Filming News Wrap-Up: 100 + headlines including casting rumors, movie trailers & production updates

So much news, so little time…here are ton of stories and videos that have caught our eye recently but we haven’t had time to mention (until now).  If you have a story you think we’d interested in, let us know at! But first, check out AnnaLynne McCord in the new trailer for Blood Out.

Production Updates:

– It looks like the future of pending productions in Michigan depends on what applications, if any, the state approves. []

Paul Greengrass is working on a new film about the final days of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. entitled Memphis, though it’s still unclear if the movie will be shot in Tennessee or elsewhere. [ThePlaylist]

Kiefer Sutherland insists there will be a 24 movie. [ComingSoon]

Jennifer Love Hewitt may film her directorial debut, Wait Until Helen Comes in Rhode Island, but first she’ll be filming Warren in Chicago. [WickedLeaks]

Arrested Development creator Mitch Hurwitz is set to remake Lars von Trier’s Boss of It All. [NYMag]

Foreverland, starring Jason Priestly and Juliette Lewis, recently wrapped filming in Vancouver. [TimesColonist]

– Studios are already eying the video game Dead Island. [DailyBlam]

Teen Spirit begins filming in Wilmington, NC this month. [WWay]

The Bodyguard, seriously? Now this whole remake thing has gone too far. [PerezHilton]

Petunia, starring Ugly Betty’s Michael Urie has been shooting in New York over the past few weeks. [IMDb]

The Walking Dead has hired a slew of new writers and producers, which means production will be gearing up soon in Atlanta! [DailyBlam]

– Five major productions will be shot in Pittsburgh this summer according to the city’s film office. [PittsburghLive]

Christoph Waltz, Kate Winslet, John C. Reilly and Jodie Foster are currently filming God of Carnage at SFP Studios, Bry sur Marne near Paris.

– According to Matt Damon, Liberace is now aiming to shoot in 2012 instead of this summer as previously scheduled. [ThePlaylist]

– According to Jamie Foxx, Kane & Lynch, which is set to begin filming in Louisiana this spring, will “be a lot of fun, a lot of action.” [DailyBlam]

Fletch is coming back too. [THR]

– Stephen King’s The Stand is finally getting going to hit the big screen. [THR]

– Sadly for us Upstate New Yorkers, Ryan Gosling’s upcoming film, The Place Behind the Pines, about two brothers who live in Schenectady, NY, will likely be shot elsewhere. [TimesUnion]

Notre Dame will allow film crews to shoot on campus later this year for only the third time in the school’s history. [SouthBendTribune]

Martin Scorsese and Leonardio DiCaprio are teaming up again for The Wolf of Wall Street (which will hopefully be shot in NYC) but Scorsese will be shooting Silence first. [SlashFilm]

Meryl Streep has been shooting The Iron Lady in London since Jan. 31. [CBS]

The Farrelly Brothers insist The Three Stooges will begin shooting in Atlanta in April, even though they have no cast. [CNN]

– Donnie Darko director Richard Kelly’s next movie will be Corpus Christi, but there is no word yet if it will actually shoot in the Texas town. [CinemaBlend]

– The Tupac Shakur biopic will be shot this spring. [CNN]

50 Cent’s movie Freelancer won’t start shooting in Grand Rapids until March 28. [MorningAfter]

Casting News:

Uma Thurman and Jessica Biel will be Playing The Field with Gerard Butler in Louisiana this spring. [SlashFilm]

Zac Efron has signed on for The Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman. [ComingSoon]

Jude Law has joined Rachel Weisz and Anthony Hopkins in the cast of 360. [SlashFilm]

– I’m hoping Garrett Hedlund will score the role in The Bourne Legacy, but it sounds like he doesn’t stand a chance if the studio has anything to do with it. [SlashFilm]

Robert Downey Jr. may join Inherent Vice this fall. [THR]

Mila Kunis has joined the cast of Oz: The Great and Powerful which was expected to shoot in Michigan, but that may have changed since the state pulled their tax incentives. [JustJared]

Idris Elba, Sean Harris and Kate Dickie have joined Noomi Rapace, Charlize Theron and Michael Fassbender in Prometheus. [ComingSoon]

Kevin Costner is set to play Pa in Superman. [MTV]

Giovanni Ribisi and Joel McHale, have signed on for Seth MacFarlane’s big screen debut, Ted, which is currently shooting in Massachusetts. [CinemaBlend, SlashFilm]

Steve Carell is attached to Dogs of Babel, the magician comedy, Burt Wonderstone, and Great Hope Springs with Meryl Streep. [SlashFilm, THR, SlashFilm]

Blake Lively is set to star as a drug-addicted mother to a 13-year-old girl, played by Chloe Moretz, in Hick. (Yes, Blake and Chloe are only 10 years apart). []

Taylor Lautner will star in Michael Bay’s next project; by the way, he’s also now the highest paid teenage actor. [WorstPreview]

Hailee Steinfeld has been lined up for a drama called Forgotten. In it, Hailee will play London Lane, a teenage girl who loses her memory every day at 4:33 p.m and can only recall things that happen in her future. [MTV]

Ewan McGregor is in negotiations to join the cast of Jack the Giant Killer which begins filming in London next month. [THR]

Mary Elizabeth Winstead has landed the role of Mary Todd in Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. [ScreenRant]

Time-Sucking Videos:

– Here’s the official trailer for the upcoming season of United States of Tara. [AccidentalSexiness]

– This is creepy and cool at the same time. [YouTube]

– Go behind-the-scenes with the cast and crew of Accidentally in Love, directed by Peter Facinelli. [Hallmark Channel]

– The first trailer for Soul Surfer doesn’t make it look that great, but I’ll watch anything shot on location in Hawaii, just so I can live vicariously. [SlashFilm]

– Here’s the first clip from Battle: Los Angeles, which wasn’t filmed in L.A. at all. [DailyBlam]

– If you haven’t seen it, you should definitely check out the trailer for Apollo18, about a secret 1973 NASA lunar mission funded by the U.S. Department of Defense. It hits theaters April 22. [THR]

– There’s a new trailer for Source Code. [ComingSoon]

– Here’s a look at the Dr. Dre and Eminem video that was shot in L.A. last month. [JustJared]

– Watch all of the movie trailers featured during the Super Bowl again (and again, and again). [CinemaBlend]

– This E.T. 2 fan-made trailer is sort of cool, plus it’s probably only a matter of time before there actually is an E.T. 2. [SlashFilm]

– One of our readers, Billy, shot some video of Tower Heist filming a bar scene a few weeks ago. [YouTube]

– The trailer for Beginners, which we’ll be checking out at SXSW, looks amazing, can’t wait to see it. [Apple]

– Paul Giamatti shows an angrier side of himself in the new trailer for Iron Clad. Currently Giamatti is juggling Ides of March and The Congress, he’s one busy guy. [SlashFilm]

– Even though The Mechanic wouldn’t normally be my type of movie, the combination of New Orleans and Jason Statham has won me over. [YouTube]

– Check out the second Thor trailer. [SlashFilm]

– Here’s a new extended behind-the-scenes look at the making of I Am Number Four in Pittsburgh. [DailyBlam]

– Is it just me or is keeping up with all of the Teaser, Red Band, 1st, 2nd, TV, and exclusive trailers that pop up for every new movie getting to be too much? I’m totally making an exception for the Red Band Trailer of Paul though, because it cracks me up! [EW]

– Speaking of Paul, it looks like Simon Pegg might be the man of the moment, not only was he at a Canucks game with Tom Cruise this week, but he’s also spilling the beans about the Star Trek 2 script. [CinemaBlend]

– Learn how to survive a convention with the cast of Cedar Rapids. [CinemaBlend]

– Check out the trailer for Beastly. [Apple]

– Loving this Skateland trailer. [JustJared]

– Fellow One Tree Hill fans will want to check out the trailer for Atlas Shrugged which was directed by Paul Johansson. [SlashFilm]

– Maybe Channing Tatum should have starred in the MMA movie Here Comes The Boom instead of Kevin James. [OneHeadLightLink]

Adam Sandler’s daughters stole the show during his Star ceremony. [PopSugar]

Jason Segel and Paul Rudd ‘Meet Rush’ in the I Love You Man sequel. [MTV]

– The Elektra Luxx trailer debuted a couple weeks ago with little fanfare. [ComingSoon]

– The trailer for Insidious looks scary. [IMDb]

– One of our readers sent us this video taken from the red carpet of the premiere of Rango in L.A. (Love the captions!) [YouTube]

– I love this title too: Jumping the Broom Trailer – Like ‘Monster-in-Law,’ Only Fun. [SlashFilm]


– Movie Gamut has calculated the odds for each category in the Oscars and surprisingly, The Social Network takes Best Picture by a landslide, my money would be on The King’s Speech. Speaking of which, why isn’t there a filming locations category? [Movie Gamut]

– Here’s a first look at James Franco in Rise of the Apes. [ComingSoon]

– Check out the first Scream 4 Cast Poster. [Scream-Trilogy]

– The 64th annual Festival de Cannes will feature Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris as its opening night film on May 11. [THR]

– The HBO movie The Sunset Limited was shot in Santa Fe last year. [NPR]

Ghostbusters 3 is still up in the air. [PerezHilton]

– Bing counts down the best cinematic beaches. [Bing]

– Todd Phillips, Paul Reubens, Duncan Jones, Ellen Page, Jake Gyllenhaal and Rainn Wilson will all be featured panelists SXSW. [Variety]

– Last month, Sucker Punch Star Vanessa Hudgens signed autographs for fans while working on Journey 2: The Mysterious Island in Wilmington, NC. [TeenStarsWorld]

The King’s Speech was filmed at the same location as gay porn. [MovieLine]

– Looking for a film shoot in L.A.? Try Griffith Park or the American Apparel building on Terminal St. [HollywoodDreaming]

– Here’s the first look at Kristen Stewart in On The Road. [MTV]

– My new favorite show, An Idiot Abroad, is a hit! [PerezHilton]

David Arquette has parted ways with Beacher’s Madhouse at the Roosevelt Hotel in L..A. [JustJared]

Detroit may be losing its film incentives, but it is getting a RoboCop Statue. [MSNBC]

Alice in Wonderland is causing a boom in stately British home visits. [DailyMail]

– Daily Blam has new pictures from Immortals, which was shot in Montreal last year. [DailyBlam]

Banksy might not be able to attend the Oscars in disguise, but they can’t stop him from campaigning for an Oscar on the streets of L.A. [DailyBlam, PerezHilton]

– Here are the first photos from the Miramar Studio for The Hobbit in New Zealand. [TheOneRing]

– A NYC townhouse that was once home to Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy and Big Bird is for sale for around $28 million. [WSJ]

– A man died in a freak accident on the set of NCIS earlier this month. [TMZ]

– Trip Advisor counts down the best Movie Tours including ‘Empire Entertainment’ by On Location Tours. [Trip Adviser]

– One of my fave Dawson’s Creek alums, Busy Phillips, shot her scenes for I Don’t Know How She Does It in NYC this weekend. [PopSugar]

– Here’s the first image from Terrance Malick’s Untitled Movie starring Ben Affleck and Rachel McAdams which was quietly filmed in Oklahoma last summer. [SlashFilm]

– Whether you’re watching the Oscars red carpet live from the stands or from the comfort of your living room, be sure to keep an eye of for my favorite Real Housewife, Camille Grammer, she’ll be anchoring CNN’s coverage. [US]

– Even though the producers of Cedar Rapids wanted to film in the Iowa city for which the movie was named, they ended up filming in Ann Arbor, MI. [QuadCityTimes]

– While filming in Ann Arbor, Ed Helms found a new favorite restaurant, Slow’s BBQ in Detroit. [Fox]

Two and a Half Men is done for the season thanks to Charlie Sheen and his latest antics. [THR]

Ian McShane calls Pirates 4, “smart and funny, it’s terrific.” But really, what else is he going to say? [ComicBookResources]

The Detroit Independent Film Festival kicks off March 9 and will include more than 80 films. [Victoria Advocate]

– This new poster for Super is pretty cool. [ComingSoon]

– Finally, Nikki Finke says the Oscars are going to be a huge bore. [Deadline]


  1. “- Blake Lively is set to star as a drug-addicted mother to a 13-year-old girl, played by Chloe Moretz, in Hick…”

    Blake won’t be playing Chloe’s mom. She’ll be playing a grifter named Glenda. Who may also be a mom. Very confusing 🙂


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