there if they will be gone by then! Thanks so Much!

  185. Hey guys, I just got some scoop about a set being built in Baton Rouge that may be for Breaking Dawn (I was thinking it could be for fight scene??):

    Lisa sent me this info in an email earlier and I added a post about it here: https://onlocationvacations.com/2011/01/12/is-this-the-location-of-the-breaking-dawn-fight-scene/

    Here are the details:

    Just wanted to share that I stumbled upon the set that they are building in downtown Baton Rouge as I was doing some sightseeing! It’s behind the Arsenal building in Arsenal Park (I think that’s the name of it!). Not filming there yet, just building. The street is partially blocked off, but you can still drive through for now. I’m guessing they will be completely blocking it off once they start filming because they are building right next to the road. Was walking through the park to take a few pics, then one of the workers said I was not able to take any pictures in that area because it’s a “closed set.” There were quite a few workers and only one police officer in the area and he was just sitting in his car. Was able to get a few pics as we were driving by, but none right up close. There were signs lining the streets saying there will be no parking allowed from 1/12-1/27, so it looks like they’ll be in that area until then.

    What do you guys think??

    (And a huge thank you for Lisa for the info!!)

      • Check out the update I added with a pic, it does kind of look like Paris, but I don’t know, I’m hoping we can confirm that it is for BD….

        a couple other general things:

        I added a couple pics/some info re: Rob in CA for WFE- has anyone heard how long they are filming re-shoots? I heard that he would be back in BR this week?


        Also there have been rumors that we confirmed a start date for BD in Vancouver of 2/25- but it wasn’t us (we’re OLV on Twitter) it was @OLTV and even they aren’t confirming for sure, here’s the latest from them (just as an FYI):
        “Please keep in mind nothing is set in stone and film dates are fluid. #TSBD is continuing from Baton Rouge,LA and they may finish sooner.”

        Thanks again to everyone for keeping up such a great thread!

  186. @samantha
    I read where Taylor L was among fans at the Jets game yestrday. Earlier posts said that main cast could be anywhere on the weekends if they are not required on set.
    Good Luck!! 🙂

  187. Just found out from a coworker that Twilight wraps in BR on February 17th. Hopefully I can make it up to Br on Tuesday, Thursday or Friday to check out the scene. If anyone wants to meet up, let me know.

  188. Got a picture with Elizabeth (esme) and Nikki(rosalie) tonight! They were at Barnes and Noble at Perkins Rows. They were super nice and talked to us!

  189. Hey- Would anyone be able to swing by Arsenal Park today and check it out (see post above w/ link for more details) We heard there is a green screen up and they are def. filming there this week but our tipster couldn’t get pics, if anyone could check it out for us that would be awesome, thanks!!

  190. 4 weeks from today I will be in Vancouver! From the latest that I saw posted here, the BD group won’t be in town until the 24th so I will only have a few days to try to spot them before I have to head home. Does anyone have any good tips on places that they may be filming and/or hanging out so I can make the most of my time? Thanks!!



    • Ricky, thanks for sharing your part. I was up in the Capital Building yesterday with a stunning view of the monsterous green screen. I walked around to get a glimpse of their work in the day and later in the evening but must have missed it. I wish I could see one day of shooting before I leave (I live in Chicago and visiting my brother in Baton Rouge). Thanks again, Ricky and congratulations for being apart of movie history.

        • Oprah left Chicago (Harpo studios, Oprah spelled in reverse) permanently for her OWN studios in southern California. I saw a half dozen live tapings over the years, Bette Midler probably my favorite.

          Is Breaking Dawn production still in Baton Rouge, Ricky? I would really like to be apart (viewing), but do realize the limitations.





      • Thanks, Michael. It will probably be next Sunday before I will be able to make it to Baton Rouge (if it is not raining). I thought I might have better luck getting a pic of the big green screen than a pic of the cast. Who knows though!

  193. I took a picture of the giant green screen @ arsenal park when they weren’t filming, also watched some workers building fake trees, went back the next day during filming and couldn’t get very close or see anyone, all blocked off with cops sitting in their cars, they flash their lights at you if you try and get close. Much easier to see the stars just around town then on set i thought! Worked for us!

    • @ Ricky OMG..I’m jealous!
      @anyone…..Are the main stars staying in trailers on the set or do they have rooms in NOla?
      Anyone seen them lately? I read Rob is working 2 movies at the same time…

      • …….MY WIFE AND I WERE PICKED BY THE DIRECTOR FROM OUR PHOTOS. I THINK THEY NEEDED A “BLOODY BEARD” FOR THE CLIMAX?…….AEEE!!!!!!!…….GOOD LUCK, nikki!!!!!!!…….P.S., Don’t know where they are staying?…….

  194. @nikki …. Idk about the main cast (rob kristen taylor) but I know for sure that nikki elizabeth kellan and jackson are staying at perkins rowe also dakota fanning and rob were seen at perkins rowe so I’m pretty sure that they live there too

    • @anita…thanks for the info! I didn’t know if they had new places than perkins & heard that they travel off site when not filming. Do u remember any “castle” scenes in the book?

      @lesa & anita
      OMG…please share pics on olv! 🙂

  195. @christine Got some questions:
    Do you know if the main stars will be leaving BR ahead of schedule to go to Vancouver?
    Will there be Twil. main stars at the Oscars in Feb?
    Do you know anything/location of the main stars filming after BD is finished?

    • I dont’ think any of the presenters for Oscars have really been announced yet, Rob is going to be in Toronto and NYC after BD wraps (scroll through the rest of the site a bit, I’ve done a few stories on it, and I’m not sure who is arriving in Van when, all I know is that they will start shooting there end of Feb through April.

  196. HI EVERYONE!!!

    My friend and I are flying from California to Louisiana tomorrow and we’re planning on spending like a day (and a half maybe) in Baton Rouge to hopefully see some of the cast. I’ve been reading this thread but any updates and tips would be much appreciated!! Anyone interested in meeting up would be cool too!! I love how Twilight brings us all together!!! SOO excited!!

  197. Just spent the weekend in BR and what a productive weekend. Saw filming downtown and met some amazing cast members. We spent at least 30 minutes with the girl vamps from the different covens and a few guys too. Visited with Daniel Cudmore for a few minutes and about 15 minutes with Jamie Campbell Bower and Chris Heyerdahl. Main cast members were no where to be found but I am not disappointed in any way shape or form !!!

  198. Ok so me and my sister are headed to BR when i get off work tomorrow. A four hour drive from tx. Going to arsenal park. We went a couple of weeks ago to the studio and Perkins rowe. And let’s just say it was very uneventful… if anyone know anything that might help us see cast members we would really appreciate it. we just want to see the famous people lol. Thanks.

  199. Wow I’m loving reading all your comments on here. I’m in the UK so would never have any chance of nipping across to baton rouge to see the sets etc so it’s great to hear about your experiences and to be kept informed about what’s going on.. I run a twilight fansite and would love to share your experiences with our readers so let me know if you’d be interested… keep up the great stories on here and thanx for making it possible for peeps outside of the UK to be kept up to date.. 

  200. Christine,

    Thanks for the info. At least I know they are still in Baton Rouge. I may go this weekend. Was gonna go last weekend but got sick. How long will they be in BR? Also, anyone know if the big green screen is down in the park? Thanks for ANY help.

  201. Can’t wait I’m going next weekend to baton rouge! Never done this before! I hope we haven’t waited too late… Anyone have suggestions on where to start?

  202. Twigirlie, thanks. I think it is around the end of February. Hope they don’t leave any sooner.

    Twimomof3, how close are you from Baton Rouge? I am planning on this weekend if all goes well. I hope to go before they leave.

  203. Thanks Dianne. I’m hoping to fly back in next weekend if all goes well here. Problem is that on the weekends the major folks don’t seem to ever be around.

  204. @Twimomof3 I stayed at the holiday inn … It’s in a good location because it’s five minuts away from perkins rowe and the celtic media centre 😀 HAVE FUN!!!

  205. Dianne, the screen was being taken down yesterday. Big production. Saw Billy Burke in a store. He was having a quiet moment and did not want to bother him. Good guy I have been told.

  206. Michael,

    BUMMER! Thanks for letting me know. I wish I would have went last weekend although I was halfway sick. I knew I would have a great chance of at least getting a picture of that if not anything else. I’m really disappointed with myself for not just going anyway:( I think seeing the BIG screen would have just awed me! Although seeing a cast member would too! I guess I’ll just visit a few stores around Perkins Rowe and hope for the best. I really would like to stop by Barnes and Noble. We don’t have one here. Thanks again, Michael.

  207. Just want to post this again down here incase you all don’t see my reply above but I heard from a crew member that shooting in BR wraps on February 17th.

    I hope to go at least once before they wrap. How accessible is the perkins rowe apartments a bunch of the cast is staying at? Is it gated? Also, I think there was one place else someone mentioned stars were staying at like one of the big hotels nearby, but can’t remember the name of it. My plan is to check out the studios, the apts, hotels, local places where the cast has been spotted, etc. If anyone has any tips other than that, please share them.

  208. @Christy Perkins Rowe isn’t gated at all, it’s kind of like a shopping plaza with stores and restaurants and a movie theater … With apartments on top… It’s a public place… It’s like a street with stores and stuff… Have fun 😀

  209. @christy, anyone, I would hate to make a trip there to find them gone.
    back in Oct. some posts from ppl who kno said that:
    “… It will be harder to get pics, sightings ,autographs or whatever from Rob , Kristen & Taylor (especially Rob & Kristen) than the rest of the cast. And since the studio is in lockdown your best bet is waiting patiently at the gate or get to see them in town. Just a thought to bear in mind for those people willing to travel long distances to catch the cast.”

    this guy also said then tht the 3main stars were staying in NOLA.
    “A lot of these guys split their times between movies.” and travel other places like rob has.

    I don’t kno if all this is still true, but I’ve noticed very few posts of sitings of kristn, rob, and taylor around BR.
    Are they there? anyone know?

  210. @Nikki I don’t know about taylor, but I’m pretty sure that rob is staying in baton rouge (and kristen’s probably there with him)…. Rob was seen biking around the LSU campus and when I was in baton rouge in perkins rowe, I ate at the california pizza kitchen and the manager told me that rob came there a few days before and got pizza “ to go ” . The manager also told me that kellan nikki ashley peter elizabeth and the crew ate there as well 😀

    • thanx anita!
      saintsnurse, anita, anyone,
      I read that taylor gets a weekly massage in BR (with his security guards along) in BR. I cannot imagine him staying without “company” or occasional trip (like the football games), but there is “homework” with scripts.
      I like all the bd stars and I got to meet taylor last summer.
      any news?

  211. Hi Dianne. I am visiting my brother in Baton Rouge and about two weeks ago while site seeing downtown saw the enormous green screen and thought, that is for the film. I was right and while up in the State Capitol saw an amazing view of it. Dianne, do a search for a Advocate newspaper article on Breaking Dawn from last Saturday. The photo is of two girls looking down on the screen from the top. I was to the left of the girls when they took the photo. While filming it was high security. So really the best thing is to do is to shop at Perkins Rowe and enjoy yourself. If you see the cast, you do. I did see Billy and Nikki but I am not the type of person to intrude on them. I just smiled and they smiled. It was cool. Perkins Rowe is really great. Saw the film the Kings Speech last night. Enjoyed it much. A fine acting movie.

  212. Michael,
    Thanks. You have been very helpful. I did see the pics of the green screen, although it is not the same as seeing it in person.
    I do plan on going to Perkins Rowe. Like you said if I see them great! If not, I will enjoy myself anyway! What day of the week did you see them? Weekday? Weekend? Thanks again Michael.

  213. Dianne, not knowing their film schedule it is hard to say. I would think late afternoon/early evening during the week is best (after they film in the day). Check out The Fresh Market at Perkins Rowe (great whole foods market, but pricey). Sit at one of their tables outside the market for awhile (after shopping there). Very classy area where they are living. Enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

  214. Does anyone have any information on where to have a chance at seeing the cast when they get to Vancouver? We will be driving 16+ hours to try to find them!! Any information would be great!!!

  215. Hey at 6am today, Monday, Peter Facinelli posted….”Happy Monday, 6am here, at work and ready to play Dr”. Just wish I knew where! Guess I will be hanging out around the studio today. Who needs to work anyway!

  216. Went by the studio this morning and it was busy around studio 4 lots of people, trucks that were not there before and inbetween all of the trailers they have put up black walls so you can’t see through. I couldn’t stay long but looks like they are filming there today.

  217. Hey guys!

    I’m wondering if anyone is heading out to Vancouver in March. I would really like to go but I can’t find anybody to head down with me, and I don’t think I’d like to be out there by myself, but I’d love to meet up with one (or some) of you! Just let me know! I’m available almost all month!

  218. Hey guys, check out the tweet SaintsNurse just sent us via Twitter:
    via @ SaintsNurse :
    @TwilightMOMS @olv 1-31 at Studio Rob and Kellan…I am heading back as soon as … twitpic.com/3v9tw8 via

  219. @Saintsnurse OMGGGGGGGGGGG you are sooooo lucky AHHH I can’t believe that I was there a few weeks ago!!! It’s so awesome that you got to see them!!!! I would do anything to see them that close… Anyways did the security guards tell u that you could be that close? Or did they leave you alone? Omg sorry I can’t get over it I’m so happy for you that’s AMAZING

    • she wasn’t that close she just had a very good camera. but if u park across the street you can see them very good.it’s not that hard Anita. except when you go at nite. but she was on the other side of the fence and she was able to get good pics becuz of her camera

  220. Hey I am glad everyone likes the pics, I was so excited! You can’t get too close but they can see you because that tall guy with Rob kept staring at me. I do have a pretty good camera and it zooms in soooo good. I almost jumped out of my skin when I realized I had Kellan, Rob and Peter!!! Can’t wait to see what else I can see!

  221. Hi Saintsnurse….

    Are you at the studios today? Id love to meet you, im trying to get pics myself and love to know how you got them?

  222. Ok… so I know I’m waiting until the last minute to plan this, but I was going to make a trip to BR next weekend… does everyone think that will be a wasted trip? Have I waited too late?

    • It is never a wasted trip to Baton Rouge, shopping at Perkins Rowe, mall of Louisiana…and the shoppin by the Whole Foods at Corporate Blvd and Jefferson Hwy.

      They are filming now but even now the cast in rarely seen…anywhere (they are working hard to produce what will be an outstanding film, no doubt). Occassionally yes. So if you see them or not…come to Baton Rouge and has a blast!

      • Exactly Michael! That is what I told my 13-year-old daughter. We are coming to Baton Roughe this weekend for a day…FINALLY! Even if we do not see any of the cast, we will make the most of our visit and have a good time. We plan on hitting the places you mentioned above; Perkins Rowe, Mall of Louisiana, and Whole Foods. I’m looking forward to it.

  223. I have never been to br so I am looking foward to checking it out! But I really hope to catch a few glimpses of some movie action!!! 🙂

  224. If coming anytime soon….you will need a heavy coat gloves, ect….cold! It changes constantly. Have fun! There is a new section at Mall of Louisiana where the Borders is, and Apple Computer. Check that out, but that part is outside.

  225. Twin, I would check out Hyatt Place, but do not know how affordable it is. But the location is across the street from the Mall of Louisiana on Bluebonnet (half block from Perkins Rowe). There is a beautiful church between the Mall and Rowe (owned by the famous evangelist Jimmy Swaggart) Check out the new section of the Mall where the Apple Store-Borders is (outside section).

  226. I need to book a room in Baton Rouge today. I can’t decide which hotel. Any suggestions as to a nice hotel? Within a reasonable budget. I’m looking at Hyatt, but I can’t go over their rates. Any other suggestions please? Thanks for any help.

  227. Dianne, don’t know the names of the hotels, but the exit before Bluebonnet (where Hyatt Place is, Mall, Perkins…) Seigan Lane. This in on I-10 travelling west. There is a hotel at that corner, and probably others. You should not have a problem getting a room at the last minute.

  228. Very welcome Diane. The Hyatt is a perfect location. FYI-on the other side of I-10 on Bluebonnet there is a Quality Suites. Hope the weather improves for you. I leave for Chicago where there is 22 plus inches of snow! I am used to this. The Baton Rouge damp/cold goes right thru me! Dress warm and enjoy your stay! God Bless.

  229. You guys are so awesome! Thanks for all the comments! I’m about an hour from baton rouge right now on my way!! So excited!! I hope I see something!! Any tips on when and where to go somewhere? Thanks! 🙂

  230. @Hergab hey, besides the celtic media centre I suggest u go to perkins rowe… Espesially in the evening … When I went I saw kellan twice and elizabeth once at perkins rowe… Also many ppl have seen dakota rob nikki and elizabeth at the barnes and nobles… But go in the evening, cuz they will probably be done filming and it’s easier to go unnoticed in the evening…. HAVE FUN!!!!! 😀

  231. @Anita. I sent my pictures to christine she posted them on this thread a ways up…just incase you still wanted to see them..would you mind sharing yours with her? I would love to see them!

  232. Had a blast in Baton Rouge! Did not see any of the cast but was able to see the studios where they film. Perkins Powe is awesome. Thanks Tonya J and Endie for meeting up with us. Thanks On location Vacations!

  233. Awesome Dianne! This is an interesting city for sure and is becoming the film studio of the south. More to come. I spend alot of time here but am from Chicago. Did see Billy Burke but just all of the production being around here is what is exciting. God knows this area needs it. Take good care. Michael

  234. Really enjoyed hearing about your travels everyone and look forward to seeing the posts about Vancover….AND being back in Baton Rouge (hopefully for the opening of Breaking Dawn part 1 !!!!

  235. Thanks Michael for all your suggestions of places to visit. Didn’t know you were still in BR or we could have had lunch. We really enjoyed ourselves so much. I plan on bringing my step-dad there soon to visit The Fresh Market and Whole Foods Market, as he loves variety and organics. Those Markets were awesome! Just really had a good time in BR. I’m from a small rural town, so I felt like a “hick” in the city!!! lol People probably thought we were from the backwoods all the pics we took. I loved it! Just wish I’d seen some of the cast.

  236. Dianne, plan on returning for the opening of Breaking Dawn part 1 in Baton Rouge. It is always exciting being in the city where it is filmed. (November, I believe and then part 2 spring 2012). It will be a big deal with sell out crowds no doubt. My nieces roommate has been dating Kellen Lutz (Emmett) while he is in town at Perkins Rowe, apparently. When you see the screen stars in person in a casual setting, I think ‘not a big deal’ or I try to respect there privacy.

    I am still in BR becasue Chicago had a massive snow storm! I lived in Chicago but now in a small town also outside of Chicago. May move down to BR though.

    • Okay, so I have to chime in!:) I follow this site and read everyones wonderful experiences. I am not near BR and did not/will not have an opportunity to get there:( I am planning on heading to the BD premiere. I was not aware that there was to be a premiere in BR. Do you have any more information you can share about this, Michael? If you can, please email me at evasma2004@yahoo.com
      with anything.

  237. @Michael, is it definite that the premier will take place in BR? If so, do you have any details about tickets, where, when, etc.? If you can email me with any details, I would greatly appreciate it, my email address is: wjaucoin76@aol.com. Thanks in advance!

  238. So, I didn’t get to go to BR in Feb and now my trip in March is canceled. It would have been fun to go to BR even without the cast there. I love reading everyone’s experiences, but must admit I’m a little jealous! I want to go! I am living through all of you! If there is premier there, I might have to try to start raising money now so I can possibly go!

  239. T…the heavy snow up north turned into sub zero temps, but I have to return!

    I came across this unique site while visiting Baton Rouge and hearing about Breaking Dawn filming not one but two films. It is more than a fan site….you are supporting the city housing the film production.

    I think all of you are great for supporting this film in such a unique way….traveling to support a film in production. Such dedication.

    Megan asked about a premiere. There will definitely be something, a celebration surrounding the release. This is a big deal to the city of Baton Rouge and the future of the film industry here. Even if there isn’t being here for the opening will be exciting.

  240. @Michael, do you have any info about when and where the celebration/premier will take place? You say there will be something, but can you provide us with any details? Any info you may have or if you know of a place where we can get info about it would be a great help. Thanks for all of your help!

  241. Wendy…no I don’t (at this time) but there will be some type of a promotion with the films release. I will try to stay connected to this great site and will write if I hear something. I hear the cast had a great time filming here. Of course…it is Louisiana!

  242. Hi T. They met thru her work at a restaurant in Baton Rouge and developed a friendship. I don’t get to involved with their personal life….but everyone says he is a very good hearted young man. Another niece took a picture with him at a local theatre. She is the one that first told me about the interesting storyline in the Saga . I really enjoyed the first book and first film (Catherine Hardwicke is brilliant and Carter Burwells score is out of this world).

    • @ Michael
      Thanks for the info! I did not mean to pry 🙂
      Kellen sounds like a great guy from other things i have read. Other cast have been very nice to fans too. BR IS a great place to be — southern ppl are friendly. OLV & Christine have done an outstanding job keeping fans connected & informed about this movie (others 2) and I hope u stay connected!

  243. If someone knows about the premiere, either in BR or Hollywood please email me too….I’m in Pensacola, about 6 hours away from BR but haven’t had time off to get there…I think Rob is in London this weekend for an awards show so I think I missed my chance in BR..thanks so much!! And thanks to everyone who posted updates since the beginning, it’s been fun….

  244. Mot to worry Linda, people of Baton Rouge have not seen any of the cast either, as they are hard at work creating the conclusion to the Sage. There will be something in Baton Rouge, but no ones know now. Regardless come to Baton Rouge the opening week!

  245. Thanks Michael for all the info you share. I can’t spend the whole week in Baton Rouge opening week. Maybe only a day or 2 at the most before first showing in BR. I think I would absolutely hate the crowd though! It is bad enough where I’m from (well about 45 minutes from me). I never really had thought about since they filmed in BR that they may have something special:)

  246. What is the opening date of Breaking Dawn I again? Also, I just read today that there is a Twilight Covention in Orlando, Fl on Dec 9-11 for those of you down south like me! They haven’t announced who the guests will be yet, but it sounds fun! I hope I can go to it. I have friends I can stay with in Orlando, so it might work out.

    • thanks christine!
      Only twitter news from BR has been that Taylor had cake, filming today, and all are wrapping up & leaving.
      Looking forward to Vancouver news!

  247. Hi y’all! My girlfriends are flying up from Texas this week so we can drive into Vancouver. If anyone knows of any locations we should check out please let me know… We were hoping to catch a glimpse of Jacobs house or Bellas house that just went up in Surrey.

    • Beckie, I am flying up on Friday and staying through the following Saturday. Maybe we can meet up and find out where all the fun is happening!

  248. We will be heading home Friday… 🙁 If I find anything though I will make sure to update you! I hope we can find something interesting!

  249. Beckie, I can’t imagine that they would move Jacobs house so you should definitely go by. That was on Quarry Road if I remembet correctly. Does anyone know if bella’s house will be at the same place in Surrey where it was for Eclipse?

    • Jacob’s house is still there, but no prep has been done to it as of last week. It’s right near where I live and I went by. It is actually someone’s residence when filming isn’t there and they are still living in it. Drove by Bella’s house on Sunday and they have rebuilt the house in the same location and it is fully decorated for Christmas and ready to go…with 24 hr security guard staking it out. Not sure where the new cottage location is, but I know of a place that looks just like it so I may go see if that is the same one as in the photo. If anyone knows where it is drop my an email. If it’s the one I’m thinking of, I’ll try to go by and get some shots and I’ll email them to you.

  250. April- I know it’s short but my friends aren’t in town long and we need to check out Forks too.

    Twigirlie- you rock! Thanks for the street name! Hopefully we can still get close enough for pics since filming hasn’t started….

    Let me know if y’all hear any more info about where Bellas house is… Or anything else Breaking Dawn related we need to see while we are there.

  251. Beckie, Now I remember…the Swan House was in Kerry Park in Surrey. Please send pics if you go. When I did my Twi-pilgrimage I started in Portland — you HAVE to see the original Cullen House, the original Swan house, the school and the inn where the prom was filmed. Then I went to Forks and Port Angeles to check out the sites Stephenie wrote about. Then on to Vancouver where there are so many sights it’s really te consuming. Rolled up on Jacob’s house almost by accident and about had a heart attack when I realized I’d actually found it. The only thing I never found was the breakup tree. I walked that park for hours but all those trees looked alike. I felt like Bella lost in the woods.

    • Hi, I hope you don’t mind me jumping into this conversation but I did the Forks/Port Angeles trip and it was awesome but I want to do Portland and Vancouver. Can I ask, how did you figure out where everything was? I didn’t know there was anything to see in Vancouver, could you possibly send me the names of the streets in Portland and anything you know about Vancouver? I wanted to go to the premier in LA or BR but can’t seem to get any info on that yet. I would really appreciate any help you can give me, it sounds like you know a lot about all this…can’t wait for the new movie!! THANKS Linda

  252. Hi, I’m Courtney one of Beckie’s friends. I was wondering if Twigirlie could tell us where to find the Cullen house? Do you know the street/address? Thanks guys for all your help!!! You are going to make this trip super special!!!

  253. Here are some of the important Portland-area locations:

    Kalama High School
    548 China Garden Road
    Kalama, WA  98625
    Bella’s House
    184 S. 6th Street
    St. Helens, OR  97051
    Dress Shop (Angel Hair Salon)
    251 South 1st Street
    St. Helens, OR
    Bloated Toad Italian Restaurant (construction company)
    333 South First Street
    St. Helens, OR
    Thunderbird & Whale Bookstore (Private building)
    260 South 2nd Street
    St. Helens, OR
    Behind bookstore is alleyway where Edward rescued Bella from thugs
    Cullen House
    3333 NW Quimby
    Portland, OR
    View Point Inn (prom site)
    40301 East Larch Mountain Rd
    Corbett, OR
    Multnomah Falls
    50000 Historic Columbia River
    Scenic Loop Drive, Bridal Veil, Oregon 97024
    Carver Café
    16471 SE Highway 224
    Damascus. OR
    Cannon Beach/Ecola State Park
    (La Push beach)

    • thanx so much! I’ve been to Forks a few times, live in the Vancouver area and have been planning to head down to Portland during the summer. thanx for the info!

  254. Thank you for taking the time, researching and listing this information Twigirlie, for those of us interesting in production design and location scouting. Great site!

    • Thank you for sharing your portfolio of work. So many to choose from. My favorite is you and Peter, embracing. Very cool. I was in Baton Rouge for over a month (visiting) and at Perkins Rowe practically everyday (people I visited are there) and only saw Billy Burke, once at Fresh Market. The production was pretty much hard at work at Celtic. My niece’s roommate became friends with Kellan while he was in the Rouge. So glad the production landed in that great city for months. I am hoping for a Premiere there! Take care and thanks again for your amazing work. Michael (Chicago area)

  255. Leydelaura, Tonya and I are planning to head to the premiere, too! Haven’t seen any details yet but if you see them first please post. I’m guessing we will have to camp for days, but who cares? Totally worth it.