‘Law and Order: SVU’ Set Report and Fan Photos

One of our readers, JC, stopped by the set of Law and Order: SVU in Harlem on Thursday, where the series’ stars, Chris Meloni and Mariska Hargitay, were filming a scene with guest stars, Jeremy Irons and Elizabeth Mitchell. Check out more of JC’s photos and the lovely email she sent us about the experience. If you have a celebrity encounter thanks to one of our tips, let us know about it at olv@onlocationvacations.com!

Thank you so much for the detailed reporting of who was going to be on set at L&O: SVU today. I was kicking myself for seeing all the fan photos of the shoot yesterday and saw Elizabeth Mitchell. I figured it will be a forever elusive star whom I have adored since GIA and will never meet.

Today, I trekked all the way to Harlem to check out where they were shooting at around 11:15 am. I saw the trailers all over Convent Ave and walked around to check where the set was. Sure enough, there was Jeremy Irons, Mariska Hargitay and Chris Meloni shooting outside a beautiful three story home. It was take upon take as the three were knocking at the door. I assumed Elizabeth Mitchell was inside/answering the door but I wasn’t sure. I walked around the various trailer on the parallel street again just to see if she was coming out of her trailer or not.

I get back to the set and I spotted two women across the street waiting for someone. I thought they were Elizabeth Mitchell fans as well but it turns out Mariska went for a break and they were waiting for her to pass by. Sure enough, Mariska walks by them, they ask if it was okay to take a picture with them and she was very gracious and said “sure/of course”. What kills me is after the photo was taken, Mariska told them that if it didn’t turn out alright, they can retake it again later (as she walks towards the set). She is soooo nice! I didn’t manage to ask for a photo with her (I went solo) but shook her hand and mumbled that I have been a fan of hers since ER. She smiled and thanked me.

The shoot moved indoors and it seemed like I was the only non-crew person hanging out there. I waited since I still have no Elizabeth Mitchell sighting. Finally, at 12:30 pm or so, they break for lunch. Elizabeth comes out of the house and is walked by a PA to her trailer. I follow to see where her trailer was and saw Chris Meloni and Jeremy Irons at the corner smoking/chatting as they block the sidewalk. I passed them as I stare at Chris and he smiles at me.

Elizabeth is in her trailer and the PA leaves her. I walk by and there she is standing by her wide open trailer door, checking her cellphone. I call out her name and ask if it’s okay if I had a picture taken with her and she said sure. I congratulate her on V’s success and ask if they will be renewed. She said the ratings have improved considerably but they won’t know about the renewal until about 2 weeks from now. She seems pretty nervous being around me…so I left her alone after I took a picture with her. Very gracious, sweet and nice though. I really was on a high…still am actually! Thank you for making that meeting possible.

The crew were really nice as what I’ve read on several fan posts on OLV. After talking to EM, I was in a daze and hung out on the street for a bit as a crew guy approached me and said, ‘what’s up?’, in a nice way. We talked for a bit and I asked productions questions to which he answered – an episode takes 8 days to make, an exterior shoot happens rain or shine etc.

That’s about it. I wouldn’t have second thoughts on going again if there is something for tomorrow. Perhaps try to get a picture with Mariska this time.

[Thanks to JC for sharing!]


  1. Can someone please tell me when law and order SVU starts filming?? I am a super huge fan and would love to know. Where can I find out locations?? I would love to watch the filming of my absolutely favorite tv show. I live out of state but I would make the trip to NYC to see the cast of my favorite show


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